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SP settings help.

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First off set the game difficulty to 1.0.


Second, you need to go into the game folder where ark is saved, not sure the exact location as i saved my game folder in a non standard location, but the default should be something like steam/common apps/ark survival evolved. Once in that folder, navigate to ShooterGame/Saved/Config/WIndowsNoEditor/. The file you are looking for is called gameusersettings.ini  First, make a backup of the file by copying then pasting in the same folder. Then, go into the file and look for the heading [ServerSettings], below that heading type this


Saved and close. Start up ark, once your game has loaded, hit the TAB key to bring up the console, type DestroyWildDinos and enter. It will take a few minutes for the dino population to respawn but that should make them spawn up to 150. You will know if it worked because you should see dinos with levels in multiples of 5, if you see multiples of 4, then it did not work correctly.

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