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  1. Why don't more people play Aberration?

    We play them all.
  2. Ark Mods

    Also on the subject of mods, Is there any way to install a game file that some1s computer can grab from instead of keeping so much of this in memory? I'm running 31 mods atm and the download into memory time is getting up there. This comes into play when there is a random disconnect or a crash and your in combat/on a flyer/etc.
  3. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    Doesn't appear to me to be a definite on anything as yet. Just that WC is thinking ahead. The article mentions 1-2 years down the line. Many different studios have made mention and had/have thoughts about sequels. SOE thought about SWG II which never came to pass, SOE did do a sequel to their own IP and both are still running today. I doubt this means that ARK is "doomed" after the new expansion gets out, just that WC isn't going to give up on the idea of ARK even after the game slides down with normal attrition, which according to that article, isn't even thinking about happening yet. Looks to me like we have many years to come.
  4. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    Nope, not a bad idea at all. Here's what I'm watching. I don't believe its done and quite up to par but the idea does show a lot of promise. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1107180668
  5. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    /agree 100% that ARK needs designated PVP areas such as Restess was in SWG's NGE that can be turned off and on by server admins. There is a mod being made now, that I'm watching very closely, to do just that. I believe your usually correct about lag being a final factor in a game, but this one I s a bit different, it would seem. Dying games reduce their bandwidth/connections/servers to save cash and that can cause the lag on those games. It looks to me that the lag in ARK is mostly coming from their rendering system. I just about get a lag spike every time I turn a wyvern in flight which means another screen has to come up with all the rendering contained therein. I get lag spikes from entering the areas where my bases are (I'm unofficial so I've built mansions with many, many, parts.) In fact, I hit the limit on The Center and had to re-design the entire deal and I've set the building part in area at max for the server. These same problems with lag can and do cause the crashes where the engine just can't quite keep up with all the new stuff it has to render. Your also correct that any double check system, such as the cheat system can and will slow things down. I hate to say this, but I've taken off battleeye on my servers to get the processing speed back. You might try unofficial to get away from the population/taming/difficulty problems. I know our servers have about 10 regular players out of 60 and we just have not experienced any of these problems talked about frequently here. Server admins on unofficial have the options to turn down or up difficulty as they will. I know I've set The Island, our new player/leveling server, at very easy difficulty (compared to official) but the maps increase in difficulty on my cluster up to and including 10X over official with level 300 dinos. We have all the maps and transfer between them just like we did in SWG going from Naboo to Tat so there is always a difficulty level befitting skill/levels/gear/tames/grouping. There are many of these unofficial to choose from, I'm sure you will find one to fit your needs.
  6. My first and prolly last post

    Man, that's quick. Went from "I luv this game" to "I quit" in 3 weeks? I guess today's gamers are a bit different than me, I now feel like a dinosaur myself as STEAM says I've got 2017 hours and that's just on my main account. I played SWG for almost 9 years and a few years after "official" on emulators (I ran 1 myself for 2 years). And there were bugs in that too. I've tried WoW, AoC, TESO, just about every MMORPG out there and quite a few single players also, Skyrim, Fallout 4, etc and ALL of them had bugs, some to the point of you couldn't finish the story of the game (looking at you, Fallout 4). Beetle Cave, back on musti (SWG) had an entry bug in it that persisted until they closed the servers. We just found work-arounds. ARK doesn't limit you to "official" servers and their pings. Look thru the "unofficial" list and find you 1 that has a low ping and better FPS, better "choices" of taming times, XP, etc etc etc. My own server cluster, and we have every official map, gets pings of 30 or so to me anyway. But each to the beholder. There are other games, other buy-ins, lockboxes, and pixel stores you can hit anytime.
  7. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    You bet! http://store.steampowered.com/news/externalpost/rps/2284879949551103234 I would say there's more chance of TOR (down to 2 US servers), STO, and even TESO going down before ARK, at least according to the STEAM list. And lets say WC just gets tired of the whole thing but the code is already out there, the mods are there, the rented server business are there, and the PLAYERBASE is there. Why would anyone believe the game will "end" even if WC takes down EVERY "official server"? I guess "doom and gloom" hits even the most populated games having some of the best success of the entire industry.
  8. Favorite Game other than Ark

    SWGEMU, Fallout 4, Skyrim
  9. Let's revamp Crafting Skill

    Full disclosure - I have a dedicated crafter 2nd account @ level 115. I believe they copied SWG pre-CU on this type of system. SWG, when it started allowed 1 character (with another for the jedi unlock) and crafting points were somewhat similar. This, to be honest, does not bother me at all as I guess I'm used to the system having played it before. There are advantages to having the 2nd crafter account. Any1 can have a 2nd account and/or you can change the server settings to allow unlimited mind wipes. I have both set up on my cluster. I hope they do not change this to be like the MMORPGs that offer 8 toons as choices do matter.

    There are settings you can use in the server make-up to prevent these kinds of things happening in-game.
  11. Unsupported server.

    Above is on "official" servers. "Unofficial" has a selection that allows transfers that includes flyers.
  12. who else is having trouble with lag?

    Haven't had much time to test, but this seemed to clear most of this up. Thank you.
  13. who else is having trouble with lag?

    Running into this one too, now. Seems to be a lot worse after the last patch. 30+ sec freezes and random disconnects (timed out error). When and if it does comes back, you can rubberband way back. Can happen with wyvern flying,, running thru a base, and inventories is what I've noticed. Could be a problem with loading. Seems to me like server lag. Equipment - 2017 Alienware Area 51 with 64 RAM on "unofficial" ARKCHOICE cluster. I've noticed some of the same on the other maps (we have all the official maps) but Ragnorok is by far the worse. The others seem to be a 1 sec rubberband mostly.
  14. We're having the same problem, almost. I used ini code to give ev1 the points it would take to get every engram, plus all the engrams for the 30 mods we're using. When some1 takes then more than WC allow in the vanilla game, transferring servers in the cluster is an instant crash upon downloading character to the new "server". I tried narrowing this down to a specific engram, but the crashes started happening on level 27 which is mostly S+ engrams. Another player mindwiped and took only the S+ and transferred just fine. This seems to be the number of engrams instead of a specific engram, mod or otherwise, causing the problem. By accident, I believe I've found the cause. My main account is on a 2017 Alienware Area 51 but I started a 2nd account, for a dedicated crafter that will not transfer in the cluster, on my older Alienware Area 51 (09) which only has 12 gigs of memory and according to Dell is not upgradeable. Upon taking all the engrams, this computer "locked up", couldn't move the character, basicly couldn't do anything . I cked memory usage and it was maxed, Windows wanted to reset my graphics, and had to use the Cntl/Alt/del to get out. Since then, I've cked the performance on the new machine and found there are plenty of times when that machine is using 42 gigs RAM of 64. This is a memory/engine problem, pure and simple. It appears to me that character files are not large enough to handle all these engrams, in the vanilla game much less the mods. WC could use files, instead of memory, to get rid of some of these problems. Modders need to take this into consideration and only use 1 engram instead of making another game out of the mod engrams. S+, Ticket, StarkWars, seem to be the largest culprits for engram usage. Will probably get some help when S+ is put into the main game if they don't continue to use more engrams to get the same craftable item. Sorry, but this probably isn't an easy "bug fix" and my "workaround" includes another account and another computer.
  15. Not just an AMD issue, I've got a Niv 1070 and I get this crash randomly also.