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Bugged Boss Arena on Rag


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Bugged Boss Arena on Rag

I play on a cluster where everybody's saying the boss is bugged out, and the dragon never lands. I have seen people claim to have this problem, and I have seen people not claim to have this problem, so apparently it exists on some servers and not on others? Another problem we have on my cluster is that certain obelisks on certain maps don't work, I think blue on the island and red on Valguero. Apparently there's nothing to do about that once the bug occurs, other than to delete the server file and start fresh. All of this is stuff I don't know but have been told, or that I'm assuming.

So I don't know what's what but under these circumstances I don't want to bring my rex army into the arena. Or should I? Any input from people that encountered this bug would be valued. If anyone overcame it, even better. Does the bug happen every time? Is it like the obelisks, that once the bug occurs on a cluster, it's there, always and forever? Or does it happen some times and other times not? Like buggy AI that some times manages to work? Are there other viable ways to take the dragon down? Would I be able to shoot it out of the sky with a shotgun if I was going in solo?

I could really use element on rag, so trying to figure if there's a way to do this.

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