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tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!


Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Looking for a tribe to play with PVP PC, doesn't matter if its official or not . i really love the game and want to have a tribe to have some nice and funny moments. I play ARK for a long time ,i have 3k hours in the game . if your crazy and want to have fun and laugh . join me DISC : MooNi#6258
  3. Looking to start or join an official small tribes server on xbox. I have a few tames and turrets ready to go in the obelisk. I’m down to play on a normal official server too. I’ve played ark since 2016 and I’m getting back into it. I stopped playing a little after extinction came out due to meshing. I’m a grinder and I’m experienced in raising tames. Usually get 100% imprint and can make dedis full of ARB Send me a message on Xbox: Xspread diamond
  4. Looking for people to play the pve story on The Island! I have discord and looking for people 18+! Add me on ps4-GodGingee and my discord is Gingee#2988
  5. Looking for tribe on PC SmallTribes Official, would prefer to join a premade tribe but also would start a new one.. Several thousand hours in the game hit me up Will...#3085 on discord
  6. Are you still looking? Will...#3085 on discord
  7. How many have found tribes to join and or members to recruit? No for haven’t found any yet, yes for you have!
  8. I want to play with people hit me up icy #9371 is my discord just looking for people no requirements
  9. Hi All, looking for a tribe. I’m on Xbox. My gamertag is Sombregalaxy366. Will put a lot more into the tribe than I take. Let me know if you’re looking for a new team mate.
  10. Looking for a tribe that plays on small tribes,older player heaps of hrs.... Steam ID: 76561197993792146 hit me up
  11. Looking for a tribe on pc perferred pvp official server as i will come with tames and some items. Discord: BigxChunugs#1961
  12. im from the uk 17 years old play 4 hour+ week days weekend more have 140 + days on xbox and ps4 including my pc hours as well played around 9k hours all together discord id DylBoy#0001 steam id 76561199112445094 what would be a benefit for you if i join ? i can do most things on the game i can pvp but no arena sweat can raise breed anything tbh. message me on discord if interested please dont message me if you dont have alot of members i want to join a tribe with 20+ people i dont care if its a fresh start just want a tribe with members to get somewhere.
  13. Sick of being wiped by alpha tribes !! Normally play solo but looking to join an active reliable tribe to play ark with. -25 -uk -discord (ryan95#4098) PSN (ScouseRazza) Lvl 84 currently but my old character was lvl 100 had to start over after an alpha tribe captured me. I'm a very experience player on most days give me a message if you gave space in your tribe !
  14. LFT Thats somewhat built on 1x offi am trusted and so if my friend. We have a combined almost 10k hours. Don't have a leveled character due to not playing offi on steam but have that offi experience just need to run 1 red drop and im chillin. Have all DLCS installed and so does my friend we are very experienced in every map and know the metas very well. DM me on discord Marf#0977 for further info. Thanks!
  15. Hello im looking for a small tribe server to play on or joining a tribe on small tribes only... Discord link. fallen HumanBitches #3753 Im australian old boy.
  16. Hey im on pc and looking for an official pvp tribe i have a level 130 char and i do whatever is asked for me to in the tribe and im on for atleast 5-8 hours weak days and 8-12 hours on weekends
  17. I am 28 and have a mic and put 1400+ hours into ark i have all the dlcs besides genesis prefer to grind and pvp haven't played on official since my last tribe got wiped by power rangers my lv on official is 97 and small tribes 71 and I am on ps4 my gamertag is Xxking970xX hmu on there if you have any questions
  18. ive play solo mostly i got all the exp but the new one yeah i just want a active tribe im down to play with anyone hows willing to take me in

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