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We started out the same way everyone does. First few moments playing ARK and then that turns to hours, then days, months and for most of us years. Well now were not like that in those first few seconds because now we are an alpha tribe responsible for 8 server wipes and we will keep going until our name gets bigger and bigger, and then. Like every tribe we will fall. But when we do we will be remembered and we will be proud of the kingdom we once built.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. I have a bunch of stuff set up a really good boss rex really good boss stalker snow owl really good velos really good turtles wyverns and other tames looking to build up even more and help the tribe
  3. So I’ve played ark for 2 years and have a character lvl of 63. I will pvp, grind, breed, tame. If you need me then lmk I also got some buds. My psn is TOXIC_ROGUE_YT
  4. PSN is murrypassthebong I have over 2.5k hours and have been in Megas before I am extremely active know how to PvP and I am 15 lvl 81 due to my main account getting perma banned
  5. Applicant Tagger name el_chavo_16 been playing for a long time 400 plus hours lvl 76 lost old characters in servers but I grind till i can and do anything that you ask
  6. Hi gamer tag is ROODBWOI69 (PS4) i would like to join your tribe i have experience i've mastered breeding and have a lot of free time to do it i will be on every day i also have all tek unlocked to help with crafting please consider letting me join your tribe , you wont regret it.
  7. Recruitment I am 17 I have 600+ hours put into ark but have been solo for a long time and am constantly wiped server after server I am looking to join your tribe I am a very active player I am constantly grinding materials or tames and have a large amount of knowledge in the game I am also highly dedicated and would like to be accepted my psn is TTV_Majikman my discord is TTV_Majikman#2726 thank you for atleast reviewing my application
  8. Wiped and looking to join new tribe I was wiped not to long ago on a aberration server and now am looking to play on a different map. I am planning on starting fresh with a new character but if you guys don’t want that I can keep my old survivor. If you are interested in having me you can reply. Thanks.
  9. Looking to join I'm currently level 100 solo looking to join, i have most tek engrams unlocked and would love to join your team as solo is becoming a pain and would like to be a part of a group.
  10. Server? I'm new to the game and I've played on a few servers all solo so I'm hoping to join some people to get an actual base and progress going. I've mostly stuck with 2x2 and 2x1 solo bases spread throughout the map, although I have done some creative building on single player. The pvp one I'm playing now is level 71. My discord is Kalinsub#0915
  11. Are You Recruiting? Looking to join your tribe I am a lvl 67 and my psn is minion46mm
  12. Looking to join Is this tribe active becuase if so im looking to join as ive never actually been in a tribe as ive always liked playing alone. But now ive realised that this game is a lot harder without a team to play with. I have a level 70 character my ps4 name is Jxw_99
  13. Recruitment form Psn: Funkymonkey0099 Is this tribe still active? If so, i would like to join. I’ve allot of experience playing ark and i want to help this tribe become one of the biggest tribes on ark because i can see the potential of this family. I don’t want to be on the wrong side of history and that’s is why i would like to join. I’m 17 from Aruba
  14. Wanting to join the trip I’ve been playing this game for almost four years now. Been on big tribes and even fought the UC at some point, but it didn’t last much long and I took a break. Now I’ve been playing on unofficials for two weeks and I’m getting back in this game once again. I’m pretty rusty, and the only character that I have left is level 50-ish (one day on an official). My PSN is NightHarbringer, and my discord AuthenticFate, so let me know if it’d be possible to join you guys.
  15. Wanting to join I've been playing solo for a few years now, tired of getting wiped after building up. Looking to join if you're still recruiting. My psn is csteff199. Thanks
  16. Yall still recruiting? Im 16yo grind alot im on like 13 hours everyday sometimes more i raise a bunch of stuff been playing since a couple years Psn: ACAB_1210
  17. Still recruiting? I'm 17y/o have been playing for 1 year looking to enter your tribe good at pvp psn: xX8HaruXSora8Xx
  18. Looking to join I’m looking for a tribe to join. I am only level 75 currently and have been playing for about 6 months. I’m still grinding levels and wishing to grow inside of a tribe even more. I’m don’t being the little guy who sits and watches while the big guys stomp around the server. I even was my own “big” guy once and our tribe eventually fell in the server. PSN: Blazingfire09
  19. How can I join the tribe Is there any chance I can join the tribe on ps4? My Psn is : WX-Verox
  20. Want to join your Tripe sessions Add me pls pn PSN, Name: sefatih I am new to the Game and searching for a good coordinated tripe. I just learned most of the mechanics of the gamd, but need now some ppl to have fun.
  21. Looking for a tribe I'm finding a competitive tribe that works as a team and is not lazy . I am good at pvp building taming and don't stop grinding and have had experience being in a mega tribe. -psn SenSe__Nasty
  22. Can I join plz I'm 13 I live in the states and I have played ark for a while I like to tame and grind mount levels I'm looking for a competitive tribe and I'm low level but a little grind I can get up fast My psn is Freak1156
  23. Still recruiting? I’m only level 85 so not the highest but I’m still grinding levels and have played the game overall for just under a year, I’ve been playing solo 3/4 of the time so I’ve been getting pretty bored, I was wondering if your recruiting so I could try help out and just get to play the game while having a tribe PSN: LowkeyyHigh
  24. Looking to join tribe Hi im 15yrs old and level 62 I'm good at pvp. taming and breeding my psn is Optimal321 and my discord is Dire #4082
  25. Looking for recruitment I'm 30 have a lvl 85 and looking for recruitment I good at pvp and farming also tames usually play solo but want to play with others and grow to do boss fight and own server PM me on psn setashi it my gammer tag

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