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ArkServers.io .. WOW !!!


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Well been running my server https://toparkservers.com/server/ for the past week (also looking for more players to join) and no issue whats so ever thru Arkservers.io .  I find their interface is one of the easiest ways to set up an Ark server, their service  is second to none and very user friendly.

The best part about it you can sign up with them and the first 24 hours are free. So you can set up your server and mods the way you wanted them and run it for a day see if you like it.  At the end of the 24 hours you have the option to make your monthly payment of 14 bucks for a 60 slot server or move on.

Thats right their price is  60 slot server for 14$ bucks with auto updates and 24 hour support.. That's  just 14 bucks a month ( I have spend so much money on Early Access crap games whats another 14 buck a month to run my own Ark reliable server.. no kidding ).

Since im promoting them they provided me with a code/link and if you click on it and set up you server and decide to try them on for a month your first month is totally free and here is the link :


and here is what they say:

"Spread that link around! If anyone clicks it and signs up, they get a $14 credit as soon as they enter billing information. On the smallest plan, this means their first month will be free!" (free server for a month) also if you need more space:

60 players = $14/month

100 players = $45/month

150 players = $60/month

200 players = $75/month

250 players = $90/month

So to recap 14 bucks a month on a 60 slot any map arkservers.io  (its the same price for a 2nd clustered server and so on) been playing ark for over 2 years and i have tried few providers out there . Some of their prices are bit steep why not try this guys.

Thank you for reading and happy ARKing folks.

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