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pvp Ragtown Riffs

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Ragtown Riffs

Need help taking down Alpha tribe on server Extinction Crossark9

Ragtown Riffs wiped off every single tribe on Scorched and wouldn't give anyone a chance to rebuild. 

Don't bother reasoning with them, they are extremely toxic and immature. 

Their members just got bored one day and decided to kill everything in sight. 

If you're brand new to ARK on PS4, don't waste your time on Crossark9. All your hard work will be gone in just one day. 



Just take a look at the following screenshots






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They also gave our tribe a lot of problems. I'm not too sure if other tribes would be willing to help or exhaust their resources. Official will always be dominated by those who have played the longest because newer players will never be able to catch up. There's no real skill or fun in this either way. Just move on and let the old farts rule their dead crossark servers. We've all gone over to small tribes where it's a lot more active. 


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