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tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!


Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Been playing by myself on and off been told to give it a try in a tribe so here I am if anyone’s got any openings
  3. hey yo, im looking for the good tribe mates who wanna have fun and wanna do boss runs. im playing at pvp official servers. im good at building ad breading. just give me a tek strayder, maewing, and industrial forge, i will make you and ultimate base and army of dinos. i prefer be at extinction or genesis 2 map. in game name: Black Fang discord: Crazyfreak125#9727
  4. Looking for small to medium sized tribe (Official/CrossArk/Unofficial) 1k hrs PC PVP semi exp in pvp disc id: mario b.#3639
  5. I like pve too. Im not playing for that long but i know how to play. My xbox is Nick#37225 or without hashtag sometimes it glitches. But add me!
  6. My name is Cam I’m 27 years old. Looking to join a tribe and make some new friends. I enjoying playing pve and just having fun. I last played a year ago and wanting to get back into the game. I’m currently on xbox. I work 2nd shift and can play from 9:30pm-4am est.
  7. LOOKING FOR MEGATRIBE! Hello Pretty experienced player with 4,7k hours in ARK only at PvP servers. Got all DLCs and know all maps. Iam looking for any megatribe who can take me under their wings. It could be small tribes or classic official. Iam good grinder, farmer, crafter, builder so I can provide your tribe any role u want me to. Non-toxic friendly player, 31yo Iam glad when I can cooperate with other ppl in tribe and talk with them at discord. Iam not a lone wolf. <3
  8. Okay when you are ready to join message me on psn and we can see what we can do.
  9. got a lot of time on my hands recently and am looking for people to play with in pvp. I dont currently have a mic but will be getting one soon
  10. Hey everyone Taka Tribe is recruiting for PSN Official. If you are looking for a tribe, active often, a mature player over 16, and are serious about making it to the top as alpha and willing to put in the work, we will be recruiting add me on PSN: atotheizzzo_
  11. I have 1700 hrs but haven't played seriously for a few years but ready to get back into it. Us central time zone and off 4 days a week. HMU!
  12. What system are you playing on? I'm on switch
  13. New to pc, tribe of 3 currently and looking to expand. The tribe is made up of 16yr old's including me - we don't mind people older or younger joining. Me and one of my teammates have thousands of hours on Xbox playing official and smalls before making the switch to pc, the last teammate is still pretty new but is picking up quick and has about 100+ hours at this point. We are looking for tribemate(s) with some experience at least understanding the current pvp meta. You don't need to be online all the time but we do want someone who can get on throughout the week. Region doesn't matter a whole lot we have a guy in Na, Eu, and Asia so we are diverse in time zones. dm my discord if interested... GoldenHamster90 #0758
  14. I am looking for players who want to play on a cluster with the criteria in the title, are 18+, have all DLCs, have at least 1k hours experience, and are willing to put in the work to be alpha. Any time zone is welcome, but I am based in the USA. Players from EU/AUS time zones are preferred to ensure good player cycling, but all are welcome. If you are interested, message me on discord. Dc: cccabbage#1784
  15. I'm looking for a PC PvP tribe, preferably at least a 4 man. I have over 3k hours of experience, been in a few alpha tribes. I am good with building, taming, breeding, farming, raiding, and base defense. I am located in the USA and 22yo, but am open to joining tribes with people on other time zones. If you have decent experience and are 18+, message me on discord if you are interested. Dc: cccabbage#1784
  16. lokking for anyone to play pve with. Ive never 'beaten' the game before and would like to do it on ragnarok because dragons are cool lol
  17. Hi, i play on arkpocalypse and I look for Tribemates. If u interested add me on dc Amtsgericht#9625
  18. Yea cheers sounds good! Got your psn invite - will msg you
  19. I have a tribe of two man on ps5/ps4 and i am trying to fill it with 5-6 people, would you like to join us?
  20. looking for a fairly active tribe in AUS/OCE/NZ/NA .. i speak english am aussie male 30yrs old have discord contact me if there is any tribes out there willing to add me.
  21. Hey guys ✌️ , i would like to find a pvp tribe ,i do have 500 hours in the game but im playing 5-6 hours per day. i have a lot of xp on mmo , i have 7k hours on H1z1, and 2k on rust. I learn fast and i do like to farm, tame . i played most of my 500 hours solo learning by my self with google 😎. Only thing i would like its people 18+ Feels free to dm on discord SNK#2943

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