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Survival Improvments for the Best survival game


Survival Improvments for the Best survival game

Hello Fellas,

My name is Philipp (I am from Germany, sorry for my bad English skills <3) 

As you can read its about some Survival Improvments for the Game. We all love ARK and i only wish the best for this beautiful game i noticed that many people are leaving the game and the number of "arkers" are slowly shrinking so i came up with the idea that some survival improvments could bring all the people back to the game (and i know there are some pvp aspects too but i think ark is a better survival game as a pvp game and i would love to see ark back on the top charts again or people are joining again back to ark <33 so here are some of the imprvoments that i think ark needs this (sorry again i hate my gramma) 


Improvment Nr 1 A day night cycle for each dino + sleeping to skip night  :

I think its important to say that curently the only creature in ark where can sleep is the megalosaur, and i think thats great! Its basically a great start imagine we all see sleeping dinosaurs at night or a pack or direwolfs tired from hunting Mammoths. My suggestion is that each dinosaur has it own day night cycle for example raptors are more agrassive during night and during day they are less agrassive and sometimes they are sleeping in one specivic spot under an tree or in a little nest. Just imagine how big it would be with all dinos or another example trikes are sleeping during night and sleep together in a group to protect them selves from the hunting raports. I need to say this is one of my biggest change ideas so its not so important it would be nice tho... And at least a sleep mechanic for singleplayers only to skip the night.



Improvement Nr 2 sanity for humans

As we all know some people can get very mental but how it would be for our humans in ark?

Imagine if u as a human kill another player and u gain sanity for it and it can be gained to by seeing or defeating some speacial enemys like giant spiders or giant skorpions or spimply eating human meat or (eat poop) ... or u didnt sleep for an couple of days. I mean it would be a massive change but it would be really cool here are my thoughts for the sanity scaling


- Sanity starts by 100% if you kill another human or gaint insects or do other cruel things u lose 1 - 10 % sanity 

- Sanity can be gained by sleeping or by peting your dinosaurs for example the lystro or baby dinos you can gain sanity by eat a healty meal or by reading the explorer notes etc. just normal and friendly things. if you have 100% sanity u gain a slight movement speed bonus and resistance 

Sanity scaling 

-- 100%  Bonus movement speed and resistance 

-- 90%    slight decrease of the gamma and light you see ( it gets darker)

-- 80%   slightly deacreased movment speed and resistance ( from here u lose the 100% bonus effects only if you hit 100 % again u get the stats back)

-- 70% it gets darker a bit just a bit and the ambiente gets more creepy

-- 60 - 50 % you sometimes hear voices from dinos screaming or just a little itchy sound

-- 40 - 30% more deacreased movement speed healing effects are less effective

-- 20% if you look at trees now they beginn to look like other players u recently killed or if its dark u cant look directly into a forest instead u see darkness and some eyes blinking at you 

-- 10 - 0% you beginn too hear even more creepy voices and u slowly losing hp until you die

Note: you can turn it on off servers and its adjustable in the config 

I personally think its great it gives a slight touch to the survival

Other ideas right now:

- Drinking system for dinos

- Water filtering instead of drinking dirty or salty water 

- More overahaul for Humans and tlc passes for dinos

-  Some little insects flying around poop or corpses 

- More ambiente for the underwaterworld like little fishes ( uncatchable and killable)

- When spiders or scorpions sting you u get paralyzed 

- Dino Pet mechanics just for fun 

And many more even some PvP (but not many) aspects.

So dear wildcard and other fellas thats it for my part 1 improvments,  i have many other ideas but i would  like to see your opinios  first before i continue :) 

i would love to see ark back again on the top of the game section <33

bye, stay awesome 


Ps: i am open for new ideas or improvements and if u want u can contact me : my discord id is #5101


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I love the first suggestion. Bringing in a sleep cycle for creatures would bring in an interesting way to see the nights. 

If there was a way to do so for players that did not result in the player having to sit there and wait for your player to sleep - I would consider that as well. 

The second I am not so sure on. Still considering it. 

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