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  1. I'd rather take them out with a sword because how speedy they are. I pretty much suck at aiming in mobile (at PC I'm pretty decent actually) especially at small fast targets (yes, it does apply at humans as well) That's why I suggested bringing stimulants and water for cases like mine where I stand at a corner and let them come to me so I can strike them down. They do have a decent amount of health
  2. And also delete everything we have been spending our time on? Our bases? Our tames? Everything we have been grinding hours on to get? Definetly a big no for me. My suggestion would be to make each map (if they even add any) a different application (app) for your movile device. As adding all of the new maps onto the same app would probably make the game unplayable with constant game crashes and lagging. Plus, mobile devices probably wouldn't be able to handle it all.
  3. Usually I go around looking and hunting for alphas (alpha carnos are the best since they give more xp than alpha raptors and are way easier to kill than alpha rexes). When I find one I lower it's health with my 624% meele damage tapejara to about 500 health. Then I fly upwards, watch the 2x xp boost ad, then finish off the alpha with my 1005 dps ascendant rifle. Certain pursuits (like the trophy room one) can grant a lot of xp once completed as well.
  4. I would absolutley love for the thyla to come to mobile! They're one of my favorite creatures to use in Ragnarok and Scorched Earth! They would for sure keep me on my toes when I'm in the Redwoods though! I've had a few heart-attacks because these guys just love jumpscaring and pouncing on me when I least expect it
  5. Thanks! It's rather easy to tame quetzals now. And yes! They added troodons to the new dungeon. They're rather vicious and annoying to tame, but are really good PvP tames to put in aggressive inside of your base. Also, I suggest bringing lots of stimulants and water when both taming and fighting them in the dungeons, cause these little terrors can knock you out pretty quickly.
  6. Another Quetzal With the Switching Seats Tapejara Method! Second Quetzal I knock out using my awesome tapejara! And this one was level 145 (5 levels away from max!) I really love this method! Only missed around 6 shots. I have to say, I like this better than using the griffin, for one, you don't have to be controlling the tapejara as It chases the Quetzal by itself. And with the griffin (not that it's too hard but still) you have to be steering it and flying and aiming at the same time. The only annoying part could be when you switch seats trying to maintain the tapy from flying up or down. But once you've got the hang of it it's really easy! I'm not gonna explain on how I did it again on this post as I have already done that on this one... But I will ask....Have you tryed this method? And if you have what would you rate it out of 10? I would definetly rate it a 10/10 And also I wanted to say thank you to Wardrum for working hard on their game and constantly updating it! Really happy with the new dungeon and that we finally got TROODONS!!! I am excited to see what new creatures you guys will add in the future! And thanks for adding the switching seats on a tapejara! Gives the tapy more worth now! Anyways, thanks guys for reading, have a nice day and have fun playing Ark!
  7. Just wait until it poops it out The few I have seen have pooped really constantly, so you should get quite a bit in a short amount of time
  8. Lucky, I can't fly over a medium sized base on a multiplayer server without my game crashing It's a bit better on my solo server but it still crashes frequently What model phone do you have?
  9. Pretty amazing build my friend! Thanks for the speed build video Keep being the amazing builder you are and I wish really good luck to your channel! Stay creative and have fun playing Ark
  10. Same bro! I have already mentioned this somewhere else on the forum, but I don't spend money on mobile games. So I earn my amber with ads and daily pursuits. Meanwhile this guys are just typing in a few numbers and BAM! Free amber! Not that I'm complaining (well, I kinda am) but I don't envy them. It's them who will be crying here in the forum after their account gets banned or deleted or that they're "fair" tames where taken away from them
  11. Apparently by what I've seen is that they are going to dedicate a lot for water as well. They already mentioned the giant turtle, which is so big that you can build on it. Some resources even spawn in it. And one of the most exciting news is the underwater boss. It is an eel looking thing called the Moeder. That must count for something right?
  12. What do you mean by not exactly true? I never even mentioned any of these things you are saying here, only thing I talked about where raptors and thylas
  13. Exactly how you said it, raptors and thylas will always be annoying no matter what. Honestly whose brilliant idea was it to add a pounce option that holds you down or knocks you of your mount? And thylas will always keep you alert in the redwoods. Also, why do you write with green text?
  14. And like I did with the bloodstalker, I wander what it's taming method would be. I don't think it'll be the normal tranquilizing method. Maybe it'll be like the titanosaur where instead of tranking it you increase it's torpidity by hitting it with rocket launchers or cannon
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