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  1. I am just wondering how broken these items are going to be, Have you invested in a Player Test Server yet?
  2. I got an 80 armour MC one from swamp cave on Island
  3. The rules are made by the Alphas, some are good and want a healthy stable place for people, others are toxic and want to have fun picking on the weaker/newer players, others want to protect what they have spent months or years building up by not taking any risks with new players. It is what it is and makes for a very diverse player experience.
  4. Not sure whether an event affects loot quality in cave drops or just a coincidence but when the lockdown 4x event was going on I was getting far better loot from the drops in the swamp cave. managed an 80+ armour MC theriz saddle BP and 2 flak BP's over 500 dura.
  5. On official I use an Anky with 1000% melee and carry it around with an argy that has 4.3k weight, I never transfer the metal off the anky as it allows me to carry far more.
  6. If having trouble with wilds on single player you can use the command: Cheat DestroyWildDinos this will wipe all wild creatures leaving your tamed creatures safe.
  7. Just to be clear the command you need to use while on your map is: cheat destroywilddinos
  8. Best thing to do is to try and get someone you trust into your tribe on a temp basis for the sole purpose of adding a backup char of yours into the tribe (temp person gets removed after its done) This backup char can then be used as a crafting character (a run or 2 in swamp cave gets it to about lvl 90ish) or if you lose your character you can then switch to it as your main until a GM helps you and transfers over your imprints to the spare character.
  9. You could maybe try using custom load options if playing via steam.
  10. People should not forget about custom load options via steam: leave ark settings on default and custom options do the rest. My PC specs - AMD FX six core 3.5Ghz, 16Gb Ram, GeForce GTXS 1050 Ti, cheap MoBo (needs replacing) Before using load options my game would crash, now with load options I can play in a fairly built up single player base at around 40 to 60 fps. Its not great but allows me to play. A quick google search will tell you what each setting does. 1. Go into your steam games library2. Find Ark Survival and right click it3. Select properties4. In the General
  11. You put in a support ticket and then get a date for the GM to level your new char to your old characters level, they will also transfer all your old characters imprinted dinos over to your new character.
  12. This is encountered when you transfer too soon, in the HUD for the ob/drop you will see the count for uploaded items, tames and items in tribute section (0/50 - 0/20 etc) If you transfer when these counts say 0/-- you will most likely lose your character. Always best to wait until they show the max number after the / such as 0/50 or 0/20.
  13. Playing on single player Extinction but had a black screen crash to desktop, map loaded up ok but it had been rolled bad by 5 to 10 mins. This is not the first update to cause player dedis to not load maps, one of the reasons I stopped running mine. We just had to not play on the map (center at the time) until a fix came some several weeks later, we played on the island for that time instead.
  14. He wants to host is own server from his own pc.
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