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pvp Hardcore Rag2 Alpha


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On 9/4/2019 at 6:51 PM, XarannJinn said:

Hardcore Rag2 Alpha

There is an alpha on Rag2 by the name PokishLend (one of those 123 players) that is currently attacking other bases on the daily. If anyone on any hardcore server wants to join the fight to bring them down, any info on their base locations or help fighting them would be greatly appreciated!

It is most likely one of the satellite tribe of the main russian tribe that was called U4D. Their main base was located under the big waterfalls near the beaver dams.... that's way back then when the game launched.

As for fighting them, you can't really do anything. We had an alliance with them and they used a smaller tribe also allied with them and sent them to attack us, using that excuse when we defended to bring the big guns and wipe us. They rather trust lying fellow countrymen that foreigners.

They also track your steam account by its ID number, so no matter if you change your name, they'll see you coming. If you are on their KoS list, they'll drop whatever there're doing and hunt you down until you leave the server.

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