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  1. And also delete everything we have been spending our time on? Our bases? Our tames? Everything we have been grinding hours on to get? Definetly a big no for me. My suggestion would be to make each map (if they even add any) a different application (app) for your movile device. As adding all of the new maps onto the same app would probably make the game unplayable with constant game crashes and lagging. Plus, mobile devices probably wouldn't be able to handle it all.
  2. I would absolutley love for the thyla to come to mobile! They're one of my favorite creatures to use in Ragnarok and Scorched Earth! They would for sure keep me on my toes when I'm in the Redwoods though! I've had a few heart-attacks because these guys just love jumpscaring and pouncing on me when I least expect it?????
  3. Other than getting mauled by raptors, clawed by therizinos, getting pecked by an argy while harvesting metal, getting shot out of the sky with my ptera by an old enemy of mine (f#ck u KillerChucky) and failing to tame a level 180 thyla (got killed by rex while it was uncouncious) and getting revenge on KillerChucky (only good thing that happened to me) I had a typical ark day
  4. Honestly, the parasaur makes the purlovia almost useless because of this reason. I really used to love purlovia and i always burried them to keep my best loot and some backup loot just in case i get wiped or something. But it ended up that my purlovias always got uncovered from the ground, killed, and everything on them stolen. At first i was wondering what the hell was happening and wether the little mound of dirt gave them away. Even so i made sure they where pretty well hidden and not visible from the ground and sky. So i started investigating how can u tell where a purlovia is bu
  5. You know....it would help if you let us know on what server you're playing, it's difficulty level, or wether it's PvP or PvE
  6. Ark made it so it's supposed to be a challenge, the first time i went into the dungeons i was level 96 and had full ascendant armor along with weapons and ammo, had a bunch of soups, healing brews, extra sets of armor (of course), energy brews, and yeah. Basically all of the stuff i thought i might need. I knew nothing about the dungeons at the time other than it was like a maze with fight rooms once in a while and variants of normal creatures that where rainbow themed (eerie creatures). I didn't even know there was a boss at the end XD. So i went right in, found my map had changed, and too
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