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  1. What other online games do you all play? Are you all more into racing, fighting, shooters, or hack and slash? Whenever I need a break from Ark, I'll either play Monster Hunter or Vindictus. Monster Hunter Weapons Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHc2Wj95htvMxZR7dvgYwevupNBy9imiu Vindictus Playlist from rendermax: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEE28AA99511E3B69
  2. Not sure why they got rid of it in the first place. This could be a better alternative than wiping out Official PvP Servers. Even though it's mainly filled with Alpha Tribes and their mutated dinos. Dev's should create events to reward players who are able to survive after a month or a year. They could enhance the competition of Hardcore Mode if they turned it into something like the Hunger Games or Battle Royale. This would be much more entertaining for streamers to broadcast on their channels, and attract more viewers/players for ARK.
  3. Ragtown Riffs Need help taking down Alpha tribe on server Extinction Crossark9 Ragtown Riffs wiped off every single tribe on Scorched and wouldn't give anyone a chance to rebuild. Don't bother reasoning with them, they are extremely toxic and immature. Their members just got bored one day and decided to kill everything in sight. If you're brand new to ARK on PS4, don't waste your time on Crossark9. All your hard work will be gone in just one day. Edit: Just take a look at the following screenshots https://ibb.co/3TZcNmL https://ibb.co/ZLJc588 https://ibb.co/ymT5tGx https://ibb.co/J25Mg8R https://ibb.co/DbxJcyd
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