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ArK PvE Server / Questions about config the server

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ArK PvE Server / Questions about config the server



Along a week with my friends, we are playing on my server and every thing is fine but i would like some details about settings i don't know how to do :

1- In PvE Mode, can we have tribes wars along with the pve mode and the friendly fire active ? We would like to have RP with tribes wars and alliance on a pve world.

2- I don't understand that setting : "Override official difficulty Allows you to override the default server difficulty level of 4 with 5 to match the new official server difficulty level" is empty.

The Difficulty offset is 1 and the dino level max =120 on my server and i wan't it like an official server. But it seems on the server we have mostly low dinos level than high level (extremly rare) and the loot from the crate is max ramshakle quality.

So do i have to put 4 or 5 on this override difficulty ? It's very confused.

Thank you for your help, you will assure best for our party.

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