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Disappearing Ferox

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As of 17 October 2020 on PS4 PVE Official, this still happens. Atleast with baby raising. Imprinted it to 100% and kept it in roo pouch to prevent it from falling through the floor and both me and my tribe mate logged on and its nowhere to be seen, even checked in the mesh with tek helmet on and nothing..not even in the tribe log starving to death or dying or anything 12 hours later.

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Just had this happen to my otter also. It was in the pouch and went to gather some fish when the message "Your baby otter was killed by" popped up. Lost another otter 2 days ago because the server crashed and I didnt log back in at he right time, so it starved... I had this glitch happen before A LOT, and I mean A LOT ! But that was over a year ago, so also with the unnoticable "Lowered food Consumption" I stopped using this bugged Procoptodon feature completely ! Guaranteed you are going to lose it one way or another, when putting it in the pouch! There is also a bug that wont let you remove it from the pouch, and a bug that will let your baby just completely dissapear when logging out.

So I thought after more than a YEAR this stuff would have been fixed, but my guess was so wrong!


Its going to kill all your babies and the benefits are small.

I just want to raise an otter :/
They are too fragile, guess I had a lot of bad luck everytime. I was only able to raise 2 succesfully in all the time I have played ark...

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