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Help. Link to report mobile abuse?

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Hello there.

My tribe has been a victim of griefers of a pve server. My precious babies are gone and I’m really down about it  

I have proof of who did it and chat logs about them planning attacks on other tribes. They have blocked up all cave entrances with their dinos. They are also planning to leave this server soon (tentatively 1st Nov) and they are planning their last huzzah on the entire server.

Please, could someone link me to reporting for mobile abuse? I’ve only found the link for PC abuse.


Thank you from a very sad dino tamer and her tribe. 


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If you go towards the top of the page, in the main navigation where it says ark mobile. There’s a drop down menu there that should have a link to the page to file Mobile incident report (or just hit that handy link right there <- )

There should be a big bright green button you can hit to file a report.


Sorry you lost your babies ?

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