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XB1 24/7 Dedicated PVE Dedicated server based tribe.

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  2. BlackWolfShade

    AA Tribe Rules & Info

    Members Keep in mind these are in game character names, not GTs listed Shade(Alpha) -> In both servers AbrdofLinder(Alpha) -> In both servers B3SoNIC33(Alpha) -> In both servers R.I.P Fluffy(Delta) -> Guilty's server Lillith(Delta) -> In both servers Ravyn(Alpha) -> UK24 server Mike -> UK24 server Briggzy -> UK24 server Lightning -> UK24 server
  3. BlackWolfShade

    AA Tribe Rules & Info

    Tribe Ranks As tribe ranking goes there is a option for us to have up to 10 ranks. Ranging in from 0-9. That's right, not 1-10, but 0-99 being the highest rank clearly, you will have to prove yourself to rank up.Here are the ranks in order from lowest to highest.| New Recruits Commoner Squire Delta(Co-Admins) Alpha(Admins) How does one rank up you ask?Simply by being active and helpful to the tribe.What good is the ranks? What are they even for?Simple i say. Ranks help to keep a set group of lower ranking members away from set ranked dinos or buildings, or anything ranging from riding ordering and inventory wise.
  4. BlackWolfShade

    AA Tribe Rules & Info

    Greetings fellow members and tribe mates. And yes, hello to all you lurkers out there. I'm here to tell you a bit about Arche Asyl as a tribe and what we are all about. And yes, we come with rules. Asyl is a new and growing tribe homed in a player dedicated map. We are the largest tribe thus far that we've come to know of homed there. We are rather laid back and chill people looking to have fun without trolls to bother us as we escape into the world of dinos. While a large chunk of us are adults, we do have a rare few amount of younger ones in our tribe as well. Here in Asyl, you might find they some of us my be picky about whom we let into the tribe or who we just ally with. This is t the fact so we will know that everyone is not going going to just join and screw with other members, or come in for free things. Here are a few rules we'd like you to abide by. Members; When it comes to adding new members to the tribe, be sure that the layer joining meets ALL of the admins of the tribe. This is so that we as admins can get a feel for the player joining us and to see about how we feel on them being in the tribe or not. We will give everyone a fair same chance either way. It's simple, don't give us any reason to toss you from the tribe and you should be good to go. Allies; The larger the tribe rows, the more we will have to start branching out and splitting up into many tribes. This is where most to all of our ally tribes will be coming from. When making an ally tribe that's branching off of Aysl, please be sure to add [AA] before or after the tribe name you come up with. This will help us to know whom in our allies are truly ours, over other tribes we might ally with as well. Dinos; When you first join the Asyl tribe, you will be given 1 dino from our 'Adoption Center' that you my use as your own in the tribe. From there you will have to start working for any dinos you wish to use. Meaning, yes, you will have to go out and do some taming. If you need help, feel free to ask if anyone is on though. ALSO! When you claim any new dino you are given, or tame you wish to be your own. Be sure to place a part of your GT into the name of the dino so that others know it has claims on it. This helps with knowing who's dinos are who's, and to keep others from just using them(less given permission). Dino Claims; If a dino has claims on it, you my NOT use it in any way shape or form, less you are given the go a head by that set user. If they are not on please see to finding something else till then. This ranges from riding, to mating the dino(s). Doors; When leaving, returning, and/or logging off, be sure ll doors to base are closed. This keeps other tribes and players not in the tribe, or allied with us out of the base, and out of our items. So start getting into the habit of closing doors. Storage; When coming cross storage boxes, or anything that has a name on it. Be sure only items of those things go in those places only. This helps keep things clean, and makes it easier to find everything. Feeding; As a number one rule, if you are the FIRST one to get on, be sure to go around and make sure all feeding troughs are full with food. This will also apply for the Last to log off. Those all aside, admins, when first meeting, will be required to give you questions before we say you can join us or not.This is something that will need at the least TWO of us on at once in a party for this to happen. The higher the admin the more the say. But be sure to see the list of admin and ranks to know who would be the member(s) you will be talking to. Keep in mind these questions can range from anything based around the game, to random things that have nothing to do with the game at all. The main things you'd need to look out for are legit questions, like how long you've played the game, what do you enjoy doing the most in game, blah blah blah. Once you've gone through these, with TWO admins at once, they will then decide your fate. Admins who do this without the other admins on, or even the founder on, be sure to note what was asked and said to inform the others about later when they are on.