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  1. YOUNGSABER whats your psn? I want to write with you there
  2. Want to get recruited Hey, I'm 16 years old and I'd like to join this tribe. I have a lvl 79 character and I play Ark for 2-3 years now. I'm good in pvp so I could help you in raids out. I come from germany so sorry for my english. If you have more questions about me, write me on psn: iiLqpLiL (IIlqplIl)
  3. Want to get recruited Hey, I'm 16 years old and I'd love to join this tribe. I often play only duos and I'm starting to realize that it's hard asf. One time i was in a big tribe too, so I think I know what to do. I can help breeding, grinding or help raiding people. I'm a very experienced player in Ark and play it for 2-3 years now. If you want more informations about me that i have forgot to write, ask me: iiLqpLiL (IIlqplIl)
  4. It dont work to me... i did that what you said but everytime i transfer, every skin is lost again and the map isnt discovered... like everytime :'/
  5. And why did they do that? I lost so much time and i will never become my skins back, bc if i transfer (what i do all the time) i will lose them again and again... thats sooo bullsh'it and even if i got all the skins in creative or something lile that, it took still like hours for every skin... Btw i had 100% on ps4... fck
  6. I never killed him without cheats but i know what happens if you kill him with cheats. Btw if you transfer you char into a other server, all skins are gone again+ the map discovery. So if i take my argy with me into the new server, i get the first skin again( riding your first dino skin). If that isnt bad enough, wildcard is doing like nothing! W/tf , i saw that im not the only person which happened the same... my hatred for the game is getting worse.
  7. Lost character+ all fckin skins... Ark is gettin worse and worse Last time i killed alpha king titan out of fun with cheats, lost every skin/Note and my map wont load(have to discover everything again). I lost my 2nd character which was lvl 35... I bought that game and what is the reward? A broken game, nice wildcard
  8. Lol, it happened to me too... i dont know what i should do....
  9. All skins got deleted I have 100% on Ark but last time i joined it, i didnt even had that first skin, which you get for riding your first dino... I dont know what happened
  10. Ik Dont know either how to join
  11. How to join... ... if nobody is answering all the people? Please dont give hope, it hurts a bit
  12. How to join?? I wrote a text and i think that the leader here forgot about this forum, if he dont want to answer people who want to get big then he just should write it down...
  13. Join request Hey, i'm 16 years old and want to join this tribe. I'm a experienced Ark player and level 83. I played always with a friend together Ark, but we are always getting raided so i decided to find a other tribe. I live in germany so my english isn't always the best :'). If you need some more information, just DM me Psn name: iiLqpLiL (IIlqplIl would it be)
  14. Join request Hey, I'm 16 years old and I live in germany. I can speak english well but i'm not the greatest at it. I play like all the time Ark but only with one friend. I'm pretty good at Pvp so i could help with some raids. I never quitted a tribe, because i always played with my friend, but we're getting raided a lot so i decided to join other tribe. I'm experienced in ark aswell and level 83 My Psn name is: iiLqpLiL (i wrote it like this, because my real psn name would be: IIlqplIl and noone can write that down haha) Btw. If you need more information from just DM me and write what else u want to know about me. Thanks and maybe see you soon!
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