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  1. We used fab pistol to shoot the pink bubbles and then shot guns to shoot arms and rockwell
  2. ScubaJohn

    Dessert Titan

    Did Forest Titan last night on same server and same thing happen
  3. We have killed it 3 times but wont unlock the engrams
  4. ScubaJohn

    Dessert Titan

    Dessert Titan Have ran it 3 times and won each time but will not unlock the engrams. Server is 978
  5. Yes but it has been broke since last update
  6. Harvest rates Any idea if they are doing normal 2x this weekend with all the problems going on?
  7. ScubaJohn


    Lycan did you ever post video?
  8. Yes you can. Wont let you deploy them
  9. ScubaJohn


    Reaper New to trying to get Reaper colors but have gotten many plain Reapers. The problem i am having for about the last 5 days is that Reapers Hall is empty. Drakes and Spinos on cliffs and not moving. Can go through Reaper Hall and not get a single Reaper to spawn is that normal during events? Official server PS4.
  10. Do presents drop at every surface location? Or just red?
  11. ScubaJohn


    Rockwell Anyone doing Rockwell on PS4 in the next few weeks? Tried beta last night and got wiped.
  12. Rockwell questions Do most people use drops or go to terminal to summon rockwell? I assume the terminal is hazardous until you spawn in to take on Rockwell.
  13. Watched another tex rex die before i could tame
  14. Making tranq arrows for trade. Only 350 more stacks to go...............
  15. Picking myself up off the floor after getting smoked by a alpha Megladon, Mosa, and Tusa all at once.
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