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  1. i have suggestion "add Wingsuit / Wingsuit BP" Wouldn't it be nice to be able to fly with wingsuit?, either you guys add it on Dungeon or available as premium item Please give a think about this thank you.
  2. Already tried to chop that drunken master with sword, but hard to hit him on point blank maybe server lag maybe cuz im drunk too, i dont know. so my pump shotgun scream at him with spitting bullet to tell him to stop drinking.
  3. That boss fight video, your sword damage is crazy, thanks i will try it.
  4. please add Rex TEK saddle in next new dungeon.
  5. Good Dungeon, quite challenge.
  6. If u want stop in middle using aerial just walk a bit and jump don't from edge but from the middle u will reach the middle platform and using aerial we can adjust the flying speed. A little practice will make u good and make lava jump easy.
  7. I would be more happy if we can shot with tapejara tek saddle equipped
  8. lebayBoy

    Black Pearls

    Deploy alot of Otter to eat fish or kill alpha mossa and check the inventory sometime it carry 100 black pearls
  9. Immune PVE Medium NA server wealth Anybody can explain why this server wealth like this? just curious, though nothing wrong inside the server.
  10. I have been using flydigi WEE 2 controller for 2 month, and its work good but not all things can do with controller for example like choosing item and moving from inventory to another inventory still need touchscreen, but the controller is like Nintendo switch so its not a problem.
  11. I mostly die because fall to lava, equip yourself good metal spear u will be fine I even naked go there and as far i know in multiplayer u cant build inside the cave.
  12. lebayBoy


    I kill many giga while riding Griffin and they fast.
  13. well raptor spawn inside my house when am log in before
  14. you need gold crown so the baby respect and u can claim it, and if am not wrong after getting to juvenile u don't need crown anymore for it to respect u. i raise lvl 178 baby griffin before and i can ride him now even without gold crown ( he lvl 215 now and I lvl 89). p.s need 6 week for griffin become adult
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