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  1. On the exploration of the next day while looking for the Level 145 dragon, I am distracted by a Level 145 male parasaur. I proceed to tame him so that I have a mate boosted pair. It is around noon by the time I get him back to join Starter Patty. Back to the Southern Island, I finally find the Level 145 Dragon. Having landed, I proceed to confine him in dino gates so that he can be tamed. He tames out with some very good stats. I then go looking for three utility dinos while leveling up the tropical dragon. I could use an Ankylo for efficient mining of crystal, metal, and flint. I also need a Doed for stone for the Villager’s Workbench to put a ceiling on the pen. A beaver or Stego would also be useful for wood gathering. No luck on finding anything other then a beaver. However, the requirement for the saddle is pretty steep. Hitting the drops, I do obtain a high level chainsaw. I won’t need to tame a beaver or Stego at this time. With the assortment of stuff from drops and outright garbage primitive blueprints from yellow drops, I also obtain a Mastercraft Doed Saddle. Flying further North, I spot the first crystal creatures from the Crystal Island mod. It is a pair of parcers. Further North, I find overspawns of “Crystal Fluffy Raptors.” Not good at all. Worse yet, there are no nest. This may not be such a good mod to use given that creatures showing up on this map are not ones originally removed when Crystal Isles was a mod map. Later explorations find flaming yuttis and overspawns of colorful lava spitting crystal magnasaurs around the volcano. The Griffin Trench has many colorful crystal variants. A Level 174 tek griffin is with them along with a tek quetzal flying overhead. Given the lack of any Ankylo and Doeds anywhere near where my camp is, along with the utter lack of anything high level. I end up cheating in the two utility harvesters. I find that Annie can harvest over 1,000 metal ore from the rare metal rocks covered in moss on the tropical islands. That is a huge boost from less then half of that amount from a rich metal node. There are no river rocks in the Tropical area. And, she gets the 75% weight reduction on top of the stack mod reduction. She is also very efficient at getting crystal from the harvest-able formations both on land and in the water. I will need large amounts of metal and crystal for the windows on the lower walls. The Doed gathers large quantities of rock from all of the smaller stones. I need that for the Villager’s Workbench to upgrade the 12x10 pen into a barn with a landing pad for the dragon. I can be doing something else while 100 ceilings are crafting up. The chainsaw is very efficient at providing plenty of wood from just a couple of trees. I find that Perry and Patty Parasaur are good for getting the needed thatch from the stumps and driftwood along the beach area. With the required raw materials processing in the Villager’s Workbench, I am able to craft up the required materials for upgrading and finishing the 12x10 barn with a workshop inside. Bunny Dodos have been in the area where I have collected hundreds of eggs. It has been a drought of cracking them for Chibi something like a 10 to 1 odds. As the event will soon end, there will be no more eggs. However, there are still some very colorful creatures all over the map where I have explored so far. During the continued exploration, I visit the wyvern pyramid to check for eggs. I find a Level 190 Ember in a nest. Later that day, I am exploring along the blood crystal forest. A Level 100 Blood shows up in that biome that lands in a safe area nearby. I proceed to trap and tame it away from the crystal fluffy raptor hoard. Tamed, I take it out on the fluffy crystal raptors. They are an easy level up using the blood sucking attack which will drain the health from several targets at once. Still, there are overspawn issues with them as there is least a cluster of a dozen in one spot to deal with. Back at the base, I check out a male Moschop that has been hanging around for days, Although he is low level, I have two females that will start laying eggs if he is part of the pack. Easy tame with a rare mushroom that one can obtain from crystals. At this point, the Easter event has ended. There is much that can be done just back at the base before even considering setting up satellite camps in the other biomes. I have dragon eggs to hatch. That tek griffin is still around in the griffin trench. The desert has some oil nodes for placement of oil rigs, a safer place then where the isle of oil is located. The map has many special spots where one can obtained colored gems, element, black pearls, bee honey, and, a death trap den of dire wolves and saber cats. The floating isles are, of course, straight out of Avatar as is the giant tree swamp biome. With the end of the Easter Event, I will now place this map into the archive of adventures on Ark.
  2. Some good news posted a couple of hours ago. Switch is finally going to get an upgrade to Ark along with the paid DLCs as a package. It is scheduled for release later this year. See the article posted on this fourm by Cedric.
  3. Palm Sunday was a bad day for me. Not with playing Ark given that you should never become attached to any of your tames, but with tames you own for real. I was forced to put down two badly injured mini horses of 20 years after they were attacked in their pen by two dogs. That's something that one never expects to ever happen in a residential semi rural neighborhood. The only positive note from that is Animal Control has the one dog that I trapped in the pen and the owner located. We should soon confirm the owner of the other dog given the photos posted on social media inquiring about the two dogs when they were running loose. They were not pit bulls. Social media is a wonderful thing for quickly gathering evidence and locating those responsible. The neighbor down the road found his mauled dead cat in his front yard. On to the story; 4-15-22. Given that I have added the Crystal Island mod, I have restarted this map. The spawn location has placed me near the jungle area across from the bay overlooking the desert. There are two things I don’t like about the area. 1. There are dangerous creatures in the area such as a spino and a berry living nearby. 2. There is no metal nodes anywhere in the location or harvest-able crystal. I do spend the next hour getting a starter base established up on an overlooking hill and even find a mid level Parasaur to tame. I just give up on this location due to the lack of metal without cheating. I would have to make a major move to the islands to the Southwest to where there is metal and no threat from the spino and berry that show up down the hill on the beach. 4-16-22. With the map wiped, I spawn in and am promptly placed by a small pond in a familiar location. This is exactly where I wanted to be on the first adventure. The area is flat for easy building, has Dodos, Lystros, Compys, Dilos, pteradons, parasaurs, and has access to crystal with several rich metal nodes up on the hill. I proceed to get started finding a stone, punching a tree, and gathering from the numerous bushes to get leveled up. Basic weapons are soon made and some thatch clothes to give my character some protection from the tropical heat of the day. I pass on learning thatch saving the engrams for later items such as bolas, bow, arrow, and the Settler’s Workbench. A 4x4 starter hut is then built next to a pond. That mod has the advantage of using walls that are 1/3 taller then Structures + or the generic ones. It also unlocks all of the building pieces thus allowing for a huge savings of engram points in single player. With bolas and the bow with arrows, I head out to do some hunting in this area. The most dangerous creatures out here would be compys, dilos, and the annoying gulls. With the Easter Event underway, the Dodos have bunny ears and are dropping eggs like crazy. Those can be easily gathered and cracked open for a chance at a chibi. Mainly, I just spear some of them so that I can cook the raw meat and spoil some of it for tranc arrows later on. Needing a harvesting dino and having crafted up tranc arrows, I head out looking for a Parasaur. No luck. I only find a Level 15 which I proceed to kill for meat and hide. Coming back, I find that some moschops have spawned in along a point. I check them out. Raw prime fish meat, Nope, no Leeds nearby. Rare flowers. OK I can find those up on the hill by the metal nodes. Coming back, I feed the rare flowers and now have an overpowered harvesting dino that can get me berries, some wood, thatch, and lots of fiber. Being an omnivore, It will kill herbivores and harvest them for meat and hide. With the melee settings I am running, it doesn’t take long to turn this girl into a killing machine. Leaving the moschop secured in my starter hut, I walk around the point to explore the larger island in the southwest. Even though no metal spawns on that location, it does have higher level dinos living there that includes trikes, brontos, and tropical crystal dragons. There is also a deep sea lot drop that spawns there, but I need to be a Level 80 in order to access it. Throughout the night, I continue the shoreline exploration finding little other then dodos, some spitters, a trike, and some very colorful low level dragons. A note on the crystal dragons, they will bot bother you so long as you don’t do anything to hurt them. Not so on the Heir variants found in the desert. They will attack, especially, if you steal an egg out of the nest. Those can be hatched to produce normal crystal dragons which prefer a special crystal found by knocking out the wild ones. Once they reach adulthood, they live on raw meat but will prefer crystal. At Level 67, one can passive tame the normal wild ones but it is a similar process to taming the Equuis only you better be grappled to one or have a parachute handy as they promptly take off the second they are fed. Trapping with gates is possible if you find one stuck in the trees. Just don’t depend on them staying stuck in trees as they will still get away with the first feed. Continuing through the night, I walk the large island around spotting a drop coming down at the extreme southeast point of the map. I spot some parasaurs there as I proceed to the white drop with the ring. It gives me a high level thatch shirt blueprint, a bed, standing torches, a storage box, a set of thatch clothes, and misc stuff. Checking out the parasaurs, one of them is a Level 145 female. I proceed to bola her and knock her out for taming. By morning, she is awake and ready for work. Her buddy is a Level 60 female which I don’t need. Heading back to the starter base, I see two more tropical dragons. One of them is a Level 145. I’ll come back for him later once I reach Level 67. Back at the starter base, with a set of metal tools, I use my starter Patty to help me haul the large quantities of wood I will need for the 10x12 barn. The Settler’s Workbench will process that as I make several more trips for wood up on the home island. It takes all day and night to get the barn foundations and walls erected. Between the narcoberries and spoiled meat turned into narcs and the amount of crafting, I eventually reach Level 67. You know what I will be doing on the next day once I can get a roof on the barn. I’m going after that Level 145 dragon.
  4. Ragnarok. The single player adventure. Ragnarok is the second player created map that became available as an official stand alone map for Ark. It is a large map with logical transitions between them. With terrain that has sections that were modeled from the real world, the terrain is gorgeous and believable. The history of this map was interesting having been released well before it was finished. Those areas being blocked by a barrier. With each map update, more and more of those areas were opened up with extensive details. In spite of the vastness of the terrain and the details, the map remained well optimized. Even under the sea has been well detailed right up to the world border. The mod game. Settings; Single player with taming, harvesting, leveling set at 3X. Movement Speed at 2X. Hatching and maturation rates set at 6X. Tamed dino’s health and melee set at 1X. MODS in use; Ultra Stacks. Kraken’s Better Dinos. Castle, Keeps, and Forts Remastered. Ultra Stack is a mod that makes gathering so much easier through larger stacking, weight reduction, and reduced spoilage time on all meat types. Kracken’s Better Dinos is a TLC mod that improves the ability of dinos in the game. It adds some additional Tek creatures such as an Ankylo, Trike, and Griffin. Cheaper to craft starter saddles are added for some high level creatures as well as a platform saddle for the Trike and extensions for existing platform saddles and rafts. Trikes and Brontos have a stomp attack. Doeds and Ankylos can now harvest berries. Fliers have the ability to move backwards. Equipped with Valerian Reins, all flying creatures have improved stamina, maneuverability, flying speed, and other useful improvements. Female Mammals can now be milked including Wyverns. New meat and hide types are available from some creatures. A combo Smithy and Preserving Bin adds new abilities including a way to cook and preserve new food types. And a substitute egg and Wyvern Milk replacement can be crafted for taming. Castle, Keeps, and Forts Remastered is a building mod that uses three special crafting benches for creating the numerous building shapes available that are equivalent to wood, stone, and metal. All pieces are compatible with Structure+ and vanilla building pieces. The one exception is that all wall structures are 1/3 higher then standard which is useful for giving your player more head room and allowing large storage boxes to not poke through a ceiling. Morellotops and Amaragsaurus will fit through dino gates. When you learn the crafting bench, you have all the pieces available to you thus saving your engram points for other needs. Best of all, you just load the crafting bench with the required resources and let the items craft independent of what you are doing, just like the Mortise and Pestle. With the extra pieces available, one can make a proper looking round roof as well as a corner roof sections, and single section gable roof so that a three wide structure doesn’t need a flat center. Foundations will stack, pillars place properly, and all pieces can be picked up at a later time. The Crafting Bench can be placed on the ground, a foundation, or the raft. (Platforms?) It also acts as a huge storage crate. The single player experience. There are four main areas of the map one can get started on along with three subsets of each of those. 1. The Highlands. This area can be harder to get started in due to it being colder then the others. It also tends to spawn in Allows, Rexes, and Gigas. Being mostly of plains populated with sheep, horses, and Gallys, wood tends to be scarce around there. 2. Viking’s Bay. Resources tend to be abundant in this area. Depending where you spawn in, it is either safe, or moderately dangerous. 3. Jungle. Of the three areas to spawn in, Jungle 2 will place you next to the Blue Obelisk. While you will have access to wooden crated that can be looted for metal tools the area is lacking in creatures that can be killed for meat and hide. Jungle 1 and Jungle 3 spawn in more small creatures, but many of them tend to be compys, dilos, and those annoying seagulls. All three areas contain much more dangerous creatures once you head inland. 4. Southwest. This spawn area was added upon completion of the map. It is an arid region with many dangerous creatures. For this game play, I spawned in at the west side of Viking’s Bay. This is a large flat sandy area bordered by a rock formation to the East and hills to the West. The area has an abundance of palms, bushes, stones and ground litter one can pick up along with sand. An abundance of river rock, along with some metal nodes, will get you started on metal tools. You will need a flier if you want to obtain any crystal as one cannot climb up to where the nearest nodes are located. Expect to find Pegos, compys, spitters, and seagulls to annoy you. Otherwise, Dodos, Parasaurs, and lystros can be found nearby. The path up into the jungle will take you up to the high bluff where you can expect to find Hynadon Packs, Sabres, raptors, carnos, and Argys. Some loot able wooden boxes can also be found at the top of the bluff. Day One of this adventure; Spawning in at Viking’s Bay West, I need to quickly get away from three thieving Pegomaxes. Thankfully, they don’t take any interest in me as I have nothing on me that they can steal. Down at the shallow end of the sea area, I set about on the tasks of getting the basic tools and supplies. Resources are good here for that. Thankfully, those pesky gulls are not spawning into this area of the map. I save the engrams for when I can get the Settler’s Workbench to build a starter shack next to a large rock outcropping. Next step is to place a storage box by the cliff. As I gather up wood, thatch, and fiber, the extra gets placed into it. Several Dodos bite the dust in order to supply me with much needed hide. With Bolas now crafted, I can go after larger low level creatures of which a Level 15 Parasaur bites the dust. With the wood tier reached, the Settler’s Bench is now available. Loaded with the required building materials, a 4x4 starter hut is built. It is equipped with a spawn bed, large storage chest, and a mortise and pestle. Narco berries and spoiled meat is placed into it to get narcs for the tranc arrows once they are unlocked. As late afternoon approaches. I add two more foundations to the hut. A Refining Forge is placed there and loaded up with wood and metal ore. The River Rocks that are abundant close by give me more then enough raw metal that is needed for the Kraken’s Workbench as well as the stone and flint for sparkpowder. Heading West along the beach to get some metal ore from some rocks along the ridge there, I spot a Level 140 Parasaur and proceed to tame it. I can keep her hid behind the starter shack until I have gathered enough materials to build a proper pen. By the end of the first day, I have a starter hut completed along with a spawn bed, forge, the Krakens Workbench, a tamed Parasaur, and a high level Moschop. I keep Patty and Miss Chomper hid behind the starter shack for the night. During the night, I keep the Settler’s Workbench busy crafting fence foundations. I know that this area can become dangerous in a day or two. While gathering wood, a Pteradon of Level 140 has been spotted. As I have the karatan needed for the saddle, I proceed to tame her and park her by the cliff. With Tammy, I am able to get the crystal needed for a spyglass. As I am preparing to start placing the fence foundations, I spot a pack of “Murder Puppies” coming down from the jungle. I quickly unload the foundations and grab Miss Chomper to go after them. Killing the nearest one, the pack leader howls and they all go charging over to my starter camp. Fearing the worst, I race back with Miss Chomper. Fortunately, they ignore Patty and Tammy by going after something else in the water. I track them all down and take them out with the Moschop. OK, this fence needs to be built and fast. I spend the rest of the morning placing down the foundations and the walls. It takes a lot of wood gathering, but as soon as it is done, I have to deal with a Sabertooth that comes down from the same area as those Murder Puppies. A raft is soon crafted so that I can head West to an area where I can cut down a lot more wood and thatch. The crafting bench on it is stocked with the needed fiber from the Moschop as the next project will be to go with a foundation 10x10 with walls three high. With the supplies now crafting on the raft, I am able to start with the construction of the 10x10 just inside of the fence wall. I get most of the work done during the night. The next day, I am finishing up with the pen when I place Patty on turret mode. She spots something stuck in the rocks in the bay. It makes no sense unless it is a shark, so I wade out there to investigate. It turned out to be a Megalosaurus of all things sleeping up in the corner in the water. Given that they usually only found in caves, or just East of the Lava Beach area it was strange that this one was in the Viking’s Bay rock outcropping. I proceed to tame it and name him Marty. He takes a while to get back into the pen but once in there, he curls up on the floor and goes to sleep. I spend the rest of the day locating and taming an Ankylo and Doed. Annie is most useful for getting metal ore and rock and flint for sparkpowder. Danny is put to work to fill up the Villager’s Workbench for a more ambitions project, a two story round barn that is 36 panels in circumference. A wood and thatch run into Viking’s Bay loads me up with those materials. Picking the large flat beach nearby the Settler’s pen, I start from the center out with well over 100 triangle foundations and many square ones to form the round foundation. The land is flat enough so that the only stacking needed is in the deeper part of the water. I use that spot for a dock. That evening, Marty wakes up, so I saddle him up for an all night hunting run by torchlight. He is not the greatest hunter in the world but does the job well in cleaning out all of the nearby low level creatures around. The next morning, I am pestered by a bunch of sea gulls in the area. I use the pteradon to ambush them from the air which works well in spite of not having Valerian Reins as I need organic polymer and toughened hide to craft them. That will come later. Work continues on the round barn which requires a lot more stone, wood, and thatch. While I could use a Stego for wood and thatch, I gather the wood by hatchet as I use the parasaur for thatch. Eventually, by Day 9, I have a two story barn with an attic for the crafting and living area, and a watchtower on the top of the roof. I will soon move all of the tames into the round barn and set up the work area in the attic. The old pen will eventually get a roof so I can use it for a flier’s landing platform. That will be on a later date as I have been distracted by a new player created map called Lasum. Blame a Matt Bishop video on the ten least played mod maps he picked out of the end of the Steam mod map listing. It has turned out to be a well made map that is mostly completed. I can see that map making for an interesting role playing world ranging from primitive mid evil to futurist apocalyptic world. Expect a single player report on that map in the near future.
  5. My single player game of Valguero. Valguero is a stand along map that is available as an official download for free. Unlike most maps, where the land mass is surrounded by a sea, this one is based upon a valley setting around a large lake surrounded by mountains that act as the border. Hidden in a cave system are a huge ocean and an Aberration cave setting. A boss cave featuring the Brood Mother can be found in the redwoods. An Ice Trench in the snowy mountains is infested with Ice Wyverns where deep inside of that trench is a cave to a lava trench with Fire Wyverns. There are also new types of Rock Golems hiding in the biomes. Numerous structures can be found in the land that can be built in. The most dangerous creature found in the Chalk-lands are the Denonicous, nicknamed The Fluffy Raptors. To obtain one, you have to steal their eggs out of their nest, then hatch them. The babies eat raw meat. These raptors have the ability to climb vertical surfaces including up trees, can glide a short distance, and take no fall damage as they land like a parachute. They can also latch on to a larger creature causing massive bleed damage while avoiding that creature’s effort to defend itself. Beware that they can take you off of a flier if you get too close to them. The mod game. Settings; Single player with taming, harvesting, leveling set at 3X. Movement Speed at 2X. Hatching and maturation rates set at 6X. Tamed dino’s health and melee set at 1X. MODS in use; Ultra Stacks. Kraken’s Better Dinos. Castle, Keeps, and Forts Remastered. Ultra Stack is a mod that makes gathering so much easier through larger stacking, weight reduction, and reduced spoilage time on all meat types. Kracken’s Better Dinos is a TLC mod that improves the ability of dinos in the game. It adds some additional Tek creatures such as an Ankylo, Trike, and Griffin. Cheaper to craft starter saddles are added for some high level creatures as well as a platform saddle for the Trike and extensions for existing platform saddles and rafts. Trikes and Brontos have a stomp attack. Doeds and Ankylos can now harvest berries. Fliers have the ability to move backwards. Equipped with Valerian Reins, all flying creatures have improved stamina, maneuverability, flying speed, and other useful improvements. Female Mammals can now be milked including Wyverns. New meat and hide types are available from some creatures. A combo Smithy and Preserving Bin adds new abilities including a way to cook and preserve new food types. And a substitute egg and Wyvern Milk replacement can be crafted for taming. Castle, Keeps, and Forts Remastered is a building mod that uses three special crafting benches for creating the numerous building shapes available that are equivalent to wood, stone, and metal. All pieces are compatible with Structure+ and vanilla building pieces. The one exception is that all wall structures are 1/3 higher then standard which is useful for giving your player more head room and allowing large storage boxes to not poke through a ceiling. Morellotops and Amaragsaurus will fit through dino gates. When you learn the crafting bench, you have all the pieces available to you thus saving your engram points for other needs. Best of all, you just load the crafting bench with the required resources and let the items craft independent of what you are doing, just like the Mortise and Pestle. With the extra pieces available, one can make a proper looking round roof as well as a corner roof sections, and single section gable roof so that a three wide structure doesn’t need a flat center. Foundations will stack, pillars place properly, and all pieces can be picked up at a later time. The Crafting Bench can be placed on the ground, a foundation, or the raft. (Platforms?) It also acts as a huge storage crate. Game Play Day One; There are several places one can start on this map, some safe, some a bit more dangerous. By far, the safest place is Small Island. However, it will be lacking in small creatures needed early on for meat and hide. I spawn in my character on Small Island. About 50% of the time, one will spawn in on one of the two island. Otherwise, you spawn in on the shore of the nearby mainland. While the same creature types will spawn in with you as they do on the two islands, there is the chance that a Purvolia may show up nearby to end your day early. As I spawned in on the mainland near the beach, I will need to swim over to one of the two islands before it gets cold out, then set up my starter camp before dark. I quickly get the required resources for basic tools and thatch clothes. However, fiber is hard to get as the sagebrush bushes on this section of the mainland have a hard to find gather box. There are no Dodos or Lystros in this area to get for hide so I have to watch out for a low level trapped Parasaur to take out for meat and hide. Once I am basically equipped, I look for the closest way to swim across to one of the two small islands. One has to be careful as there are sharks in the deeper section of the channel. Oil rocks are easily accessible down there for later game use. On the larger of the two small Redwoods Islands, I set up a Settler’s Crafting Bench and start constructing a 2x2 hut for the night. It can get quite cold on these Redwood Islands. Why did I pick this location? There are no predators on those two island, no dilos, no pesky seagulls, no compys, no Thylo up in the tree to pounce on you, just larger herbivores that are living here. That makes it a challenge to get hide and raw meat early on. Once I have the bow with arrows, I am able to find a trapped low level Parasaur to kill for meat and hide. With bolas, I now have the means to take down other Parasaurs and Phenomas for meat and hide. Under Kraken’s Better Dinos, Phenomas will yield lots of hide. They also yield a special meat that is listed as good for healing carnivores but poor for taming. Unfortunately, that meat spoils quickly and cannot be cooked in a campfire. It can, however, be preserved in the combo Smithy and Preserving Bin by placing charcoal and spark powder in there with the special raw meat. The good thing, one low level Parasaur and Phenoma gives me enough hide for bolas, leather armor, and for crafting the Mortise and Pestle, Forge, and combo Smithy and Preserving Bin. With plenty of river rock along the shoreline, I have the required metal ore needed to craft the combo bin and basic metal tools. The fast spoiling Phenoma meat allows me to craft tranc for arrows for future taming. By nightfall, I have obtained enough levels to craft basic metal tools, built a raft, and tamed a high level Parasaur for berry harvesting. Day Two; In the morning, I sail across the lake to the northern spawn point to go hunting and harvest some unusual resources there. In that bay, as I dodge the pesky seagulls, I kill some Dodos, spitters, and compys for their meat and hide. I chop up a dead turtle which yields hide, spoiled meat, and far more karatan then one can get from killing one. The dead beached dolphins yield valuable organic polymer, which will be needed for Gillie Armor as well as for Valerian Reins once I can obtain a high level Pteradon. It also contains hide and lots of spoiled meat. I get the Gillie Armor crafted as where I am heading next will be quite hot. Next, I sail over to a set of ruins where I tie up the raft at the dock. Here, it is quite hot, so I put on the Gillie Armor, then head up the path to where there is a garden containing Rockarrots and Savroot. At the garden, my harvesting is cut short as a nervous Gally goes flying by me with a Carno hot on it’s tail. Fortunately, it doesn’t see me, so I am able to finish with harvesting the advanced crops available there. I leave quickly as that Carno is still around chasing lower level prey. There are Pteradons in the area but none of them are worth taming all being Level 20 or lower. Back at my starter camp, I place the bounty into storage. A high level Ankylo has been spotted on this little island. Facts are, quite a few higher level herbivores spawn in on this island including a Level 140 female Bronto that is knocking down all the trees in the area. As I can now craft the saddle for one, I proceed to tame the Ankylo. She will be most useful to mine the abundant river rocks for stone, flint, and raw metal. By that night, I have her tamed and the forge filled with metal ore. Under the mod, Ankylos can harvest berries, wood, and thatch, and get some sap from the redwood stumps. Day three. Still no luck in finding a high level pteradon. I need one to start surveying the Chalk Lands as well as to obtain some crystal for a spotting scope. Day Four. I tame that female Bronto. Under Kraken’s Better Dinos, their stomp attack is awesome for harvesting. They get massive amount of wood from a stomp as well as stone, flint, and metal ore from the boulders. It is also a bit more selective then the tail swipe which is mostly good for getting berries and some thatch. I do more exploration with the raft and continue looking for a high level Pteradon. No luck. They are all Level 24 or lower. Day Five. Lucked out with a higher level pteradon. First a Level 60 that lost some taming effectiveness due to passing out just as I hit it with another tranc arrow. Later, the next day I get a Level 150 that lands by my starter camp. Finally, I have something that I can use to get crystal and safely explore the Chalk Land. With a raft parked along the shoreline so I can store items on it, I take off for the exploration with the now Level 225 pteradon. From him, I can safely observe the activity below as well as look for fluffy raptor nest. It doesn’t take long to find them out hunting as I see one of them latched onto the side of a Bronto chewing a hole into it. When one goes on an egg hunt, you never want to do this on foot, even with several tribe members. It is best to snatch eggs by using a quick flyer such as a Pteradon, bait the raptors away from the nest, then do a quick land and grab before they all come running back after you. I find a nest and do a quick land and grab. Crap, level 20 egg. I find another nest. Same thing. Level 20 egg. I take them back to the raft. Continuing the exploration, I find more nest. Level 15. I throw it out. The next nests after leading the fluffy raptors away from it, is a Level 55, then a Level 150 egg. I take them back to the camp to place in the preserving bin until I am ready to hatch them. Day Six, I have much better luck with nest raiding. The resulting game of raptor tag and fast raid yields me a Level 55, a Level 90, and a rare Level 180 egg. It will be time to set up a taming pen that will need about two dozen torches fueled by Sparkpower which thanks to the Ankylo, I have an abundant supply as fuel. During that raiding session, I spot a unicorn. With rockarrots obtained from the garden in the ruins, I an able to find and tame him in a relatively safe area. I use the raft to bring him back to the starter base. At the end of Day Six, I am at Level 76 thanks to the crafting of spark powder and narcotics from the spoiled meat harvested from the dead turtles and dolphins along the beach. So, with Day Seven, I will be building a hatching – taming pen for the fluffy raptor eggs. Past experience has shown me that I need about 18 torches arranged in a U shape inside of a pen given that when those little brats hatch, they are totally out of control for the first couple of minutes. A Feeding Trough filled with raw meat is most necessary to keep them fed as they grow up. That way, they only need food placed on them for the first several minutes of growing up. Having comfort foods on hand will help if you plan on imprinting when you start breeding the higher level ones. It is also best to just hatch a couple of eggs at a time given the chance of twins and triplets which can make claiming and controlling them a lot harder. Some info on this map that may cause you grief and frustration. 1. The Brood Mother Cave is extremely complex and dangerous to explore in order to get one of the artifacts needed for the boss fight. A megatherium, the giant sloth, is a must for cleaning out the bugs and spiders as their insect buff will make short work of killing off the numerous high level ones infesting that cave once you have killed the Broodmother and her horde. 2. One of the entrances to the underwater ocean is located South of the larger of Small Island. As that inlet is a good source for oil, you should easily find it in the deeper water. Beware that a deep sea creature could show up unexpectedly in that area. While the lake itself is Leed free, they do live in the depths below the underwater entrances 3. The beach side entrance to the Aberration Cave may toss you off of a flier to your death if you happen to fly anywhere near it. The entrance is big enough to take a Bronto into it. 4. Hopefully, it has been fixed by now but at one time, there was a spot in the Aberration Cave where you could fall through the mesh to a layer below. Even worse was a spot that you would fall through the world to teleport to the plateau on the surface if you didn't get killed by the anti meshing feature now in use. 5. Given that Rock Drakes were removed from the official map, I see no reason to go down into the dangerous radiation zone. 6. Some resources, such as pearls, are hard to come by. The one area in the lake where they can be found is infested with Karpos and Sarcos. Overall, the map has it’s biomes logically placed out and populated with the expected resources and creatures. You might want to turn down the creature spawn rates as it tends to be quite high in places. Thus ends this report on the Valguero adventure.
  6. Some interesting info for someone that wants to try playing The Island as it was from June of 2015 to September of 2015. From Steam, you can download and install a mod map called "The Old Island." It is as close as you will find what it was playing in June of 2015 with one major exception, Area 50,50 has the plateau of Survival of the Fittest terrain instead of the hill by what later would be the Redwoods. Other exception are is that all of the added in creatures are going to show up on the map, so expect Leeds in the sea as well as all of the other pest that will bother you in the usual places. The default spawn zone will be East Zone One which will place you between Drayo's Cove and the Lava Cave which will not have crystal in the entrance. The vegetation will be about as sparse as it was on day one.
  7. Day 200 on the Ark. Time sure does fly in a day that is only an hour long. Actual date is October 24, 2015, when I finally obtain a raptor. Several days ago, I had prepared some Raptor Kibble from my stores of Parasaur eggs. The recipe, one Parasaur egg, one longrass, one cooked meat jerky, two Mejoberries, three fibers, and water. Place in a cooking pot and cook until it is done. The preserving bin has turned cooked meat into jerky. It took a day for it to convert the cooked meat, oil and spark powder into each piece of jerky. I prepare 16 Raptor Kibble, place half of it in storage, and the other half on my raft. The past several days, I have spent observing wild raptors hunting on the delta from a distance with the spotting scope. I find that they tend to hunt in groups of two or three. They are so fast that I doubt I can deal with three at once unless I can get up on a boulder where they can't reach me. If I can get one alone, I will have a good chance of knocking one out on my terms. With a raptor saddle and the kibble on the raft, I set sail for the narrows of Drayo's Cove. Things look quiet there when I spot a lone raptor being annoyed by a dragon fly. I watch her from a distance while keeping an eye out for any other raptors. Oh Crap, I spot a Carno nearby. But he heads up river and will not be a threat. With my new metal Armor, I beach the raft, step off, and head in her direction. She soon spots me and comes charging full speed. One tranc arrow to the head. She is a real bitch and on top of me in an instant. I spin around placing the second tranc arrow to the head, I dodge her attack. The third tranc arrow misses and hits a tree when she knocks me aside. The forth one connects and down she goes. I check the delta for any other threats. None are nearby. The Carno is way upriver chasing a Parasaur. My metal armor has protected me well from her attack. Feeling relieved, I place the kibble and some narcs into her inventory. It is three minutes later when she eats the first kibble. The taming bar jumps over 50%. Great! This will not take as long as I thought and there will be kibble left over. In a couple of more minutes, I can be out of this dangerous area heading back to my base in no time. With the Second Kibble, I have finally tamed a Raptor. I quickly saddle her up, load her up on the raft, and set sail out of the cove. I certainly don't want to risk her in any fights until I can level up her health and hit strength. I beach the raft in a safer place and take her out hunting Dodos and Dilos. I name her Ronda. What a far cry that is from playing in 2022 when I obtain a mate boosted pair of high level raptors in only a couple of game playing days using tranc arrows on a crossbow and bolas. Days later, October 25th, 2015, I tame a pair of turtles and bring them back to the pen. They are like riding on a tank. Even though they are good swimmers and well protected from an attack, I will use them for eggs for some future Kibble. Their names, Duke and Lady Gamera. I also find a pair of Phenomas stuck in the driftwood on Herbivore Island. As I have the saddle from a drop in my saddle box on the raft, I think, why not! If nothing more, they will provide plenty of poop for the compost bin and my expanded garden. (This is before we knew about the stimm berry trick for forced pooping.) I have tried to hunt them before on the main island, but found that they quickly ran away into the dangerous jungle. These will be easy to take down with tranc arrows to tame. Only a couple of tranc arrows to drop them. What a horrible noise they make eating when unconscious. They consume the berries like crazy. But, they soon are tamed and loaded on the raft for the trip to cave base. Their names, Boss Hogg and Miss Piggy. October 28th, 2015. We get a special event as an update for the game. It is day 205 when the landscape changes again. This time it is just the change of foliage to fall colors. I take Tommy for an inspection flight. Nothing different, no new biomes, just a lot of fall colors on the jungle trees with the daytime weather a bit cooler over the jungle. Other surprises show up. There are pumpkin patches with spooky scarecrows. I also find grave with fog and tombstones. Ghost hover above them at night. Mostly, they appear to be decorations as I can pick the pumpkins, move the scarecrows, and take the tombstones as they set off a ghostly sound. Those pose no hazard, but Onycs and spiders soon appear on the surface which are quite dangerous. I soon learn to stay away from the Onycs as they attack in packs beating up my Dilo hunting pack and tearing up my metal armor. It is not worth what little meat and hide I get from them. A new concern has occurred as well. I am now seeing T-Rexes on my side of Drayo's Cove. While they have been busy attacking the wild Brontos and Parcers, each time I see see them, they have been getting closer and are a higher level. I remain concern if one of those T-Rexes comes around the point, it will be a straight shot to the unprotected Brontos and Parcers tames. I could easily lose them to an attack. I take out a T-Rex from the cliff that is getting close to the point. A couple of days later, I spot one heading for my Brontos and drop it from the safety of the cliff near there. I start gathering supplies for a Bronto pen. It will need a stone foundation and two behemoth gates. The requirement for those two huge gates is staggering. They can only be crafted in the Smithy. Each gate and gateway requires 750 stone, 750 wood, and 750 fiber. I have to move the materials in numerous trips to the Smithy, yet once crafted, I can carry both gates and gateways in my inventory. Danny the Doedicurus, my newest pet, makes gathering the large quantity of stone an easy task, But soon, all the nearby boulders have been destroyed. I take him to Herbivore Island to harvest stone for the stone foundations and stone walls. It still takes a long time to craft the foundations for the Bronto pen which will be huge. Then, I end up wasting a lot of material on the East wall when I find out that the pen, which is longer then I had anticipated, needs to be made much wider. Two more trips to Herbivore Island gathers nearly all the boulders there which makes the stone fence two high. I finish the other two sections with wood. During that time period, I have had to prepare for a possible attack by a new boss enemy, the Dodorex. This creature, according to WIKI, is said to breathe fire and is capable of tearing down metal walls. The only defense is to lead it away, or hide. I prep the cave for hiding taking Ronda in with me, or over to Herbivore Island and craft wall sections for the Bronto pen. During the next several days, a blood moon appears with the Dodorex shadow when the alert goes out. I either hide out in the cave, or head to the safety of Herbivore Island. On day 230 the threat is over as all the Halloween stuff vanishes. During that same time period, I am out riding Ronda along the North shore of Drayo's Cove. I spot a raptor beyond the ramp. “Alpha Raptor Level 30”, the spotting scope displays. I get out of there as fast as Ronda can run. “Alpha Raptor are extremely dangerous, hard to kill, and can rip through wood walls like they are paper,” according to the WIKI. I will keep my metal armor handy along with the Longneck Rifle with a scope, and a big stock of tranc arrows. Day 234. While flying on Tommy, I spot a skeleton racing around the other creatures beyond the ramp towards the point. It is the Alpha Raptor according to the spotting scope. Time to take it out if I can. I land Tommy on the cliff top and start firing at the Alpha Raptor. He races to the cliff trying to get me but is unable to scale it. It takes nearly 40 rounds to kill it. Crazy I think, a living skeleton left over from the Halloween scenario the Aliens were playing with. I'm lucky to get rid of the threat. A few days later, I spot another North on the beach while riding Terry the Trike. I had used him to spear a wild raptor the day before, but, this one has the orange glow around its head, a warning that it is an Alpha. I take Terry back to base and take the raft to the North to get its attention with the longneck rifle. It swims out after me as I stay out of its reach. Soon it is kept busy fighting off the Megalodons which eventually kill it. Then, one day while riding Ronda Raptor, I spot a turkey. A turkey? Those are not extinct. Oh well, must be another holiday the Devs are playing with. I dismount and shoot it with the crossbow. Opps big mistake. It attacks me, then a wild trike near by also attacks. I kill the trike but Ronda is tearing into the turkey and getting beat up by it. I give up trying to kill the turkey getting on to Ronda forcing her to break off the battle and run away. She is exhausted and badly hurt. I'm in no better shape either. We both head for the raft as quick as we can. I set sail to get away from the turkey which goes swimming out after us. It isn't long before the big sharks take interest in it. I sail back to base as more sharks join in the fight. That has to be one tough bird as it is fighting five of them as dusk falls. It is day 236 as I am heading back for the raft I left beached in Drayo's Cove. I had just tamed a Doedicurus but couldn't get him on the raft. So, I rode him back to base camp, saddled up Ronda, and headed back for the raft. I don't know what went wrong. The Brontos were crowding the area as I rode Ronda on the raft and prepared to cast off. Then, all hell broke loose. Next thing I know is that Ronda is not on the raft but attacking a Bronto with a T-Rex after another. Not wanting to lose her, I start firing at the T-Rex. It comes after me and the raft. Ronda joins in the battle. In spite of 30+ arrows, my armor destroyed, I am killed along with Ronda. A bad dream? It is day 230. I had planned to tame some Pachys on the south shore of Drayo's Cove. Taking the dream as a warning, I take the raft into the cove, and, there it is, a Level 30 Rex, the nightmare in my dream. (I’E, I just cheated by reverting the game back to it’s last save.) I beach the raft, get into position up on the cliff and hit it with tranc arrows. The Rex focuses its attention on me as it claws at the cliff side. It takes 45 tranc arrows to drop it. While coming down to finish killing the Rex, two raptors come out of the trees after me. I drop both of them. I have six arrows left. I kill the Rex and the low level female raptor. As I still have Raptor Kibble on the raft and a spare saddle, I tame the high level male for Ronda. Three Kibbles later as it is getting dark out, I have a mate for Ronda. I name him Ronnie. Time to get out of that dangerous area ASAP. Damn, my raft has washed ashore and become stuck. I head back to base camp on Ronnie. I'll have to build a replacement raft, sail back to the cove, and salvage the supplies stored on the beached raft. Then, go Pachy taming. By day 236, I have the new raft, all supplies transferred from the abandoned raft and two Pachys named Patrick and Patty. A couple of days later, I tame two Paracer, those huge horse shaped mammals. Petunia is first to be tamed. I take her back to camp. Patrick is the tougher one. He tries to run away and knocks down the barrier wall in the ramp before I can drop him. I reinforce it with wood soon afters. It is day 241 when I get the reinforcing work done. I spot what looks like it will be a big fight across Drayo's Cove between a Bronto, Stego, and a high level Carno. I will keep an eye on this as I am now ready to tame one as I have the saddle. Strange, as they get ready for the big showdown, they all end up staring at each other. I head back and get the raft which has the saddle and other supplies stored and sail over to Drayo's Cove. I beach the raft there and walk over to investigate. Interesting, the Carno does not attack me even as I walk up and touch her. In some freak of events on Ark, or maybe, the game wanted to see what would happen, I have a tamed Stego, Bronto, and Carno without having to tranc them and go through the long process of taming. Yes, that actually happened. I Ride the Stego long enough to remove the trees trapping all three of them, then unclaim him. He wanders off. I also unclaim the Bronto as I already have a pair. He wanders off. I saddle the Carno, which is now a Level 26, and name her Christina. After finding a spot to beach the raft so she can walk on. I head back to base. It is day 256 when another T-Rex wonders in from the Delta. But, now I have a saddle and the resources to attempt a tame. It is a nice level all gray male. It takes 20 tranc arrows to the head to drop him. They unexpectedly do a lot of damage, but, he tames quickly enough to get several levels. Jokingly, I name him after that stupid purple dinosaur from public TV, Barney. He makes a good mount, even though he is hard to maneuver due to his size. But, he opens up a whole new world to me. I can safely travel through the densest jungles of Ark without worrying about being attacked by dilos, raptors, or carnos. He can also pack a lot of supplies on him without being encumbered. The predators give Barney plenty of room as he goes stomping by. I do continue to play this map to November of 2016 having the entire box canyon filled with a stone pen and all kinds of tames inside except for three force tamed Titansaurs of which one walked over the spike fence and got hung up in my camp the day they came out. A cheat allowed single players to keep them without starving to death. The save has long since been lost to time as new games were started, new maps became available, and back up storage became an issue. Oldest save is from June 7, 2017. But in 9-13-2015, I was playing on a new system with an I-7 processor, 16G ram, a 512G SSD and a GTX 970 graphic card. Later, this system was upgraded to 32G ram, a GTX 1070, and a 2T SSD. I still use it for playing Ark along with a MSI laptop containing the same specs that was special ordered. Otherwise, I have a new AMD 5150X with 64G ram, there 2T SSD, and a RTX 3070TI running a double wide 1080P monitor. It took nearly a year to get the components for it without having to pay scalper prices. Thus ends this story of the first game play of The Island.
  8. A test start on The Island after I made the first post. In the location I started in June of 2015, place me near the point of Drayo’s Cove where a Spitter went after a Moschop just as I spawned in. The vegetation is much denser in the box canyon then it was in 2015. It’s considered medium difficulty. Lots of Spitters to kill, few Dodos. Other creatures were turtles, a Moschop that changed what it wanted when rendered out and back in, an Oviraptor, Pelegoaris, pteradon and Brontos. No trikes or parasaurs. Two hours of playing gave me 40 levels and got me into metal tools. There is barely enough metal from mining rocks to get a pick, hatchet and crossbow given that there are no metal rock or river rock in this area. However, there is crystal just inside of the cave that will yield what is needed for a spyglass. That was not the case in 2015 unless you went way inside into the dangerous area. A trip on the raft gets me to Herbivore Island where I obtain lots of metal ore for the forge. The second two hours+ brings me up to Level 70. In addition, I have crafted an 8x10 wooden enclosure from the Settler’s Workbench. Between the dead trees and down palms, I have been supplied with more then enough wood and thatch for the construction. A tamed Moschop, not available in 2015, has supplied me with plenty of fiber. Still, nothing worth taming so far as the Trikes, Parasaurs, and Pteradons. They remain at very low levels like from the original 0.2 setting in 2015. I do obtain a mated pair of good level raptors down in Drayo’s Cove after dodging ants and microraptors, how I hate those things. Back to original game play As I reached Level 35, it was time to get a flyer. I need to get crystal for a spotting scope. Pteranodons had been flying around in the area ever since I started playing Ark. One even flew into the cave when I was setting up a temporary camp in there. But, now, for some reason, they were nowhere to be found. The WIKI states that the best way to tame one is to use a tranc arrow when one lands to rest. I am warned not to use a crossbow as lower level Pteranodon are so fragile that one shot could kill them. So, I pack raw meat on Mike with extra narcs and head up the coast in search of a Pteranodon I had spotted days earlier. I find him and keep an eye on where he may pick a place to land. He lands nearby. I hit him with a tranc arrow using a primitive bow. He starts to fly off but before I can place a second shot on him, he falls to the ground in a heap. Note that bolas didn't exist in 2015 Keeping Mike nearby as a bodyguard, I set up some standing torches as it is already late evening. He is 25% damaged as I place raw meat and narcs into his inventory. It is a Level 2. The tame takes all night. Yes, all night for a Level 2. ½ an hour actual time. Interesting is he has healed completely by the time he is tamed. He gets the name Tommy the Pteranodon. He follows Mike and I back to the dino pen. When I take him for my first flight, I find that I have to leave all my inventory behind except for my armor, basic weapons, and some food. I also need to keep a stack of raw meat on him as he will eat that when he gets hungry while flying. The WIKI warns me about keeping an eye on his stamina, to land and rest him as needed, or we could end up landing into danger or drown in the water if his stamina runs out. I take him off on a test flight. My, how big this island looks from the air. I fly over Drayo's Cove and up into the delta. I see it crawling with the first raptors I have seen. There are sarcos and other nasty predators hunting the river. With stamina getting low, I pick out a safe beach on the point and land there to rest. Then we take off to Herbivore Island. That place is amazing. There is a natural sheltered bay formed by two sandbars with rocks on the point, sort of a natural harbor. Back in the bay is a large sheltered dead end canyon. The top contains numerous large rocks forming a crescent. There is a palm and hardwood forest on top. Best of all, while there are numerous herbivores roaming the island, there isn't a carnivore to be found, not even a dilo. Strangely, there are no Dodo or Turtles to be found there either. The next day, I make a survey flight towards Far Peak. I don't get there as I take advantage of a drop I spot along the coast. It contains a complete wood hut. Burdened with that weight I fly back to camp. Still, I have found safe landing places where I can rest Tommy for that planned trip to the top of Far peak to get crystal. The following day, I take along only the pick and pike, I leave everything else but my armor, some food, and a torch. I make a rest stop just before a large bay, then a second on the beach at the base of far peak. Then, I make the long accent to the top of far peak. The view is awesome a I look for a safe landing spot away from the scorpions and Saber Tooth. I can see the entire Ark from there and it is big. Landing on the top hidden by a big rock from a roaming scorpion, I get to work on the crystals nearby and dump any stones I harvest. Golden metal rock is also nearby, but for the moment, the crystal is most important since weight will be an issue on my return trip and both are very heavy. With 50 pounds of crystal and ignoring the cold, I get on Tommy and head back down to the coast. On the trip back to camp, I see a Carno hunting in the exact spot I had tamed Tommy the day before. It’s going to be a threat if it reaches my base Camp given that the pen is only made out of thatch. I fly Tommy back to base and take the crystal into the cave where I can craft the spotting scope that night. The next morning, I make my plan for dealing with the Carno. I saddle up Mike and Trixie, my two strongest mate boosted Trikes. The plan is to use them to approach the Carno and when it comes in to attack, use Mike to spear him in a charge while Trixie nails him from the side. The plan works better then expected. I approach the Carno from the side. It runs towards me to attack, The angle is perfect. I turn and ram the charging Carno in its face as Trixie rams it from the side. The Carno bites the dust. Both Mike and Trixie come out of that battle with only minor injuries. I am very pleased with the results as I dismount Mike and chop up the dead Carno for its meat and hide. September 10, 2015. I have doubled the size of the thatch pen from it’s original 8x13 to 13x16 to give the tames more room in anticipation of taming more of them. I soon add more storage in the corner by my bed shack along with preserving bins and crafting stations. My Level 38 Perry gets the fancy Ark logo blanket saddle. I have also obtained a Level 27 female which is laying eggs I will need for Raptor Kibble. September 14th, 2015. With everyone requesting this, we finally get a raft. I promptly get one crafted up and start exploring with it. It should be noted that a second update occurred later that day so that the sharks wouldn’t attack it. The next morning I saddle up Perry and load him on the raft. The Parasaur doesn't seem to place any weight on the raft. In fact, it seems that anything I place on it has no effect on it at all. When Ark came out in June, storage boxes had a limit of how much weight they could hold. Like the Dodo birds attacking players, that restriction was removed. Also, land dinos were given the ability to back up, something the Pteradons still don’t have unless you are running a mod. And, until recently, they would take off flying as soon as you got on their saddle. Landing in the cove, I build a thatch shack from supplies I had collected from a drop. I add a campfire, torches, and a porch. After cutting some wood for a fire, I take Perry out exploring. As I ride along the outer beach avoiding the numerous other herbivores living there, I spot two gleaming rocks on the ridge above. Metal, I have found the metal rocks. Hitting them with the metal pick yields metal ore, as much as 50 pounds in some of them. Before long, I have almost 300 pounds of metal ore stored in the raft. I head back to main base with Perry. Now, I can craft that longneck rifle, a scope, a sickle, spare crossbow and spare metal tools. I also get a garden plot started to raise advanced crops. I finally tame an Ankylosaurus that I find on Herbivore Island. 9-14-2015 at Level 38. Day 135 on the Ark. Have I been playing this game that long? The past 35 days have been spent exploring the eastern shores, testing out new items, taming pets on Herbivore Island, and mining metal ore there. The new longneck rifle has its use but doesn't seem to hit as hard as the crossbow. It is also expensive to use requiring a metal and several gunpowders for a single bullet. So, for now, I store it on the raft with the ammo. The crossbow remains my ranged weapon of choice. With tranc arrows, I can drop a Dilo with one shot. In fact, I end up taming six of them. They make a great hunting pack working well together and able to take on the normally hard to kill turtles with ease. I have sailed the raft far north to an island known as Dead. The spotting scope confirms it is crawling with predators of all sizes. With Argentavis flying close by, I turn the raft about. I have also sailed the South Coast going as far as a bay formed by a rocky outcropping. I have observe a pack of raptors tearing up a parasaur and other herbivores in an inlet leading to a river. The rocky outcropping is fairly quiet with only a couple of dilos hunting the Dodos living there. I find a quiet spot on the sandy beach there and construct a thatch hut from supplies I got from a nearby supply drop. With the next game update, of 9-26, I find that my base is in a huge mess. All of the boulders and vegetation that I have mined are suddenly all back thicker then ever. Mike finds himself perched on top of a boulder. Two others boulders have materialized in the wall of the base. Outside, I observe the same mess. One boulder has materialize inside my irrigation system which continues to function. I set about cleaning up the mess by first breaking up the boulders with the metal pick. The wall remains undamaged when they explode and vanish. Next are the palm trees by the Dino Gate. They are just in the way of my pets especially in the landing zone for Tommy. The next day, I saddle up Tommy for an inspection of the Ark. As I fly over Drayo's Cove, I notice several extinct creatures that I have never seen before. There is a small flying reptile with a round head with rows of sharp teeth. I see another creature about twice the size of the dilos but with a big round head. Then, I spot a huge horse shaped creature browsing on the palms. I place the spotting scope on it. “Male Paracer, Level 6.” So, that is what it is called. All seem to be docile as I fly close by to inspect them. I fly up the coast towards far peak when I notice that all three obelisk have rotated locations. The blue one is green, the green one red and the red one blue. What? The volcano under the blue obelisk has turned white like it has become snow covered. At Far Peak, I nearly get lost in the dense fog. As I am nearly to the top anyways, I head for it and land there to get crystal for a rifle scope. It is freezing cold at the top, far colder then on my last trip. As I prepare to leave, I spot an Argentavis flying straight towards me. I just make it out in time as I push Tommy to fly down the steep slope at full speed. Thankfully, he leaves the Argentavis in the dust. When I reach the nice bay to the East with the waterfalls at its end, I find that it is no longer there. In its place is a vast swamp with cypress and mangrove trees. There are sacros galore in the water. Titanboa snakes are everywhere along the edge. Paracer inhabit the meadow on the edge. And, I see huge frogs hopping about. Now what? A bigfoot in the forest. The spotting scope displays, “Female Gigantopithecus, Level 9.” With the extra building supplies I gather from cleaning up the mess, I set about doubling the size of my Dino Pen. It looks like I may be adding new pets to my collection and I may need that space soon. It is been 190 game days I have invested into playing Ark. I have finally completed the improvements that have doubled the size of my dino pen. Those improvements include replacing the thatch walls with wood. They also include reinforcing the ramp barrier with wood after that wall was damaged by a wild Bronto that climbed over the thatch wall on a boulder damaging it. I also have a hunting pack of six spitters, some tamed dodos, a pair of Phenomas, and another Ankylo. I have completed a second pen connected to the first using wood for the first two panels. And, then it happened. October 20, 2015. The Bronto that climbed over the ramp barrier manages to wedge itself against my newly finished pen and the nearby palms. This presents a real problem. If he panics, he could destroy several days of work. If I try to cut him loose, he could get hit and attack destroying the East wall and my irrigation pipeline. That leaves a third choice, attempt a tame and hope for the best during the take down. I know that this will be the most difficult tame yet attempted. The bigger the creature, the more effort that is needed to drop one, the longer the tame, and the more resources needed. Brontos are huge. In fact, they are the biggest creatures on the Ark so far. I refer to the WIKI for some advice how to proceed. The notes say to aim for the head with tranc arrows, to give them a couple of seconds to take effect, and that it will take quite a few before the Bronto will drop. It also says to expect the tame to take days and hundreds of Mejoberries, maybe a thousand. I find that Brontos will also eat advanced crops that Rockkart are a favorite and they will speed up the tame. I am in luck, my garden has four full stacks available. I plan for the take down at first light. I head up on the rock on the shore base to get a good shot at the Bronto's head. The first shot hits between the eyes. The Bronto turns to face me head on and remains stuck. Thankfully, unlike the Stego, he doesn't do anything to to damage the base. 15 more tranc arrows to the head and he collapses in a cloud of dust. The tame goes well. In spite of a bloodied forehead from all of those arrows, the Bronto has suffered little damage. The base is undamaged. The rockkarts are working well on this Level Six Bronto. In spite of the taming settings being turned up to 2X, it is early morning on the second day before the bronto tame is complete. Of the four stacks of rockkarts, I have two left among with the hundreds of Mejoberries that were not needed. I name him Bruno. I take him out as a pack animal. He follows along nicely. I am able to pack a thousand pounds of wood on him as I turn around and park him next to the new pen. The next day I level up to 55 and craft the Bronto saddle. He is a fabulous berry harvester gathering hundreds in one tail sweep that sends a wild parasaur running in panic. As I park him back by the pen, I find that I have another problem, how do I get off him without getting badly hurt? It is a long ways down from his back. I find the solution is to do the Fred Flintstone and slide down his tail. Several days later, I decide to tame the female Bronto that has been stomping down the palms at the point. She should make a good companion for Bruno as well as be a source for eggs to use in some future kibble. I load up Terry with the supplies, the Bronto saddle, set off to the point, and park him behind a boulder so he doesn't get involved in the take down. As expected, she comes charging at me with the first tranc arrow to the head, I avoid being stepped on with the second. Ducking a tail sweep, I place a third. Running around a boulder on the beach, a fourth. Back into the palms, a fifth. She is not a happy camper as I trip over the driftwood trapping a Trike that runs off. Then, down she goes in a cloud of dust. I place the rockkarts and narcoberries into her inventory, set up a pair of torches to ward off the cold, and get prepared for a long stay after ambushing three dilos that come snooping around. They have second thoughts about causing trouble when they see Terry nearby. The tame goes well showing 85% taming rate when it is complete. I name her Berniece, place the saddle on her, bring her back to base, and park her beside Bruno. One more chapter to come soon.
  9. Watch some of the You Tube trailers of mod maps and PC game play. You will be blown away by the virtual reality this game can display in real time compared to the Switch which plays a poorly supported crippled version of The Island. You will need a good gaming PC to enjoy Ark, the official mod maps, and the player created stuff available. There are many excellent game playing videos over in the Creative Chat forum. Once you get use to the keyboard - mouse method of playing Ark, you will never go back to a game pad.
  10. My Island Adventure 2015. With reference to a story posted in January of 2016 and an extensive collection of screen shots, I have assembled the experience from first playing Ark Survival Evolved from it’s release on June of 2015 to the end of December of 2015. The computer in use at that time; I-5 with 8G ram and a GTX 460 graphic card. Previously, I had dual 512meg cards but upgraded when those cards wouldn’t run Midevil Engineer, a sandbox building game. Game settings were on high on a monitor that was 1680 by 1050. While I played that first map until the released of The Center, the last game save has been lost to time. However, I still have the screenshots from the first thatch hut of July 10 up to the expanded base when it was invaded by the newly released Titansaur which walked over the spike fence and fell down the cliff. The game settings: They were all default but one has to remember that Wildcard changed the default rates for gather, XP and taming to four times the original level. That will be evident when you read just how many game days it took to level up. The settings using the present 2022 rates as a reference, 0.25 for XP, gather, and taming. The wild creature levels, from 1 to 40 max with most being from 4 to 12. There were no bolas available to aid in taming or defense. There was no raft either to get away from sharks and Parana. Vegetation and other harvestable items was very sparse compared to what appears on the map today. There was no swamp, redwoods or snow biome in 2015, those being added later that year. Mid June of 2015. With that first update to allow one to play Ark in the new Host/Local menu, It was now possible to start a single player game. Gone was the need to play on one of the new official servers where everyone was still learning how the game works and became vulnerable to those that knew how to play it. So, I start out by making my character, naming him Halsey, and selecting East Zone One which is located between Drayo’s Cove and the Lava Cave entrance. On those first two weeks, I concentrated on leveling up as I got my stone pick, stone hatchet, and some spears. A temporary 1x1 hut was built in the rocks on the point of Drayo’s Cove where I worked to gather the materials for thatch clothes. The area has remained quite safe from predators with the only creatures on the beach area are low level dodos, turtles, parasaurs, trikes and, pteradons. A note is at this state of the game, Dodos would run from you in a panic if you attacked them. That was not so before single player was released where Dodos would attack a player if provoked. By July 10, I had leveled up enough to get a spawn bed and had built a 1x4 thatch shelter against the cliff of the box canyon by the Lave Cave. According to the screenshots, there was very little trees and bushes in the box canyon to harvest for resources. At that time I was only Level 12. I did have a cooking pot but is didn’t appear to have much use at the time. It's also when I learned how to use Steam for saving in game screenshots. Now, what is interesting back then is the fact that the Blue Obelisk is located along the East shore. The red and green are in the other locations. I find that creatures are getting stuck in the trees, such is the case for a Level 2 turtle and a Level 5 Pteradon. I do find a Level 14 Trike stuck as well. Two Brontos are in different areas of the beach knocking down the trees. July 12 I go explore the Lave Cave. It has an area inside that one could build a small camp with room to spare. I even saw a Pteradon fly inside that area for a short while. Down inside, it gets too hot to go very far as I can see lava falling from the ceiling. Now, these were the days before Bats became an issue. On July 13, I am able to access my first supply drop. Three sleeping bags, a fire pit, some spark powder, and a bunch of assorted berries are found inside it. The night of the 14th, I am having to deal with the cold weather. I am on guard with a spear having survived a surprised attack by three spitters that nearly killed me. They do give much needed meat and hide which is placed in the small storage boxes. On the 15th of July, while exploring up on the plateau, I spot a T-Rex on the other side of Drayo’s Cove. That is not good should it wander across and start going after everything on my side of this area. July 19th. Is this a bug or what? I nearly freeze to death, literally, while standing next to a fire with a lit torch. I later learn that I will need multiple fires to stay warm under such conditions or go hide in the cave. This was before huts were set up to provide some shelter from the cold nights. July 21, an update now allows me to throw a torch. It also adds Dimorphdons, and the soon to be hated Titanomyrmas, the giant flying and crawling ants. July 25, this is ridiculous, three standing torches and a torch and I am freezing to death while in the cave. At Level 18, I finally have the slingshot and a bow with arrows. August 3, or Day 32 on the Ark. How time flies. A green drop appears on the hill on the point. It contained two parachutes, a bow, 46 stone arrows, and 16 valuable tranc arrows. I decide I will head for the trapped Parasaur I spotted yesterday to tame it. But, it is nowhere around. So I head for that stuck trike I found the other day. He is still there. Finding him, I hit him with a tranc arrow and promptly have to avoid an attack by a Level 5 male. This doesn't make sense at first, I think. Normally, mate boosted creatures will come to the aid of one another. I have quickly learned that if other creatures of the same species are nearby, they will come to the aid of the one under attack regardless of their sex. So, I drop him with tranc arrows when he gets stuck in the trees. It is an all night tame but finally get him. I name him Mike and head back to camp to make the saddle. As I approach camp, I spot a wild Dilo waiting in ambush. As I hit it with a stone arrow, Mike charges in front of me and rams it with his horns killing it instantly. The Trike has now proved its worth as a bodyguard against other predators. I soon level up and craft that trike saddle. As I ride mike, I find out that his skills are more useful then I had imagined. In addition to being able to attack and kill wild Dilos, he can knock down trees and driftwood to harvest wood and mostly thatch. Even more valuable is his ability to harvest berries and seeds which he does in far greater numbers then I ever could picking them by hand. He gets no fiber, but, that is fine by me. The ability to harvest large number of berries especially those hard to get narcoberries, will greatly aid in crafting narcs and taming future dinosaurs. I decide to go tame the original trike that I was after the day before. I take mike along for the tame. Three tranc arrows drops the other male. Like Mike, the tame takes about an hour. It is much easier since I can use Mike to gather the berries I need and not have to rely on my limited supply of crafted narcs that I am will need for more tranc arrows. During that tame, another supply drop occurred on the hill. I get two standing torches, a firepit, and misc items. As it is getting dark, I placed the torches near by and light them to help ward off any unseen predators during that night. That second trike, another male, wakes up tamed. I name him Terry the Trike, place Mike's saddle on him, get him unstuck by using his attack mode, and whistle for Mike to follow us back to the base. Later that day, I find the male Parasaur stuck at the point on the cove side. I head back to get the trikes and the Parasaur saddle I had crafted some time ago. I decide to bring both trikes with me as the area this Parasaur is in can be much more dangerous at night. The tame takes an hour given that I have knocked out a Level 20. Once tamed, I have one heck of a time getting him unstuck but finally get him loose. I ride him back to base with the trikes following us. I name him Perry the Parasaur. Like the Trikes, Perry can harvest wood, thatch, and berries. But, his gather rate is so slow that I find I can do the job much faster on my own. He does have the ability to run a lot faster and further without getting as tired as quickly as the trikes. Unlike the trikes, he has much less ability to carry heavy items. What becomes interesting is that like me, my trikes and parasaur, have health stats, can be level up, and that I can improve one of their stats such as health, weight, speed, or melee damage, each time they do so. Such an ability is proving quite useful, as I can craft a pet that is faster, tougher, and stronger then their wild cousins. In addition, I had noticed that when a wild female Trike had wandered close by while I was in the taming process with Terry, a mate boost would appear over his stats. I looked that up in the survivor's WIKI. He stated that having a mate boosted pair gave each of them a 25% boost in their abilities, something that could make the difference in surviving, or being killed in a fight with a predator. So, it was time to go tame a girl for the boys. I didn't have far to go when one wandered into camp during the night. Placing the boys on Passive so that they wouldn't accidentally attack her, I hit her in the head with a tranc arrow. Down that head shook then she charged in my direction. I dodge in the nick of time as I put a second arrow then a third to the head. Finally, she staggered over to a nearby boulder and collapsed. Note, head shots are now less effective on Trikes with the update. They were very effective in 2015. I don't know why it turned into such a long tame She wasn't that high of a level. Fortunately, much of the vegetation around camp has return, so I didn't have to go far to get a steady supply of narcs and the Trike's favorite food, Mejoberries. I named her Tina. Both my males now show mate boosted. By day 43, I have tamed a second female trike named Tricia and crafted a second saddle August 7th. The August 1st update has added tribolites as well as a sickle. Until I can unlock the Forge and Smithy, I cannot make one to make finer gathering a lot quicker. At least, some of the foliage and boulders are starting to return to the area. I also tame a second female Trike that has wandered into the box canyon. At least, I now have mate boosted trikes. One day when chasing after a drop on the hill with my four trikes and collecting its stash, I noticed Terry was missing. Where did he go? What happened to him? Given that he had a saddle on him, I had to backtrack to find what had happened to him. I traveled all the way back to where I had went the entire day. No Terry. A loss of a saddle and valuable tame with everything he was carrying I though. Then, when I turned the corner to reach cave base, Terry comes running to greet us. Seems though he had tried to shortcut across the cliff as we were racing to the drop, lost his footing, and slid down it. As taking all the trikes along has become a chore to keep an eye on them so they aren't getting stuck on or behind something, I decide to just take a saddled mate boosted pair along on my daily foraging expeditions. I find that keeping a track of a pair is a much easier task then with taking four of them along. They also work much better as a pair then with four of them or alone. In addition, I notice that the wild dilos I occasionally come across tend to keep their distance, even when I am dismounted. I use the saddled pair for harvesting wood and thatch and switch Trikes when the one I am riding becomes encumbered by the weight of the resources. As I have spotted a T-rex on my side of Drayo’s Cove, I have been kept busy building a pen from wood and thatch to protect my tames. I am also preparing the wall sections to block off a ramp that comes up from Drayo’s Cove to keep one from coming up into the cliff above my camp given that the T-Rex came up the ramp to investigate a starter hut I had built there before wandering off to continue hunting on the beach below. August 29th. I lose one of my Trikes while out gathering wood. A pesky Bronto on the point had been trashing the palms all week. That idiot Tricia decides she has had enough of this and goes off after the Bronto. Unable to call her off, I get on Mike and charge in to help, but he soon gets too tired to fight. I am forced to bail off and fight on foot with the primitive bow and arrows, Badly hurt, the Bronto runs off to the cliff and gets stuck trying to climb it. The Bronto falls as I get a message that Tricia has killed it. Unfortunately, she is crushed to death when the it falls on top of her. I salvage what I can and head back to base. The next day, I go searching for a replacement and locate a Level 21 female stuck in the palms near the point. It takes 15 tranc arrows to drop her. Two days later, Yes, it takes that long back then resulting in only 42% taming effectiveness, she is tamed and ready to go. I name her Trixie. Those four Trikes have proven to be a most valuable resource, a game changer in this world of survival, by making my survival on the Ark far easier then doing so on my own. That night, I hear this big crash outside of the thatch pen. Did a T-Rex come up the ramp to find my camp? Going outside, I find that a Stego has slid down the cliff and is now wandering about. It is a Level 2 Female. September 1. I decide to go tame the stego as she is now down by my beach shack. She promptly goes crazy as I hit her with tranc arrows to the head. By the time she falls unconcious, she has destroyed half of the beach shack, the cooking pot, and three storage boxes. After an all night tame, I saddle her up and go berry harvesting. In no time, I have over 300 mejoberries, 120 thatch, 33 wood 66, narcoberries, crop seeds and an assortment of other stuff. September 8th. The thatch barrier is finally completed. I see a Bronto testing it out. After several tries to cross it, it finally turns around and leaves. It is day 52 in the game and about 70 real days of playing Ark when I finally reach level 25. Metal tools! Yea! To craft those tools, I need a Smithy. It takes five of my refined metal ingots, 50 stone, 30 wood, and 20 hide to craft it. With the Smithy, I am able to craft a pick, hatchet, pike, and crossbow using the metal ingots that I refine from the metal ore in the Refining Forge. With 52 days of breaking boulders on the beach and inland, I have collected barely enough metal to craft all five items. The pick, taking only one of my precious refined metals, is well worth the cost of the materials. It enables me to harvest flint, stone, and the occasional metal ore at a much more efficient rate. At a much slower wear rate, it will last an entire day of constantly hitting boulders before needing repair or replacing. The hatchet, of similar capably, but taking eight of my metal ingots, is extremely efficient at getting wood, It takes very little time to gather hundreds of wood at once. The Pike, taking ten of those metal ingots, gives me a hard hitting spear, while a bit heavy at ten pounds compared to three spears, I find that it hits my targets twice as hard and will not break unexpectedly. It does show a wear bar after extensive use. The crossbow, a stunning achievement using seven metal ingots, gives me a longer range hard hitting weapon that uses my existing stone and tranc arrows. Not only do the arrows travel faster and further with the crossbow, they hit with twice the efficiency when fired from a primitive bow. Once cocked, I just acquire the target and pull the trigger. I find that it works great at taking out those pesky dilos, one tranc arrow fired from a crossbow is more then enough to drop all but the higher level ones. I hit them at range, they stagger, then collapse unconscious. The only drawback is it takes twice as long to reload. Yes, the grind was really that bad back in 2015. Yet, Ark continued to get numerous updates with new creatures appearing in many of them as well as new tools and abilities. To be continued.
  11. A very interesting map with some nasty surprises such as when I was ambushed by Shadowmanes on an island at night. Some of the small islands next to the Redwoods are a good place to get established and are close to the more resource rich dangerous areas. Now, if I can find a terminal somewhere to upload a 467 damage crossbow and a very rare amrgasaurus chibi I got from Raptorclaus.
  12. 2-26-22. This area of Scorched Earth has been surprisingly peaceful. I have been able to finished the house on the upper level and move all of the workshop into it. While I have built an adobe shelter connecting it, the Castle, Keeps, and Forts Remastered mod structure has provided the needed thermal protection unlike the vanilla building materials which would have made it act like an oven. The old starter hut and a retaining wall have been removed to give the tames inside a lot more room. There have been a lot of Roos hopping about in the mud pan areas. Given their ability to leap up to great heights and distances, I craft up a saddle for one and start looking for a good level one. I will have to get one cornered given that a net is unavailable for the harpoon gun in Scorched Earth. After a lot of searching, I find a higher level male and proceed to tame it. Coming back to my camp, I spot a Tek Stego. Level 6? Are you kidding Ark? It is quickly dispatched of and all of the metallic stuff harvested. Later that morning, I take Joey up into the central mountain to gather salt, sulfur, crystal, and obsidian. Those items are needed for preserving salts and polymer. I proceed to head up the path to the top. Fortunately, there is no resident Yuti and his carno buddies on the slope. There is a Rock Golem that I am able to avoid along with a pair of Sabertooths that I bait into falling down off the slope. Some low level Argys are around but don’t pose any threat as I mine the needed resources. I then head back to camp before the afternoon heat becomes an issue. Time to get a dragon so that I can get organic polymer from the Mantas in the nearby desert. For this dangerous tasks, I will need to head for The Great Split where the dragons live. Sometimes, one might be found flying over the badlands, but they are usually a threat to any tames in one’s camp unless you can secure them in a barn which I don’t have at this time. Besides, unless one is running the Immersive Taming Mod, you cannot tame a wild ones without using a cheat. As I don’t want to transfer one into Scorched Earth due to the Kapros living in the pond at Green Oblisk, or just GMSummons one in, I use the Fly cheat to fly over to the southern area of the split. In Desert Armor, I find the lower area of the split which looks quite bare. As soon as I head lower, about two dozen dragons suddenly spawn in. Using the Player’s Only cheat, I freeze the simulation so that I can study the levels that have spawned in and look for eggs. There are no eggs or nest in any of the nesting coves at this time. Finding a Level 156 female fire dragon, I decide to fly down to her and use dotame on her which works. I name her Tammy after one of my story dragons. I then fly her out of the split before unfreezing the game, do some quick hunting with her to get food and some levels in stamina and melee. About then, my Jarboa starts warning me that a megaheat is on the way. Being early afternoon, it is time to get back to my camp as quickly as possible. I make it back just in time and land her on the roof of the adobe shelter. Waiting out the Megaheat, I craft up a bunch of Adobe ceilings and pillars. The existing roof needs expanding so that Tammy can fit more comfortably up there. I get that job done by nightfall. The next morning, I take Tammy into the desert to massacre some Mantas for chitin and polymer. I need to craft up a bunch of cementing paste in order to get a Fabricator and some canteens. Polymer is also needed for cryopods and Valerian Reins. One thing of interest using the Kraken’s Better Dinos mod is that female mammals can be milked. I get a similar message on Tammy that she will produce more milk after a set period of time. Interesting, female dragons normally don’t produce any more milk unless they are wild and you knock them out again after an hour of waiting time. This might be a mod thing or an update given that one can now breed tamed dragons to get fertile eggs from them. Anyhow, I kill several Mantas with her getting the required resources along with a metal pick, hatchet, and other tools. Back at camp, I get a bunch of cementing paste crafted from the abundant stock of stones I have and the big stash of chitin. The Fabricator is soon made, standard polymer, crafted, and two canteens made. I am also able to make the Valerian Reins for Tammy which give her a huge boost in base speed, stamina, and maneuverability. Taking Tammy with me to clear out the Karpos at the Green Obelisk, I get five cryopods crafted for future use. In a couple of days, Ark is going to get a major update to all of the maps along with some TLC to it’s creatures. At that point, I will likely restart all of my maps from day one to take advantage of those changes. Crystal Isle will likely be restarted using the crystal mod which is like playing that map as a new map. Expect some new stories to appear in the future.
  13. You can never spend too much time writing role playing stories for the various maps of Ark. The number of views is a good indication on the popularity of a post. This is a snipped from The Stargate Adventure which follows much of the game but with a twist of entering into an alternate world through a portal. As they continue to inspect the interior of the temple and unpack their supplies, everyone’s thoughts are interrupted by a deep sounding painful moaning sound they hear coming from the far end of the room. It sounds like a cry for help in some ancient language. “Watch out!” warns Cleo. “There’s something big hiding in the back corner.” Everyone makes a quick dash back outside to hide. Dr. Croft, Joe, and Tod light up their flashlights and carefully go back inside to see just what is hiding in the back. “Does that look like a real live dragon?” Tod asks Dr. Croft in a whisper as the head of the unknown creature comes into view of the light of the lantern and looks at them. “On my gosh! That looks like a Game of Thrones dragon,” Dr. Croft answers back quietly in both fear and excitement. “From the strong smell of blood in here, he must be badly hurt. Stay here. Hold on to my flashlight. He appears to be more frightened of us then we are of him.” “Be careful,” Tod warns her as she slowly approaches the dragon. “An injured creature can be very dangerous when cornered.” “I will,” answers Dr. Croft. “It doesn’t look like that he wants to harm us. He is just so frightened and in a lot of pain.” Approaching him slowly, Dr. Croft eventually gets close enough to touch the frightened creature on his nose, then, the side of his face. The dragon, about the size a giraffe, starts calming down as Dr. Croft talks to him softly in some ancient language. In pain, he appears to answers her back in a similar language. She then looks at Tod and Joe who are staring at the both of them in astonishment. “It’s OK,” she tells them. “I’ve been able to communicate with him. He’s tells me that he has been hiding in here due to his injured leg. Have someone bring a dead raptor in here and a bucket of water. He’s dehydrated, starving, and in a great deal of pain. Leave the temple doors open so we can get some fresh air and light in here.” “What’s going on in there?” asks Professor Narcy with concern when Tod and Joe comes back out. “We found a real live dragon hiding in there,” answers Tod. “Dr. Croft seems to have made friends with him. She wants us to bring him some food and water. He’s not going anywhere. He’s appears to be badly hurt.” “There is a canvas bucket in the outfitter supplies,” Mary tells her son. “Help me get it and carry some water over to Sandra’s new friend.” “Ahab, Professor Narcy, Dr. Sanders,” orders Joe. “Help me drag one of those dead raptor into the temple.” Mary and Tod are the first to come back to where Dr. Croft is with the injured dragon. They bring over the bucket of water to him where he carefully gets a long drink from it. There is a sigh of relief that sounds like a thank you when he is finished. “How bad is he hurt?” asks Mary as she touches the dragon on his neck for the first time. “He has a deep laceration in his right leg.” reports Dr. Croft. “It’s no longer bleeding but it looks like it is badly infected.” “Do you know how he got injured?” ask Mary. “No,” answers Dr. Croft. “All I know is that he doesn’t want to be left alone in here. He started crying for me when I started to leave to see where the rest of you were. He wants me to keep comforting him.” The four men show up next dragging the dead raptor into the temple. The second Dr. Sanders spots the dragon, he is running out of there to hide behind the door. “Tod, help us drag this raptor in here,” orders Joe. They drag over the dead raptor placing it in front of the dragon. “Now what” asks Joe. “He wants to eat it but he can’t seem to be able to get the claw on his wing to hang on to it. He looks so sad.” “Can you guys butcher it up for him?” ask Dr. Croft. “What if he tries to eat us?” ask Joe. “He gave me his word that he won’t harm any of us,” answers Dr. Croft. “Give me the pieces of meat you cut off the raptor. I’ll hand feed it to him.” The four men start to butcher the raptor with the hunting knives, first skinning the raptor, then cutting off pieces of flesh. The dragon watches them intensely in anticipation of being able to get something to eat. Tod hands Dr. Croft the cut off pieces of meat who then hand feeds them to the dragon. “For as hungry as he is, he is being very careful taking that raw meat out of your hand,” comments Mary. “I’ll go have a closer look at that injury.” “Oh dear, that gash in his leg looks so painful.” she tells Dr. Croft as she has a closer look at the injury to the dragon’s left leg. “It needs medical attention. How are we going to clean it out and stitch it together while he is awake? It’s going to hurt like hell if we start to clean out the infection in that wound, then sew it up. He’s not going to like us doing that.” “Is it possible to put him to sleep with these Narcoberries?” asks Helena. “If we can do so, that will make it a lot less stressful on the both of us to clean up and stitch that wound back together,” answers Mary. “There are some heavy duty curved needles, cord, and disinfectant in the outfitter supplies. I can use a towel for a bandage and duct tape to hold it in place.” Sandra’s dragon has finished eating when Helena tells Dr. Croft what they want to do. “He will eat the Narcoberries for you so he can go to sleep.” she tells her after talking to him in a strange language for several minutes. “That’s good news,” Mary tells her. “Lets get started. The App tells me that Narcoberries will speed up the healing process as they put him to sleep. I also have a recipe for a disinfectant solution made from the narcoberries to clean out the wound before we sew and bandage it up.” With the disinfectant solution crafted up, Dr. Croft gives the dragon a large hand full of narco berries and more water to wash them down with. She is massaging his neck talking softly to him as he relaxes while laying on his side and soon drifts off into a deep sleep. The operation goes well as Helena and Mary work on his injured leg. The gash is quickly cleaned out, disinfected with a narcoberry solution, then stitched back together with the heavy cord and the curved canvass needle. It is covered with a bandage made from a large towel and held in place with duct tape.
  14. 2-19 Went out to look for a Perry. After searching for a good level one I found him up the path towards the Green Obelisk. With the T-Rex in the distance I was able to get him tamed and down into a safer location. Interesting is that he can harvest 50 wood from each of those small pine trees. That is more efficient then the Morley. I finally saw a female raptor that was not such a low level. However she got into a fight with the Rex as her pack went after a Morley. That Rex has got to go as he is now in sight of my base. With the existing raptor pack, I head out to confront it. It is soon located close by. Pack boost activated, I tear into it taking it out quickly. Ronnie gets the kill and the meat and hide. Ronnie 2 gets what the Rex had on her. It is a successful hunt with only minor injuries to the raptors. As the day progresses, I spot two more raptors beyond the water hole. They are doing battle with three Morleys and some Doeds. One is killed but the two have managed to take out all of the Morleys. The survivor, a Level 76 Female. As her injuries are minor, I take her down with a bola and have her tamed in no time from the raw prime I got for from the T-Rex. With good stats for a level 76, the pack now has their mate boost. The rest of the day is spent gathering resources to expand the pen as it is already starting to get crowded inside. I start an expansion into the cliff which is two panels high finding a way to incorporate foundations into it to have a pen expansion up there. 2-20-22 The expansion up on the bluff is working well. The building mod has allowed me to snap a foundation to the existing wall thus giving me a level foundation for the work lodge. The other end of the lower fence is an issue but I luck out when I can match the wall with the lodge by using a ½ and 1/3 wall section. A stairway now leads up from the lower level. Construction is interrupted by Perry’s alert of a threat nearby. A low level raptor is spotted in the nearby mud pan. It is taken out when I also spot a tek raptor closer to my base. Taking it out, I decide that I better find the low level Equus that has been chilling out in the hollow of a large rock. Too late, the tek raptor must have ate it while I was chasing the other one down. Overall, this area has remained very quiet with most of the threats spawning in from higher up or away from the mud pan and nearby pond. That mud pan is an excellent source for pearls. More resources for construction are gathered next. I use the Doed for stone, the Thorny to get wood from the Joshua Trees that have now spawned back in, and Perry go get thatch from the cactus which he gathers quite well. As a drop has given me an oil pump, I will need to take a trip over to the Green Obelisk area to place it on an oil node nearby. By late afternoon, the lodge has been completed. So far, it appears that the Castle, Keeps, and Forts Remastered mod is not affected by the environment the way the vanilla wood and stone structures are. I can build another Adobe structure next to it if heat becomes an issue. Next project will be to move my workshop into the new lodge and remove the starter hut to give the tames more room in their pen.
  15. My single player game on Scorched Earth. (Not to be confused with The Story of Scorched Earth which is a separate role playing adventure.) Settings; Single player with taming, harvesting, leveling set at 3X. MODS; Ultra Stacks. Kraken’s Better Dinos. Castle, Keeps, and Forts Remastered. The adventure. The map seems to be more well balanced as far as the wild dinos that spawn in from what it was playing it in the past. There were just too many predators out there in the starter zone as well as hanging around all of the sources for water. Much of that has since been re-balanced especially being able to find logical places where one can shelter from the afternoon heat blast. Still, this is not a map for a first time player. There are tricks one needs to be aware of for survival on this map such as waterskins are worthless, one can pick wood from the little pine trees, and you get rehydrated by harvesting a cactus with a pick or hatchet, drinking from a water seep, or from a blue Jug Bug, and building made from wood, stone, or metal are ovens in the daytime. My character Desert Pete is spawned in at the first easy point on this brutal map. It is located in the Eastern Low Desert. While I have spawned in this area before, there are several spawn points for this location, some good, some not so good. This one, located near the Green Obelisk, is one of those that is not so good which I will soon explain why. Like all the starting points on this map, I spawn in with no engrams other then the default. I am already getting the “You are hot” warning as I am nearly run over by a Morellotop that is being chased by a Direwolf. Thankfully, it doesn’t agro on me as it keeps chasing the Morellotop. Wonderful, I even see a pack of raptors out hunting as well. I could find getting myself killed before I am able to get started on this map. It has happened before. The first task at hand is to get out of this area and down to the Southern Canyon before the afternoon heat arrives. The reason, that area is sheltered from the heat. There is also a pond that is free from Karpos in the spot I am heading as well as several metal nodes close by. Running is out of the question as that drains water quickly in this heat. A pick is quickly crafted and with the first three levelups, a hatchet, spears, and some thatch clothes which offer some thermal protection. Continuing down towards the canyon area, I am able to obtain some hide from a dead raptor. So many of them are low level that a pack of Morleys or Doeds can easily take them out.There are cactus in the area which on this map have the ability to refill your water meter by just hitting them with the pick. Eating berries and cactus sap only slows down the water drain. Also, Jug Bugs, another water source, are rare in this area. I continue down the slope adding weight and fortitude as I get more levels. The spawn in point has placed me much further away from where I want to go then expected. At least, I now have a boomerang and bolas as I get hit with an overheating warning. The priority now is to get into the Southern Canyon before heat stroke sets in. Finally, with my destination in sight, the overheat warning vanishes. Now by a reliable water source, I proceed to get a starter hut built from thatch as this is the only structure, other then Adobe or a tent, that will provide some protection from the weather. A 2x2x2 thatch hut is built. With the bow and arrow unlocked, I get those crafted up and do some hunting in the nearby area. Small game is scarce around here as I need the hide for a spawn bed, forge, and leather armor for the night. I manage to obtain sufficient resources for the campfire, forge, mortise and pestle by nightfall. I cook up half of the meat and split the rest to spoil for trancs. From a nearby metal rock in the pond, I gather just 22 metal ore for the Better Dino Workbench and a pick. Interesting, it has started to rain as I proceed to work on that task along with berry and fiber gathering. I get that processing as it starts to get too cold to be out for the night. By morning, I have the workbench, a metal pick, and tranc arrows. I mine the rest of the metal rock and get them smelting down in the forge. Spotting two raptors, up in the hill towards the Green Obelisk, I head up with bolas and tranc arrows to go make them my first tame. As usual, things don’t go as planned. I get the first one down, but the second one runs off getting into a fight with the Ankylos. It takes ten tranc arrows to knock the first raptor out as I am having issues getting head shots with this feisty thing. Finally out, he gets tamed. It is a high level male. The other dead raptor and an ankylo are harvested for their meat and hide. Interesting, the ankylo yields toughened hide. In no time, I have gathered a good stock of meat and hide with him. Coming back to camp, a low level Hell Pig is fighting some Doeds, it gets killed by them. I gather the meat from it which happens to be a type of bacon that can be used for quick healing of a meat eater but is poor for taming. A thatch ramp is made so that I can get the raptor up on the roof for the time being. It is a pain to snap into place as it will only snap along a wall. Later in the day, now armed with more tranc arrows on a crossbow, I find two more mid level raptors hunting in the canyon. This time, they are quickly bola and knocked out in under 30 seconds for taming. Unfortunately, for taming up for a pack, they are also males. A female raptor is most desired to give the pack a mate boost. For the next couple of days, I keep searching for a good level female but find only low level males. When I do finally find one, it is a level 4 that gets quickly killed in a fight. A nearby supply drop gives me a complete set of desert armor. Meanwhile, with three raptors parked on the roof and a tamed Morley, I place down a Villager’s Workbench so that I can get started on a secure pen for the tames. More raptors and hell pigs are starting to show up down here. The Morley proves useful in gathering larger amounts of wood from the hand pick able pine saplings. He is also good at getting thatch and cactus sap. It may be the dino mod as the Morley holds 1,000 units of water instead of 750. Also, the water stats do not show up on the wild ones unless you use a spyglass on them. A doed is obtained to mine the boulders for stone and sand. They get a 75% weight reduction on stone. I also find out that I am getting a 50% weight reduction on that heavy sand as well. A mega heat wave hits that evening but the location where I am at is sheltered from it’s effect. It’s freezing cold once it is over. Wood continues to be an issue as it is needed for the forge, cooking, adobe, and the Villager’s structures. At least, there are the fast respawning pine saplings that yield lots of wood using the Morley. The yield from the Joshua and cactus Trees using a metal hatches are poor and even worse using the Morley. A Thorny Dragon or chainsaw is going to be needed. As I am building the pen, I spot a tek raptor in the area. It is soon in a fight with the wild doeds which eventually kill it. Free scrap metal, electronics, oil and element dust. I could also use a Parasaur just to have it for it’s alert status. So far, there have been very few in the area all being Level 12 or lower, so, I take them out with the raptors. The same with all of the kangaroos which get swarmed so quickly that they are dead and eaten before they know what has hit them. As evening approaches, I hear a Jarboa sounding a storm warning. Tracking it down, I knock it out and have it tamed before the storm hits in the distance. An Ankylo gets tamed in the morning. It gets put to work mining boulders so I can get spark powder production going for the torches and gunpowder. Heading up towards the Green Obelisk, I go looking for a Thorny Dragon. I spot a Rex hunting in the area. Normally, they are found much closer to the Southern Desert area of the canyon. This one could be a threat. I stay out of it’s sight finding a mid level Thorny Dragon to tame. I call him a Thorny Beaver because of their wood gathering ability. He gets lots of wood from the Joshua and other trees, but none from the cactus. At least, their harvest will be a lot more efficient on those uncommon wood sources. So far, the area I am camped in remains relatively safe. The only danger are the raptors and the occasional Hell Pig. No wolves other then the ones I have seen near the Green Obelisk. Not so down the canyon in the direction of Nosta. In that pond are Karpos. I have even seen a Purvola near the pond, yes, they are a hazard on this map as well as Terror Birds and a thieving pack of Pegomaxes. No flier so far. I may pay a visit to Lost Island to upload a dragon to the obelisk where on the last time I played it, I was able to obtain a Level 185 lightning dragon and her egg. Surprise, the Dotame cheat now works on the wild ones in single player. I may just head up in the mountain for now to tame an Argy. Just a history on the Avatar used on my post in this forum. It originates from Scorched Earth when that map first came out. He is a gmsummons male that was then custom color mapped into the gray white one used for the Avatar. He happens to be named Avatar and was featured in the story Primitive Plus, Scorched Earth posted around the time that this form went online in 2016. There is still a lot more to be done on this camp before I go download a dragon from another map or go looking for one in the Wyvern Trench. I need to build a new, larger Adobe workshop with a landing pad next to the dino pen and add couple of high level females to the raptor pack. Then a Blake for cave work or attacking the mantas for polymer. They do spawn in further to the South. As always, the story may be complete here or added to as I continue to try out new things in single player.
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