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Volcano Update

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An update from TheRightHand regarding the upcoming changes to the Volcano:


We haven't put out the exclusion zone because we're not quite done finalizing the area that's going to be impacted. We don't want people to pick up their entire base and relocate it only to find out it's fine and not a big deal and they lost tons of work because we were inaccurate. We'll be putting the border walls in when it's all locked.

That said, if you'd like to have a rough approximate and make decisions based on that (better safe than sorry, so to speak.), if you are currently located anywhere on the top half of the volcano, you should probably move your butt.

Here is a picture I just made in paint in 5 seconds, any resemblance to a giant smiling face is entirely coincidental and probably in your head.


Anything above the mouth, err, I mean, the red line.

Please note this is NOT FINAL. Things could still change. We could still scale down the scope or expand it. This is the area in which you are currently extremely likely to have something cause harm to your base.

  • The Right Hand

Once I receive a more specific update than this, I will be sure to let you know and I am pushing for the team to finalize this details sooner and get the exclusive zone in ASAP.

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