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trying to start small tribes tribe people upwards of lvl 90 would e nice but if not its alright


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  2. Pomp2020 age 30 2+hours looking for a tribe that is fun and work together please send me friends request and what server you guys are on if you accept me I’ve been alone for 2 long 😭
  3. AnTiSoCI


    18, havent been in a real tribe in 2 years currently restarted lvl 75 have genesis dlc play 3-6 hours a day can tame,craft,build,breed - Eastern time zone psn-bigdaddy8769101
  4. 1.PSN name LSMrafMasked 2.DLCs I have all dlc 3. Age 26 4. time spent playing over 500 I think (return player
  5. psn superhyperdude age 17 dlc genesis 1 and 2 hours 612
  6. Psn-youtube Dyphan Dlc-none Age-16 At least 2hr a day but usually more Level 101

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