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tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!


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Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Ark Ascended PC PvP Small Tribes player looking for a Tribe. 2k Hours in mega tribe PvP in Ark evolved. 1k Hours ASA, Alpha Dragon/Meso/Brood completed, Level 109, all DLC. In between tribes currently, have been solo for a month after my last tribe rage quit after encountering too many speed hackers. So far I'm surviving solo and breeding pryomanes, I have decent high Stat Wyverns (lightning and fire), decent Rex (and many), decent harvesting dinos, I can bring Forges and turrets also. Looking for a group that wants to raid/pvp/do bosses and progress.
  3. I'm looking for tribemates, new players welcomed, for PVE. Part of a large tribe on multiple maps, with players spanning the east and west coast of US and Europe. On a high population unofficial server with an extensively built discord and admin system with shops and community centers. There is also a PVP that players can transfer to if they wish to do PVP.
  4. My friend and I are around the same level as you and looking to get a full tribe, game would be more fun with a maxed out team. Let us know if you would like to join
  5. I'm level 96 looking for a tribe to play end Game material. I play on a small tribe server and willing to transfer
  6. Hey dudes, Looking for tribe on Official I'm wanting to get back into ark and have downloaded Ark Ascended on PC. Im looking for a decent tribe to join. Im a good grinded and love my large scale PVP as i have always been in a mega tribe on XBOX. Im chill as and keen to make some good mates. OCE would be great however i'm greatful for anything. My Discord is Holag1997. Please reach out to me on this post. Or my friend code is 325980934 on Steam. TIA stav
  7. Putting together a tribe to take over an Aberration server once it opens up on Sept 4th. 18+ is preferred with some exceptions If the goal is reached before then we'll make a go at one of the other servers which server that being will be up for debate. I'll be creating a discord for all of us to use so that we can have both PlayStation and Xbox members being welcome PSN: TDS_FallenAngel8 DISCORD: NORDIC_DRENGR
  8. I have almost 700 hours in asa and 1500 in ase looking for a chill tribe in smalls pvp I'm 25 I'm on PS5 discord is blackhaze710
  9. Hey everyone, Looking for an active PVE tribe to join. Took a few months off the game and my whole tribe vanished so I'm left with nothing.
  10. I'm looking for a pvp tribe on official that focuses on bosses and end-game content. tribe discord would be nice.
  11. Todavía estan buscando otro? Tengo xbox pero puedo usar Discord.
  12. Searched hellspawnlil on discord but didn't see it, sent friend requets. I have xbox.
  13. Is DC discord? Searched, didn't see you
  14. Discord is deaconCid, I am on island now, level 70 maybe? Have gear and can transfer to team up. Been playing since 2017, on central Europe time. Want to build small, efficient bases and get out on the prowl.
  15. Looking for an adult 25+ for the island small tribes PvP. Mic required. Laid back group, but looking for someone to help grind. Experience/PvP experience also required. Discord is hellspawnlil if interested shoot a message there.
  16. I play on unofficial server and just found another gamer to start a tribe so we are looking for players that want to have fun playing and hopefully get a good tribe to will gothrough all the maps with. If interested please hit me upon discord- MarieMinx or PS5-MrsTonya101
  17. I play on unofficial server and just found another gamer to start a tribe so we are looking for players that want to have fun playing and hopefully get a good tribe to will go through all the maps with. If interested please hit me up on discord- MarieMinx or PS5-MrsTonya101
  18. I play on an unofficial server and just found another gamer to start a tribe with so we are looking for tribe member that just want to have fun playing the game if your interested hit me up on PS5 MrsTonya 101 or discord MarieMinx.
  19. Hey I’m hosting a server on ascended Pve center map. There’s about 10 active players. If interested you’re welcome to join! Most of us also play on Ps5
  20. Hi! I’m an old ark player who’s decided to comeback for another run. I’d rather play pvp servers, but I am ok with PVE. In Game, I have a few years of experience with Evolved and played a few “attempts” on Ascended. I’m good with teamwork, taming/farming, fighting. I’m available to play almost every day for a few hours (morning and more at night). Personally, I’m 28, chill, 420 friendly and down to chat on discord. PSN: Leymow
  21. I forgot to mention i'm on pc, and just doing a local hosting. But I will be on for most the day today, and tomorrow. may look into an actual server if enough are interested.
  22. Me and my tribe are looking for members we are starting in ASA ark poc it wipes June 21 at 1 if you are looking to join us. My dc is John1567. And my Ps5 user is freshy_lando35 we all have a little more than 2000 hours

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