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I lost my character a couple weeks ago and i put it a ticket. Alibero(spelling) took on my issue. After a few emails back and forth explaining the issue we were able to set up an appointment. Sadly my buildings, dinos and cryos were going to expire before the appointment.  He insisted I schedule the appointment anyway. Done. 

A few days later he replied stating that he reset my timers and reminded me of the appointment. 

I already lost a few dinos at that point. 

I logged in 30mins early as stated and he showed up 1 minute into the 30min window after the appointment time. Outstanding time. 

I'm a solo pvper so he not only had to allow me back into my tribe but also make me the owner, assign engram points and replace dinos.

I just want to show my appreciation to him and the WC staff. They really went above and beyond to make me satisfied. 

I've had issues in game before like I'm sure many other because the game can be very frustrating. I wasn't always very nice and I'm sure they have record on that. I will say and stretch the fact that in this case they hit a home run. Im very grateful for him and the staff. Thank you for everything 😁


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I am really glad that it worked out for you.  That is great news.

I was not so lucky.  I put in my ticket minutes after my character disappeared.  After a week of slow response from the GM, I put in the ticket again.  I asked to get decay timers reset.  Nothing.  By the time the GM offered to set up an appointment, everything was gone: 3 bases, 250 tames that I had been breeding for years, all gear, let alone the lost experience levels, 3 ascensions and a level 6 chibi.  To make it worse, the first opening in the schedule was another 2 months out.

Who was your GM?

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Best thing to do is to try and get someone you trust into your tribe on a temp basis for the sole purpose of adding a backup char of yours into the tribe (temp person gets removed after its done)

This backup char can then be used as a crafting character (a run or 2 in swamp cave gets it to about lvl 90ish) or if you lose your character you can then switch to it as your main until a GM helps you and transfers over your imprints to the spare character.

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