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I want to hold an event at any time on an unofficial server.



I like ARK events.

However, I can't participate much because I am busy.

That's why I created an informal server and kept events on all the time.

However, after Fear Evolved, even if the Fear Evolved and Turkey Trial events are turned on, the event color is only applied.

I want to enjoy the event itself, so please allow the unofficial server to continue the event after the event ends.

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We have done the same for my cluster a few times over the last few years. 

Sometimes to extend an event that we were all out and traveling for, or simply because we had gone a period without one and wanted to shake things up a bit. 

However sometime around when Genesis 1 was released last year they did an update of some sort that started messing with the events. Since then, the only events I have been able to extend or turn on as needed/wanted have been those that were run since the most recent major optimization update. 

As the game is optimized it seems the events are becoming more and more out of sync, so when applied, they do only the base items that weren't effected. In most cases, that is simply the color's found on the different creature color regions. 

Now, would I like it to go back to the way it was? Absolutely. However I wouldn't put the ability to access events at any time above optimizing and upgrading the core game. If it is either or... the events can stay as they are. 

Once they have worked through the major optimizations planned, it would not be against this idea being added to their ever-growing "to do list", but I wouldn't prioritize it. 


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