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We started out the same way everyone does. First few moments playing ARK and then that turns to hours, then days, months and for most of us years. Well now were not like that in those first few seconds because now we are an alpha tribe responsible for 8 server wipes and we will keep going until our name gets bigger and bigger, and then. Like every tribe we will fall. But when we do we will be remembered and we will be proud of the kingdom we once built.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hey guys. Im looking for a new tribe to train me up into a good player. I had friends in ark already, I joined their tribe but they were defending every day. Finally got wiped on Saturday by two tribes teaming up on server - island 589 Im level 125, have genesis 1 and 2. Around 80k hexagon points atm. Im good at breeding, taming, raising, farming, cave defence, I have a griffin and wyvern trap on crystal 1327 and can farm prime crystal or milk for any wyverns I need PVP help. Im 33 years old, from Ireland and I work from home. GMT timezone. It helps to make sure there's no off
  3. Hello, I'm from EU I'm experienced in ark (3k to 4k hours) I'm looking to join the tribe as I wanted to start fresh again on official since I left it for a few months, and I think i can do a really great job on grinding and any other stuff like breeding. My discord is Kuezy#4745
  4. hey we have a alpha tribe on crystel iland we need membeer to expand
  5. hey mike are you lvl 100. we are serching members for expandig on a oteher server
  6. hi my name is Alan i am 17 and im comming from Italy my acc is lvl 105 i have tek engrames.i am playing with my friend he is also lvl 105.we are good in pvp farming......
  7. Im 14 and want to join up with you. Im good at pvp and farming.
  8. my discord is PvT_T#0001 im 14 years old and im from Wales. i am willing to play ark a lot
  9. I am looking to join this tribe in order to help the tribe get bigger. I have nothing else to do, and I just want to help this tribe and get bigger
  10. Hey how’s it going! My names Derick, I’m from Canada, I’m 14, will be level 100 and over in a couple days and I’m on PS4, I would love to join, I’m good for anything really when you need me I’m there XD whenever and wherever I could play up to 10 hours a day, you want resources that won’t be a problem for me just send me off with a list and I’ll come back full! Grinding is my thing let me know as soon as possible and we’ll get down to business XD No job is to big and no task is to small I can assure that you could count on me I guarantee it XD
  11. Im 17, my name is mekido66 in ps4 and victor fernandez#7062 in discord, i am lv 100 in official and i can play 3 hours in normal days but in weekend 10 hours, i love ark and i want to have a good experience in this tribe, if u accept me, please let me know, my time zone is CET(madrid, spain)
  12. I am 16, i have 2.8k hrs experience, i can farm, breed, pvp. Can play 6+ hrs a day. I have experience on official My discord: Guss#7201
  13. I am 23 and my buddy is 21. Level 94 and he is 85. We both have half of tek engrams. We are huge farmers. We got on almost every day and as long as we have a job to work towards we will get it done. I moved across the country to the pacific coast and my old tribe got insided so everyone quit. All we want to do is help build up someone. Let’s us go to work and we won’t disappoint
  14. Me and my friend each are high level and have a lot of experience. We have 500+ hours easily. We can farm, breed, pvp, and we have a postive attitude and will do anything we can to help the tribe. You can contact me on psn: ArmedToDangerous or discord:[BTB] Skate#8985
  15. I’ve been playing ark for along time now mostly solo but want to join a tribe and am able to grind as much as needed my psn is smithyextreme
  16. add my discord: Advanced Rifle Bullet#3300 LFT main official 3.5k hrs experience 19 from aus can play 6+hrs a day have all dlc's
  17. Hi, I've been playing ark for almost 4 years now. I'm lvl 130 can pvp and grind. I've been in a couple megas before but mostly been playing unofficial for last year. Looking to get back into official if you could consider me. Thnx . Im 18 btw

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