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ARK: Happy First (Half) Year! Event

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Let's bring in the New Year!

ARK: Survival Evolved Steam players are invited to ring in 2016 on the ARK! Starting today at 12 PM EST a gigantic New Year’s Eve ball will descend from the heavens through to January 1 at midnight EST. When it finally hits the ground, a fantastic surprise will be revealed for all Survivors who are on their ARK at that time! It's been a thrilling six months on the ARK, and Studio Wildcard wishes all Survivors a Happy New Year! Thank you to all our players and content creators for helping to make ARK such a success!


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Fireworks? (Wait, already have fireworks..., big fireworks? Skin gun fireworks? Confetti? Music? Food in dish to the table?
We finally have a speaker to play music from your computer in ARK? ARK nightclub at last?

Or ARK will become a nativity scene and begin to move the Magi? xD 6 days left

New year cake? Some gift skin for play 31th at 0:00 ?

And most importantly ... Grapes to eat?

Completed hereby random theories ... 1 day ... Details please!

                                                                           Details please!

                                                                           Details please!

                                                                           Details please!

                                                                           Details please!

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If you guys don't mind can we get some of the events too by we I mean Xbox one its a great game I've already got like 8 people to buy its too bad you can't run a server and play without having the host range limit and the 4 players for a private game 

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