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  1. Season pass: Aberration skins

    Im on xbox, installed the season pass skins bit but still no skins
  2. ARK Xbox Play Anywhere? Where is it?

    As mentioned in our past Crunch, Xbox Play Anywhere and CrossPlay are still currently delayed until November. The reason behind this is because we believe it is critical to get BattlEye functioning on Microsoft's platform. We're very interested in the effects of CrossPlay, but we're cautious of enabling PC and Xbox Players to game together without having our anti-cheat ready, so it's going to take a little longer to get that sorted, but it will ensure a much better experience overall. Taken from the crunch here:

    You only have to tame 2 high level ones then breed the rest for a torpor menacing pack.

    I was using baby gigas to tame them. Get troodon in a pen then walk baby dino in, strip naked and get in pet, stand next to baby in corner and jump up and down so troodon hits you and the baby, if you reduce the baby health before going in it should kill it fast and tame it.
  5. Any Cool Mutations?

  6. Any Cool Mutations?

  7. Griffin Breeding (Console)

    Can we get a server option added for player dedicated on console to make the griffins breedable, would love to see this on my Xbox dedi. @Jatheish @Jeremy Stieglitz
  8. Prim+ Confusion

    You have to wait for Ced to do the updates for Prim+ as the other WC devs do not do anything for the mod. We have had to wait almost 3 months to get an update in the past which only added things in from one update of normal ark, then had to wait an additional several months to catch up to normal ark. You can find Ced on twitter: @ComplexMinded
  9. Player dedicated upload character

    To transfer characters on my dedi from one map to the other we just went to Ob and clicked a random server from list to upload to, when it tried to load into that server we just closed our game down and then restarted, upon restart we would load into our dedi map and download the character.
  10. Xbox servers dead - Leeds?

    Is this not just the same as getting caught with your pants down by an alpha on land where you suffer the consequences, same should apply on the sea.
  11. I am curious whether it is something you are doing unknowingly as I have not lost a map with the recent updates and certainly not if internet drops or Dedi GT logs out, I even accidental switched my dedi box off while cleaning and it still loaded up fine, I do have good internet but not sure whether that is a factor or not.
  12. I play on console and it is on my dedi where it runs just fine. Lower population and far less abandoned structures means for a better performance.
  13. Base Rendering lag

    Ragnarok is still being made so may be performance gains to come, problem is though that the map is reaching the limits of what the console can handle in terms of size. I get freezing when I mount/unmount a tame in my breeding cave