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Wich guns use on Rockwell? Tek?

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Wich guns use on Rockwell? Tek?


I am almost ready to kill rockwell, i researched, watched videos and etc. But, i dont see anywhere the name of the guns people use! (Yes, i never use a gun on ark, so i dont know any of them and they are a lot).

So... Wich guns may i use?

Ps: I have acess to Tek Rifle, and, on my search, i discovered that Rockwell Arenas allow tek tier items, so considered it.

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Is managarmr still viable? I've seen some old youtube videos of people using them. We want to do Alpha Rockwell with our Managarmrs which has 2k melee... 
Or is it better to go with shotguns? 

Also, does cactus soup still works, so you don't get attacked by nameless and reapers in the arena ?

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