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Could my bred giga kill a wild giga?


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13 minutes ago, DirkInSA said:
Attribute Base Value Level Increase Taming Bonus
Wild Tamed Additive Multiplicative
30?cb=20150615171303 Health 80000 +40 +0.04% -63000  
30?cb=20150615171314 Stamina 400 +0.2 +1%    
30?cb=20150615171338 Oxygen 150 +0.375 +2.5%    
30?cb=20150615171352 Food 4000 +10 +2.5%    
30?cb=20150615171409 Weight 700 +7 +1%    
30?cb=20150615171422 Melee Damage 500 +25 +0.85% -80% (ETDM: 80%)
30?cb=20150615171505 Movement Speed 100% N/A +0.31%    
30?cb=20181126054540 Torpidity 10000 +600 N/A    


I don't get it - by what jiggery pokery can a tamed giga even think of going at a wild one? minus 63k health on tame, minus 80% damage on tame.  There should be no contest - Lvl 1 wild should destroy Lvl 150 tamed. Unless I ain't counting in the effect of a saddle (or the wiki is bust)


Im right there with you. A simple straight up tame is not gonna win. Not without some sort of outside assistance. Even if you managed to hit the lotto and get a 150 with 50 points in melee before tame and an additional 25 points after tame, its still not going to be enough to beat a lvl 1.

Its the breeding where the secret sauce is. I had to kill prolly 800 giga babies just to get the 12 melee mutations and single health mutation just to get mine where it is at. Then the imprint. Then the leveling up. Took me a long time, but now my line is where its at.

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