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New Dinos!!



Ark has so many dinos as is but we want more. Itd be cool to add from this selection and others':

•the brachy (not just the costume but the actual dino please)










I chose a lot of unusual dinos that I feel like others might like too. 

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here are a few i would love to see in ark

1. maisaurus: can auto feed creatires if has the required food in inventory

2. helicoprion: is a shark that has a buzz saw like jaw structure, can cause a bleed attack and can efficiently harvest prime meat

3. velociraptor: as big as an sheep, ridable, acts as a pack and gains a buff when up against larger prey

4. acrocanthosaurus: related to the giga, gains a buff against other carnivores

5. suchomimus: when consumed a corpse that supplies fish meat they gain a buff.

6. styracosaurus: gains a pack buff when around other cerotopsian: trikes, pachy.

7. albertosaurus: related to the rex, hunts in packs.

tell me if u like my ideas

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