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  1. OMG an argy boss! What a bad name though
  2. And now I just got a second one ? They're so easy tame!!!
  3. UPDATE: I just tamed it, at the price of my level 238 bary?. It turned out that the beast not wanting to get tamed didn't matter. I was still able to tame it regardless. When I approached it on my mount it said it didn't want to be tamed. But when it grabbed my bary and I hopped off it let me feed it. Unfortunatley, my bary died, because right when I hopped off him for some reason I floated all the way up to the surface and the game wouldn't let me swim down again. And then I whistled my bary to follow me but forgot that he was on neutral, so immediately when the tuso released him h
  4. I highly suggest that you upgrade your speed as you go on as that will help you a lot! Like people have said, kiting it away is the best option at your level. Apparently you couldn't do that, so if it comes to fighting I recommend maybe 2 or 3 trikes, you riding in one and the other 2 set on attack ur target. Like ShadowKrio said, they deal knockback, so it may even come to the point where the raptor can't even hit you, especially if you have 3 trikes hamming on it. So yeah, this information is nothing new, just everything everyone said in one post.
  5. Have you been collecting explorer notes and doing pursuits? Every time you craft something that you gives quite a bit of xp you can apply the 2x XP ad so you get double =D.
  6. Tuso Doesn't Want to be my Friend! =( So guys, I just recently joined a new unnoficial server! Set up my base near the beach, admin leveled me up to 100. Everything's fine! Then yesterday, as I was farming oil on my baryonyx, a swarm of tentacles just engulfed me and my poor bary as we where swimming back up to the surface. I thought he was dead for sure, but then the tuso just let us go and I yeeted out of there with my bary on about 1/3 health left. After that all I could think of was taming it. I tried trading for the black pearls with the admin of the server, but she wanted el
  7. What did you do this time? If you have been banned before and then given a second chance, why not just be more thoughtful and careful about what you do or say?
  8. Could you like provide a link to where you found this information? No matter where I search this up I can't find any information about it. As far as I know, the golden bullet is not a thing in Ark.
  9. TypicalArkGamer


    But they do add new dungeons! They even just added a new tek item; the sleeping pod.
  10. As much as I would love this, I would rather prefer the mods spent their time on fixing current bugs in order to improve gameplay. If they did do this though I would imagine they would make it as a separate application, as just the Island map alone can barely handle it.
  11. You can tell when it's expired because then there will be no timer at the bottom. When one is active you can see a time written at the description going down slowly. As for the time, read nintendo's post Ex: 4:38
  12. You could also use a soothing balm and make the taming way faster to lessen the risk of its hunger dropping drastically. Also, don't use fish meat. Besides cooked fished meat it's the worst you can feed it. Just use regular meat or prime. Kibble will be great as well!
  13. Maybe you could try starting the 'Tame Equus' pursuit. See if it leads you to one!
  14. This definitely would add way more designs and creativity when it comes to building! Domes and octagonal towers will be a thing! The double door frame door is something I definitely want as well! Looks way better than just the normal one! But like Makako said, this is only for the future. And as much as I want this to be added as soon as possible, there are still a few bugs out there that need fixing. I would rather the mod team spend more of their time on fixing those than adding these new structures.
  15. The troodon room is going to be a nightmare for people who don't level up their speed!?
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