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  1. cfrostyscriv

    XBOX / PC Crossplay issue

    Aberration map not saving was an issue for xbox player dedis when map released, last patch fixed the saving issue for console tho, seems strange they did not fix both at the same time.
  2. cfrostyscriv

    Turret change discussion megathread

    A post on Reddit was saying that many of these recent changes to PvP is to try and remove the 'mega tribes' from 'owning' a server, recent changes would seem to verify this, but surely this would go against the core values and selling point of the game which read "team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate..." Quote taken from game description here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/346110/ARK_Survival_Evolved/
  3. cfrostyscriv

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Is this not just a bandaid solution, sure for the time right now server performance will improve but as large tribes begin to re-deploy the turrets you will in effect end up with more turrets covering a larger, will this lead to the same poor server performance? This simple fact is WC have made a game and done the PvP so that lag is your best defence. (server player slot limit, tribe member count, area a tribe can own, lack of defining rules, very little balance).
  4. cfrostyscriv

    Dire bears lost their role?

    LOL that tickled me even if the rest did not get it.
  5. cfrostyscriv

    No skins, emotes, or hairstyles

    Did you delete your player/account profile which the skins are linked to on your xbox GT thus removing all your skin data, having already got the achievements you are now unable to unlock them again and thus not unlock the skins. By new profiles do you mean new Xbox GT's? if so ignore above sentence.
  6. cfrostyscriv

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Nope problem is still there, not everyone wants to play on unofficial.
  7. cfrostyscriv

    Why are all the Early Access players being ignored

    Its because what we bought has not been released yet, so some players have paid full price for a DLC that is yet to be released and others are paying half price for same said DLC.
  8. cfrostyscriv

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Getting rid of kibble egg layers or the kibble tree in total will not solve the dino cap issue, this has been said many times, once kibble dinos go and tribes get more dino space they will just tame more,breed more and then BOOM dino cap again.
  9. cfrostyscriv

    Why are all the Early Access players being ignored

    The way they are doing this is complete BS, everyone that bought season pass should now get a 50% refund due to the 2nd dlc not being out on time and thus we have paid extra yet not had any benefit from paying full price. I could understand if we maybe got to play the dlc a week or 2 before the 50% offer but us not being able to play it before reduction is on them and not us. @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz
  10. cfrostyscriv

    Why are all the Early Access players being ignored

    I bought the season pass on Xbox when there was no discount option, does this mean I am entitled to some money back since I already bought scorched earth? could you get MS to do a partial refund to those that bought scorched earth separately when it released? Or am I just a early access sucker that helped improve and support the game but just gets ignored now. STILL can not get the season pass helmet and sword skins even with Ark: Aberrant Pack installed.
  11. cfrostyscriv

    Aberration questions and concerns

    I can see all of those charge nodes being blocked off by tribes on PvE. (with having these as part of the terrain you are leaving them open for abuse, how much will it effect your gameplay if you are unable to access them at all?) I assume we would have to take a character to Aberration to learn the new engrams then be able to transfer back to say Ragnarok and be able to craft them there?
  12. cfrostyscriv

    No skins, emotes, or hairstyles

    I get a similar issue on occasions where when i spawn in my map is reset to unexplored and all my skins are gone, restarting the game fixes this tho. Have you tried going into single player and doing the ascend command for ascend1,2 and 3 or defeat the bosses on each map again (can spawn them in hit them a few times then use Kill command.
  13. cfrostyscriv

    Aberrations Skins (Aberrant Skin Patch)

    Its total BS, the new pay for skins they put in the store work straight away yet I still can not get the helmet and sword skin for the season pass, been weeks now. @Jatheish
  14. cfrostyscriv

    What are everyone's goals for Aberration?

    Was to play it before CoD came out, if I get addicted to boots on the ground CoD ark may take a back seat for a bit, plan was to set it up on our dedi for a weekend so those that had purchased it could have some fun.
  15. cfrostyscriv

    Rag Update

    Not on the date given.