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  1. No, I'm the only builder, but we did recently lose two tribe members
  2. Dino stat multiplier rates I want to use the smart breeder tool, but it's not working out. How can I get the mult rates for my official easy server?
  3. Please explain structure limit So I build, I have the ability to build more and I stop. Then days later I come back and I have to demolish half the base because I have met the structure limit. Does the number of tribe members effect the amount of structures a tribe can have in a location? This is the only explanation I can come up with. Please any info would be great
  4. Must have one bullet
  5. Has never worked with my Xbox controller. There no jump, once you press attack you have to press x to stop attacking and other bugs
  6. Character lost everyday on Android So I play for an entire day on official server. Get up the next day at lvl 31 and it asks me to create new character when I log in. I log in a million times and finally it realizes I have a character on this server. I get to level 36, sleep and same thing happens the next day when I pick my phone back up and relog after afk time out. I log in a million times and finally it remembers me. Today I play nearly all day. I log in and out several times. I lose my character in this manner twice. What the hell can I do about this? One time I just ctd on the beach near a Spino and have to relog for the next 15 mins before I can get my character back.
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