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  1. hello

    Try unofficial. Less players mean a bit better policing and only 1 server or cluster to worry about for admins.
  2. Why do you play Ark?

    You may have never played 1 but MMORPGs are very social animals. I played SWG for almost 9 years. My wife called it "star-crack" for the 1st 2 years until I got her to start with the game, then she would up with 1 more account than I had. (I had 4 with a jedi unlock, she had 5). Both of us play ARK now.
  3. Currency?

    Resources are not currency. Let me explain why resources do not work. I have my own cluster. I have set up my cluster like a MMORPG being that difficulty on all facets of the game increases via maps/servers within the cluster. My players, and I, felt that resources and difficulty were too hard to come by for new, starting, players so I have changed the amount of resources per hit, the amount of resources taken before the plant/rock/etc disappears, shorter time to come back, etc etc etc and WC has given me the ability to do so in their options. If you played on our starting server, you would call it at the least, "EASY". As the maps progress, all of these settings increase in difficulty to even X10 of official servers so this isn't just instant gratification but giving new players a chance to catch up with everyone else on the cluster. I have also increased the stack size, increased the amount of weight given per point by a boat-load (never did really like weight restriction in games), and if someone on my server put up a stack of 5K bars, someone else on another servers couldn't even carry it home. (This does take care of the gripe I see here a lot of blue gear takes more that I can place in weight so I can't even craft the item). So let's say I add or make a mod that makes resources as currency to trade between servers. Now, you have a flooded economy, on all servers, and ev1 would hit my Island server, get their resources "EASY" and then flood other servers with my "EASY" resources. I doubt you'd like that too well at all. That piece of flak you pay 1000 bars for would end up being 100,000 bars with other servers having 1 as their resourcing stat and unable to compete. I seen this inflation personally back in SWG as the years went by and credits became more and more available in the game. What WC needs to do here to make an actual economy, is to do what some modders have done already. Put in a currency, put in a vendor system, put in a bazaar, and a vendor search. That would make a economy outside of resource settings. I would think that this might be even an EASY development fix as modders have done most of the work for them already. Just because players have invented a resource economy doesn't mean the game still doesn't require an actual economy.
  4. Currency?

    An economy is about the only thing lacking in this game. WC needs to put in a currency along with SWG style vendors with a vendor search NPC/Term, craftable.
  5. Is ARK Ending?

    I doubt ARK is ending. It's still very high in STEAM's game list. I seen 1 comment that a developer made about ARK 2 but that was off the cuff and more of a response than a plan being put out. The next expansion is all they've announced. That doesn't mean it will be all it gets. I would imagine that player interest will be more of a deciding factor there. And even if it does end via WC someday, we already have the base code on "unofficial" servers all over the place, a dev kit, STEAM modder central, etc etc etc. They could end the official servers tomorrow and there would still be servers to play on for many years after, along with future development from modders. Not to worry.
  6. I know has these feature that you can chose and click. Auto updates mods and WC patches and you can set a 10 minute warning to servers before they go down for the patches. You still have to get the client side of mods/patches thru STEAM but that happens on log-in anyway. Sometimes there is a wait of a few minutes for patches/mods before get them but that appears to be a STEAM Q that does that.
  7. modding Wildcard Workshop #1: Getting Started!

    Having a bit of trouble here. Tried re-creating the mod start up you've made step by step. But on loading PrimaGameFiles_BP, the entire dev kit locks up tight as a brick. Can't cancel, can hit anything else, have to get out of it via task manager to close. Waited a while and nothing changes. Locks at 80% when you hit the BP file showing a progress bar and doesn't move any further. EDIT: Finally got this to go thru the 2nd time, which brought up a task download bar, but somehow made another file named New World which appears next to Dinoshrine (have no idea how I did that but there is an icon in the middle of this file that leads me to believe I'm blueprinting the New World file instead of Dinoshrine) but when naming the blueprint, I do not understand what "suffics it" means and can not see what your typing there in the vid. (too small) Finally got out of the dev kit this time, appeared to be locked up again, but this time when I brought up task manager to close it out, it brought up another box to save or not save. Didn't save it. I'm using a Windows 10, 2017 Alienware Area 51, 64 ram, top of the line, so hopefully this lag/lock up in the dev kit is not caused by computing power.
  8. Nice to see that some other dev teams and studios are picking up the talent that is around making mods. Some of these people put in quite a bit of time and sweat to get what they've done and there should be some acknowledgement and reward for their services. Case in point here, S+, Ragnorok, and StarkWars 1 and 2. This is my 1st attempt at playing anything other than a basic AAA MMORPG, outside of Skyrim and Fallout 4 which includes mods and modders, so I've not seen any of this. In fact, the only MMORPG I've played that allowed mods at all is TESO and the lockboxes and monitization just about negates any advantages, for me at least. Another large plus for me, no store, no monetization in ARK. I've just about had it with pay walls and P2W, even P2W for PVE collectors while they call it "just cosmetics".
  9. Nature of the beast, so to speak. You add something, you tend to break something else. I don't believe I've ever seen a game without bugs under these circumstances. Comparing again to SWG, when SOE dropped the NGE on us, you could log in, maybe, but your toon couldn't move, couldn't combat, couldn't access the sub menus or windows. All you could do was use local chat, not planet chat or even general chat. That stayed around for about 3 days before SOE cleared that up. They added a patch to musti, just before NGE and broke the entrance to beetlecave instance and that bug remained right up to the point the servers went off the air. And at the point in time when SOE added the musti bugs, HK, beetlecave, etc, SOE Austin had over 71 developers working every day on nothing but SWG. To be honest, I'm impressed that WC doesn't have more of this.
  10. I don't believe I'd call the base game (with ALL these features it contains), the dev kit, the .ini code changes released, and/or the options in setting up a server a deal of "that's all they did", but you can, I guess, if you would like. Without the base game and the dev kit, there simply wouldn't be a mods, period, to compare anything to. I'm just not all that worried about what gets added to the base game via mods. I've got my own cluster with 34 mods I'm running, currently and that is again, due to WC programming options to let me have my own cluster/servers. And thanks to Zen's tutorials, I'm looking very much forward to making a mod or 20, myself. Look at it this way. You could have been playing SWG, bought the game for 75.00, paying a sub of $15.00 per/mo for the privilege, (where there were no mods, no .ini code, and no options), and had SOE do a CU, NGE, or C6CD on you with no alternative except to hit "cancel" and like it. And if you were one of the few that decided to stay, seen the cancelation notice that we all got when they programmed themselves right out of a game and job. Really wish I had the options there that I have here, I might still be playing SWG if I could of rolled back patch 9, CU, or NGE. Personally, I've taken away some of the nerfs that ev1 here screams about in less than 5 minutes with the options that WC gives/gave me on my servers.
  11. And what's so wrong with that? Seems to me that WC has been very smart at how they have proceeded with ARK. They make their changes, modders make their changes, WC, and the game, gets the benefit of both sets of development. Now, WC has a designated tutorial employee assigned to make it easier for people who want to do mods that do not have the development experience, to do so. 1st time I've EVER heard of a development company hiring modders also, stemming on more mods and modders. Think you need to give WC some credit for these ideas and their outcome. If it wasn't for the dev kit and the released .ini code that WC does, you wouldn't have the mods or any of these things you believe has been done "better" than WC.
  12. modding Wildcard Workshop #3: Building our First Mod

    Thanks. Enjoying these features.
  13. modding Wildcard Workshop #2: Data, Logic, and Inheritance

    Thanks Zen, as always.
  14. PC For Playing Mods

    I run a cluster of all the official maps from (rented). I'm paying 70.50 per month for all the maps for 60 players on each. Believe it's about $14.00 per/mo for 1 server/map. You can choose just about any mod and it's 1 click to add mods on these servers. We're currently running 34 I think.
  15. Unable to craft blueprint - requires too many resources

    We have ours at 5.0 also. I use the 5K stack mod plus added to player weight, per point spent, via .ini code. Works well.