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  1. Ark Survival Evolved; The Stargate. Work in progress. This is a story loosely based upon Ark game play but without the Specimen Implant or any map in particular. All names are fictitious and unrelated to previous stories I have posted. Cast of Main Characters for this adventure; 1. Dr. George Sanders. Head of the Archaeology Department of River Valley State University. Close to retirement, he is a bit of a stubborn know it all. 2. Dr. Sandra Croft. Assistant Head of the Archaeology Department with studies of ancient languages. At 54, she is easy going but still single. 3. Mary Reeves. Professor of Archaeology at the university. She teaches both ancient history and prehistoric earth sciences. 4. Joe Reeves. Outfitter of the expedition and owner of the sporting goods store supplying the equipment. Mary is his wife of 24 years. He is a Gulf War veteran of the second conflict. 5. Tod Reeves. 22 year old son of Joe and Mary. He is traveling with the team as a directed study grad student. 6. Sarah Wright. Directed study grad student and Tod’s girlfriend at collage. 7. Professor Narcy. Head of ancient Egyptian artifacts at the University of Caro. 8. Helena Walker. Researcher of antiquity and ancient languages at the Museum of Jewish History in Israel. 9. Ahab. Last name unknown. Grad student from the University of Caro. 10. Cleo. Last name unknown. Grad student from the University of Caro. Chapter 1; A mystery in Southern Egypt. Early Spring in Michigan has started out like any other spring with the weather being ridiculous cold, then very mild, then bitterly cold. Politically, the country has remained badly divided as a result of the 2016 elections which has carried on into the campus of River Valley State University. Between the disruptions caused by bad weather and now the nonsense of riots being created by far left Democratic organizations still trying to invalidate the 2016 elections, special need students that are on academic probation due to their poor grades, and bused in paid protesters supported by various left wing organizations funded by grants from an aging Hungarian billionaire, it has been a difficult time for the regular students and their educators to finish up with final exams and graduation exercises. It is at the end of the turmoil of graduations in 2020 when Dr. Sanders receives a call from his old friend Professor Narcy about a discovery he has made in the Southern Sahara Desert in Egypt. The next day, Dr. Sanders is hand delivered a package from the University of Cairo by an Egyptian Diplomatic Courier. After studying the information contained in the package, he arranges for a private meeting the following morning with several of his colleagues and two grad students. In attendance of that meeting are the University President, Dr. Rogers, Dr. Croft, Professor of ancient languages, Mary, instructor in archaeology, Joe, her husband that operates a sporting business, and two grad students Tod and Sarah. Dr. Roger’s report is as follows. “Last week, Professor Narcy’s team made a discovery of a buried temple he located near the Sudan Border in Egypt. It was initially discovered by radar mapping by the Egyptian Government that was looking for an ancient underground river to tap for irrigation. Upon it’s initial excavation, his team has found the temple to be in pristine condition. Even though I have been invited to attend Professor Narcy’s expedition, I am unable to do so due to my duties as University President and due to the political unrest taking place on this campus. Therefore, I have given the tenured staff in this meeting permission to take a sabbatical to spend the next three months working with Professor Narcy on the dig. I also have permission to send along Tod, Sarah, and Joe on this trip. You need to be ready to leave by Monday morning and will meet here by 10AM. Arrangements have been made to take you to the dig site by private charter and Egyptian military transport. Joe has been given a list of what his outfitter store will provide for the expedition. The rest of you only need to take along your personal effects and a change of clothes for traveling to Cairo. The rest of your clothing will be provided for on the site. The area is so remote that your smart phones and netbooks will not have internet access, so, plan on being cut off from the rest of the world for quite some time when you bring those personal devices with you.” “An all expense paid archaeological expedition to examine a never before discovered tomb in Egypt in the middle of the desert,” Mary tells the others after hearing of the details presented by Dr. Rogers. “What a great excuse to get away from the bad weather and the disruptive politics around here for the next couple of months.” “Do you know who is sponsoring this expedition?” asks Joe. “All I know is that the sponsor is some anonymous donor that has already advanced the University a sizable donation,” answers Dr Rogers. “They have already made the travel arrangements for the six of you including your passports and diplomatic status.” “Diplomatic Status,” comments Mary. “That is most unusual.” “Professor, Narcy’s find must be extremely important if he needs our help and the Government of Egypt is giving us Diplomatic Status to travel there,” answers Dr. Sanders. With the meeting over, everyone heads home, or to their office, to start preparations for the trip that following Monday. Joe, who runs a local sporting goods store in the area, already has most of the requested items in stock. What he doesn’t have arrives by that Friday via next day shipment from his supplier. He has it packed and sent to the University where it gets priority handling. It is then sent to MBS International where it is placed in the Air Freight Terminal and kept under guard by Airport Security. Right on time that Monday morning at 10am, the airport limo arrives to take the party of six from the university to the airport. They bypass the main entrance and are taken through a service gate where they are waved through by Airport Security. The limo pulls up to an unmarked private jet waiting for them by the Air Freight Terminal. Their carry on is placed on the plane while the supplies are loaded into the cargo hold. As soon as they have been introduced to the hostess and pilots, they are seated with the private jet departing for a refueling stop in Newark, a second refueling stop in Madrid, Spain, then on to their destination of Cairo, Egypt where they spend the night in the US Embassy. The following morning after breakfast, they take the embassy limo to the military airbase where they board a transport plane that flies them to another airbase in Aswan. From there, it is a two hour helicopter flight to the dig site which is guarded by the Egyptian Military with security fencing and armed security patrols. Landing, they are met by Professor Narcy who escorts them into his temporary office located in a prefabbed building in the shade of a sandstone cliff. They are then introduced to his two assistants Ahab and Cleo from the University of Cairo Egyptian Historical Museum and Helena Walker from the Museum of Jewish History in Israel. “Last fall, the Egyptian Military was conducting ground penetrating radar sweeps of the desert looking for underground sources of fresh water.” reports Professor Narcy. “During that search, they spotted a buried temple of an unknown design under the sand. The University of Cairo organized an expedition, funded by an unknown donor, to uncover and study what might be inside this unusual find.” “Two weeks ago, with the help of military engineers, we finally cleared away the sand burying the main entrance into the temple. We have found this structure remarkably well preserved from wind and other erosion. It is as if the entire structure was buried in one major sandstorm shortly after it was finished. Even more remarkable is the material used to construct it. The rock used for its construction doesn’t exist around here. In fact, it can only be found in the mountains of the Eastern Sudan, at the source of the Blue Nile.” “The reason I have brought you into this expedition is because of what we have discovered when we first stepped inside the main entrance of the temple. The Hieroglyphs on the wall are in a language that predates all known written languages in Egyptian history. I brought Helena in on this expedition because these artifacts also predate the lost tribes of Israel prior to the time of Moses.” “Unlike all of the other temples and tombs we have found in the past, this one doesn’t appear to have any connection with the burial of a king or worship of any of the known Egyptians Gods. Instead, it appears to be a library of sorts with ancient scrolls, paintings and statues.” “Most remarkable are the paintings, drawings, and statues we have found in the main reception area. They are nothing like what you would find in the early cave paintings on Northern Europe or any other early Egyptian temples. What we have found in here are paintings and sculptures created in the finest detail one would expect to find during the Middle Ages. Many have been cast in bronze, some even a form of iron that shows no signs of rust ever forming on them. Many of the trinkets are cast in gold. Others are of fine carving from large pieces of flawless white limestone. Most remarkable are the subject matter of those quality works of art. Many of them are of scenes from a thriving civilization and their religious beliefs. Others are of the creatures both wild and domesticated that date back to the last Ice Age, some even to the Jurassic period long before humans first appeared as a specie on this Earth.” “Even more remarkable are the paintings and sculptures of creatures that we have no records of ever existing. One looks like a camel like creature that is four times the size of the ones living at present. It looks like a cross between a camel and a dinosaur. A painting shows one wearing a saddle on it’s neck with a human riding on it. Another shows a painting of a species of trikes that I have never seen before. It too is saddled with a rider. There are also paintings and sculptures of various reptiles from the Jurassic Period. Some are depicted in battle with the natives, other are shown as having been domesticated by them.” “That is most remarkable,” answers Dr. Sanders. “I now understand the presence of the Egyptian Military guarding this find. It would be very tempting for tomb raiders to destroy this site in search for gold and rare artifacts they could sell on the Black Market to billionaire collectors.” “Our Egyptian guards are made up of their elite special forces, the best of the best.” answers Professor Narcy. “They take their work of protecting this site very seriously. This area is so hostile and remote that few outsiders ever venture into it. Even the refugees fleeing from the Sudan civil wars avoid it. They believe this area of the desert to be the home of evil spirits. “You have running water and showers in the rest rooms,” Mary tells Professor Narcy after she comes out of the break room. “You also have Swamp Coolers for air conditioning. How is that possible in such a desolate area of the Sahara Desert where water is in such short supply?” “The military has been able to tap into one of those underground water sources they were looking for.” answer Professor Narcy. “This site sits on top of an ancient river system that the sands have buried for centuries. We have all the water that we need to support the expedition, the support personnel, and the security forces staying here. We only need to make a supply run once a week for food and consumable materials such as fuel for the excavation equipment and backup generators. With abundant solar power in this desert, we are pretty much self sufficient.” “If you are ready, I would like to take you to the Reception Room in the temple to show you what we have found so far. Bring your cameras and white gloves with you. We have plenty of LED lighting already set up to aid in your research.” Leaving Professor Narcy’s office, the six newcomers follow him to a large excavation where a large prefabricated shed covers the temple proper. “In order to protect the exterior artwork from the harmful radiation of the sun and spy satellites, we have enclosed the entrance with this protective sunshade. The Mylar Blanket reflects both the sunlight and the heat allowing it to stay cool inside. You will also be surprised just how cool it actually is inside this structure given it’s location in one of the hottest places on Earth.” “Remarkable,” comments Dr. Sanders when he sees the entrance to the temple. “It looks like it came directly out of a movie set for the Ten Commandments.” “I can guarantee that it is not a movie set.” answers Professor Narcy. “This structure is made out of blocks of solid granite. That set was prefabricated plywood and Styrofoam.” “How do we get inside?” asks Dr. Sanders. “Just put on your white gloves and pull open the bronze door. “answers Professor Narcy. “It’s a well balanced door for being made out of bronze. The power cable and vacuum hoses go through that window. Rather then brush away any dust which just kicks it back into the air, we vacuum it off anything that we want to closely examine.” With gloved hands, Joe pulls open the door. “That is finely balance for how big and heavy it looks,” Joe tells Professor Narcy. “We still haven’t figure out just how the builders of this temple were able to hinge them let alone cast them into such a big single piece,” answers Professor Narcy. “When we are all inside, the door will slowly close on it’s own.” “Incredible,” Dr. Croft tells Professor Narcy. “The hieroglyphs on the columns predate any known early Egyptian civilizations. The written language is most interesting. If you have copies of what you have found here, I would like to study them before we explore this place in detail.” “I have copies of several historical scrolls you can study back in the office. I would be most interested in what you can tell me about the history of this civilization.” “You are right about the paintings,” Tod tells Professor Narcy. “They look like they were painted using artist oils and acrylics.” “This has had us puzzled. We tested one just to be sure that they were not fakes planted here. If it were not for the carbon dating of the media that was used to create them, they could be easily mistaken for modern artwork. We even found some of the paint that was used along with some high quality sable brushes. As expected, the pallet containing the dried up paint, carbon dated to the age of the painting and everything in here. Testing of the paints indicated that they nearly match the same chemical compositions currently used by artist today including the acrylic based ones. That is most unusual since the use of acrylic based paints is only a recent invention with the oils using a modern ceramic base alkali pigments, also a recent invention. Those also carbon dated to nearly 10,000 years ago.” “That is most interesting,” Dr. Sanders tells him. “These discoveries could force us to reexamine all of the ancient discoveries of the world.” “Lets all head back, get unpacked into your accommodations and meet at my office for supper by 7PM to plan out our day for tomorrow.”
  2. What do you think of this story I created for the ark survival envolved? In 9730, in a futuristic world, where humanity is very advanced... With the ability to travel through the universe and create highly advanced technology. It has a unique government, which can control everything on Earth. In one day, the government team decided to create life on another planet. The president showed his interest in the subject, after a few days, the government decided to approve it! A few days later, the government requested the presence of the scientific and astronomical team, to discuss the matter. The government then asked the astronomical team to find a habitable planet in the universe! 6 months later... The astronomy team, after 6 long months of work, finally found a habitable planet in the galaxy. They nicknamed the found planet SELVATION. Soon after the discovery of the planet, the astronomical team calls the government, and then starts talking about the found habitable planet. The astronomical team says: hello, this is the astronomical team. We managed to find a habitable planet in the universe, 3 light-years away. The government is talking: Great to hear this news, I will provide the scientific team to develop a spaceship, capable of traveling at the speed of light. 1 week later... The government then requests the presence of the scientific team to discuss the issues of the trip to the planet! The government says: I need to develop a spaceship that travels at the speed of light, capable of supporting 2,000 passengers. The spacecraft should have support for hibernation capsules, leisure, support and food crops. 3 years later... The ship was finally ready! The government had its passengers ready to board. Among the embarking scientists were pilots, engineers, farmers, doctors, employees and guards! The government says: this ship has support for 2,000 passengers, each person can consume up to 4 times the food per day. The government still talks: 1,000 passengers stay awake working and performing daily maintenance on the "galatra" spaceship. Another 1,000 passengers are expected to remain in hibernation as a reserve. If any passengers become sick or even die. The passenger with problems is soon replaced by the passenger in the hibernation capsule. After listening to the government, the team begins its journey in the spacecraft, to the new planet discovered. 3 years later... After three long years, we were finally close to reaching the planet. 2 months later... We finally made it to the planet! The ship's security team, sends a team of armed guards, in a small transport ship to the wild planet. If any danger hides on the planet, the guards were ready for combat. Arriving on the planet's soil, no animal life was found! There was oxygen, water and vegetation, but there was no animal life! Scientists discovered that on the planet, there was no animal life, and came to the conclusion that there was only microscopic life. The spacecraft's security team calls the government. The security team says: there is no animal life on this planet, we can only find microscopic life! The security team concluded: The planet is habitable for humans! The government says: this is what we hoped to continue with our project! The government requests the presence of the scientific team. A week and a half later... The government says: I need the team to develop a technology capable of sustaining animal life. I also ask the team to create a life-giving machine based on 'DNA'. Then the scientific team starts developing the technology. 2 months later... The science team calls the government. The scientific team talks: The machine that will generate life based on 'DNA', will be a tower that reaches the planet's atmosphere, and needs the energy of the planet's sun to function. For life to be generated by technology, it will be necessary to place towers close to each other in a 100 km radius. The animal will be generated with a chip that will be necessary for the animal to support life on the planet. In each tower there will be a DNA of a different animal species. If this chip is removed from the animal, it will die instantly! The scientific team concluded: The tower that will sustain life was made with graphene material and cutting-edge technology. 1 year later... Finally the towers are ready. The scientific team calls the government and explains more... Six months later... The government then sent a ship to planet WILD, with all the towers needed for the wild planet to sustain life! 3 years later... The spacecraft arrives with all the technologies! Landing the spacecraft on the planet's ground. The team already starts working, the team places each tower 100 km away from each other! The scientists then began to test the towers, connecting the energy of the towers, directly, with the energy of the sun. The scientists also began to place the human DNA, male and female. And also the DNA of all Jurassic creatures. The scientists call the government. The scientists talk: finally we finish the work completely, the towers are already 100 km away from each other, and now they can be connected. The government says: in order for us to be able to connect to the towers, it will be necessary for all the workers to leave the planet. The government is still talking: The team must remove all the work equipment and clean up all the dirt they have done. The government concluded: errors in this mission will not be tolerated. Once the entire team has left the planet, the government then requests the connection of the towers. 42 hours later... The towers finally turned on and everything went smoothly. The dinosaurs are now alive, thanks to the control towers. And now the human race generated by the tower can now live with the Jurassic creatures. Humans have begun their journey on the planet. 4 years later The human being generated by the tower adapted to live with the dinosaurs and began to develop houses that went to weapons and then to technology. They also began to tame the dinosaurs from the land, the sky and even the sea. The human race generated by the tower was adapting to the planet WILD. Iron mining, gold. They began to use oil for energy. One day, a human being walking the planet WILD, found a piece of equipment. He nicknames it TEK. and soon I began to develop very advanced technologies with this equipment. This equipment found, was nothing more than technological equipment that one of the government teams had forgotten. The government, knowing this, was extremely irritated by the poor work done by the responsible scientists. The government requests the scientific presence team. The government says: I said that no mistake would be tolerated in this work, which you did. The government still talks: with this equipment, the human beings who are on the planet can start to develop spaceships, and leave the planet. The scientific team says: this was a serious mistake, and we apologize for what happened. How can we correct it now? This is the scientific team. The government says: it will not be possible to go down to the planet and remove this equipment. The government still says: I need you to correct the problem you caused. Creating a technology, capable of creating a force field around the planet WILD, that would prevent all the creatures that are there from leaving. The scientific team concluded: we are already starting the project. 1 year later... The science team completed their force field work, and then applied their technology around the planet WILD. No creature on planet WILD could now leave the planet. Trapped on planet WILD, they made war for survival, creating tribes, taming animals. 2 years later... One day, a human being named Dalan, generated by the tower, began to wonder. Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What's up there? The human being named Dalan, soon calls all the members of the team, and starts to talk about who they really are. One of their members, named Albert, decided to share his technology found a few years earlier. The technology was nothing more than the equipment that was nicknamed TEQUI a few years earlier. Not long after, the members began to create a vehicle with the ability to fly into space, so as to discover the whole truth. After some time, the vehicle was finally ready. The human being Dalan decided to be the pilot. He began to connect the ship, and fly into space. Getting close to leaving the atmosphere, the ship was barred, due to the force field, and his flying vehicle, fell from height leaving the badly injured! Falling to ground, the team members soon helped the Dalan. 1 week later... Dalan was already fine, and now he could walk and talk. The very curious members soon went to ask Dalan a question. A member asks: what happened up there? Did you see anything? Dalan said: coming closer to heaven, I began to observe some kind of wall. I thought it was nothing and continued. It was then that the ship collided with this wall. Dalan concludes by saying: after that I don't remember anything anymore. The team members soon began to study this force field. 3 weeks later... The team members will finish their study of the force field and start a new project to break the force field. 6 months later... Finally the project is ready...
  3. 1 Well, we’re home. The place is a mess. My creation rises high into the sky and has infected a lot of the wildlife. However, the creatures are much worse off than those on ARK Alpha A:1. These animals are completely overtaken by it. I saw a dilo the other day that was unrecognizable. I’ll have to look into this abnormality. Santiago’s running all sorts of tests to confirm that this is Earth. To be honest, I think he has come to the same conclusion as I have; however, he is hoping that this is some alien planet. But I can tell he knows the truth. We’re home. The daylight cycle is concerning, though. It’s as if we’re stuck in perpetual midday. Could the ARKs be the cause of this? Could they be creating an artificial sky like the ones on the ARKs? Possibly. Further study is required. The people have lost all trust with our old leaders. They blame them for the Rockwell incident. Luckily I was vocal enough about my distrust of the man, so I’ve not been blamed. However, there seems to be some resentment towards me. As for our new leader, all have pointed to Santiago. He was Diana’s right hand man, so they believe that a Terran weapons scientist will continue the ways of a URE pilot. Hilarious. I should walk up and take the power myself. I’d make Santiago look like a janitor compared to my resume. He’d stand no chance. However, the people don’t support me enough for me to do so. I’d have to build my popularity, but the only way to do that is by letting Santiago win. I’d then have all the time to create support and take power later on. I’m can’t just take control by force. I don’t have anyone to back me up. I’d be gunned down instantly if I tried to use Titus. I could kill Santiago now, but he’s too useful to me. Plus, I’d never get the chance to expose him for his theft. The only option is for Santiago to become our leader. Fine, so be it. He’ll meet his fate eventually.
  4. Chapter 1 “You are progressing only when you are moving” My name is Tarzan. I decided to write a diary. Not just because I need to see my thoughts on paper, but because I want to share my experience too. We live in a dangerous world. And I am not talking about the dinosaurs. I talk about the people. Dinosaurs want to hunt you down. People want to destroy everything you have. Dinosaur might kill you, but people … they want to wipe you out. I wanted to start a normal life with big house on the beach. As you assume it was totally destroyed. Afterwards I move in a nice quiet spot in the woods. Faced the same destiny. I started from the 0 again. Naked and weak. No weapons, no armor … nothing. So I decided to take another path. The path of the nomad. From the ruins that left I’ve build the stuff I needed. Weapons and armor. Cooked meat. I tamed a raptor and I was ready. Ready to hunt! I closed my eyes and waited for the night to come!
  5. Ark Survival Evolved. Extinction. This story is the continuation of the adventures of The Lost training Flight 19. It is a story set an additional 20 years into the future that features the crews of Flight 19, the PBM crew, Helena and her tribe, and Rollo with his vikings, along with members of their families that are now as old as their teens living on Ragnarok. Extinction is the latest of the DLCs that was released November 6th. 2018 for the PC and Nov 13 for consoles. It is a huge map of the destroyed Earth of harsh environments, sheltered areas, and creatures that have been created and existing ones corrupted by Element, that Edminuium from Aberration. Unlike The Island, The Center, and Ragnarok, there is no force field limiting one’s travel. Instead, there are warning beacons which if you go past them, you will be killed by the radiation beyond the unprotected borders. In fact, there are no borders showing, even when flying high in the sky. The horizon is dominated by corrupted spires to the north, distance mountains elsewhere, and a huge crater with distance mountains to the south. With the destroyed earth having recovered somewhat from the impact of Aberration on its surface, a portal has reopened making it possible for a return. The story is of one group of the Ragnarok survivors, their teen offspring, and some of the dragons that make the trip to Earth. Chapter 39. Return to Earth? It is the year 20 on Ragnarok when Sargent Pasenna has discovered that the portal to Earth has now been reestablished. Over the years, the survivors have sent small expeditions to visit the other Arks in orbit around the dead Earth. They have been to The Island, alternate versions of The Island, a desert ark called Scorched Earth, a fantasy world called Crystal Island, and many others. They have watched the dirty brown color of the clouds on Earth gradually turned to white, then clear out to reveal a surface of yellows, orange, reds, and browns. With the oceans no longer visible, the entire planet has been turned into a Mars like desert. A large crater can be seen over an area that appears to have been the Rockies on the eastern edge of Washington State, a location where Aberration had crashed and exploded on the surface into a massive fireball thus destroying it’s surface and all existing life. There are areas that look like giant circles of white, green, and a different color of brown that show up in the spotting scope. A shaft of colored light, similar to what is seen from the Obelisks on Ragnarok, shows up on occasion. Those seemed to have appeared when the clouds had cleared from the sky. The mystery planet that the two flight crews had seen in geostationary orbit around the Earth, had vanished during the explosion that had destroyed the surface. It has been replaced by an orbiting mass of asteroids held together by it’s gravity. Most strange of all is that the Earth no longer appears to be in rotation, but has become locked into a tidal position where North America is always facing the sun. Needless to say, it is all desert with the exception of the strange colored circles that appear to be some 20 miles in diameter. At their Lagrange point, where Ragnarok orbits the Earth every 28 days, the survivors are able to see the incredible wind storms that have formed along the twilight borders. Areas of flowing water show along there with fingers of white. The night side looks to be all white in the reflection of the moon, an indication that what is left of the Earth’s oceans are now frozen on that side of the planet as massive glaciers of a now permanent ice cap. “What do you think it will be like on Earth if we use the portal to go visit it?” ask Belveto. “I don’t know,” answers Coronal Powell. “With the sun constantly shining on one side of the planet, it is sure to be brutally hot like it was on Scorched Earth in the afternoon while it is frozen on the dark side similar to the that Ark we visited called Frozen. I am most curious about those perfect circles of green and other colors. Those cannot be natural formations, they have to have been artificially created. It is a possibly that they are sheltered Arks on the surface of the Earth. There is one way to find out. So long as we have the ability to return back to Ragnarok, we should send down a team of volunteers to visit and report back what they find.” One question remains in all of their minds, Do they really want to go back to Earth if it once again has become habitable? Life the past 20 years on Ragnarok has been quite peaceful. The combined tribes of the two flight crews, Helena’s tribe, and those of the Vikings have done well working together with their dragon friends. They have established a thriving village in Viking’s Bay with farmland and pasture up in the Highlands. They have been living in harmony with the wild creatures of the jungle, plains, badlands, the Great Swamp, and the deserts. All the ancient structures have been explored. The Death labyrinth has been discovered and it’s puzzle solved. All of the men and women that have wanted to do so have found mates with many of them having children that are as old as their late teens. Even the flying dragons have, for the first time in their lives, raised offspring to adulthood which are now in their equivalent of teens, the two days to adulthood growth rates no longer applying on Ragnarok. The Rock Drakes have found that growth rate far more enjoyable then the mad scramble they had on Earth. Yet, the challenge of the unknown remains. Can they finally return to Earth, where there is the entire planet to colonize, instead of the limited 160 square kilometers of Ragnarok? Will those living on the other Arks make the trip as well? So, the decision is made. A select group of volunteers will be assembled in the morning to travel through the portal back to Earth and report back what they have found. At the morning meeting Coronal Powell has brought up the subject of sending an expedition back to Earth with the goal of determining if it possible to re establish the human race back there. The Rock Drakes and Dragons, having heard about the portal being establish, are also in attendance. “As everybody now knows, it is possible for us to go back to Earth via the Green Obelisk. We are not sure what the conditions are going to be like back there given what we can observed from here. Therefore, I recommend that we send back a volunteer force of 12 individuals to see what we will face should we decide to move back home. This exploratory force will need to be prepared for anything. They will have to take clothing to deal with the extreme conditions, canteens, preserved food, and weapons that can deal with any unknown hostile creatures that may be present.” “Who would like to take the challenge of a new adventure? In quite a bit of solidarity, everyone has volunteered including the dragons. So, another decision gets made by Coronal Powell, Helena, and Rollo. After quite a bit of discussion, the 12 person party has been formed. They are; 1. Captain Powell, the group leader. 2. Major Powell, the medical scientist. 3. Masucci, the machinist mate from the Philadelphia. 4. Barbara, one of Crazy Harry’s hostages who has married Macucci. 5. Loki, from the Viking clan 6. Hilda, Loki’s wife 7. Eric, their 12 year old son 8. Eddie, the other survivor from the plague on Earth 9. Lisa, Eddie’s girlfriend 10. Helena, the Beast expert. 11. Lt. Jerry, PBM pilot 12. Sargent Pasenna, the portal expert and radioman for Captain Powell. Some of the dragons have asked to come along but due to the limitation of the portal to reach Earth, they are being left on Ragnarok for the time being. “If we find that we need you for areal transportation, we will certainly come back to bring you along,” Captain Powell tells a disappointed Tammy and Mayor. “It’s a dangerous mission we are going on, possibly even more dangerous then when we took out Rockwell or the hostage rescue from the Viking Fortress. “I’ll try to understand,” the two disappointed dragons tell him. “If it looks like that we can establish a safe settlement, I’ll certainly come back to bring you two, your mates, and your children to see the Earth.” “Thank you,” both dragons tells him. It is around noon when preparations have been completed for the expedition. Both cold weather and arctic gear has been packed in several large crates placed on the pad. Extra food and water is in place. Weapons are packed along with the usual harvesting tools. The two Plasma Rifles are being taken along with what is left of the ammo. The portable shelter and corral is packed. A forge, Smithy, and fabricator becomes part of the baggage. Dressed in Gille Armor with weapons on the ready, the 12 person expedition enters the center of the Green Obelisk. Sargent Pasenna sets the control to a place near the State of Washington and activates the portal. With an alien Hum, the white mesh comes down. Then, all goes white.
  6. I have posted these before, but for convenience reasons, I will now be posting the all past and future Marcus Notes sections on this single thread. I hope this helps those who found difficulty keeping up with all of the separate threads. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story of Marcus Torgana! Marcus Torgana, who comes from the same time as Diana, is a scientist of the Terran Federation. He is now head of the survivor’s research division. 1 I thought I had seen everything, from dinosaurs to invisible barriers, but I could never had imagined this. The barrier falling caused solar radiation to leak into the space station that is our island, turning the surface into a mass of fire and destruction. On the positive side, I and the rest of the survivors made it into a cave system, protecting us from the hell above. I am starting to question why we are truly here. 2 I must admit, we’ve done better than I thought we would. We established a new home base and even have some Hyper Chambers. However, what’s more incredible is the ecosystem down in these caverns. Creatures beyond my wildest dreams exist here, as well as creatures from my worst nightmares. What I am disappointed about, is we cannot fly down here. Something with the caves air is preventing our jetpacks from running. However, we may not be able to fly, but we can glide. Using pictures of the old avians of the surface, my team and I were able to develop a glider suit. And hopefully, as the technology advances, we can create a form of flying transportation. On a side note, it truly perplexed me how these creatures came to be. The don’t resemble a single animal from Earth, yet they are here. I wonder what caused their creation... 3 That traitorous Santiago! To think I was his friend! I should bust into his dwelling, and strangle him with my own hands. How dare he steal MY idea and say it is his own? And those URE buffoons in their shiny armor gawking and gaping at him spreading LIES! They wouldn’t believe me if I said it was my idea, the snake made it impossible for me to do so. Oh, I miss you, copyright. No matter, I can get back at him later. But for now I need to focus on the “Gateway Project” as they call it. I think the name “The Exodus Program” is still better. 4 The “Gateway Project”, just saying the name brings a fowl taste to my mouth. However, we have come along greatly with Santiago’s, A.K.A. my work. The shear size of it is a sight to behold. The first ring has been constructed and the others are on the way. There is one problem, the energy required for the entire thing to function is immense and we currently do not have a clue of where to get it. However, the obelisks are connected straight to the Ark’s power source. That seems to be the best course of action. I am sending out a research team tomorrow to the surface to take a look at the obelisks. Hopefully, all will go well. I wish them the best of luck. 5 This Mei-Yin is quite the interesting person. Not only has she been surviving on her own, but she comes from Ancient China AND can control the feathered beasts from below. After finding a burnt out piece of armor on the surface a search party was sent out into the caverns to find our guest. At first, she fled from us, however we were able to calm her with Diana removing her helmet. From there we took her to base. Maybe she’s smarter than most of those URE idiots leading us. She is a very stoic woman, and a stubborn one too. Instead of asking for help when using our tools, she sits there, staring, trying to figure it out. That Diana seems to have noticed. From now on I will not call the “ Gateway Project” by its name, rather, I will call it “Exodus”. Speaking of stolen things, I found a way to get back at Santiago and reclaim MY creation. However, it will take time. 6 This Mei-Yin seems to be adapting to our society quite well, minus a few differences, and seems to be liking it here. I was finally able to examine her creature and figured out how to make a saddle that can connect to its cloaking organs to conceal the rider. I have also made drafts for a Tek saddle for it. On another note, the preparations are made. The plan is, since we need hypercharged element, to created a false signal to fool Santiago into sending a team into the deepest darkest parts of these caves. They get killed by the monsters from below, he is investigated into and “discovered” to be the cause of the incident based on planted evidence, and I can have my revenge at last. He will rue the day he ever messed with me! 7 Damn that Mei-Yin, ruining my perfectly constructed plan. I almost had my retribution! I’ll have to add her to the list of people that I need to kill. However, she may have actually given me hope in the matter. After rescuing Diana and some other man, something beautiful occurred, the miracle of life. Turns out that those monsters from reproduce by impregnating a host via a proboscis-like organ at the end of the female’s tail. The female then injects an egg into the hosts body and flees the scene. The baby then develops like some wasps in a caterpillar, you know, like the usual parasite. However, the birth is the best part. The baby then bursts out on the hosts chest and then attacks everything and all things due to a lack of a sense of smell and sight. However, if it cannot see or smell, how does it recognize its mother? I tracked down one of the females creatures and killed it for dissection. However, to my surprise its body vanished in an acidic cloud of its blood. But to my surprise, I seemed to have receive a some sort of pheromone gland. It seemed edible, but when I consumed it, I gained a horrid odor that lasted for what seemed like hours. Blegh, So that’s how hell’s armpit smells. Luckily, we have power washers to remove such odors. But that must be how they know who their mother is, by sensing the pheromones. This is how we can tame them. This is how I can kill Santiago! I could either: A- Get him impregnated and let the baby do its work. or B- Impregnate myself and raise the baby as a weapon of revenge. I’m leaning towards the latter due to the fame it comes with. I can already see it, ”Marcus Torgana, Tamer of Monsters”. I like the sound of that. Well, off to get more glands, it’s showtime! 8 I cannot believe that they fell for it! Those URE imbeciles are more gullible than I thought! I was given permission to go down into the depths to study the “ environment” and learn as much as I can. However, the “environment” I was looking for was far deeper than the team wanted to go, so I had to bribe a them to come with me. Once down there, I gathered samples of various plant life and other things to not make them suspicious, and I slowly went deeper and deeper towards the creatures’ lair. They attacked us on sight. The colossal forms emerged from the earth, bits of rock and debris falling throw the gaps in their spines. It was a massacre... A BEAUTIFUL MASSACRE!! Luckily, I was able to get samples of the dirt where it tunneled from, the poisonous spines they shoot from their tails, and a piece of its exoskeleton. We escaped, however, afterwards only eighteen out of twenty-five remain. We returned to base immediately, and as soon as word reached the ears of our “leaders” about how I “ran from the fight” and “ cowardly abandoned my team”, I was called to speak with them. They chastised me for about an hour until they finally allowed me to speak. I told them that ...”it was out of nowhere. All of a sudden the creatures came from the earth and tore through my men. Knowing the importance of the knowledge in front of me, I ran and gathered samples from the creatures to gain as much knowledge about them to aid us in the future...” and after about thirty minutes of my persuasion, they soaked it up like a sponge and agreed with my view. I feel bad for the ones that died during this trip, nevertheless, they are merely pawns in my grand plan. And soon, I will have Santiago’s head crunching in the jaws of my pet, and I can reclaim my creation and lead these people from this Ark!
  7. Please try to add a mechanic to where we can dig like in 7dtd 7 days to die I love how you can dig bases underground I believe that might help with players meshing if we had solid ground underthe map and able to dig it may help alot but that might also involve restructure of the game reprograming it and doing a overhaul.
  8. Dear diary I decided to write down this diary, for other solo/duo players out there that might need encouragement on their daily Ark struggle. I am, by no means, THE BEST or THE MOST EXPERIANCED ark player out there but i spent my dose of hours on this electroinc crack to know my ways around. I used to play in "Alpha tribe" in official PVP as well on no tame for few k hours. The thing i prefer most, and mostly becouse of (IMO) being hardest, is solo on PVP officials. Especially that i DO SUCK at PVP. Like REALLY SUCK My bases been raided, and wiped time after time after time, but after each wipe I learned smth new. Every next time it took more experienced and better equipped riders to beat threw my defences and every time they lost more and more resources to do so. After this i jumped to other server, and start all over again. Lately struggle become even more difficul after loosing may prime character due to rollback, but that's whole other story. Now i have beat my own record. My base is standing for 26 days, and tho i'm not solo (we're two now) it is still my personal record. We beat over few waves of riders , some thx to defences some thx to negotiations, and when i look daily at my ammo i assume we have quite frequent visitors around offline. In this diary i will tell you what is going on with my tribe as well as give some small tips and tricks for solo players. I will try my best not to tell on which ma i play nor the server number (becouse trolls) and sometimes i'll might even drop of some misleading tracks If you know me, my tribe or the place we're playing come by and say hi but please do not tell anyone of our base place so that diary could go on. That's it for today We're Genesis and we'll prove that you can bit Ark hardest possible way
  9. Amissa, The Lost Ark (CNN) — "Watch out for dinosaurs." I smile at our guide's warning and enter the lush jungle growing inside Hang Son Doong, a 3-million-year-old cave in the central part of Vietnam. Water drips from a gaping scar in the ceiling over 100 meters (328 feet) above us. A spectacular sunbeam starts to creep down the side of the serrated cliffs. The shrill call of birds and macaque monkeys echoes off the limestone, drifting in from the unseen world beyond the skylight. "Watch out for dinosaurs. That's what we called this place when we first discovered it," caving expert Howard Limbert, elaborates. The prehistoric atmosphere made the reference obvious. We continue on, stepping deeper into the void that is considered by some to be the largest cave in the world. Located in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam's Quang Binh province, Hang Son Doong is one of the most captivating destinations that can be experienced in Southeast Asia. More people have stood on the summit of Mount Everest than have witnessed the surreal beauty inside these enormous chambers. Translated as Mountain River Cave, it was first discovered in 1990 by Ho Khanh, a local farmer who was seeking shelter from a passing storm in the jungle. He noticed clouds and the sound of an underground river gushing from a large hole in the limestone, and reported his findings to the British Caving Research Association (BCRA), who were stationed in Phong Nha at the time. Unfortunately Ho Khanh lost his bearings during his return, and the exact location of the cave remained lost for 18 years. In 2008 while hunting for food he stumbled across the entrance again, and returned the following year with Howard and Deb Limbert from the BCRA. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/vietnam-hang-son-doong-cave/index.html Located near the DMZ in Vietnam, how did this cave manage to be hidden from the North Vietnamese, the locals, and the US military until discovered by a local farmer in 1990, then lost until 2008 when it was found again? How was it never found by the French during their colonization of Indochina? How come was it never found by the Japanese or British during WW2? That is the real mystery. This story is about a fictitious Special Forces recon patrol, sent into the western area of the Quang Binh province in January of 1968 to look for a hidden North Vietnamese bases rumored to be located in the area. A week later, all contact is lost with the patrol. Given that the story is about military personnel, Frack will be substituted for the usual F Bomb as was done for Battlestar Galactia. Some common military terminology in use during the Vietnam War; AK-47 – The Soviet Block automatic rifle that was issued to the enemy. It fired the Soviet standard 7.63 mm cartridge, but could also use the standard NATO 7.62 round, but, not the other way around. Arc Light – A B-52 carpet bombing mission. ARVN – Army of the Republic of Vietnam. Click – To hike a thousand meters. C-Rats – Military issue C rations. They contained a tin of the main course, bread or crackers, a dessert, cigarettes, pack of tissue, book of waterproof matches. Gook – This was the enemy HQ – Head Quarters K-Bar – A Marine’s combat knife M-16 Over and Under - The M-16 automatic rifle with the 40mm grenade launcher attachment. NVA – North Vietnam Military PRC-25 – Commonly known as a Prick 25, this was the first standard issue field radio that was designed around the transistors. Starlight Scope – A night vision device that amplified available light. VC – The Viet Cong, the Communist from South Vietnam. The Special Forces Recon 12 Man Patrol; 1.Point; Sargent Lance, Specialist in tracking and path finding. Armed with the short barrel AR-15 2. Local Guide; Nicknamed Officer Tim since no one can spell or pronounce his real name. A local police captain from the village of Kae Sanh. He joined forces with the patrol due to his extensive knowledge of the southern Quang Binh province. He has an extreme hatred of the NVA for first driving him out of his homeland, then for butchering his wife and three children and hanging their mutilated bodies in the town square. He is armed with a Thompson and his 1911-45. 3.Rifleman; Private Miller, Specialist as a Tunnel Rat and Hand to Hand combat. Armed with a Thompson with a 1911-45 for tunnel work. 4.Gerinader; Sargent Powell, Expert in the use of mortars. He is armed with the modified M-16 mounted with an M-40 grenade launcher nicknamed the Over and Under. 5.Machine Gunner; Corporal Meyer. He is carrying a Thompson on this mission along with some Claymore mines. 6.Ammo Bearer; Private Root is packing Claymores as well as trip flares and WP grenades. He is also armed with a Thompson. 7.Squad Leader; Lt. Johnson. Unlike the usual 90 day wonders, he signed up for Ranger Training and has had extensive experiences conducting recon patrols in enemy territory. He is armed with the short barrel AR-15. 8.Radioman; Private Washington. He is carrying the PRC-25 with a long range antenna and spare batteries. He too is carrying a short barrel AR-15. 9.Medic; Corporal Mays or Doc. His backpack contains an extensive amount of medical supplies to handle any combat emergency short of a blood transfusion. He is armed with a 1911-45. 10.Intelligence; Lt. Kim, ARVN Specialist in communication surveillance. He has brought along a radio tuned to the known channels being used by the NVA military in the area. He is armed with a Thompson. 11. Sniper; Sargent Cisco, Expert in hitting targets at extreme range, he is armed with a modified M-14 fitted with a sniper scope. He also carries a 1911-45 as a close in weapon. 12. Rear Guard. Corporal Jefferson, Specialist in Hand to Hand Combat. He has brought along a small telescope to work with Sargent Cisco as his spotter. He is armed with an Over and Under for this mission. Chapter One, The Cave. Kae Sanh, Vietnam. It is January 6, 1968 during the beginning of the siege of Kae Sanh that a 12 man special forces recon patrol is being assembled and briefed on a special mission they are about to conduct. “Intelligence reports indicate that the NVA are constructing a supply base just North of the DMZ in the Quang Binh province. Your mission is to find that base, report its location to us, and get the frack out of there before we hit it with an Arc Light. I have assigned Officer Tim to help guide you as he used to live in the area you are heading. Lt. Kim, surveillance specialist from ARVN Special Forces is going along with you so that he can eavesdrop on NVA communications in the area.” “I am also assigning a sniper, Sargent Cisco, to go along with you. We believe that one of Ho Chi Minh’s top generals may be supervising the construction of that supply base. If the opportunity arises, Sargent Cisco will put a bullet through his head. Otherwise, you are to avoid any contact with the enemy if at all possible.” “Given that the NVA is already dug in around this fire base, we will do everything we can to help get your patrol past enemy lines before dawn. As soon as it gets dark out, we will launch a mortar and artillery barrage along the path you will be taking North. That should keep their heads down so you can sneak past their positions. Maintain radio silence until you have confirmed that you have found their supply base so that the NVA don’t discover that you are looking for it. Once you get 10 clicks beyond our base, you are on your own.” That evening, under the cover of darkness and the advancing artillery and mortar fire, the special patrol heads out on their mission in search of a North Vietnamese Base Camp rumored to be located somewhere across the DMZ. Armed with the new short barrel close in support AR-15, along with the reliable short range Thompson Machine Guns, this patrol is designed to travel light. They do not carry any M-60 machine guns with them. Two of the men are armed with M-16 over and unders so they have the ability to launch M-40 Grenades with the backup of an automatic rifle if they need it. Otherwise, other then ammo, nylon blanket, and a poncho, they are only packing a map, a radio, spare battery, a Starlight Scope, C-Rations, grenades, a K-Bar, first aid kit, and water purification tablets. With the point man armed with a Starlight Scopes and the help of the harassing artillery barrages, the Marine patrol is able to sneak by the numerous NVA positions and activity in the area. They manages to get past the buildup of NVA forces around the Marine base and clear of the tangle of bombed out jungle by dawn. There is only whispered conservation among the men as they continue their way North through the rough terrain of the Central Highlands, avoiding the trails and easy paths where North Vietnamese forces could be waiting for them in ambush or be able to detect their movement. One needs to be constantly listening to the environment for any signs of a threat, even be able to smell the environment, if danger is present. Therefore, this special patrol is made up of seasoned veterans, none of who have ever drank, smoked, or used any drugs. Sargent Lance, who is on point, motions the patrol to stop and take cover. One of the macaque monkeys in the area has sounded out an alarm up ahead. The smell of marijuana and rank body odor now blows through the hot humid air towards the patrol. “Do you see anything?” Corporal Meyers whispers to the Sargent. “No,” he whispers back. “I can see some movement in the vines to my right.” “If we can, let them get past us,” whispers Lt. Johnson to his men. “If not, we run 100 meters to the left, turn right 50 meters, and set up an ambush.” The patrol, hidden in the jungle by wearing camouflage, remains motionless as the NVA forces travels close to them with armed soldiers, civilians pushing bicycles loaded with supplies, and a rear guard that stops for a moment to take a break before moving on. Ten minutes later, the NVA patrol is long gone. “Time to move out,” whispers Lt Johnson to his men. “Take the trail those NVA left for about a click, then break off to the North. Sargent Lance, keep a lookout for any tripwire traps those Gooks may have left for us.” “That frackin Gook peed on me,” complains Private Miller in a whisper to Sargent Powell as they move out. “It will just make you smell like one of them,” Sargent Powell whispers back. “Should I alert HQ about that Gook convoy?” Private Washington asks Lt. Johnson. “No,” answers the Lt. “We only break radio silence if we are hit or find our objective.” The patrol has continued on when a trip wire is found leading to a grenade. Sargent Lance disarms it taking the grenade and trip wire with him. “I’ll set this up where we leave the trail,” he whispers to Lt. Johnson. Suddenly, after traveling another 200 meters on the fresh trail, an explosion is heard up ahead. Black smoke can be seen in the distance as a deer, leaving a trail of blood from a stomach wound, bolts towards the patrol, then dashes off the trail to the right crashing through the jungle. “Set up your trap here,” orders Lt Johnson. “Then, get the frack out of here before those Gooks show up.” Quickly setting up the trap, the patrol heads off in separate file to regroup a short distance to the North. Five minutes later, a grenade goes off followed by the screams of the wounded and the cursing of several NVA soldiers as several automatic bursts of AK-47 rounds go flying through the trees in random directions. “Aw, too bad, they just got a taste of their own frackin medicine,” whispers Sargent Lance. “Lets get as far away from here as we can from here before they pick up our trail,” orders Lt Johnson in a whisper. The patrol continues North as the afternoon monsoons come pouring down where they find a small VC camp up ahead in the jungle. “It looks like it has been abandoned for the past several weeks.” Sargent Lance reports after checking it out. “Search this place thoroughly for any signs of booby traps or any other activity,” orders Lt Johnson. “If it is all clear, we will set up camp here for the night.” “I hope that we don’t get an Arc Light called in on us,” comment Private Miller. “We should be safe,” Sargent Lance assures Private Miller. “General Westmoreland knows that there are friendlies in the area. He plans to Arc Light what we find as soon as we break radio silence.” “We’ll camp here inside this hooch for the night,” orders Lt Johnson. “Four man watch every two hours. Don’t leave any trash behind from your C-Rats. Flatten out all of the cans. Bury it where you take a $hit before we leave.” The night is far from quiet as the moon comes out casting an eerie light through the jungle canopy. Some macaque monkeys start screaming making it difficult to hear what may be approaching them in the distance. A pair of beady eyes show up down the trail through the Starlight Scope, then vanish when Corporal Meyer throws a stick at it. The monkeys calm down as the unknown predator moves on to hunt elsewhere. Still, all night long, there is the constant thump of exploding artillery shells along with random burst of heavy machine guns and the occasional high pitch whine of a Gatling Gun being fired from a circling propeller driven aircraft in the distance. At daybreak, the patrol packs up, fills their canteens from a nearby jungle stream, buries and camouflages their trash, and continues on through the rugged terrain North. “What’s going on?” ask Lt. Johnson after the patrol has traveled several clicks through the hilly terrain and has come to a halt. “My compass is not functioning,” reports Sargent Lance. “There must be something in the ground that is interfering with them,” reports Lt. Johnson after he takes his out and sees that it is not functioning either. “Lets try to navigate by the sun if we can.” “This is most unusual,” reports Sargent Lance when the patrol takes a break in the afternoon. “I have not seen any trails at all for the past several hours, not even any game trails.” “This area is totally unknown to me,” warns Officer Tim. “I’m not picking up any radio traffic at all,” reports Private Washington. “In fact, I can’t even pick up Radio Hanoi.” “I’m getting no chatter at all from the usual NVA channels,” Lt Kim reports. “I hate to admit that we are lost,” answers Lt Johnson. “I have not been able to find any landmarks that make any sense in this area. “I do know this, we are now in an area that remains basically unknown to any of us in the outside world. It would be most ideal for the NVA to be hiding a base of operations here. Lets continue on to some higher ground until we can re establish some radio reception and figure out exactly where we are.” It is late afternoon when Sargent Lance spots something unusual up ahead in the valley below. “Does that look like a cave entrance down by that river?” he ask Lt Johnson. “It certainly does,” the Lt. answers. “I just don’t see it marked on my map. It must be somehow hidden by the jungle above. Lets go check it out but watch for any signs of the NVAs. It would certainly make for an excellent place for them to hide a forward supply base.” “So far so good,” Sargent Lance reports as he proceeds towards the cave entrance. “I see no signs of any trails anywhere.” “Here’s a stream coming out of here. The water is clear. I see no Gook footprints in the sand at the cave entrance. Officer Tim, do you know what could have made these giant chicken footprints over here in the mud?” “I don’t know,” Officer Tim answers. “There are rumors where I lived from my grandparents about a place where one could find dragons. It is just that nobody has never seen them. This area is so remote that nobody has ever explored or hunted over here. “The interior is huge,” reports Corporal Meyer. “It must be over 100 meters in height. How could no one know about this place?” “They say that Indochina has vast areas that have never been explored,” answers Lt. Johnson. “Given a world war, French occupation, Japanese invasion, and the Indochina war that led to the defeat of the French, I find it odd that there are no signs of civilization in here at all.” “I wonder if there is another way out?” ask Sargent Lance. “There most likely is given the amount of water that is flowing through that stream,” answers Lt. Johnson. “Lets look for a sheltered place to camp here for the night, it will be dark soon. Then, we will see how far we can go in once the morning sun lights up the entrance.” Heading into the cave interior in the evening twilight, they find it filled with jungle vines and other plants hanging down from the ceiling which has several gaping holes in it to let in the remaining daylight. “If the rest of this cave is like this, we should have no problem going through it in the morning,” reports Sargent Lance. “Lets set up camp behind these boulders,” order Lt. Johnson. “It should be easy for us to see and hide from anything that comes through this cave. Four man night watch as before.” The night in the cave is a far contrast from the night before in the abandoned VC campsite. There are the restful sounds from the flowing stream down below. A comfortable breeze blows through the cave to the outside world. It is a sharp contrast to the warm sticky air of the jungle night. The chirping of crickets fills the night air as it is occasionally broken by the sound of some macaque monkeys communicating with each other. Gone are the sounds of combat, the thump of artillery rounds, the whine of the Gatling Guns and the rhythmic staccato of the 50 caliber. “I never knew that one could actually find a tropical paradise in this all expense paid vacation the military gave us into the armpit of the world,” Corporal Mays tells Lt. Johnson as they are on guard duty. “Doc, Have you been shooting up on morphine?” Lt. Johnson asks him. “No sir,” he answers back. “I’ve seen too many of my friends get fracked up from shooting up on that stuff. It’s bad $hit to get addicted to.” Deep in the cave, a distant roar is heard from some huge unknown creature. It echos throughout the length of the huge cave. “What in the frack was that?” Sargent Lance ask Officer Tim as they are pulling guard duty. “I don’t know.” Officer Tim answers nervously. “Perhaps my grandfather was right. There may be dragons living in here.” “Whatever it was, it sounded like that it was a long ways off. We’ll know for sure when we can continue checking this place out in the morning.” With the dawn’s early light, the cave get lit up reveling stunning rock formations that have formed in the limestone from the dripping water from above. “Wow, it sure is beautiful in here,” comments Private Root as the patrol prepares to continue on. “If we stay along the rocks, we shouldn’t leave any footprints” Sargent Lance tells the others. “Be aware of your surroundings as we continue on,” orders Lt. Johnson. “look for places where you can find cover in case we run into something ahead.” The patrol continues on through the stunning stone sculptures. The landscape soon changes to a different type of rock formation as they pass through a dark area, then a returning twilight where the other entrance can be seen in the distance. “Frack! Why am I getting so tired,” Sargent Lance starts complaining. “So am I,” complains Private Miller. “$hit, we never brought any gas mask with us,” Lt Johnson says in a panic. “Get the frack out of here, NOW!” Too late to escape the effects of whatever is putting everybody to sleep, they all succumb to the effects of the sedating air and drop to the ground unconscious.
  10. This is just a little story I've been working on for the past few months, and I thought this would be a great place to share it. I also have lots of ansel photos that go along with the story, but with the file upload sized capped I won't be able to add in all the photos. You can view them on my Instagram account. I hope you enjoy this little series! ARK Story by BlueDragon Volume 1 Chapter 1 Fars Peak On the North Eastern side of the island, on a small mountain called Fars Peak, there lived a baby Argentavis. Alone and abandoned, the tiny bird tried it’s best to survive on its own. One day there was a low growl coming from the slope of the mountain. The baby Argy tried to hide in what little grass remained on the path, but it was no use. The Saber Tooth has a keen sense of both smell and sight. This would be the baby Argy’s last day on Fars Peak. The mighty sabor raised its paw and prepared to strike its prey. Before it could go through with the attack, there was loud clap coming from the opposite side of mountain. There stood a strange creature holding a strange looking stick. The Saber quickly changed its sights on this new threat. The man took the spear in both hands and ran towards the Saber. The baby Argy watched as the fight continued back and forth. At one point, it seemed the Saber had the upper hand. Then with one swift and final blow, it was over. The baby Argy could not believe what it had witnessed. This funny two-legged creature was able to defeat something so powerful, and with nothing but a pointy stick. The man slowly started to approach the Argy, who was still in shock after confronting the Saber. The man kneeled down to one knee and spoke very softly, “Hey little guy. Don’t worry, you are safe now.” The Argy stood there frozen in place. Then watched as the man stood up and went to the edge of the mountain and built a warm fire. The sun was setting, and there was a brisk chill in the air. The little Argy still felt weak, but finally worked up enough courage to walk closer to the fire. Things would never be the same for the man or the baby Argy as this would be their last night on Fars Peak. Chapter 2 First Flight Just off the shores of Fars Peak, on a small patch of sand there was a thatch hut. This was now home. The little Argentavis wasn’t so little anymore. A few months have past and the Argy had grown taller than the man, but he was still unable to fly. Food was plentiful as the sea was home to thousands of fish. Life was good...most of the time. One day the man was fishing like usual. The Argy was exploring near the shore, unaware of the danger lurking below. In a blink of an eye, a giant Shark emerge out of the water and attacked! The Argy flapped its wings to get away, but was tripping on the rocks. The Shark was closing in, until the man jumped on its back! The shark thrashed about angrily. Without thinking, the Argy leapt into the air, flapping as hard as he could. He wanted to save his friend. The man felt his hands go numb, he couldn’t hold on to the Sharks back anymore. But just as he was about to let go, he felt a fluffle of feathers against his skin. The Argy had picked him up and was taking him back to shore. Not calculating the man's weight, the Argy started to fall towards the water. SPLASH! They were back in the water with the Shark. The man quickly got out of the Argys talons and was able to reach shore. He then grabbed what appeared to be a stick with shiny parts. Then there was a loud BOOM! The Shark started to bleed everywhere. Then follows more loud booms, until there was nothing but a floating mass. A few hours later, and after a very big dinner, both the man and Argy looked out over towards Frozen Tooth, the ice mountain. The Argy could sense that the man wanted to travel there. This made the Argy uncomfortable because just to the side of the mountain was an unusual structure. The man spoke, “Soon my friend, we will travel there.” Chapter 3 Flightless A few months had passed since the Megalodon battle and it had become a distant memory, for the Argy was now full grown and the majority of creatures feared it. The man had been hard at work on a new house along with something else, a side project that involved his feathery companion. Certain crafting items were needed for this special project. The man grabbed his new metal spear and set out along the beach in hunt of the swimming bug-like creatures. The Argy followed, as they have gone hunting together many times in the past. The came across a small cluster of Trilobites. The man and Argy stayed hidden in the tall grass, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. This hunt did not last long as the Trilobites were quickly slaughtered and the materials were collected. It was getting late and time to head back home for certain unpleasant beasts would roam the shores at night. The man stayed up all night to complete his work. The following morning the man revealed to his friend what he had been crafting. It was a saddle. The Argy looked at the man with a confused look for it had never seen such a contraption. The man started to connect the leather pieces around the Argys neck. Panicked, the Argy quickly threw up its wings in an attempt to shake it off. Then in a last ditch effort it took to the skies, across the beach and up the hill. “Wait!” Said the man. “It won’t hurt you!” But the man's voice could not reach the argy, for a new cry filled its ears. Something it had not heard before. Something that seemed to rattled the Argy’s insides. Due to the Argy’s sporadic movements, something popped loose on the saddle and got tangled in its wing. The man had just reached the top of the hill to see his friend falling from the sky. He ran as fast as he could, past the trees and rocks until and found the Argy collapsed on a rock. Then all fell silent. The earth shook. A horrific roar filled the air. Something was closing in. Chapter 4 The Mountainside The creature was getting closer, shaking the trees with each step. The man quickly ran to the Argy’s side and tried to shake his friend awake. It was no use, the Argy was out cold. The man was armed with only a metal spear. There was no way he was going to win this fight, but he refused to leave his friend. The Rex took a step closer, just inches away from the man, when all of the sudden something struck it! The Rex let out a painful roar and stumbled backwards. The man saw a spear sticking out the side of its neck. Then followed another roar, but this one seemed different. The man looked behind him, and up on the mountain there was a bright white dinosaur and it had a rider. The Rex had decided to back down and return to the forest. The man quickly went to the Argy’s side and tried to wake it. The mysterious rider had disappeared along with its mount. Finally the Argy started to wake. The man was so happy to see his friend unharmed. The Argy seemed a little shaken up but nothing too bad. The man noticed one of the broken saddle straps that had caused the Argy to fall. It was an easy fix. Now the saddle was good to go, but would the Argy panic like before? This was a dangerous spot on the side of the mountain, and the man knew that they must return home quickly. Moving ever so slowing, the man was able to climb up the saddle. “Let’s go home.” Said the man, and off they flew. Later that night, the man sat there thinking about the days events. So many questions that needed answering.
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