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  1. The rex I could understand, but you call 30 dodos a heavy price? Where they like some super bred heavily mutated killer dodos or something I would actually be relieved to have those taming slots freed
  2. Glad you where able to get it
  3. I don't know how many you would need with this stats, but you for sure won't be able to do it with two. Especially without a saddle. Iguana Gaming used about 6 mutated gigas against a titan and still got wrecked (she knew it was gonna happen though, and the purpose was to dispose of them anyways cause she didn't need them anymore. So she gave them the chance to go down fighting)
  4. Maybe it could be that the level thing only applies to other platforms like PC? Mobile does lack quite a bit of stuff that other platforms have.
  5. Oof, my bad, I did mean Dododex Those little spelling mistakes always get me
  6. Perfect for the yeti cave!
  7. The lava traps where set before you could even buy element, so you really can't say that. I hate them, but they are actually not that hard (with a bit of practice). How is your movement speed stat? The higher it is, the longer you can jump. Also, are you sprinting and then jumping? If you don't sprint your are for sure not making it (unless you are really good at targeting small objects like moving stepping stones). The best way I find to do them (not counting the symbiote) is by jumping halfway, then the rest. I find it best to enter a dungeon with at least 150% movement speed stat. Dungeons aren't supposed to be easy. They are mostly end game, meaning that challenges along the way are very expected, even parkour.
  8. I can tell why he would think fish meat works best though. The basilo is water creature, and what else lives in abundance in the ocean? Fish!!! So logic would tell you that it prefers fish meat, even though that's not the case. I can relate to it, as I committed the same mistake the first time I tried to tame one. It's always good to check the wiki or dodorex before taming an animal!
  9. The lava cave and the southern cave are the ones that seem to give me a soothing balm almost every single time. Especially the lava cave. Happy Taming!
  10. Like @XaosRes and @nintendogamer7 said, it must be close to a female griffin. If you don't have one yourself, you could try talking with an allie with a female griffin and see if he will let you. And if not, you could at least turn that egg into griffin kibble in order to tame one yourself faster.
  11. I have never seen such an easy dungeon in my life XD Seems like a good chance to get the tek teleporter in my solo world. The rex saddle won't be bad either I guess as well as an eriee argentavis.
  12. Would having more than one oviraptor stack up all of these chances? As in, if I had two instead of one now instead of reducing the egg hatching timer by like, let's say 8%, now it would reduce it by 16%? That's just an example btw. I read in the wiki that the higher the level of an oviraptor the more chances you have of getting twins or triplets. I didn't read anything about it getting stacked with more than one. Maybe I'm just blind or it isn't there. I also didn't know that they give more mutation chances. I'm guessing this works for mammals as well? I will definitely go out and tame one now. But if you happen to know this answers would you mind telling them to me? Thx!
  13. Ummm, why did my topic get moved from the general ark section into another feed as a reply instead as it's own topic here in the genesis forum?
  14. Just like @dronlay suggested, I'd say megatheriums would do the job better. I have never tried it with spinos, so I can't help you with that. But in my opinion megatheriums are better, especially if you breed and imprint with good stats. What really helps a-lot is their rage thing whenever they get close to an insect. And since the broodmother and her spider minions are considered bugs in Ark (although that's not the case in real life) that fits in well. The rage enables way more melee and more amor protection. Syntac was able to defeat all three versions of the broodmother using a mutated army of megatheriums all in a row (with healing after every fight with a snow owl). Also a yuti that was being ridden by Cheese. If you want to check that out Syntac is a youtuber, that specific video is in his cluster series. You can easily find it by going to the playlist and scrolling down until you find it. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help with the spinos, I really never bother with them usually. Not the biggest spino fan. So I'm not too familiarized with their stats
  15. Any News for the Genesis Release Date??? So for some random reason this isn't letting me post this on the genesis forum, so I'ma post it here for a dev to move it. But does anyone have any knowledge to a specific date to the genesis release date? It's already been more than halfway through January and I still haven't heard or seen anything about it other than being in late January. Would be a complete bummer if it somehow got delayed again, would definitely snuff out many people's hype away. I have been excited for this new DLC to come out since at least 3 months now! At the moment there is no event going on, so they should be focused on getting Genesis out there right?
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