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Well this is annoying....


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Happens all the time bro, alphas think someone's getting way too powerful, they go and wipe their base. How do I know this? I used to be part of an alpha tribe in a Ragnarok server of 9 people. 
Someone was getting too powerful, we went and wiped them. We did help beach noobs though by setting an unlocked chest right outside their base with a bunch of journymen and mastercraft weapons that we didn't need though. So we weren't all that bad (unlike many other alpha tribes). I do have to admit, there where occasions when we foundation wiped some bases (I found out how that feels myself recently) and there where times when we flew around and made beach noobs do work for us (like harvesting wood and stone).

But like I said, we weren't all that bad. I stopped playing in that server because my tribemates started being inactive and if you haven't experienced it yet, it's kinda hard to keep several bases running and protected at the same time. 
Now I usually just like to keep a low profile on PvP servers and now prefer to play solo (especially in mobile).

But yeah, that's what alphas do, you'd be really lucky if you got a nice alpha that helps out people get bigger. 

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