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Mobile controller support

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It already supports controllers, not sure of all the models but both of my bluetooth controlers work. Not at home and dont remeber the brands/models but one is just a walmart cheapo.

Couple things to note.

They dont work on inventory screens. Thats all still touch screen.

You have to click to swap between whats in your hand unless you want to use the silly wheel that takes time to get used to.

Anytime a bluetooth item powers off or disconnects you have to restart the game to get it working as your controls lock up. Keyboard likes to go into power saver and kick off... caused a few deaths now.

Outside of that I enjoy using it much more!

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Hey, this is Calvin

I noticed that the UI (Menus) have no cursor or selection options while using controllers on ARK SE Mobile


I’ve use the SteelSeries Nimbus, and am now on iOS 13 Developers Beta using a PS4 controller, neither works. 

When will you ARK be adding UI Support for controllers on mobile?


thanks, Calvin

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