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  1. Unable to connect to friends dedicated server. I'm unable to connect to my friends dedicated server from anywhere but his home network (we don't live together). My NAT type is open, I'm able to connect to official servers, and overall have no other issues with connecting. However his server doesn't appear on the list, and others who do live with him are able to connect easily, and I was able to connect whenever I was over today. Any ideas why this is happening? We are trying to understand the whitelist to see it that helps, but it's a bit confusing. I can start to join from the friends menu on xbox, and on my pc, but it eventually says "Join Failed" Any tips or solutions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Welcome! We invite you to join our friendly PVE cluster! At this moment, we have three maps and are open to get more if the community wants them.There is a Market built for players to buy, sell, and trade. We have a community workshop with all of the industrial crafting stations added for player use. There is a Pub, a Jousting Arena, Gladiator Arena, and many other community event areas in the process of being built. We have frequent events and have already given out many great prizes. Admins are on daily at varying times. If one is not on, everyone is always free to message me, DuchessofGotham, directly and I will answer questions in a quick manner regardless of whether or not I am on. Our community is our top priority! Our server stats are listed below: Arkham Horror Cluster: 32 Slots Map: The Island Difficulty: 5.0 Max Tamed Dinos: 400 Taming Speed: 4x Harvest Multiplier: 4x XP: 4x Loot Quality: 4x Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Egg Hatch: 15x Baby Mature: 20x Food and Water Drain are very low. Faster nights and longer days. Long consumption times for gas and element for your generators. We have made Flyers Faster across all of our servers. Arkham Horror Patron Aberration: 10 Slots Difficulty: 5.0 Max Tamed Dinos: 400 Taming Speed: 7x Harvest Multiplier: 7x XP: 7x Loot Quality: 4x Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Egg Hatch: 25x Baby Mature: 30x Food and Water Drain are very low. Arkham Horror Extinction: 20 Slots Difficulty: 5.0 Max Tamed Dinos: 400 Taming Speed: 4x Harvest Multiplier: 4x XP: 4x Loot Quality: 4x Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Egg Hatch: 15x Baby Mature: 20x Food and Water Drain are very low. Egg Lay Interval: .5 Terrain clipping on so you can build nice bases! Arkham Horror Patron Scorched Earth: 10 Slots Difficulty: 6.0 Max Tamed Dinos: 400 Taming Speed: 10x Harvest Multiplier: 10x XP: 10x Loot Quality: 6x Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Egg Hatch: 30x Baby Mature: 35x Food and Water Drain are very low. Egg Lay Interval: .5 Terrain clipping on so you can build nice bases! Higher Level Dinos! We also have items stacking to 1000 on many items and are always adding more for your convience! We also have a Discord that we would love for you to join to stay in touch with our growing community! This is also a good way for the Admin team to be able to assist you faster! https://discord.gg/xG5CpNx We have Patron packages with awesome loot for those that donate and support our growing community! Enjoy! Make sure you join us while there is plenty of great areas to build! ?
  3. [US] ArkTek Legacy Evolved Cluster: Rag/Center Come join an already large community today 🙂
  4. “This is all our fault...We never meant for this to happen, but there is no going back...We can only pray the arks will sustain long enough to purge the corruption from our world or we will join the globe in its extinction.” - Survivor In the beginning, element was nothing more than a mineral of the earth. Like any great tool, it became a weapon, and we unleashed a powerful force upon our realm we were not capable of containing. In time, the flora and fauna of our age faded away and we were left with synthetic creations with little in common from their ancestors. This extinction began a domino effect. We lost our atmosphere and we lost our food, our shelter, and slowly, our humanity. Those of able body were taken by the Overseers; a race of beings from a distant star that had warned us of our folly. They were contained within the Arks, artificial ecosystems that carried with them the seeds of life from our own world and others that had perished. It was the hope of the Overseers we would succeed in overcoming the mistakes of our history. Like so many before them, the original occupants of the Arks, the last remaining humans, perished, unable to overcome what trials and struggles plagued their world. Within one Ark, a woman named Helena, the last surviving of her people, laid down her life to merge with the Arks. She created our race, a breed much like the old humans, and yet different in many key ways. She believed we would succeed and fulfill the charge she herself had been tasked with. We would purge the corruption from our realm, and we would return to a land we had never seen but would call home. This is start of Radix, a keystone Ark which allows its occupants access a neighboring Ark with different climates and challenges. Our people are born into this world terrified and alone, naked and afraid. We do not have the instinct of conflict amongst our kin, and it is this very reason Helena believed we would be able to work together to prevail where she had perished. You will find this world to be challenging and, should you take up the mantle, rewarding. Perhaps you will earn the favor of the Titans and, maybe, just maybe, you will succeed and bring us home. This server is RP friendly but not mandated (though you may get some strange interactions from the very dedicated rpers if you do not humor them when they come to your door to barter eggs or request stud services from the rex they saw you riding in the woods). We offer a discord for you to create private roleplays or you may do so in game. We ask all those not intent on roleplay post as such in the respective discord channel; we want to be respectful of your preferences as well. Global chat is for global communication—it is meant exclusively for ooc chat. This means all your roleplays will either need to be in local or tribe chat while in game. Maps: Aberration, Extinction, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles Cluster PVE with PVP enabled for realism purposes--mostly so you can level with dinos you breed (absolutely NO warring/griefing/raiding on this server) XP x3 Gather x5 Tame x20 Breeding x50 Hatching x100 Max Wild 180 Max Player 300 Max Tame Levels 300 Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1623019258&savesuccess=1 Discord & IPs: Our discord and servers are a private, d-bag free zone. As a result, you will need to pass a bit of an interview before you will be invited in. Please friend me on discord to start his process. AeonsMusings#8784
  5. Rogue Warriors ARK Cluster Highlights - Any-to-Any map travel, with Character, Full items, and Dinos! - PVP Purge Period: Friday 10pm through Sunday 11:59pm. All other times PVE. - White-Flag base protection during Purge period Maps Valguero Ragnarok Aberration TheIsland Website links Click on the "Click here to play" green button to connect: http://roguewarriors-valguero.arkers.io/ http://roguewarriors-ragnarok.arkers.io/ http://roguewarriors-aberration.arkers.io/ http://roguewarriors-theisland.arkers.io/ Steam bootstrapper links Windows Key + R, then paste the address below for the desired server: steam://connect/ | Valguero steam://connect/ | Ragnarok steam://connect/ | Aberration steam://connect/ | TheIsland Discord https://discord.gg/DrCgyFY Mod list - Structures Plus - Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture - Ancient Dragons and Wyverns - Gryphons - DarkEdge's Cross Extinction - ARK Additions: Domination Rex! - ARK Additions: The Collection! - Resource Stacks - Bulk Crafters - Unlock Haircuts and Emotes - Awesome SpyGlass! - Awesome Teleporters! - eco's RP Decor - eco's Garden Decor - eco's Stable Structures and Decor - eco's Camping Decor Rates - Dino taming = x3 - Dino consumption = x2 - Wild Dino max level = 300 - Max player level = 151 - Improved player XP/Engram table - Following rates modified to perform 3x - 6x faster/better: - Dino breeding - Player harvesting - Dino harvesting - Dino imprinting Upcoming Maps: - Extinction - Valley
  6. Hello Everyone! Arkusion servers(EU) are waiting for you to join! There are plenty of free places to build on. Every server has 30 slots, auto mod updates, active admin and more Best for those who want a friendly PvE enviroment with amazing QoL mods, a safe place to stay and stable servers where they can make longterm plans... - Valguero - - The Island - - Ragnarok - - Extinction - Rates - Exp: x3 - Taming: x3 - Harvesting: x3 - Egg hatch: x5 - Maturing: x5 - Breeding Intervals: 0.5 - Max Wild Dino Level: 150 - Stack Size Multi: x10 * No Server Wipes (manual structure delete) * Offline Raid Protection - so your base and dinos are safe from other dinos while you are offline. * Cross Server Chat * The servers are clustered, you can travel between them, can upload and download dinos/items. website: https://arkusion.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ZVPgRK7 Mods: link to download (subscribe) all mods: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1773799269 ***Please make sure you are subscribed to all mods listed below to avoid the "Connection timeout" message. *** - Structure Plus - Platforms Plus - Super Spyglass - Dino Storage v2
  7. Welcome to Primal Earth! We are a friendly and active PVE community. Go to discord.gg/zRS8fqw to join our Discord! Maps: Ragnarok, Extinction, Aberration. Players are able to freely transfer characters, creatures, and items between maps. We will be adding more maps as our community grows. Stats: PVE, cross play enabled, active staff, no building damage, and infinite weight on players and dinos. Max level is 300 for wild dinos. All engrams, including tek, auto unlock as you level. Most resources and consumables stack to 1000. Custom Drops (see details below). Taming and maturation are at 10x. Most other stats are at 3x (this includes experience, spoiling time, harvest amounts, health, melee, movement, etc.). Day time is longer with shorter nights. (to join search for Primal Earth and it will show up) Events: We offer weekly events including, dino drops (non-native or high level dinos are spawned in around the map), scavenger hunts, weekly giveaways, boss battles, arena battles (players battle high level wild dinos for prizes), dino races, and more to come. Prizes for events may include high quality tools and weapons, rare resources, rare dinos, free custom colors on a dino of your choice, element, tek structures, etc. Custom Drops (Ragnarok): White: Cloth Clothing, Hide Armor, Thatch Structures White Bonus: Cryofridge, Small Saddles Green: Flak Armor, Player Consumables, Wooden Structures Green Bonus: Basic Tools, Basic Furniture, Medium Saddles Blue: Dino Consumables, Ghillie, Stone Structures Blue Bonus: Advanced Tools, Large Saddles, Simple Firearms Purple: Adobe Structures, Desert Cloth, Dino Consumables Purple Bonus: Black Pearls, Fungal Wood, Platform Saddles Yellow: Cryofridge, Fur Armor, Scuba Gear, Metal Structures Yellow Bonus: Advanced Firearms, Advanced Furniture, Tek Doors and Gates Red: Dino Consumables, Riot Armor, Tek Structures Red Bonus: Element, Industrial Crafting Stations *In addition all drops have a chance of dropping cryopods Starter Kits: Level 150 Argy, Wooden Structures, Generator, Wire, Outlet, Cryofridge, and 100 gasoline and various resources Community Center: There is a community center located at Viking 2 on Ragnarok. Here you will find crafting stations, donations, adoptable dinos, free cryopods, apartments, and starter kits. You are welcome to use the community center as needed but please only take what you need from the donation boxes. Please consider other players and be sure to leave some for someone else. The community center on Extinction is located at Sanctuary East. Apartments: Each tribe is allowed one apartment containing a cryofridge, Fridge, and a large chest. You are welcome to use these as storage, especially as a new player, but we primarily use these to drop off gifts, prizes received from events, and any creatures you have requested to adopt. Adoptions: At the community center you will find our dino shelter. If you would like to adopt any of these dinos please use discord to message one of the admins. As soon as we can, we will either unclaim it for you (if both parties are online) or we will cryo the dino and drop it off in your apartment. There is also a cryofridge at the shelter containing dinos that are you are free to take. This is also where you can leave any of your unwanted dinos. Again, please be considerate of others and do not take all of the available dinos. Server Rules: 1.Read all rules carefully! No griefing other players.This includes picking up other players or their dinos, dropping dinos in someone’s base, harassing others in chat or in game etc. Bottom line, we are a friendly PVE community. You are expected to be kind to everyone. 2.Discord is is our primary means of communication. If you need admin assistance, please message us on Discord. 3. Bases and structures must be built out of render distance from each other unless allied and both parties agree. Do not place any structures within render distance of any community structure, including community traps. 4. Bases can be large, but please be reasonable. Each tribe is allowed one main base and one small outpost. 5. Do not build around obelisks or large resource spawn areas. If you are unsure about an area just ask. 6. Cryopod any tames you are not actively using or needing eggs from. Having a few out is fine but please be reasonable. This greatly reduces lag on the map. Free cryopods and fridges will be offered at the Community Center. 7. If you need to get rid of old tames, drop them off at the adoption center (located at the community center). 8. Do not ask admins to spawn in items or to replace your lost items or dinos. It’s Ark, things happen. We already have boosted stats, custom drops, adoptions, and donated resources to help you. 9. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. This is our community and we will always listen to your suggestions, but please know that we will always choose what is best for the community as a whole. Lastly, please do not ask for custom colors on dinos. We only do custom colors as prizes during certain events. 10. In an effort to protect dino spawns, please do not leave traps around the map. You are welcome to have a taming pen at your base, but any traps in the wild must be demolished immediately after you have finished using it. Structures do not take damage, so you can easily build a cheap temporary trap. You are also welcome to use the community traps that are set up around the map. Alternatively, if you would like to build a community trap, message one of the admins. All permanent traps must be pre-approved by an admin. 11. All rules have been created to protect the well being of the community. Anyone breaking the rules will be warned or banned depending on the severity of the offense. Repeated warnings will result in a ban. If you need to report someone please contact an admin with screen shots or video evidence.
  8. PVE Primal Fear Valguero!! Can you survive this? Hey guys, New map means new challenges, and this is why I have set up a new server: PrimalFear 5x PVE_Settlements mods Infos: IP: Game port: 7670 Query port: 7680 RCON port: 7690 What's special about this server? Well, it runs Primal Fear, which adds aprox 200 new variants of dinos, as well as bosses, so you get dozens of hours of new content! Also, it adds apex dinos that roam around and mess you up, and a LOT of them (actually, every variant gets a 20% boost in spawn rates, because we want it to be HARD). Max dino level is 200, too, so expect Apex dinos to deal thousands of points of dmg. But we tested it, it's totally OK once you tame good stuff. Also, I added the Settlements mode, which means you can build villages and if you have a RP vibe, you can RP the poop outta this game. Other mods include the good old S+, resources stacks, bulk crafters, CKF castles and taming sedatives. Rates have been tweaked to reflect the difficulty level, so expect 5x rates and a slightly lower food, drain and water consumption. If you want a PVP server to play on, lemme know and with enough players it shall be done. So hop on and try not to die too much (which you will, a LOT, at first. But it gets better). Feel free to comment
  9. Potatohands [Valguero] S+, 2x exp, 2x gathering, 10x tame and baby times, 150 max wild level, 5x raft/platform limits for those who like houseboats, and roughly 10% more engram points to compensate for mods. Transfers to our Ragnarok and Extinction servers will eventually be enabled. We already have a small and friendly community going. Server name is Potatohands, please drop by! Discord: https://discord.gg/tjaWWp6 Mod list: Structures Plus (731604991) Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture (764755314) Better Reusables (1364327869) SelVision (1092557691) HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 (849372965) eco's RP Decor (741203089) eco's Garden Decor (880871931) OzoCraft 1.7 (893904615) "a server that has an admin that isn't actually complete trash" - Some guy on my server
  10. Welcome to the First Wyverians! We are a friendly community or weebs/nerds who enjoy video games. Our beginning was like most servers, a small group of friends wanting to play ARK together and now we're expanding!. Our server features daily and weekly events including but not limited to, Gladiator battles, sheep jousting, maze running, tranq wars and random dino treasure hunting! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/hpAB3NP Details! Server Name First Wyverians Valguero[PvP] Map : Valguero Server Mod list: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1774700871 Server Name First Wyverians Extinction [PvE] Map Extinction Mod List (NOT IN ORDER) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1666271460 Other Server Info ♥ All decisions are completely community based. All changes are put to a vote and recorded in discord. ♥ Zero tolerance for bullying. ♥ 24/7 admin accessibility( all admins can be reached at any time of the day) ♥ NO admin abuse ♥ Last Wipe: 3/8/19 all servers ♥ Starter Pack available upon joining server; includes 1 set metal tools, 1 longneck rifle, 1 flyer(griffin, ptera, argie OR rock drake), 1 set hide clothing, 15 high end tranq darts. ♥ 18+ preferred but everyone is welcome ♥PS! We have had these servers going since Feb 2018 and dont plan on shutting down anytime soon.
  11. Æsir is a relaxed PvE Ark community focused on breeding, building and events. We offer a variety of structure, décor and breeding mods to keep things interesting. Most servers sport a community center with starter dinos, gear and a crafting room to help get you on your feet! 📢 Join the Discord 📢 https://discord.gg/RAgYAb5 💠Visit Our Website💠 https://www.aesirgaming.org/ ❈ Server Settings ❈ 145 Max Player level (if you ascend on both Aberration and The Island) 210 Max dino level (Difficulty 7.0) 5x Experience 5x Gathering 5x Taming (7x if done via immersive taming mod) 10x Hatching/Gestation 5x Maturation 0.25x Breeding Cooldown 2x Egg Laying 2x crop growth Boosted carry weight of both players and dinos (1.75)! 2x longer days Platform dinos and raft structure limit 3x Food, Water and Stamina decrease slightly slower Flyer carry enabled ❈ Quality of Life Mods ❈ Structures Plus Platforms Plus (fixed snap points!) Immersive Taming (alternative taming method rather than tranq-and-feed) Speedy Flyers (with breeding enabled for wyverns, griffins, rock drakes, phoenix, etc.) Stack Me More (built in element and trophy transfer) Sala Reusable Tools (unbreakable gliders, scissors, whip, climbing picks and more!) Dino Storage (never reach your tame limit when you can stick dinos in a box) Craftable Wyvern milk and Nameless Venom Appetizer (make tames hungry faster, tranq darts that can't hurt taming effectiveness) Giga Chill Pill (good news! It's a suppository! Removes rage mechanic) Sel Vision (Tek Binoculars) Death Helper (body fell under the world? Yank it out!) HG Seed Crafter (grow all mushrooms, rare flowers, silk plants, etc) Upgrade Station (upgrade items you don't have blueprints for yet) Tekgrams4U (Learn tek tier without fighting bosses) ❈ Cosmetic Mods ❈ Rare Sightings Castles Forts and Keeps Eco’s RP Decor Eco’s Gardening Decor Eco’s Gardening Decor Eco’s Aberration Decor Eco Trees Vanilla Armor Skins ❈ Mod Collection ❈ Mod Collection Here! The Center has a few extra building and decoration mods to breathe a little life into the old map as a builder’s paradise! Center Mod Collection Here! ❈ Mod Map Collection ❈ Download the maps you plan to visit, you don’t need them all if you don’t wish to travel there. Our Mod Maps Here! ❈ Additional Features ❈ ▸ Element and trophies transfer between maps freely in your inventory ▸ High level dinos spawn with the same frequency as Ragnarok across all maps ▸ Unlimited Mindwipes ▸ Mindwipe for dinos (Elle's Tequila) ▸ Tek dinos and Rare Sightings spawn up to level 252 ▸ Can tame Reaper Queens, Rock Drakes and Wyverns via Immersive Taming (They're combat tames, be ready for a fight!) ▸ Snappy Saddles integrated into tool mod ▸ Admin Support via tickets means your voice is always heard ▸ Dedicated hardware & Admin team ▸ S+ Mutator breeding and mutations enabled ▸ Highly active community with ample build space ❈ Connection information ❈ Valguero: ark.aesirgaming.org:27214 Aberration: ark.anagaming.gq:27060 Ragnarok 1: ark.anagaming.gq:27015 Ragnarok 2: ark.aesirgaming.org:27214 Volcano: ark.anagaming.gq:27025 Olympus: ark.anagaming.gq:27050 The Island: ark.anagaming.gq:27200 Extinction: ark.anagaming.gq:27070 Scorched Earth: ark.anagaming.gq:27202 The Center: ark.anagaming.gq:27204 Crystal Isles: ark.anagaming.gq:27206
  12. Displace Gaming Server Cluster PVE|Displace Gaming - Island - (v297.14) > steam://connect/ PVE|Displace Gaming - Valguero - (v297.14) > steam://connect/ PVE|Displace Gaming - Ragnarok - (v297.14) > steam://connect/ PVE|Displace Gaming - Aberration - (v297.14) > steam://connect/ PVE|Displace Gaming - Extinction - (v296.104) > steam://connect/ Just a small group nothing too fancy, We have a discord https://discord.gg/Wnx4y9y
  13. Hey and welcome! If you have planned to play and complete all the dangers in ARK, along with other players? This is the server for you! Server cluster is located in both US and EU. We have all maps, for easy travel between all maps using same Character. We are running events and a Market for sell, buy and trade dinos. Active Admins who will help you when needed. NEW: We also have role-play games in the game with story that you can follow. Sometime they are written by admins or players from our servers. And we also have a rotating Event Server "map". With custom Events, like tame crazy high level dinos. and bring them back to the standard maps/servers. Other events we run is Respawned bosses in the Event word map. And let the hole cluster hunt them together. We use our Event server to many crazy things. We host our servers at Nitrado, and our servers are placed in UK and USA East. We have done this for years and plan to do this for years. Homepage: http://www.ark-server.nu Twitter: @deticatedX https://twitter.com/deticatedx Discord: https://discord.gg/DA9jnzP Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arkdeticatedx Settings - Max Lvl Player 170 - Difficulty set Island 8x, Ragnarok 12x, Aberration 10x, SC12x, Center 14x, Extiction 14x - 4x XP - 4x Special XP - 4x Crafting - 5x stacking -30x Breeding - 12x Egghatch - 6x Taming - 5x Stack multipier - Longer day, shorter night - Friendy fire is disable (You can not kill other players, but you can kill your tames and you tribemembers) - Platform build can clip in terrain (So you can build nice bases) - Food drain on tamed Dino is very low - Faster respawn of resoruces - 40 days decay on tamed dinos - Offline Damage protection is activated - Maximal XP on Tamed Dino Stamina, weight - We have boosted stamnia, weight at player and dinos. - At LVL 5 Unlocks Tek Generator and Transmitter to use - Custom Drops (Elements, starter kit) "Our main Map is Changed from Island to Ragnarok Mars 2019 * Our Center map have custom wild respawns. Makes this nice map more fair. Rules: - No immature kids HOW TO JOIN In ARK game Menu: 1. Start ARK 2. Select "Join ARK" 3. Select "Unofficial PC Session" from the Session Filter 4. Filter "All Maps" and "PVE" 5. Search "Deticated" in the seach bar 6. Join the server/map of your choice within the Deticated family! ADMIN - Our admins are not the owner of this cluster. And never use adminabuse, and are handpicked for the job and for there good social skills. - Owner of this cluster play as a regular survivior and want to be anonymous. Best Regards ALF
  14. Ultraboost \ /AfterEarth\ /Moddeddrops [PvP] (Ragnarok) ORP Clustered With The Center \ /AfterEarth\ /Moddeddrops [PvP] (Ragnarok) ORP Clustered With Scorched Earth \ /AfterEarth\ /Moddeddrops [PvP] (Ragnarok) NO ORP Clustered With Extinction\ /AfterEarth\ /Free4All [PvP] NO ORP Clustered With Aberration \ /AfterEarth\ /Moddeddrops [PvP] NO ORP Clustered With TheIsland \ /AfterEarth\ /Moddeddrops [PvP] NO ORP PvP Settings Tribe Count "6" 》20x's Taming, 15x's Harvest 》 5x's Xp 》 Infinite Weight (add 1 Point) 》No Offline Raid Protection 》 120x's Hatching, 120x's Mature 》Town Stores Located Viking Bay 1. 》Auto unlock engrams are ON PvP has 1 week White Flag for new members , and 5 day White Flag When Raided Extinction\ /AfterEarthCluster\ /Lightboost [PvE] Clustered With Ragnarok\ /AfterEarthCluster\ /Lightboost [PvE] Clustered With Aberration\ /AfterEarthCluster\ /Lightboost [PvE] Clustered With Center\ /AfterEarthCluster\ /Lightboost [PvE] Clustered With ScorchedEarth\ /AfterEarthCluster\ /Lightboost [PvE] Also available PvE Prim+ on Ragnrok PvE Settings Tribe Count "6" 》Dino Level 300 》Auto unlock engrams will be ON 》10x's Taming 》120x's Mature 》20x's Hatch 》6x's Harvest 》Infinite weight (add 1 point) 》Drops (crates) are not changed on Extinction 》There still is the element of being robbed , crates are not locked here 》Tribe Wars are Active New Web Currency Implemented into our Web Site Note this is FAKE CURRENCY ✦Each member has there own personal Account. ✦You can now trade in Metal Ingots/Black Pearls for Web Currency ✦You can now Purchase Dinos and Gear off of Tribe Stores ✦You can use Currency to gift or purchase (buy ,sell, trade) items from other registered members or from our Dino Dealership ✦You also gain currency from Character Levels, and Discord Levels ✦New Registered members gets 500 auto applied to there account ✦Currency can be used between both PvP and Pve, if you want to play both play styles Discord invite below "There's no strangers here, Only friends you haven't met yet" https://discord.gg/dc6F7B9 (If Discord invite is Expired, there is one on the website) Server Info (Free Starter Griffin with gear when registered on Web Site) http://arkafterearthps4.com/
  15. VALGUERO MAP 20MODS ExtinctionCore IS ON HIGH XP! In order to find server is on Unofficial channel MAP: VALGUERO Server Name: Bravemania Cluster ArkWorld ExtCore+MODsXPx20 Check on UnOfficial Servers! ARK SERVER IP ADDRESS: **20 MODS: ** 🍒 EXTINCTION CORE 🍒 (Automated Ark 2.51) AA Mod 🍒 ACM 🍒 Unlock Haircuts & Emotes 🍒 S+ 🍒 Awesome Teleporters 🍒 Element bench 🍒 Castles keeps and forts 🍒 Ultra stacks 🍒 Upgrade station 🍒 XP Potion 🍒 Eco wonderland 🍒 AWESOME SPYGLASS 🍒 Automated Ark 2.151 (AA) 🍒 Dino Storage v2 **New Ones** 🍒 Gaia 🍒 Wild Dino Wipe Auto Schedule 🍒 Death Recovery JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FOR BEING MEMBER & CONTACT https://discord.gg/WctQBSe JOIN OUR STEAM GROUP BE BRAVEMANIA MEMBER Note: Send Join Request we confirm daily! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bravemaniawarriors
  16. FRESH WIPED PVE THE ISLAND MAP - SHOP - 12MODS - 20 XP - 20Tame - 8 Gather In order to find server is on Unofficial channel MAP: THE ISLAND Server Name: [DK/ENG] Holst-PVE - Shop [20XP[20T[8G] Check on UnOfficial Servers! ARK SERVER IP ADDRESS: **12 MODS: ** Super Spyglass (Open Source) HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V296 Structures Plus (Open Source) Death Recovery Mod (v1.11.0) DinoTracker Naj's Speedy Flyers Water for ARK V2.2 3's Loot Crates Reward Vault Simple Spawners Crystal clear water ACM V2.7.1294 Join us Have fun
  17. PvE Server H/XP x3 T/B x10 - online since 2015! Ghost Division servers are for you, if you are looking for a place to stay for months. The servers are located in Germany, but we have a friendly community of players from all around the world. We do not wipe, only remove inactive bases. If you can't find or join the server for some reason, please follow this guide: https://the-ghost-division.com/forum/thread/3689-how-do-i-join-the-server-i-can-t-see-the-server Questions? Come chat with us: https://discordapp.com/invite/9SF2s9T Maps: The Island - The Center - Ragnarok - Aberration - Extinction - www.the-ghost-division.com/forum/ Teamspeak: the-ghost-division.de ► Breeding x10 ► Taming x10 ► Harvesting x3 ► XP x3 ► 5.000 Structure Limit ► 220 Player Levels + 30 Ascension Levels ► 150 Wild Dino Level (180 - bionic dinos) ► +100 Dino Levels with XP ► All engrams learnable ► Fully customized loot drops ► Cluster wide Auction House ► Voting Rewards Server rules: https://the-ghost-division.com/pve-en/ Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957314846 ► Auction House + Dino Preview ► Resource Stacks 2.0 ► Structures Plus ► Awesome Spyglass ► Platforms Plus ► Dino Storage ► TCs Auto Rewards
  18. A FORSAKEN LAND - RP Ark Primitive Plus PS4 Unofficial Dedicated PC Server Cluster Join our growing community today! PSN Community page: A Forsaken Land - Ark RP P+ Server Discord Server: A Forsaken Land - RP https://discord.gg/vRnVYRT Dedicated P+ Ark Server Search: Ragnarok: A Forsaken Land - RP 1 The Center: A Forsaken Land - RP 2 We have a lot of custom settings to enhance your Ark Experience! - Custom P+ ini files: some engrams added, some taken out - Custom day/night cycles - Custom PvP cycle to match day/night! - Team of Moderators committed to enhancing the experience, not cheapening it! - Community polls and suggestion box for player feedback Once you're in game, there's progression to be made! - You can get your friends together and build a City-State, Town, Village, or Homestead! - Build trade relationships with your character's neighbors! - Perfect your character's profession(s) and become the best! - Challenge your character's enemies to a War and fight it out fair and square! To learn more about our server, the rules, City-States, and more, please join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/vRnVYRT
  19. If there are any inaccuracies or inconsistencies with settings listed here and experienced on the server please let me know. [PVE] Valguero | 27 Mods | 30 Slots | No Wipe | 10xBreed/Tame | 3xGather/EXP Server Connection Info: Hosted by: HostHavoc (L.A., USA server area) +4GB RAM Extension Server Basics: - No wipe - Nightly server restarts at 12AM PST (Midnight) - Looting allowed. This is a PVE server but if your structures decay or you leave them unlocked your stuff is fair game. - Custom Spawns via Simple Spawners - Tribe Limit - 10 - Max dinos per tribe - 350 - Max player level - 200 - Max wild dino level 600 - Levels after tame: +400 - Server slots: 30 - Longer Days - Beacon loot reworked to be useful for more than 3 seconds. Example: Kibble now found in beacons. (via configs, NOT mod) - Red beacons have small chance for "jackpot" loot - Any player can imprint on babies in tribes - Structure collision disabled - Stats per level (both player and dino) slightly boosted (anywhere from 1.5 to 3x depending on stat) - Crosshair + Gamma enabled - Arkaeology Event always enabled - Floating dmg enabled - Downloads disabled - Uploads enabled Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1770437225 Server currently runs 27 mods in total. Other notable configs: StructurePreventResourceRadiusMultiplier=0.750000 PvEDinoDecayPeriodMultiplier=1.000000 KickIdlePlayersPeriod=1800.000000 PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=5.000000 XPMultiplier=3 TamingSpeedMultiplier=10 HarvestAmountMultiplier=3 PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier=0.5 PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.5 AllowCaveBuildingPvE=false OverrideOfficialDifficulty=20.000000 NightTimeSpeedScale=0.75 DayTimeSpeedScale=1.5 PvEStructureDecayDestructionPeriod=1 AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=True ShowFloatingDamageText=True PvEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops=True AllowHitMarkers=True ?AutoDestroyDecayedDinos=true ?bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=true ?PreventDownloadSurvivors=False ?PreventDownloadItems=True ?PreventDownloadDinos=True ?PreventUploadSurvivors=False ?PreventUploadItems=False ?PreventUploadDinos=False ?PreventSpawnAnimations=false ?TribeLogDestroyedEnemyStructures=true ?MaxPersonalTamedDinos=250 ?ForceAllStructureLocking=false DayCycleSpeedScale=0.5 PlayerResistanceMultiplier=2.0 StructureResistanceMultiplier=0.5 ResourcesRespawnPeriodMultiplier=1.5 [BetterDinos] PreventMantaKOTame=True AllowFemaleDeerAttack=True AllowRockDrakeMating=True AllowWyvernMating=True RandomAberrantsBDOnly=True PegoLootBlacklist=MetalPick,Hatchet,MagnifyingGlass,Spyglass,ClimbPick [RareSightings] SightingFrequencyMin=3600 SightingFrequencyMax=7200 SightingRemainTimeMin=5400 SightingRemainTimeMax=11500 TriesBeforeSkipping=10 CoordRoundingFactor=10 SightingMinLevel=600 SightingMaxLevel=750 MaxSimultaneousSightings=5 MessageDisplayTime=15 ReportFrequency=90 AllowSightingPickup=True FragileEars=True AllowVariantSwapping=True VariantSwapChance=0.25 NoNinjaLoot=True AllowCoreExoticRares=True AllowSEExoticRares=True AllowAbExoticRares=True AllowExExoticRares=True [LootCrateScanner] RequiresElement=true DustRequiredForMapScan=200 DustRequiredForItemScan=50 AllowTeleport=true DustRequiredForTeleport=1000 [AuctionHouse] ManifestRange=10000 TransporterRange=5000 EnableSingleplayerTrades=False TribeStructureLimit=20 PlayerStructureLimit=2 Beacon loot config file: https://beaconapp.cc/browse/88051802-91c4-4d58-8c22-317696cbf09a?map_filter=63 Server Rules: Can be seen at any time by pressing [Home] in-game. Basically, don't be a jerk. Server is intended to be more laid-back with a casual atmosphere.
  20. [AUS] Ottervale 5x Valguero Hello there! I'm Smol, the Owner of Ottertopia and our brand new server we will be Officially launching this Friday at 5pm AEST called: [AUS] Ottervale 5x [Primal Fear, S+, CKF, AA, Eco & MORE!] Are you looking for a PVE 5x rates server with a very friendly community that run weekly competitions/events with an active team of 6 admins on the server? Come try out Ottervale! Map: Valguero Mod List: (19) 1. Primal Fear: 839162288 2. Structures Plus: 731604991 3. Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture: 764755314 4. Automated Ark: 812655342 5. Primal Fear Aberration Pack: 1315573129 6. Primal Fear Boss Pack: 899987403 7. Ultra Stacks: 761535755 8. Awesome Spyglass: 1404697612 9. Eco’s Garden Décor: 880871931 10. Eco’s RP Décor: 741203089 11. Eco’s Terrariums: 880887081 12. Eco Trees: 670764308 13. EZ Mind Wipes: 1327835335 14. Advanced Engram Unlocker: 1114986779 15. Upgrade Station: 821530042 16. Paintable Furniture: 1365639288 17. Paintable Vintage Furniture: 1658072470 18. TCs Auto Rewards: 1260983937 19. Editable UI: 924619115 Our rates: General: 5x harvest 5x XP 10x Taming Player: 0.5x Stamina Drain 0.5x Food Drain 0.5x Water Drain 3x HP Recovery Dino Points (Wild) Dino Count: 1x HP: 5x Melee: 5x Others: 1x Dino Points (Tamed) HP: 1x Stam: 10x Oxygen: 3x Food: 10x Weight: 10x Melee: 0.5x Speed: 4x Starter Pack: All players that join the server will be able to purchase a free Starter Pack from the TC's Auto Rewards mod and that will contain the following: 1 x Journeyman Pick 1 x Journeyman Hatchet 2000 x Cooked Fish Meat 1 x Level 900 Alpha Otter 1 x Level 900 Aberrant Otter 20 x Cryopods 1 x Cryofridge Discord: https://discord.gg/sbhkxwJ Feel free to join our Discord Server to come meet and chat with new players that all enjoy playing on Ark! We're very friendly and love to meet new faces, you don't have to jump into a voice chat if you're feeling shy but there will be people that are happy to chat with you if you'd like! There you can check our #tribe-recruitment and look for new tribe mates, Exchange resources and dinos with other players or if you're in urgent need of assistance you can ask help in the #1800-admin-assistance channel for an admin to come save you Feel free to contact myself if you have anymore questions Hope to see you on the server!! Reminder: Our server will be launching Discord ID: Smol#0420
  21. 📷 AnonymousCity Server has provided gaming servers for players since early 2012. We have launched a PvE Ark Survival server as a group of friends came together and has funded the server in advance for the next 6 months just to have a chill cool place to play Ark. Well, it has launched and is available for all players to join. 🌠Our Official Website: https://anonymouscityservers.com/ 🌠Official Discord: https://discord.gg/zUv9jug 📷 Server 1 Name: Anonymous City Ark PVE Ragnarok 📷 Ip/Port: 📷 Server 2 Name: Anonymous City Ark PVE TheIsland 📷 Ip/Port: 📷 Make sure to Pre Subscribe to Ark add ons prior to joining to cut your loading time in Half: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/managecollection/?id=1514631824(edited) Both servers use exact same mods and settings. Server Settings: All settings detailed on google doc found on our Official Website or in Ark Discord channel. 📷 No wipes till 2020 !!! 📷 Looking forward to meeting new friends, good ideas, cool builds, and the awesome excitement Ark can bring. Come join us and help decide what's to be of this adventure. Seeking mature staff for this game and others we host on steam. Anonymous City Servers have professionally hosted 99.9% uptime We cater to the mature gaming community and provide the very best place to have fun with friends.
  22. Ark Royals - Valguero Ark Royals - Valguero Ark Royals - Valguero is a mid rate PvE server looking to recruit new players excited about the new map Valguero. We will host weekly events once we get around 10 players. Fresh dino spawns every day at 5am Est or 2am Pst. Our server has a couple of Quality of life mods such as a spyglass mod and a few more. Each day is 56 minutes long, the sun is up for 43 minutes and night is only 13 minutes long. Ark Royals is Also clustered to a modded map called Ebenus Astrum which is PVP. Each new player gets starter 150 Tapejara! Can’t wait to see you ingame! You can check out our mod list below Our Mods If your still interested join us! [Discord]|[Ark Royals Valguero] Our server rates are 8x Taming, 20 egg hatching, 15 maturation, and 5x gathering and xp. Extra engram points and 2 x speed and fortitude for players. Dinos get 1.5x more stamina and 2x more speed per tamed levelup and max wild dino is level 300. For more information click the link above called Ark Royals Valguero or join our discord!
  23. Can't find friends server on list, and get "Failed Join" error I'm not able to connect to a friends dedicated server. I can't find it on the server list at all, and when they send me invites, I just get the "Failed Join" message. The server is dedicated and password protected, but both the account running the server, and others on the server have sent invites, but when I accept them it starts to load, then reads PrimalGameData_BP, then gives me the "Failed Join" message and boots me back to the main screen. The server is being hosted on windows 10, and my friends are connected from consoles, however this error is happening on both console and pc for me, so I can't connect either way. I've checked my NAT type, firewall, and anything else I can think of and nothing works. I'm also able to connect to any public servers without any issue, so please help! I'm desperate to play with my friends! =D
  24. Inviting players to join our community! Friendly admins and fresh servers! Keeping true to Ark with a few bonuses. No mods. Server mimics weekend rates for official servers 24/7. Join us on the wonderful maps and make a new home! Rules: No pillar spamming Be friendly Server Settings: x2 Experience x2 Gathering x2 Harvesting x2 Resource Respawn x2 Taming x3 Breeding x2 Breeding Interval Reduction Any tribe member can imprint! Maximum-Thrust-Valguero-PVE https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3468710 Maximum-Thrust-Ragnarok-PVE https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3381071 Maximum-Thrust-Extinction-PVE https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3381077 Maximum-Thrust-Aberration-PVE https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3381074 More servers coming soon! Discord link: https://discord.gg/nXDFp8e Admins: @Wstar @Fingerz @Sathanus
  25. XBOX - US - ISLAND This is a chill server. If you are looking for a server that is not too easy but not too much of a challenge for the players that can’t play but only a couple hours a night then this is your server. Message LCopey or Bubba19 for the details. Accepting any players.
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