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  1. We've seen this also. Back a year or so ago, WC did up the memory in their "cloud" to help this. But as more and more mods are added with engrams, that memory is fast getting used up. It's probably time to up the "cloud" yet again.
  2. Have no idea what WC would/will do in this case, but I know on my unofficial servers, your gates and walls would be destroyed via me logging into admin for 1st offense. 2nd offence, all guild structures you have would go. 3rd, is permanent ban from the cluster. I would also listen to your reasoning for doing so and the guild who drags, spams, etc into the cave would also hear from me.
  3. Any1 else falling thru Castles, Keep (CKF) mod after patch? Seems to do the same thing with S+ also. I've got all kinds of players reporting this tonight and it's happened to me once already. I have NOT used any commands. Seen the warning in the patch notes. Happening the most on Ex. EDIT, more info; I've noticed large lag spikes now on The Island as well. It's like there's a server ck and locking the server for a period. The fall thrus were kinda the same thing, ev1 on the server, that was on modded structures, fell thru at the same time. And when this happens, collision seems to be not working as well. You can run thru structures/etc. Only floor is the world map.
  4. You can on unofficial if the server is running the "ticket" mod. All of these items, and more, can be turned into tickets and then turned back when you get to the server you want them on.
  5. These kinds of stories are why I run my own unofficial 6 map cluster. PVE/PVP, offline damage turned off and damage to buildings/etc turned way, way down. To each his own, I guess, but if I had to play this way, I believe I'd hit another game. Great deal that WildCard made this game with unofficial and options to set it up as the server owner sees fit.
  6. We're on servers.io which is a different host. In order to play all the expansions, you'll need a cluster. (different maps on 1 server box which you can transfer in-game to every map in the cluster) We have every official map, The Island, SE, Ab, Ex, Center, and Rag. I've set up my cluster more like a MMORPG than a survival game with differing difficulties on each map. We go from very easy/leveling server (Island) to X20 official difficulty on EX (level 600-800 dinos which ends up mostly as a group world). It can be done but most hosts charge for the additional maps. I know my cluster is about $100 per/mo.
  7. On my unofficial cluster (all official maps), we run from The Island as our "easy/leveling" server, to The Center at official difficulty, rag at level 200 dinos, Ab at level 300, SE at level 400, and Ex at level 600 which is X20 official difficulty. Ex is the basic group world and it's turned out pretty decent. I have made balance tweaks here and there. But, I've set up my cluster as more like a MMORPG instead of a survival game. Our players seem to like it. Nice that WC has given us the options to do such as this. Player level cap is still at 135 but I do have plans to add to that. not for balance, but for more long-term content.
  8. This is not just manas that cause this. The Stargate mod is doing the same thing. The Island seems to be the most affected. Had to remove the stargate mod from my entire 6 server unofficial cluster. Glad to hear it's not the mod but a WC bug.
  9. This is not just on official, unofficial has this also. The Ils seems to be the place with the most lag, rubberbanding, freezes, but the others gets some of this as well. 6 server cluster, all official maps. Servers have got to be throwing errors.
  10. All of the above. Unofficial server, 6 map cluster. Lots of rubber banding, lag, etc etc etc. Seems to hit the Ils more than the others.
  11. Unofficial. All I've been able to do is build with CKF mod (nothing else works) and deco out of mods mainly. Our 6 server cluster is dead for actual players. Wife and I were the only ones on tonight and she gave up rather fast. I tried to do a wyvern flight for the Stark Wars drops but turned around in about 5 secs due to all the freezes. And, if they have a fix they're working on, why not post it here rather than reddit/FB, etc etc etc. Aren't these the "official" forums? I'm old, couldn't care less about social media.
  12. Yeah, we found all the bugs that ev1 else has found as well. No snap points, freezes, etc etc etc. Servers have to be throwing all kinds of errors but servers.io doesn't give me access to see what errors they're throwing. At least CKF is still working with snap points, (castle, keeps, mod) And GP, this was a complete mess to get the servers back up. The update made them all go down with a single core trying to update, take out the code the patch took out, add the code the patch put in, re-build, all while throwing all kinds of errors and crashing even before they had a chance to come up due to it, etc etc etc. I even got several notifications that the program was still running but the server (hardware) was froze up. I finally stopped all the servers and brought them up 1 at a time. The 1st took 2 hours of mod/loading with all the problems (toggleing/etc) that was in the 1st post. With all these problems and then the resultant bugs, this patch was no where near ready to implement. And to be honest, I thought they had a chance with this 1 as they actualy had a beta.
  13. No snap points on any stone foundations since update. This is unofficial and I have S+ mod installed. IS the mod fighting the hard code now? Any1 know a fix?
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