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modding Wildcard Workshop #2: Data, Logic, and Inheritance


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Hello everyone!

I hope you find episode #2 to be of help to those of you who may have had trouble wrapping your head around programming in the past.
I would like to say I pulled this episode off smooth, but I could have done some things better I am sure. One of those is how I named some things.

To better facilitate some of this I recommend changing the names of some things I did in the video. We'll go with a magic theme, but I think this should help paint a more clear picture. I recommend changing the names in the video to the following:

ActorBP -> Wizard_BP
ObjectBP -> Spell_BP

bIsAThing -> bIsSpellReady

TestIsThing -> CheckCanCastSpell
     Return value: bIsThisAThing -> bCanCastSpell
MakeThing-> ChangeSpellReadiness
     Input Value: bShouldBeThing -> bShouldReadySpell

If the poor naming in the video made things confusing I think the changes above should make things a bit more clear. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask!

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