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PC Major Version 277: Vulnerability Fix.


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Hey Survivors,

Recently, we have identified a critical exploit in our game that has existed since August 2015. The exploit is known and utilised by the PC (primarily Official) player base for quite some time. Today's major version update will resolve the vulnerability and address the issue going forward. We're sorry for the inconvenience with the unexpected major update to v277, but trust us when we say that the patch needed to happen immediately. Fortunately, we were able to look into those taking advantage of the exploit. Unfortunately, what became apparent is multiple 'mega-tribes', across multiple servers were taking advantage of it. 

Under normal circumstances, such an exploit would deem a global tribe wipe, and a comprehensive ban for all players involved from our Official Network, as well as BattlEye-protected servers. On this occasion, we have decided that we will be providing a one-time amnesty to everyone involved; this means that no one will be banned or wiped, as the impact of the action would have been too widescale and have a significant effect on our Official Servers. For those who took advantage of the exploit, whether your motivations were malicious, or to put yourself on even grounds, it ends now with a chance of redemption. Please note that this is just a one-time situation, and in the future, we will continue to be heavy-handed versus those who have been proven to play unfairly. 

We know that this decision may come as a surprise. However, we believe it is the best move to make for the health of the game and our Official Servers. We will be continuing to monitor our servers for cheaters, and are currently investing in additional external and internal/technical solutions to those playing unfairly and will do our best to ensure that the ARK remains a fair and competitive environment.

Thank you.

Studio Wildcard

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