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About This Tribe

Me and my friend are looking for tribemates for an official pvp experienced players only.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. I am looking for an Official tribe to join and was wondering if you were still recruiting my PSN is Ikswejam and my discord is Ikswejam #7226.
  3. Hi please may i join u tribe, i live in england so if you are offline i could be online and defend the base. My name is X__CW__X123
  4. recruitment Yo, you guys still recruiting people? It's been a long time since i've played on official, so i don't have any character. But, I've played ark for years on and off.
  5. Looking for New Tribe Hey there; just seeing if you are still recruiting for your tribe. I am level 67 with multiple account and have hundreds of hours of experience on PvP and rented servers that include breeding, building and resource gathering as my specialties, and am very proficient at taming. Please let me know if you are interested.
  6. Yall still recruiting? Im decent at pvp I grind alot I breed alot Lvl 105 got alpha rag engramms Psn:ACAB_1210
  7. Yall still recruiting? Im decent at pvp I grind alot I breed alot Lvl 105 got alpha rag engramms
  8. Want to join My online ID is Orbital_Slushy I have played a lot of hours i know the map i know the animals i have been playing since release
  9. If still recruiting I am in I want to get back into a decently sized tribe after soloing for a while if anyone wants to add me on PS4 IanJL1118
  10. Coming back since a 1 year break After 1 year of not playing ark I really want to start picking it up again. My friends don't play anymore and i'm now looking for potentially new friends to play with. I'd really like to join the tribe and go for big grinds. Using mic.
  11. Add me Minimee150 I’m 104 on official don’t got no one to play with hmu
  12. Im on now and sent a psn request if someone is tryin to play?
  13. Anyone use a mic? just lookin for some people to grind with, still kinda new to ark but i catch on quick
  14. Rag Suggestions I'm new to Rag any suggestions? Spawn point... Dangers...
  15. Add hey I sent you a request on ps4. I have a few dinos that I saved from getting raided really need somewhere to put them before they expire
  16. we are on a rag right now, I don't know if we will move, but definitely going to set up some bases on other maps eventually.
  17. Still need member? If you guys still need members add me on ps4 name is EasternStoner been play a alot lately an am looking for active tribe to play on official with, im usually playing from anywhere between 9am to 5-6am Eastern Time, play a few hours everyday at least, im 22 i got a mic but official is impossible without teamates.
  18. What Map? island or... What are you playing on Island, Ragnarok or...
  19. I will add u tonight at like 9 or 10 prob
  20. i was on small tribes but a lot more people joined this so i made new character he is lvl 53, and ive played since febuary 2017
  21. When you all on It would be nice if everyone had a mic, but if not just its fine
  22. I'm down Yo add me my psn is Redish-fox
  23. lvls What level are you guys? And what is your experience

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