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  1. Boy do i have an ARK story for you guys.. Began Arking in Sep 10 2015 on xb1 official server and manged to get lvl 65 with numerous wipes and always starting from 0 Then i bought a second xb1 around Jan of 2016 and the fun just began. Set up my xb1 server took a while to set up setting but not to op and next thing i know i had over 400 player based server. I truly played the game to the fullest (to the fullest guys every dino, map, breeding, taming, every youtube build possible available to xb1 i did )and made countless friends from all over the world (im Canadian) . But then in May 2017 i got bored of xb1 version especially since the flyer nerf came out plus no mods and kept on following the youtube vids of lots of good streamers and was amazed the amount of mods there is for Ark. So tuned up my pc (i5 7600k liquid cooling, 32gig ddr4, gtx1070 8gig and 180gig ssd with 2T barracuda at 7200rpm storage mods drive) and got into a brand new game of Ark with so many maps and mods at a click of a button. Joined many servers with different maps and mods and played on them. However every time i asked and other players have asked admins to introduce a new mod they are so uptight about it and just dont pay attention to their player base . (after all its just a game so why not bring in new mods and test them out) So that being said i decided to run my own pc server with the most popular mods out there (bringing my expertise as and admin/owner from xb1 servers settings) My rented server can hold up to 60 ppl with auto updates I truly love it for the past week and a half (and yes i could run my own private one i do have a pretty solid 2nd pc to do so but for 15 bucks a month free of headache why not). This is my Ark story and its not finished yet, I think it has just began on the pc version ( Im so glad i skipped the official servers when i did cause i couldn't bare nor imagine after playing on them for 2 years some one to come along and say we wiping ur server and you must move and the move is all messed up. Cheers and happy Arking
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