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trying to start small tribes tribe people upwards of lvl 90 would e nice but if not its alright


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  2. 1. Tcrawl4539 2. Dlcs all 3. 15 4. I've played for a year. Play alot when im at my dads Extra. I am lvl 83 cuz I lost my character while transferring
  3. 1. PSN Name: Big_Gesto 2.DLC: All 3. Age: 30 4. time spent playing: I can play all day
  4. rodrinc


    1.Rodrinc / rodrincPT its one of them 2. all dlc even genesis pt2 3.600/700 i think mostly solo im looking for a tribe cause every time i set up a base gets wiped within 4-5 days and im tired looking to have fun 22y male
  5. Xxking970xX Age 28 Dlcs all except genesis 2yrs
  6. 1.Zacattac102 2.the island 3.12 4.a couple of years ago

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