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  1. Definitely don't agree with this whatsoever. I'm usually in a smaller tribe and I still don't want a wipe.
  2. Yes, it's gonna be open recruitment until the post gets taken down or modified. Feel free to message me on PSN.
  3. Still Recruiting Hey everyone! Just a quick recruitment post. We are still on Official Dedicated PVP CrossArk 9 Ragnarok. We are looking for experienced players looking to join a tribe. Preferably someone that's familiar with running caves on Ragnarok for tributes (Desert Labyrinth, Ice Queen Cave, etc), and/or someone familiar with raising rexes for boss fights. We are friendly with tribes on the server meaning that if you join, don't be griefing people on our server. We are on the server to get to endgame level engrams, so please respect that. On the other hand, we are ready and willing to recruit you if you fit these parameters and are relatively active online. We can set you up with a boss level rex egg to raise (perfect for the Summer Event, if you join soon) as well as good eggs for argies, pteras, etc. so that you can get set up with everything you need to get into the server and the game. We will provide you with a room with a vault, fridge, and cryofridge. We just need numbers and experienced players so that we can run the boss fights and enjoy the game with all tek engrams and gear! If this interests you, please PM me on PSN @ itsthatoneguy420 - we are only looking for serious members, we have had far too many flaky members join and lose interest right away. This is ARK, we are all aware that it IS a grind. Thank you
  4. I completely understand the feeling. Our crossark server has finally been riddled with wipes and we were the only tribe to not get hit.. i've been overthinking every reason why, but for now, everything is working out well
  5. Yeah, I joke with my tribemates that this is where your character goes to retire/die slowly LOL.
  6. Love Official PVP but hate getting wiped? We here on CrossArk Ragnarok 9 (PS4, PVP, Official) are looking to repopulate the server. The recent Ark Migration left a lot of Legacy CrossArk players without a home. I'm here to tell you that the cluster for CrossArk 9 (includes all maps; Island, Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Abberation, Extinction) is looking to repopulate the servers with new tribes, members, etc. Low population so it's ideal to join and build up defenses and tames. If you join the server with cooperation amongst other tribes in mind, you'll have the time and space to level and get your tribe in order! If you're dreading starting over from level 1, feel free to message me on here and we can let you use our grinder to get levels! Good luck and keep on surviving.
  7. Ark Migration? Come join official cross ark server looking to repopulate I noticed there are a lot of CrossArk Legacy servers being shut down in the new migration. I just wanted to let you know that Ragarok CrossArk 9 is looking to repopulate. There is a good few tribes with big bases, but they are mostly friendly. It is a PvPvE server, so I wouldn't recommend starting any drama, but they are definitely looking for people to join the server. If you are looking to join the server and dreading starting over from scratch, message me and you can come use our grinder to level up fast. Good luck, survivors.
  8. So, this is where all of us that are blacklisted and keep getting wiped will have to go? LOL. You are exiled to PixArk
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