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  1. Did you report this one? I’m just curious if you were able to be compensated for that one as it is obviously a bug or glitch, plus a majorly loss.
  2. . @ZooSam12 and @Holdfast4 All players have access to the free gifts every 90minutes. If you don’t have primal pass you just have to watch an ad to access them. These are just an extra benefit for those who have subscribed to primal pass. It’s not something that affects game play or leaves non primal pass players at a disadvantage. I know it can suck to not be able to access premium features of games, but if they gave it to everyone free of charge it wouldn’t be a benefit of being a paid subscriber.
  3. This just made my day. almost as good as when I discovered I could make my flyers go faster on ark mobile... after 50levels of flying at single pace. lol
  4. This might not be the best place to look for technical support. if you are referring to renting a private server from nitrado, it’s probably a good idea to contact their support team.
  5. I play solo so I’ve got bases all over the map like @qdzs1. My main, messy, unplanned base is on the big bay in the middle of the southern beaches. This is my only base that’s fully enclosed. I ended up making it big enough to include a small bit of the water. Just enough to drink from and irrigate crops, not enough for access to aquatic tames. A water base will probably be my next endeavour. My second is on the mainland up near Carno island. Great position for processing metal mined from the mountain. Ive got a small base with all the essentials on a platform in the red woods and a tiny one on a big rock shelf up in the snow. As well as 3-4 mini bases that are basically just for processing metal
  6. I’ve heard a lot of people say that once you’ve found one quetzal it gets easier is 100% true. I killed and revived my first one and although it took me forever to find that one, since then I’ve found 3 more in just a day or so, There is a pursuit where you have to kill (or possibly tame) a quetzal. The upside to that is that the map will find the quetzal for you as part of that pursuit. Once you’ve done that you are set. I kept putting off exploring the ocean, but because I was ignoring the hunt a basilosaurus I wasn’t going to ever get to the quetzal pursuit. Until now at least!
  7. Do you have a link of a screenshot? This is the only roadmap that I’ve seen. And the devs are always saying that there are no plans to bring any other maps/ caves or mods to ark mobile
  8. Sorry guys, my bad. I forgot that there are probably kids playing this that might be in that “my parents won’t let me” type of situation. sadly though, that doesn’t change the fact that mobile devices still aren’t robust enough in the memory department to allow them to add more to ark mobile just yet. Perhaps when you are parents yourselves you’ll spoil your kids rotten with all the latest video games, but I dare say you’ll also look back and realise the reasons why your parents couldn’t, didn’t or wouldn’t. Maybe, depending on your age, you could get a part time job to help save up for a PS4 or something.
  9. Did they say that se is coming to mobile? Was that during the live stream? Couldn’t seem to connect to it, or find it on twitch afterwards either. really wanted to see it.
  10. Carnivore island, but I’ve also run into them near the volcano and along the east coast
  11. I feel like I’ve got better control using my iPad over a gaming controller or mouse etc. I guess it just depends on what you’re used to
  12. I’m pretty sure that, like all of the other end game content such as bosses etc, ten can’t be included due to the memory constraints of the mobile platform. They’ve done a pretty good job of translating all the different button controls of console and pc into on screen gestures. Such a good job that I far prefer the mobile controls on my iPad over my PS4 controller. when you consider that when wild card took the game from pc over to console they only had to consider two different pieces of hardware and a set bunch of constraints programming wise, plus they had the benefit of it being their code, written by them. Where as war drum had to work with porting it to both android and iOS, of which there are so many different versions. I couldn’t even hazard a guess of how many different devices they had to make it work on a ridiculously long list of different devices, all with their own little quirks and differing specifications. Just thinking about it gives me a headache! so in order to get the game running (somewhat) smoothly, some aspects of the game had to be sacrificed. I’m guessing because it’s better to have a smaller (it is by no means small though!) game working smoothly across a range of devices than having a bigger game that crashes across the majority of devices. hopefully in the future as things evolve they will be able to bring more end game things from the pc game over to mobile. Perhaps even as a seperate game in terms of maps like ragnarok or abberation. However there may be something in the contract with wild card that limits them to the island, but that’s just my own speculation. if you are craving more from ark you could always check out the other platforms, could be fun when extinction launches
  13. My female argentavis can function as a smithy. Even with the stock, standard saddle. ive Seen people say you can’t do repairs to Armor etc though, mind you I haven’t tried it yet.
  14. I saw a titanosaur in my single player game head off underwater from herbivore island and then it showed up on carnivore island a day or so later (6hrs of playing approx). I double checked it was the same one with screenshots, so I’m a bit blown away that it didn’t drown. how long did the ones you’ve had take to actually drown? obviously the one in my game could’ve resurfaced and avoided drowning, or perhaps they can’t drown in solo, idk. I just found it odd.
  15. I discovered the notes trick after someone posted to one of the bugs and support threads. Im not sure it’s considered an exploit or not? I think not, it’s single player so no one else is getting hurt... Pretend you are Alice and you just fell down a hole. . . Click me and all the secrets will be told. lol
  16. Aha! Thank you for your assistance and support in satisfying my curiosity. You have definitely earned your self a big, bold exclamation of. . . YOU WERE RIGHT!!! or even double right, if that’s possible, as it would’ve been x2 exp due to primal pass and then the broth of enlightenment on top. Definitely a situation where every boost to the rate of gain is highly recommended. Whilst I don’t usually whinge and whine about the regular crashes in game (it’s funny what you can overlook for love) it can be very annoying, like in your experience, when you’ve just completed something difficult or you are in a dangerous situation. Hopefully more people realise the trick to the save files so that a) they don’t lose their game at a crucial juncture and have to restart from last autosave and b) don’t lose themselves, their gear and their tames to death or waste their amber on reviving dead tames instead of rolling back. theres another trick, actually it’s more of an exploit of a flaw, so that you can rediscover the explorer notes to regain the bonuses from finding the notes. But not sure if it’s considered as a cheat as it only effects single player.
  17. The guys from war drum (the studio who brought ark to mobile) are having an AMA on Reddit today/tomorrow/yesterday (lol) and I dare say that dlc, new maps and mods will come up. I think it’s 2pm est on wed the 10th. There’s a post at top of forum. Ive got a LONG way to go before I can open more apps on PS4, or a long time til I can do it without using cheat codes that is. Still undecided if I want to use them or not.
  18. So it does seem that you are correct my dear @HavelockVetinari I found someone on reddit who also seemed to gain 400k experience from the swamp cave. I’m slightly in disbelief at how unbalanced it seems, although I’m quite happy with the resulting exp boost. it took me months of playing to reach 400k, so it feels somewhat unbalanced, to say the least, to earn the same amount for a single run through a cave. I know they recently changed it and made it a lot easier, but it wasn’t even a challenge really, not at level 81- which most have to reach to get the scuba gear to do this cave. The powers that be should be (and I hope they are in the background) finding and creating ways to make the game harder, or more challenging for the players who have reached the upper levels, rather than making them easier. If they would like to make the game easier for new players perhaps they could make the southern cave the easier one, or better 6et, for the new players, give them a newbie raincoat or something so that they aren’t killed every five minutes. That way they might have a chance at falling madly in love with the game before they want to throw their device at a wall! oops, that turned into a bit of a rant. Sorry
  19. You crack me up! The ocean can be an Uber deadly place. Especially if you are ridiculously scared of sharks like me - I freak out in swimming pools!!! I got the black pearl pursuit yesterday (I think we get a random one out of a pool rather than everyone doing a set one each day) but luckily I had enough of them from free gifts. Speaking of easy daily pursuits, yesterday I had to go to red woods and hang out in a certain spot for ten minutes... the circle included my base lol. i started on taming an ichthy for another pursuit last night, but it kept crashing so I went to bed. Hoping to succeed at that today. It will, if successful, be my first aquatic tame. I’ve already got a sarco and spino, but they’re not completely aquatic, so they don’t count.
  20. Just remembered that I’ve got the save files from right before I entered the cave and right after. I might go and jump into the oldest save and see if I find myself getting the same exp boost from completing the cave the first time, or if I can get it by doing something else. Curiosity is going to kill me one day.
  21. Considering my wolfie got through it yours certainly shouldn’t have a problem. Although I did kinda cheat as I had the thick skin buff on. It wasn’t until last night that I realised I could’ve hit this cave earlier as that buff negates the need for scuba gear or gas mask. Oh well! just take some stim juice to counteract the scorpion venom. Would love to know how much exp gain you get.
  22. Oh my word @HavelockVetinari I love you ? you called me young! lol im starting to prep for the snow cave, or rather, I am prepping to get a high lvl wolf from the snow cave. I will definitely take note of my exp level before and after. Just have to finish raising my newly hatched argy first - thx for your help with that sir. I was just wondering about that actually. Do you have to revive the chosen direwolf with a platform still inside the cave, or can you do that back at base?
  23. It does make sense in a way. However it’s taken me months to earn 400k exp, so to be rewarded that much from a single run through swamp cave, it’s just a bit much. The other thing is that I have only very recently (past week or so) started doing caves and had already completed the southern cave twice, the lava cave and the central one, all without such a gigantic jump in experience. I jumped about 6 levels in one go (81- 87 I think) Theres a theory I’ve been trying to look into, and I might put a post in the bugs and support section to see if I can get a response from someone behind the scenes... I don’t think my primal pass has been giving me my 2x buff and my hypososis is that something in the game suddenly realised this and paid up. In support of this theory I have found that the amount of experience I’m gathering from killing creatures is often well below the amount you Should receive for killing that species according to the wiki. Though it could just be that mobile has a different structure for experience gain, there could also be massive procedural holes in my data collection and analysis. On the opposite side of things I’m left wondering how the game could’ve realised I was suddenly owed so much experience. If it had happened right after the most recent update I would put more weight on this, but as it happened quite a number of playing hours after updating, I’m slightly sceptical about assuming that’s the answer. this is a nightmare for someone like me with an over abundance of curiosity and such a strong desire to scream “but why?” lol
  24. I do believe that I got them from free gifts. I have read that you can harvest them from trilobites, using a therizinosaur will get you the best harvest rate. However I’ve not come across any trilobites as yet, but I’ve also not really explored the ocean yet.
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