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  1. Just wait on odd hours nobody is on, find a island, boom, gifts. What i did last year anyway. Always made ark hunting easy at least.
  2. Rude much. Wish you luck in your ARK endeavors!~

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    2. Pabs


      Yeah! Your BF's spino drawing was featured. Did they not notify you of it? :o

      Good show, you shouldn't have anything to worry about then. Now that we have a ton of options for servers you can really make it how you want to play it!

      Have fun in the ARK world!~ 


    3. BlackWolfShade


      No they didn't give me any notice for that. 0.0

    4. Pabs


      oh weak.. that's poor management lol

      You did see the article right? exposure~

  3. Them Dire Wolf pups. 0.0 Cute as a button. I can't stop breeding just to look at them. xD

  4. Want a place to go and chat about games? Don't feel like always sticking to one game?

    Are you 18 or older? Don't like or want drama? 

    FadingSpiritsGaming.com is a new upcoming site for all those needs/wants We are for all platforms. And always looking for ACTIVE and friendly members, and admin to help our clan/group/site grow.
    Come check us out, feel free to chat with us.

    And have a good time. :)

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