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Community Crunch 130: New Beginner Servers & More!


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my biggest problem with ark being solo and not finding it easy to enter a tribe is the fact the most important things i need to survive for more than a day are locked behind boss fights. if i could level to 100 and do some boss fights before joining the main servers it would be a lot fairer being wiped every few days makes it impossible to unlock tek turrets and everything else wildcard has made essential to compete. it seems like the devs play the game in a big tribe and all the balancing choices go to buff themselves.

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Is player damage reduced on beginner servers something didn't seem right .. I had to hit a level 1 player 3 times with a pike to kill them I have 300 melee ... I've been noticing things like this with other weapons as well and I can't find a list of server settings anywhere on here for beginner servers...

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