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  1. RxBilly

    My ark keeps "uninstalling"

    Its a hint .. Ark doesn't want you to play it .. Could be ur play style
  2. The Center map under the volcano caves.
  3. Had to take it down after months of running it .. corrupt file ..
  4. RxBilly

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    This is awesome !!! Also a little FYI Snail owns WC so i guess they can borrow the code anytime they feel like it.. Hope they bring this game out.
  5. Map rotation Center Primal / Eternal mods
  6. RxBilly

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Folks dont get to hyped about it for the Nov 6th release on the new dlc .. It wont happen and here is why = After all we talking about WC here cause for the past 3 years they have never ever, ever been on time with releases its just not in their nature .. its just how they operate .. Hope this dlc will be released for Xmas ( I think it will then ) Sorry guys dont meant to be negative about it but fact is WC has never been on time with releasing anything in the past . Cheers P.S Thank you WC for this new DLC it shows you guys are still working hard and when it gets here it gets here i guess ..
  7. Agreed.. The Rex is the bread and butter of this game if you want to advance to Tek stuff and folks have been breeding them for a long time.. Lol why mess with Rex .. Anyways..
  8. Map rotation and new map Crystal Iso public beta
  9. Bump... still looking to populate this 60 slot server ..
  10. Map rotation with a fresh wipe/start
  11. New fresh server also Liddies have been disabled and have installed advanced raft mod (for some extra fun) ..
  12. Well you guys might want to try Arkservers.io .. 14 bucks for a 60 slot server.. Very easy set up .. Been with them since last year July and running a cluster servers.. No issues what so ever. Cheers...
  13. RxBilly

    1 more veteran quiting ARK

    Well there is over 30k unofficial servers to pick and choose from https://toparkservers.com/ ( to the moderators of this site .. im not advertising my 2 clustered servers so no need to delete this post.. just trying to help out ) I gave up on Official servers long time ago.. Cheers