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make theri and enforcer harvest ele dust more efficiently


make theri and enforcer harvest ele dust more efficiently

i love enforcers and all but honestly i find them pointless, i will make one early on just to escape or evade combat quicker, but once u are in end game they are kinda useless, which really bugs me cause high lvl ones are not exactly easy to make, and by the time u are able to make a high lvl one u dont really need it, i know this sounds crazy and too op, but what if the enforcer had a mechanic like the theri and mochops, were u could increase its dust gathering, also the fact this guy "eats" dust would make it much more useful. another idea would be to make theriz be able to efficiently harvest ele dust, i know this again sounds too op but honestly not everyone can or likes to do veins, especially when u r solo, so making the theri able to harvest dust a little bit more efficiently would also make it easier for early game tribes and soloists make element faster, and since element is a must have on this map i think it is a fairly reasonable and sensible idea.

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