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  1. Can you get on PSN? Or just strictly Xbox?
  2. Hey there GOAT Brewing Co is recruiting! Currently. Smalltribes pvp hit us up on PSN: GKoski22 for more info! 😀
  3. 36 ur old mature male. Looking for active endgame tribe. Small or Large. 4 yrs exp. 2 yrs on PC tribes with Alphas of Center on the cluster. Great with building bases.. compact, layered, death walls. Like imprinting/breeding, grinding and raiding. Currently 96 on a small tribe server on the Fjurdor map. Message me on PSN plz: GKoski22
  4. Didn’t see you PSN Tag bro. I’m interested. Lvl 96. 36 yrs old. 4 yrs exp. Taming. Breed/imprinting/love building both over and pvp builds. PSN: GKoski22
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