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  1. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    Well ok .. i guess to bypass the barrier do a dino wipe .. Cool....
  2. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    Yes they dont have mods and bosses to worry about .. but if you were to read my second post such as vanila dinos they do spawn over there.. here is an example on vanila settings : any given time on a server there is 3-5 questz and maybe 3 - 4 gigas and if that number is present new ones wont spawn at all .. So eventually as folks tame them that number of quetzs and giga will be spawned on the other side of the barrier so now u end up with none on the playable side .. ( I know this well cause couple of my friends run such servers) this also happens on the official servers too.. So not to beat around the bush its really annoying heaving that barrier there ( I know the pc's are the master race but lets think about the little guys for a change ) Now do you see why i brought this point forward. Any suggestions besides the top of the barrier glitch which i think it has been patched according to some xbox players..
  3. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    KK thanks.. One more thing and how im supposed to do that one xbox one and ps4 server consoles since there is a like 60 % of player based there .. Please do answer both of you if possible.
  4. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    Well tys for the info but Im already familiar with scripts and server settings been doing it for over 2 years .. What im saying is there shoudnt be a barrier in a first place..
  5. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    Lol? its official newest map ( The island and Centre not mny folks want to play on them ) and its not about specific mod its the game in general all dinos spawn there why spawn on the other side when there is a barrier there.. Lets say you played with no mods just vanila and high lvl quetz's spawn there but you cant get to it .. Do you see where im going with this.. Why not just remove the barrier in a first place..
  6. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    Well here is one: Running my own unofficial server and i kind of wish the devs would remove that freaking barrier .. Reason : Every week i need to ghost my self thru the barrier so i can place some teleporters (they do decay after 7 days) for folks to be able travel there reason why running Pugnacia mod and once all the bosses are killed on the playable side most of them spawn pass the barrier... ( Go figure) Folks are like " Admin pls help no bosses on the map, we used the S+ transmitter to scan and they are all on the other side .... Helppppppp " Barrier has to go
  7. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Right on ..
  8. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Lol knowing WC they probably got half of their team working on ARK 2 for a summer release next year why do you think Aberration is delayed nvm the new DLC that is coming out sometimes next year that would be super delayed for sure ...
  9. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

  10. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Sure sounds like a great idea if only WC lets another company take over and work on ARK 2 .. (cause the "final "game its self cant be worse then what the current devs produced.. right ? ) p.s. IM not hating on the devs or WC.
  11. The developers don't deserve this hate

    Lol all this above mentioned bugs i thought they were fixed for the past year cause i gave up playing on official servers about year or so ago, i remember them well cause every time i played on official always did a little prayer before logging into the servers. Aslo i truly dont want to talk about running a xbox one server nor playing on them cause i did before that previousr year.. ( that was a total nightmare between server crashes, bugs and corrupt save data files the resulted in total 2-3 weeks play time then server wipes ) But here is some good news for the past year or so i decided to run my own unofficial rented server in fact 2 of them.. and yes i do pay for it but 90% of the above mentioned bugs i dont get them on my servers especially lag.. cause if did i would know how to complain to and if its not fixed they wont have my business at all. I personally think that unofficial server are the way to experience Ark fully cause you have so much control over them in general ( there is no such thing foundation spamming everywhere) But back to the hate part.. Honestly cmon guys lets take a step back and think a bit obviously the Ark devs are doing their best cause its their job to do so for a game to be successful obviously its not at par with what we would like them to be at so question is where we go from here.. Move on or keep complaining and keep going as usual ? 1. Reality is Studio Wild Card in the past 2+ year never once did they meet a deadline when they have set it them self .. 2. Reality is all those mention bugs above most of them still exist in the official/console servers.. No im not hating on the Wild Card its just im bit disappointed at their ways of doing things and the final product.
  12. Server Crystal Isles running with Transformation mod.. looking for few more players