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  1. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    Problem is with "cosmetic" stores that have skins/etc is ev1 doesn't play the game the way you or I do. In a sandbox, collecting is a part of the game as well as PVP, PVE (kill NPCs), quests, building, etc, etc etc. That's why devs put achievements/skins/etc in the game in the 1st place. In Galaxies, collecting was a large part of the game and a reason for people to keep playing for 9 years and MANY did play that game for 9 years, I did myself and paid a sub the entire time I played. Store devs know this all too well and that's why they sell "skins". However, when people do not buy these "cosmetics", (as you said you probably wouldn't), the store quickly migrates to something that was never promised which includes P2W, Pay to Collect, Pay Walls, progress payments, buy inventory, and any and all of the other monetization schemes that are out today. We have people screaming here, already, that DLCs are P2W due to the fact they include new systems, new armor, new methods of resourcing, etc etc etc. A store? Again, no thank you. As far as it is right now, there is no store, no bought skins, no P2W, just buy the Season Pass or the DLCs and that seems to be a decent situation for players and devs. The players seem to be playing, the devs seem to be developing and all is well at ARK inside of the majority that just play the game and do not complain. As for the complaints, I've seen these devs take bug reports, some I've made as a matter of fact, act on them, and fix or at least try to fix the issue. Is it fast enough for some, probably not, but they are working on these things and that's about all I can ask. Which is a boat-load better than what I experienced with Fallout 4 which didn't care about the bugs or ANY of the store games that concentrate on the store and let the game flounder but....., there's a new download for the store every 2 weeks. IE: (again) see TESO, TOR, STO, etc etc etc. F2P was the absolute worst thing that happened to this industry with development companies trying to find some way they can stay in business and provide a service to ev1 for free, that costs them cash. I ran a SWGEMU server for 2 years so I have some idea of the costs for bandwidth, buying servers (I had 2), other hardware, even if you do get the development for free. You may not like a sub and most don't now-a-days, but it was a system that worked and still works. IE; see WoW. Where the sub model doesn't work is where developers try and make a re-skinned WOW and pass it off as something new. WC has not done this, and that may be some of the reason I've heard they've sold the large number of downloads/games and continue with new players still coming in. I see it with my own cluster.
  2. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    No thank you. I've played store games from STO to TOR to ESO and they all have 1 thing in common. They start out saying "there's nothing that will be game breaking, you don't need anything out of the store, and this won't change anything" and the end result is completely different than what was promised, from P2W, to Pay to be a Collector, to the only way to progress your toon is a 125.00 ship, and "here gamble with our pixel lockboxes to see if you can give us the real cash v our programmed RNG" . I'd MUCH rather pay a sub that EVER see a store again. I have no problem paying for my usage as I run a complete cluster now so ARK is already costing me about 60.00 per/mo., but I just don't ever want to see a store, in anything, ever again, if they promise just "cosmetics", the moon, the game on a silver platter, or not. WC puts in a store, I'd be done, and so would my servers. Our entire guild left ESO when they announced lock-boxes and we didn't wait till they got there. Been there, done that, got the ball cap and the T-shirt. There was a reason why SOE let Star Wars Galaxies go down instead of taking the game to F2P with a store. Even Smedley said that sandbox doesn't lend itself to a store and he said very directly, they talked about it before they came to the conclusion of "sunsetting" SWG. You would really want to change ARK that much? Devs, want to ruin your own game? Cut your playerbase to nothing? Get all that free bad publicity? Have to develop your game for nothing but store "whales" to keep them happy or lose your company? Easy, get a store. IE; - the latest mess called TESO.
  3. Transferring Servers ( I need some help)

    yes, you can move dinos. You should be able to go to creatures (top of page), then there's upload and download. Highlight the animal and hit download and it should come back.
  4. Lost Dinos out of instances

    11/1/17 1. We just tried the alpha Ils bosses again last night. Lost 4 rexes, same as above, either going into or coming out of monkey. This time, the transfer was from Tek transmitter not obl. 2. Also, crashes are back with a vengeance. Timed out and error messages, both. Server is not overloaded, 10 on the entire server when this happens. 3. Still getting "buffer error" when crossing servers. I believe I've made the transfer ONE (1) time that I didn't crash. Not fun when your running mods.
  5. where can we find the ascendent rex saddle?

    Same. I believe they've got a little too much in the loot tables and with every addition, chances of getting something decent lessen. WC probably needs to set different loot groups on different color sky drops and get rid of some of the junk on the higher ones.
  6. Great Addition for Unofficials

    Thank you, WC.
  7. Why do you play Ark?

    NO STORE - NO MONITIZATION, sandbox, housing, mods, private servers with all the choices, and different maps.
  8. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Any plans for installing an economy in ARK? (credits, way to get them, player venders, etc)?
  9. I asked if they could turn the event on. This was my answer and includes the reasoning; (No subject) AS Support <[email protected]> Reply| Today, 7:22 AM You ... Unfortunately, we can't enable the halloween event on your server. The reason we can't is that it is not a command line flag. It is actually a beta branch that would have to be separately downloaded from Steam, as explained here: How to enable Halloween event for unofficial servers. :: ARK: Survival Evolved General Discussions What this means is we need to download an entirely separate version of the game from Steam for anyone who turns the option on. Ark has never done this kind of thing before -- all prior events were just enabled for everyone, or controlled with a command line flag (like -vday). Therefore, I'm totally unprepared. Our system works by just downloading the game from Steam once onto each machine, and then copying that into everyone's home directory. This was designed to go faster and save bandwidth, but it means that we can't just download a different branch from Steam for a particular customer. I would be happy to change the system, but since the event is only running 2 days, it'll be moot by the time I'm done. Sorry, again! I wish they'd given us more notice about how the event was going to work. Thanks! Sergey -- Support
  10. lag LAG on ALL servers

    Lag is hitting everywhere, even on unofficial. I've got a cluster on What seems to help us is re-setting the servers every night. If not, then we rubberband, time-out, crash, etc etc etc. I had this problem with a SWGEMU server that we coded a reset every day on to get by some of this. The server was throwing errors. The more errors, the more problems. That could be what's happening here also.
  11. Missing items

    We've had a couple of players come up with things missing. 1 a chest full of gunpowder, another a S+ smithy full of purple saddle blueprints and resources. I've got the server set so decay is not an issue, anti-destruction of items is set at max. (PVE/PVP server) No one was in a guild war when this happened. Also, collision issues in houses/bases, coming from the ground. Had this happen in my own base. Built on a slope, so I went under the floors and removed a couple of foundations where this was happening, still happens, coming from ground not building items.
  12. PvEvP

    What I'd rather have is another instance for PVE servers that allows PVP with options for server admins to turn off full loot, item destruction, etc.
  13. server, unofficial. Did gamma instances today, No rex deaths inside, lost 2 out of Brood, lost 5 more out of the monkey. Have no idea if these were lost transfering into the instance or out of it. 1 did go thru floor on Green Ob. Was 1/2 stuck in the stone wall about 1/4 of the way down. Don't know if they all were stuck in the rock that makes up the terminal. I'll re-set server tonight and see if they respawn and update More crashes for ev1 coming out of tek cave instances. Nothing looted inside made it out except meat/etc. No trophies from animals, no elements.
  14. Economy

    And....., there's always mindwipe. Maybe that could facilitate having more than 1 per level again on official, too. Guess I'm a little biased. In SWG, Wife and I had 9 accounts, I had 4, she had 5.