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We started out the same way everyone does. First few moments playing ARK and then that turns to hours, then days, months and for most of us years. Well now were not like that in those first few seconds because now we are an alpha tribe responsible for 8 server wipes and we will keep going until our name gets bigger and bigger, and then. Like every tribe we will fall. But when we do we will be remembered and we will be proud of the kingdom we once built.


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    By what programs
  3. hey, i got a lvl 94 character. i had to restart due to losing my her character after taking a break. been playing for years. can grind, tame, breed , pvp etc. psn: Conductor_Toes discord: Conductor_Toes#8975
  4. i have been playin for a year now and the first 2 months of playin i joined a alpha tribe named skynet i took a break and got kicked now im looking for new tribe my character is lvl 134 have all bossfights but genesis i grind and im also sum wat good at pvp and defendin
  5. Hi i've been playing for 1 year already i have tek engrams(most of them but no everything) i did 1 island boss and 1 from extinction, sadly our tribe got desolve, and now after 3 months of not playing i decided to join back the game cause of new map, i'm 20 years old, Central America, i speak ENG/SPA, lvl 94 character, i'm more kind of a grinder and a little bit of pvp, hope you read this msg ty. PD: i have all dlc's Discord: 7RSnake#4350 PSN: carlos_izaguirre

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