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  1. I havent had this problem since ark release but im willing to bet it will happen again. Thanks for creating a new post. I have heard of some people stil having this problem so it definitely a thing.
  2. Yes the argent was sprinting. So was the pteranodon and Tapejara. But they are not weighed down. The wings move to fast for that. unfortunately for me i have no way of proving that.
  3. Nice try but the argents wings where flapping to fast for that. Any other excuses?
  4. Flyer Speed Suggestion

    I cant explain how much i agree with this. The flyers a useless now. I havent even tamed a flyer after the nerf. And the ones i have are the first to go if i need more space for dinos. They say its to balanse the game but I have a trike with 1900% movment speed. Hows that for balance.?
  5. Xbox PvE server

    Ok. I had removed u but ur back. If any of ur friends dont see it online tel them to send me a message on my main gamertag: X guilty jim X
  6. Xbox PvE server

    Thats weard. I check it when I get home. I removed alot of people this weekend. (140 ish) U may have been one of them by a mistake. If thats the case i add u when I get home.
  7. Xbox PvE server

    No sorry. The "fix" didnt fix it.
  8. Xbox PvE server

    Im glad u like it. I had to take it down for now. After some network problems It stopped loading the map. I tried 10-15 times to get it back up but it didnt work. Hopefully the fix will be released this week. And when it does it will be back up. And I guess the xbox needed a rest too.
  9. Volcano Entrance crash

    Yes they know. There is another tread about this problem.
  10. Xbox PvE server

    Yes just add the server and message me. ( X guilty jim X)
  11. Xbox Server Options

    @jat set up my server after the update. When i logged in the wild dinos where just standing there. Even when attacked. Tried doing a dinowipe and the server kicked every player but it did wipe. Server froze for about 5 min before responding. But did not crash. When i logged in again the dinos where still just standing there.
  12. Xbox Server Options

    I had the exact problems BUT my server and i crashed. Same map.
  13. @Jat my server crashes too. Its on the island. It was fine until 2 days before fridays patch. Then it crashed and when i loaded it up it dashboarded when it got to worldend. After friday i got it up and it stayed that way until sunday. I had a series of power outages and when i tried to load it up it dashboarded at volcanoentrance. And its still doing it. I changed some stats to imprinting but that was all i did. Had about 10-15 + players on it.
  14. I dont have a solution to this problem but its happening to me too. Last night it dashboarded and now is gets stuck on worldend.