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  1. What if you open them with the power out?
  2. I'm the queen of cryo but we got lazy after last breeding event, maybe more burned out and I never got back on to cryo. Thanks for the input, the Tek gen did it's job and kept the cryo fridges safe.
  3. I feel like he was on longer than 15 minutes though. He did meat runs and put food in troughs. Timer for rollback is last save right? Saves are every 15 minutes still right?
  4. Early Auto Decay on Val 1070 Husband and I are in the process of selling our house and have been busy adulting the past couple of weeks. Needless to say we were not going to quit but we needed a break so we were on a refresh schedule. Last week Wednesday January 22, my husband got on and played. I logged in today to find all Dino's and wood tier structures auto decayed. Today is January 28, two days early for decay timers. Can anyone help me make sense of this tremendous loss? I'm sorta heartbroken .
  5. Val transfer items not showing in Ark data Hello, I uploaded some items on our Extinction server (1022) and when I went to Val (1070) to get them out of the transmitter there was nothing there. Logged back in to Ext and items show in Ark data there. Lost a Tek trough the other day transferring from same servers. Might have a transfer issue. Thanks Merrica
  6. That's an entirely different issue. To solve this you need to close the client and restart. My issue can only be solved by closing the client and starting another game or going to bed. Ark is probably doing me a favor.
  7. v542.2 Networking Bug preventing login Whatever caused v541.71 to be implemented has returned with v542.2. Game appears to be loading but ends with the message: Host Connection Timeout Alternate ending involves you viewing your base as if you are in a post apocalypse senerio and nature has reclaimed a portion of your base. Just as you try to save your tames... Host Connection Timeout On one server a tribemate was able to find my body and bash my head with a pike allowing me to choose a bed to spawn in but on another server all tribemates are in the same doomed structure and we are unable to put each other out of our misery. Please send reinforcements! v542.3 perhaps? Thanks, Merrica
  8. I'm getting it every time I log out of one server and try to join another one. Have to close and restart the client just to switch server, then you discover you can't even get loaded into the server without getting kicked.
  9. The comment was made because the server literally came back online right after I posted this. I didn't see any evidence of impatience in my post. Was a pretty basic report with as much info as I could give.
  10. Extinction 1022 crashed now server not found What started out as intermittent lag turned into disconnect. Four tribemates and I can not find server in list now. It's been about an hour since crash and we still can't access server. Thanks for any help you can give.
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