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  1. Bump .. Cross Aberration mod installed on the Ragnarok server .. You can also transfer any dinos between the two servers ..
  2. Bump its weird to see Aberration dinos on Ragnarok map .. love the option to cluster servers
  3. Aberration and Ragnarok server are now clustered ... DO NOT transfer any flyers from Ragnarok server to Aberration pls ..
  4. Just added two more mods and that brings us to 10 and i think will stay there .. (loading time is extremely fast )
  5. The following mods tested and been running stable on Aberration server : Super Spyglass Automated Ark Awesome Teleporters! Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.2 211
  6. Aberrations working Obelisk

    Hi guys, so i have been playing on my dedicated server the past two days and wow.. i mean wow the devs put in a lot of work into this map.. Koodos to them.. So i wanted to add some more mods to my server (got about 5 working mods installed and 6 more pending) but not much info on current working mods so decided to test it out on my own by means of single player .. So here goes : I load up the mods that i wanted for my server and tested them out see if there would be crashes .. nothing everything works. Then the explorer part of me spawned in a ptera and ventured off to see what is there to be seen. My god it is a huge map thanks to the ptera i was able to grasp the work devs put in .. I came up to a path leading upwards so i followed and next thing i know im out side with winds and flames all around me .. I kept on exploring and then came to a obelisk that said Green Obelisk so i tested it out and its a working one i could see my ptera in it and the option to upload.. That being said if this is correct cause i do run a second server which both are clustered and pve i might use the second with Ragnarok map and bring in some flyers to Aberrations world. I think this would be awesome if any devs are reading this pls leave it alone for us unofficial dedicated server guys to enjoy. Thank you for all your hard work.
  7. Just added the following mod : Upgrade Station v1.8h
  8. Well Aberration is out and my Aberration server is loading as im typing .. Im running just few mods at the moment : Structures Plus (S+) Engram Unlocker Death Recovery Mod (v1.7.3) HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V271 Dont want to get the crashes since mods might not be compatible with this DLC.. will add more as times goes on and mods are stable.. Also this server is clustered with the Crystal Isle map and i dont suggest traveling between servers at the moment in case you lose your stuff. Cheers.
  9. Ark: Aberration

    Well my pc just began downloading aberration on steam its 15 gig update. Woohoooo here we go
  10. Well.. Downloadable Content This content requires the base game ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam in order to play. Available: 12 December This game will unlock in approximately 1 hour This is on steam page now..
  11. Ark Aberration. Will it be Delayed?

    Delayed for sure ... This is WC we talking about after all .. and brace ur self for all the bitching/whining on the forums and tweeter .. Cant wait
  12. Spartans quit ark

    Well at the end of the day they have a good reason to quit given the number of factors that ruin the game completely on official servers.. I will nvr ever play on official servers again in fact i have not played on them for months its just not fun its plain and quite boring in my opinion. I love dedicated servers in fact im running two of them clustered and many mods to pick and choose from .. I personally think folks that play dedicated servers will experience Aberration dlc the best but that just my opinion. As for this guys quieting .. Well fare well and god speed ..
  13. Spartans quit ark

    For pc .. i like my ark to be slightly modded ..