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  1. Hey you bobs out there, We are a new tribe that is gaining huge momentum in Cross Ark 8. In just 4 months we were able to wipe out alphas on The Island, Ragnorok, and Valguero. Our tribe has over 15 active members that play everyday and we have very hidden OP base spots on every map. We currently control The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration so we are always looking for new members to help us in our mission to dominate every server and map on Cross Ark 8. What tribe is wrecking such havoc and destruction you ask? Why it’s Peaky Blinders of course. We’re giving 3 year
  2. Form as many alliances as you want. The sad unfortunate truth is that you’ll never be able to take down Alpha Tribes that continuously play everyday and has players online 24/7 to notify other members when shut happens. Whenever you’re done being a scrub on small tribes, come back and see if you can wipe us.
  3. Y'all never should have blocked off every single artifact cave and spawn killed other players for element, after they did boss fights at the obelisk Also, don't expect to steal from Alphas and not receive some sort of retaliation. Build in a better spot next time and do a better job at hiding. Since you didn't have at least one good base on every server, you're just wasting your time. If your tribe wasn't trash, you wouldn't have been wiped.
  4. Do you prefer to play official or unofficial, pvp or pve? There are lots of mega tribes on official pvp crossark servers recruiting players to farm resources and raid. We have big groups that play on multiple crossarks but mainly 8 and 9. If you think you can help us out, join one our noob recruiting tribe alliances on: A) CrossArk8: Extinction Ragtown Riffs B) CrossArk8: The Island Peaky Blinders There are some active discord channels also: https://discord.gg/V9Gq3BC Also check out this video here:
  5. I would understand if this was official but wouldn't it be easier to report them to the server admin's and have them wiped?
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