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  1. Chapter 27. Recovery and Research in this new world. That following morning, Dr. Halls and Mary goes to check up on Argon. As predicted by Mary, the wing is healing up at a remarkable rate. Dr. Halls conducts a complete examination of Argon as both he and Mary wash the repaired area of the wing with the Narcoberry solution. “Argon, if you keep healing up at this rate, you will be flying soon.” “I’m so happy to hear that,” he tells him. “You may go walking at this time.” Dr Halls tells him. “I would also like you to unfold and fold the wing from time to time. Just be mindful of the restraint on your fingers. When it is time to remove the stitches, I’ll allow you to take some short flights. The important thing is that we get that slash to fuse at 100% strength. You are well on the way for that to be happening. Be careful out there and you should be just fine.” “I’ll be careful,” Argon tells him. “What are your plans for today?” “I plan on studying the dragons and other creatures living around this village,” answers Dr. Halls. “We can escort you to their nests,” answers Argon and Cindy. “I’d be delighted to have you two as my escort,” answers Dr. Halls. “Just remember, don’t try flying at this time even though that wing feels so much better.” “I’ll stay on the ground,” Argon tells him. The two, along with Cindy, Dr. Mays, and Mary, follow Argon to the nesting area set up South of the village by the Vikings for the survivors of the Marcus Rookery. The dragons living there are soon by the group looking at the repair to Argon’s wing and asking a lot of questions. Mary is serving as translator for the dragons that only know Celtic. The group spends the morning examining each dragon from the flock, measuring their size, recording their coloration, age, sex, and many other areas of study. They also get their story about their lives, the raid on their nest, the injuries suffered and treated by Eric’s vikings, and the raid to put Rollo out of business for good. “I’m so glad that you have been able to repair Argon’s wing,” Aragarnot, their new leader, tells them. “Eric’s surgeons were able to take care of our injuries from the raid. They just had no knowledge on how they could have taken care of Argon’s injury.” “An injury like his, if left untreated, can cripple a flying creature for life,” answers Dr. Halls. “He is lucky that I was able to stitch it back together. I am confident that he will be flying as soon as his wing is completely healed.” “That is really good news,” Aragarnot tells him. Dr Halls does another inspection of Argon’s wing. “Your wing is holding up well,” he tells him. “Just continue to take it easy. Get some rest if you feel that it is starting to bother you. I don’t want you to accidentally pull out any of the stitches.” “Thank you for that report,” Argon tells him. “I’ll see you later in the day,” Dr Halls tells him. The group continues on their tour of the Viking Village as Argon and Cindy stays to visit with their friends for a while. They head outside over on the East end of the village where there are several Morlys grazing on the sagebrush. “Oh my gosh!” comments Dr. Mays. “Those look like those creatures that Jackson made friends with in that Stargate movie.” “They are called Morelotops,” answers Ahab. “We have seen them in several of the other worlds that we have visited. They are similar to camels in our world, but much stronger and tougher. Even though they are classified as a mammals, they are egg layers.” “Such an unusual creature,” Dr. Halls reports after examining the ones in the field. “How are you able to ride them?” “We have a saddle that fits on their neck,” reports Ahab. “I’ll have one of the shepherds saddle them up for us so I can show you what the brush lands towards the pyramids looks like. As the brush lands harbor some dangerous predators, our Morleys will offer us protection from any attacks by the predators we may see out there.” Saddled, the group head off into the Eastern wilderness. It is rugged terrain with sage brush, large cactus, grassy meadows, small trees in the dry washes. Several small mammal like creatures are seen grazing on the berries in the bushes. “Those are Jarboas,” Ahab tells the newcomers. “They serve as our weather forecasters when we are out in the wilderness. They have the ability to detect when a storm or heat wave is coming.” “Are we in any danger from the bad weather?” asks Dr. Mays. “I have packed a special tent with us,” answers Ahab. “We can seek shelter in it should we run into a sandstorm, electrical storm, or heat wave.” “What about the Morrelotops?” asks Dr. Halls. “They are well equipped to handle the weather extreme,” answers Ahab. “They will just rest next to the tent like the camels do in Egypt during a sandstorm or other bad weather.” As the expedition continues along the game trails, other creatures are spotted out in the distance. Those include some giant kangaroos, a vulture, and some jug bugs. “Are those raptors in the distance?” asks Dr. Mays. “Yes,” answers Ahab. “So long as we are riding on these Morlys, they will keep their distance. I have a family of tamed ones you can study once we go back to the Sacrifice Temple. They are surprisingly quite friendly as tames. Alexander’s Son has a Direwolf as a tame. They are large enough for him to ride on like a large pony. We have many more unusual creatures from Earth’s early history back in the Egyptian Village that you can study.” “That is most interesting,” answers Dr. Halls. “I will have to be careful that Argon is properly healed before I give him the OK to go flying with no restrictions so I can continue the study of the unusual creatures of this land.” It is approaching late evening when the patrol makes it back to the Viking Village. “That was quite an interesting trip,” Dr Halls tells Ahab. “I had better go find Argon and check out his wing.” Argon and Cindy comes to meet Dr. Halls over at the Great Hall as the rest of the researchers arrive there. His wing gets examined by both the Doctor’s and Mary. “This is really looking good,” Dr Halls reports as he and Mary apply another Narcoberry treatment to the stitches. “If you continue healing up at this rate, those stitches can come out in a couple of days. The app is telling me that we can remove the tongue depressors tomorrow.” The evening is spent comparing notes on the field trip and observing the creatures the Vikings have as their tames. Studies of the livestock have gone well with Dr. Halls amazed at how healthy those herds are in this new land. The following morning, Dr. Halls has Argon back on the makeshift operating table so that he and Mary can remove the tongue depressors. They are no longer needed to align the wing membranes and are starting to leave an impression in the healing wing. They apply the narcoberry solution to the stitched area. “I believe that those stitches can come out tomorrow,” he tells Argon. “That’s good news,” he tells them. “What are your plans for today?” “I plan to study the agriculture taking place in Eric’s village and Alexander’s trading center.” He tells Argon. “I’d be honored if you serve as an escort.” “Ride on me,” he tells Dr. Halls. “I’d love to do so,” answers Dr. Halls. “You’re wing has healed up enough for you to carry me. Just don’t go flying yet. I’ll have you do some wing exercises when we go outside. Sitting on you will give me a good view on how well your wing has healed.” Outside, Dr. Halls has Mary and Dr. Mays observe Argon’s wing as he is put through some flapping exercises. “Looking good,” they both report. “We’ll do some more of those exercises throughout the day,” Eric has now joined them as they head out to the agriculture area of the village. “Interesting,” comments Eric. “Argon is letting you ride on him. You are the first person ever to do so.” “He asked me to sit on him,” Dr. Halls answers. “I believe that he wants to experience what his friends have been experiencing when your villagers go flying on them. At the rate he has been healing up, he will be flying soon.” The tour takes them to Tyrion’s nest in the center of the village where Dr. Halls has a look at the scar on Tyrion’s leg and the one on Lisa’s shoulder. “This is the bolt that I pulled out of his leg,” Raganor tells Dr. Halls. “He’s lucky that he still has his leg,” Dr. Halls answers after seeing the size of the bolt that was used against the dragons. “That Lisa is one tough dragon to survive 24 hours swimming with a wounded wing in the sea.” “You did a good job with completing treatment with Tyrion’s leg.” answers Mary. “When did Lisa show up?” “We found her swimming in the sea shortly after you left,” answers Raganor. “She was the only one of the four to survive being shot out of the sky by Rollo’s dragon killers. She was so scared of us when we sent out a longboat to bring her back to the shore. One of the orphan eggs we recovered was hers. The other was Tyrions.” “Those are going to be some gorgeous dragons when they reach their adult size.” answers Dr. Mays as she checks out the two juvenile dragons in Tyrion’s nest. “You are so lucky to have so many dragons as your friends.” “We have made allies with so many of them that I doubt that they are any wild ones left on this world,” answers Ahab. “The Marcus Rookery were the last wild dragons we ended up making contact with. In spite of what happened to them, they have all chosen to live with us of their own free will.” That evening, Argon is back in the operating bed for a wing inspection. “This is great!” Dr. Halls tells him. “My app is confirming what I am looking at. We’re going to go ahead and remove the stitches at this time. Tomorrow, your wing will be ready for you to take some short flights.” “That is some great news,” Argon tells them. “I’m going to have a hard time waiting until morning to go flying.” “We still have to apply the Narcoberry solution to the holes left by the stitches,” answers Mary. “That alone is going to make you drowsy. By morning, those holes should have closed up.” With the removal of the stitches, the last treatment is applied to the wing which now has a line showing for the scar from healing. Soon, that will show a matching dot pattern looking like a tattoo. Argon soon drifts off to sleep as Dr. Croft massages his neck. The following morning, everyone is getting ready for the big test. Dr. Halls has examined Argon’s wing finding that as Mary has predicted, the holes from the stitches are now fully healed. With Argon on the surgical bed, he proceeds to remove the restraint from the two wing fingers. “Let go see if you can fly,”He tells him. “Do some wing flapping test for me.” Argon steps outside and does a wing flap test. Dr Halls gives it a quick look over as Argon holds the wing open. Then’ he tells Argon. “Do a test flight for me.” Argon carefully gets a running start, then launches himself into the air. Everyone is cheering as he circles about and comes in to land in front of the medical team. “Lets go inside so I can do a complete exam on the repair,” Dr. Halls tells Argon who is in tears of joy that he has now able to fly for the first time in a year. “Excellent,” Dr. Halls tells him after doing a complete exam on the medical bench. “You are now cleared for flying. Just take it easy until you get your strength and flying skills back.” “Fly on me,” Argon tells him. “Are you sure,” Dr. Halls asks him. “I owe you a ride for what you have done to help me fly again,” Argon tells him. “Lets go see your friends at the rookery,” Dr. Halls tells him as he climbs up onto his shoulder. They are joined by Dr. Mays who has been asked by Cindy to ride on her, Mary, Dr. Croft, and Ahab as they all take flight on the dragons with them. It is a most astonished rookery of dragons as they see Argon flying to visit them with a rider. The sky is soon filled with dragons that have to see for themselves. It is soon a busy scene when Argon lands by his old nest as every dragon in the area have to come up to look at the healed wing and to thank Dr. Halls for repairing their friend’s wing. “You now have a dragon friend for life,” Dr. Croft tells Dr. Halls. “This is been a most amazing adventure,” Dr. Halls answers as they all take flight to circle the village to visit the other nearby rookeries. “I never imagine that dragons were for real, that I would actually do an operation on one to repair his wing, that they would be as intelligent as these dragons, that I would make friends with one for life. I’m not going to want to return to the madhouse of my world after living in this one for a week.”
  2. Chapter 26. The Operation. An e-mail from Dr. Rogers has alerted Dr. Croft that Dr. Halls has just arrived at the Stargate Temple and will soon be on his way to the village. “This has been one most unusual trip,” Dr. Halls tells Dr. Rogers. “I have never taken a trip before on such short notice where everything has been so prepared right down to my passport and bypass all of the security at the airport to be taken by a private charter to this remote location. What is going on here that is so important that it requires my skills? What is in the specialized medical equipment suitcase that has been sent with us?” “We have a most unusual patient for you that needs your surgical skills so that he can fly again,” reports Dr. Rogers. “Once you get to see him, you will understand why we had to bring you to him. I’ll be free to tell you more what this is all about once we enter the Stargate Temple.” “Lets go then.” reports Dr. Halls. “Have you ever watched the movie Stargate?” asks Dr. Rogers as they enter the temple. “Yes, I did when I was working on my master’s degree,” answers Dr. Halls. “Why do you ask?” “Because the Stargate in this temple is for real,” answers Dr. Rogers. “You and Dr. Mays are about to join an elite group of interstellar pioneers once we step through the portal. Let me show you what my research team found 11 years ago.” Heading inside the Stargate Chamber, the foursome, that includes Ahab hauling the specialized equipment on a hand truck enter the Stargate Chamber. The gate is activated as the foursome step through into the temple on the other side. “Welcome to 10,000 BC Egypt in the land of the two suns.” Dr. Rogers tells the two newcomers as they step outside. “Here comes our transportation to the Viking Fishing Village.” “Oh! My! Gosh!” says Dr. Mays in shock. “Are those real dragons?” “Yes,” answers Dr. Rogers. “Dr. Halls patient happens to be a dragon in a village we are headed for. His wing was slashed by a broadsword during a fight with Viking raiders leaving him unable to fly. Don’t be afraid of them, they won’t harm you. They are very intelligent. Some of them can talk to us in our English. Ahab knows their native language.” Six dragons land next to the foursome as Ahab introduces them to the newcomers. “Now I understand why you asked for my help,” answers Dr. Halls as he gets to see a real dragon up close. “Those dragon’s wings look quite similar to the fruit bat wing I did surgery on for the Detroit Zoo last year. This is going to be quite interesting doing similar surgery on a dragon wing.” “At least, the scale you will be working with will be a lot easier to operate on,” answers Dr. Rogers. “And, unlike the fruit bat, you will be able to talk to your patient.” “As soon as we pack your surgical supplies on one of the dragons, we can be on our way to the viking village,” reports Ahab. “You ride’s name is Marty. Dr. Mays, your ride is his mate Macys. They are both familiar with the English language. It is a four hour trip to get there. You don’t have to do anything while flying. Just enjoy the ride as you carry on a conversation with your dragon friends.” “Oh my gosh,” Comments Dr. Mays as she gets on Macy. “She’s wonderful. This is just like Game of Thrones.” “The main difference is that this is as big as these dragons will grow,” reports Ahab. “The bonus is that we can talk to each other. By the ways, they can actually breathe fire so you want to be on their good side. No, I’m not kidding about their breathing fire. They use that fire to cook their meal. Talk to Macy about anything that you want, Tell her about your family, ask her about hers, she would like to get to know you.” The flight takes off heading for the Viking Fishing Village. It goes quickly for the two newcomers as they engage in conversation with their dragon rides. Dr. Mays is fascinated with how the dragon families and social structure works in this new world. It is nothing like she had expected. “Our fantasy knowledge about your kind is so, totally wrong,” she tells Macy. Dr. Halls is mostly asking questions about the dragons and other creatures living in this world. “When I am done repairing Argon’s wing and he is well on the way to a recovery, I would like to see those other creatures living in this world.” he tells Marty. They make it to the village by noon. The two newcomers head over to where Argon has been resting with his mate Cindy and feeling nervous about the plans for the day. Mary is with him for the introduction. Dr. Halls and his assistant Dr. Mays conduct their examination of his wing with Cindy in attendance. “You were wise to ask for my help,” he tells Mary. “This is a most difficult injury for even a fruit bat to recover from. As I was able to get the fruit bat back in the air again, I see no problem in getting Argon’s wing stitched up. It is just going to take a couple of hours of work to get it stitched together and keep it that way so the two halves can fuse together as they heal. “When you get my wing sewed together, how long will it be before I will be able to fly again.” asks Argon. “I can tell that you’re going to be a such a good patient,” answers Dr. Halls. “Argon, I’m not sure. We don’t have any dragons in my world. I don’t know how long it is going to take for a dragon’s wing to get healed from such an injury like yours. I’m guessing about two weeks at the most providing that there are no complications with the healing process. That is what I observed with the fruit bat’s wing that I sewed together. It could be a lot sooner then that. Mary tells me that the dragons she took care of, that had holes in their wings, were fully healed in a week. Raganor has told me just how quickly Tyrion’s leg healed up from his cross bolt wound. I’m planning on staying here with you to check out the healing process. I’m told that the Narcoberries in this world have great healing and disinfectant properties. I definitely plan on using them to get you flying again.” “Thank you for such encouraging news,” Argon and Cindy tells him. “We’ll get started as soon as I have my equipment set up in the Great Hall,” Dr. Halls tells Argon. Raganor will bring you there when we are ready. Back in the Great Hall, several of the villagers are helping to get the makeshift operating room ready. A bed is placed for Argon to lay in where his wing will be supported by tables padded with blankets. Battery powered LED lights have been sent along with the special equipment as Dr. Halls, Dr. Mays, and Mary lay out the tools on the table next to Argon’s bed. “Plastic Tongue depressors? What will they be used for?” asks Mary. “The app I am getting on my data device is showing me how to stitch his wing together.” reports Dr. Hall. “The tongue depressors are going to be used in place of a support mesh in order to align the two halves of his wing in place as we stitch it together. It is even showing me the stitch pattern required. Mary, according to this app, I will need you on the floor under his wing to push the suture needle back through his wing and place a tongue depressor in place so I can tie off each stitch pattern. We’ll place a blanket down there for you to lay on with a pillow and a light.” “Dr. Rogers, where did this app come from? I’ve never seen anything like this before.” “It originates from our anonymous donors,” answers Dr. Rogers. “They must be the extraterrestrials that constructed the Stargate and made the arrangements for our first visit. Apparently, they are unable to do anything about Argon’s wing and are using our help to repair it for them.” Raganor has now brought Argon into the Great Hall where Dr. Halls gets him positioned on the bed. Cindy is with them. “I would like to be awake while you are working on my wing,” Argon tells him. “I see no reason why you need to be put to sleep for this procedure,” Dr Halls tells him. “I have some medication that I can use to numb the area where I am working on your wing. I am going to have to cut through the healed edge of the injury so that there is raw tissue to pull up against it when I stitch the two halves in place. Once I am done with a stitch pattern, Mary and I will apply a narcoberry solution on the repaired section. According to the app, that will start the healing process, stop any bleeding, and further numb any pain from the surgery.” “Are you ready for me to start the procedure?” “Yes,” Argon answers. “I’m going to start by tying these two web fingers in such a way as to take the pressure off of the sutures.” Dr Halls tells him. “Then, I’ll inject some Novocaine into the cut area to numb it. When you tell me that you have no feeling there, I’ll proceed to trim the edge of the slash and we will start sewing it together.” “Lets get this show on the road,” Argon tells him. “I’m glad that he has a good sense of humor,” Raganor reports. “He has been so depressed about being unable to fly for so long.” “That’s good to know,” Dr. Halls answers. “Argon, we are going to measure out and secure just how far the fingers supporting the injured section of your wing membrane should be spaced. We’ll use your good wing to get the measurement needed.” Dr. Halls and Dr. Mays proceed to measure out and secure the two wing fingers using their spikes to superglue the hooks for the restraint into position. They proceed to check out how the wing fabric is lining up before tying down the restraint into position. “We’re now ready to proceed with stitching the membrane back together.” “This is going to sting a little,” Dr. Mays tells Argon as she injects the Novocaine into several spots at the top of the slash in the wing membrane. “That’s not too bad,” Argon tells her. “It’s starting to tickle. Now, it feels strange, like it is going to sleep.” “Good, that means that the Novocaine is doing it’s job.” answers Dr. Halls. “I’m going to start at the top of the tear and work my way down with the stitching process. Mary will be under your wing to pass the suture needle back up to me. Dr. Mays will provide us with the instruments and supplies needed for stitching up your wing.” “I’m ready,” Argon tells him. The operation goes smoothly as the process of trim, suture, treatment with the Narcoberry solution, and numbing of the next several inches of the injury continues. The process takes well over an hour to complete as Dr. Halls, Dr Mays, and Mary are in constant conversation with each other, Cindy, and an ever getting drowsy Argon. “Why am I getting so sleepy?” Argon finally asks Dr. Halls. “It is the sedating effects from the Narcoberry solution we have been applying to the wound.” He tells him. “Anyhow, we have good news for you. We are now finished with the surgery. Lets get you into a more comfortable position so you can get some sleep at this time. Just don’t lay on the surgery side of your wing. Someone will keep watch as you go through your post operation recovery.” As soon as he has been placed in a more comfortable position, Argon is sound asleep as Dr. Croft is massaging his neck to relax him. “That is the best recovery medicine I can give him for now,” a tired Dr. Halls tells everyone. “I think that we could all use a good nap after that surgery,” answers Mary. “You can use these beds we have brought into the Great Hall for you,” Eric tells them. “We’ll keep an eye on Argon while he is sleeping.” It is early evening by the time everyone wakes back up from an exhausting day. Dr. Halls goes over to check on Argon who is just waking up as well. “Argon, you are healing up nicely,” he tells him after a quick inspection of his stitched up wing. “The villagers are bringing you something to eat and a bucket of water. We will apply some more Narcoberry solution to the wound once you are finished eating. Then I want you to take it easy and get a good night’s sleep.” “Thank you for sewing my wing back together. It no longer feels so weird with the membrane flapping about and the constant pain of it’s failure to heal up properly.” Argon proceeds to get a drink of water from one of the Vikings that has brought it for him. He then eats several pieces of cooked meat. After several minutes of questions about how he is feeling, Mary gives him some Narcoberries and water. He then gets positioned back in the bed as she massages his neck. He soon drifts off back to sleep. “I believe that Argon is most certainly well on his way to a full recovery,” Dr Halls tells everyone as he files his report on his PDA device. “Mary is right when she told me that dragons heal up fast when a Narcoberry solution is used to clean and disinfect their wounds. From what I am seeing on Argon’s wing, it looks like that it has been healing up for two days already. It will certainly look a lot better in the morning. This has been a most interesting experience for me. My colleges will never believe me when I have told them that I have conducted surgery on a dragon’s wing.” “You can just tell them that you had to do emergency surgery on another bat’s wing for the Cairo Zoo,” answers Dr. Rogers. “Or just tell them the video I made of the operation was done on a computer simulation.” “I suppose I could do so,” answers Dr Halls. “This place sure has some of the most interesting creatures I have ever seen. I can’t wait to study the dragon families and all of the other creatures they have in this world.”
  3. Chapter 25. The New Worlds. Stepping through the activated Stargate, the returning group are greeted by Farrell, Ramseys II and Clarence. The chamber in the land of the two suns has been decorated with 21st Century items as well as modern Egyptian, Celtic, and Viking ones. Stepping outside the temple, they are greeted by Frieda and the two dragon kids. Ramsey’s children are also in attendance along with a lot of new faces and dragons to greet everyone. “Are you sure that we are in the same village we left ten years ago?” asks Dr. Croft.” “Yes,” answers Ramseys II “As you can see, our village has grown quite a bit since you left us. Our kingdom has grown considerably the past ten years. We have made alliances with the Vikings to the West and the Celtics to the Southwest. We found a tribe of Eskimos living in the northern Tundra by their ice covered sea. We also found a lost tribe of Israel from the time of Moses living in the South. Given that we have found just about every rookery of dragons living in this world, I don’t think that there is such a thing as a truly wild dragon any more. They are either living with us, or with one of the other kingdoms as their allies.” Dr Croft is interacting with Farrell’s kids as she is introduced to them. Dr. Rogers has taken quite an interest in these unusual fantasy creatures. “What a wonderful dragon family you have,” Dr. Rogers tells Farrell as he interacts with the dragon kids for the first time. “I’m so happy for him,” answers Dr. Croft. “Without his friendship, none of this would have been possible.” “We have built up a large trade route with all of the kingdoms except one.” reports Ramseys II Each kingdom trades in those resources that are in short supply for the others. Pyramid City is once again occupied being located on the trade route between our village and that of Eric’s fishing village on the sea. “The only kingdom that remains isolated from us is Rollo’s viking raiders of the Northwest. A year ago they tried to steal eggs from the Marcus Rookery East of their island killing several of the dragons and injuring a dozen others in the process. Raganor and Tyrion soon taught them a lesson they will never forget when an alliance of over 200 male dragons from all the nearby flocks, warriors from our kingdom, the Vikings of his village, and the Celtics, all launched a raid on Rollo’s kingdom. Your radios were a great help in conducting that raid. They hit them with the dragons by diving out of the eclipsed suns at noon taking out all of their dragon killers at once. Then, they burned their village to the ground, set fire to most of their longboats, managed to rescue several hatchling dragons along with the two Viking women caring for them, and started a raging firestorm which burned off all of the trees on that island and destroyed their crops. Tyrion says as of last week that they still haven’t recovered from the retaliatory raid to their homeland. The survivors are still living in makeshift shelters as they attempt to live off what is left of their ruined land.” “That had to have been quite a battle,” answers Dr. Rogers. “One would have though that Rollo’s son would have worked to change their ways after his father was defeated on the raid on Eric’s village by the dragons protecting it,” answers Ramseys II. “I’m just sad to hear that more innocent dragons ended up getting killed and injured as a result of his raids” answers Dr. Croft. “Hopefully, it will not happen again.” We were able to successfully treat all of the injured dragons except for one,” Ramseys II tells her. “Argon got his wing sliced by a broadsword. In spite of our efforts by our best surgeons, it just refuses to heal up properly. The injury has left him unable to fly any distance.” “Where is he living now?” asks Mary. He is living with Eric’s Vikings,” answers Ramseys II. I’ll want to have a look at his wing when we visit Eric’s village,” answers Mary. “Lets see what changes have taken place here and make plan to visit Eric’s village as soon as possible, then the Israelis settlement.” The tour in the village is quite a contrast from eleven years ago. Sentry parasaurs are still around but the village has grown quite a bit in size. There is a market square next to the Stargate Temple where the two dragon pairs Ricky and Ronda and Flame and Torch are living in their shelters on the roof. There is a short delay in the tour as Dr. Croft has to see them and their kids. Down the main street, it is lined with cottage industries where the families are busy with weaving linen and other fine fabrics. Another shop there is involved in the creation of fine pottery. Still another, the casting of jewelry. A Blacksmith shop is forging farming tools and other items. A Brick Kiln is curing building materials. Farm fields are growing fruits and vegetables with rice, corn, soybeans, and wheat in the further areas of the valley. A flock of dragons has flown in to take Ramseys II and the researchers to the Sacrifice Temple. Many of them are familiar to the research group. “You will like what we have done to your old home,” Ramseys II tells them. “Dr. Rogers, you can ride on Firefox.” “How do I ride on a dragon?” asks Dr. Rogers. “No one knows how to ride on a dragon until they have ridden on one,” answers Dr Croft in jest. “Just climb up on the arm of her wing, sit on her shoulder, and enjoy the ride.” “This is outstanding,” Dr. Rogers tells Dr. Croft after they have taken off to fly to the sacrifice temple. “As Jon Snow told Danys, you have spoiled me from horses.” It is quite a sight to see the small village that has sprung up around the sacrifice temple as the dragons fly in to land. The swamp has become a rice farm with one end being kept as a natural area for the wildlife and fish living in it. The two shelters above the main gate are much stronger having been made out of wood and stone for the four dragons with their youngsters living up there. Freida’s nest is in the temple where her two youngsters come out to see Sandra and the newcomers. The accommodations of the researchers remain maintained in the side along with their crafting stations and unused supplies. Everything is in excellent shape as if they had left it yesterday. Ahab’s raptors come in looking for attention with their two offspring that are now half grown. “Are they safe?” as Dr. Rogers with concern. “They are quite safe,” Ahab assures him. “They behave like large gentle dogs. We have learned a lot about raptors in this world including how they raise their young after they constructed a nest and hatched their eggs.” “Lets us plan to visit Eric in the morning,” reports Ramseys II. “There’s plenty here to keep everyone busy for the rest of the day.” In the morning, the flight is made to the Viking Village of Eric. It is vastly different from when the researchers left having now doubled in size with newcomers and the addition of the trade center. Everyone gets to meet Alexander with his Draco and Jerrie with her Hilda. Both are raising families. “Where did all of the dragons come from?” Dr. Croft asks Eric as she sees that there are nearly a hundred of them in the area. “They decided to move in with us of their own free will,” answers Eric. “Is Argon here with them?”asks Mary. “Yes he is,” answers Raganor. “I pray to our Gods that you can do something to help him. He has been feeling so depressed about his injury he suffered fighting Rollo’s raiders. His wing is so crippled by it that he can no longer fly.” “Lets go see him so I can inspect that injury,” answers Mary. Raganor takes the group over to where Argon has made a nest his home where the introductions are made. Both Mary, Dr. Croft, and Dr. Rogers do a detailed examination of the injury by having Argon laying down and spreading out his wings as if he is flying. “I now understand why this injury is not healing up properly.” reports Mary after conducting her examination. “Because of the way the finger bones are held into position by the webbing of the wings, these two finger bones are being pulled out of position when he tries to fly or is resting. This slash is never going to heal up on it’s own if it keeps being pulled apart. I have an idea of how this can be surgically repaired but I don’t feel confident that I can do this with what supplies I can obtain here. It is going to require cutting the sliced edge of the webbing, placing it in a surgical mesh to support it, then sewing the two halves back together so that the trimmed section can fuse together as they heal. We’ll also need to restrain the two fingers in such a way to limit how much they are spread apart until that sliced membrane between them has fully healed.” “I may know someone over at Michigan State Veterinary School that may be able to help us,” answers Dr. Rogers. “These dragon wings look a lot like those that one can find on a fruit bat. He has successfully done repair surgery on the wings of one for the Detroit Zoo.” “See if you can contact him on your cell phone,” asks Ahab. “I’ll make the arrangements to get him here.” The call is made which gets through the Stargate to a college named Dr. Halls. “Let him know that we can pick him up, and his assistant, at 10AM tomorrow morning in front of his office and that all of the travel arrangements have been made,” Ahab tells Dr. Rogers. “He will be provided with a surgery kit customized for what needs to be done for his patient.” “We have definitely peaked his interest in our expedition,” reports Dr. Rogers. “He is quite curious why he has to come here instead of bringing the patient to him. He will be here in two days with his surgical assistant.” “Argon, we are going to do everything that we can to get you flying again,” Mary tells him as she massages his neck. “Dr. Halls is one of the best veterinary surgeons in the business.” “Thank you so much for wanting to help me,” answers Argon in Celtic. “Everyone here has been so helpful to our rookery after what the raiders did to us a year ago.” “I’ll personally bring him, his assistant, and his medical supplies here as soon as he arrives through the Stargate.” reports Ahab. “I want to see you flying again.” “I’ll return with you given that this place and his patient are going to be quite a shock to him and his assistant,” reports Dr. Rogers. The Viking Fishing Village has changed considerably in the past 11 years. A large walled section neat the southern cliff has been added to the village to protect Tyrion’s flock that is living there from any predators. It had been built with the help of the dragons. A new dock with a breakwater has been built to protect the fishing fleet from bad weather. Dragons had been used to carry the stones over to it from a quarry nearby. Two additional Longboats belonging to Eric’s son are tied up with the other longboats. They had been used to bring back the rescued hatchlings with their two Viking caretakers. They are doing just fine with their mothers and the two caretakers. Alexander has set up his trading outpost with Jerrie and their children living there along with Hilda and her two dragon kids. Farm fields are in the nearby valley with it’s stream providing the irrigation for the crops that need it. The following morning, Dr. Rogers and Ahab make the return trip to the Egyptian Village and the Stargate installation on Earth so that they can be there when Dr. Halls and his assistant arrives from the States. The rest of the team make the flight to Montgomery’s village to spend the day there studying the Celtic culture. It is a surprise to find out that they had made friends of the dragons independent of Dr. Croft first making contact with Farrell. “We found out that their dragons were part of Tyrion’s flock that had moved to that island some time ago,” reports Raganor. “We had made a trip to Logan’s homeland when his people found us by the burned out Abby. They spoke to us in the Celtic language. Like us, they were riding on dragons when we first met.” “I now understand how that was possible,” Dr Croft tells Helena. “With the common language between the two, that made it possible for the Celtics and the dragons living on their island to build up their trust between them and become allies.” The Celtic Village has changed little since it’s discovery 11 years ago by Raganor. In fact, it has changed little from it’s early history in those times of Stonehedge. Still, among the simple farming life and crafting, a Stonehedge type temple has been constructed and maintained as an observatory of the twin suns and the stars at night. It’s only major change in the culture has been the friendship with the dragons which has allowed them to conduct trade with Eric’s Vikings to the East and other Celtic settlements to the West. Detailed examination by the researchers find nothing unusual about the structure or it’s purpose as explained to them by Montgomery. It is determined to have no properties of being a suspected Stargate. “This seems to be a culture that has become suspended in time,” Dr. Croft files in her study of the village and it’s inhabitants. They spend the night there in observing how the Stonehedge is used in studying the stars. In the morning, they head back to the Viking fishing village to await the arrival of Dr. Halls.
  4. It reads more like an outline of ideas for putting together the story. Use that outline to expand those ideas into a story that features your character's adventure. I see a lot of possibilities with the expansion of those outlines into a readable novel of that futuristic society.
  5. Chapter 24, Ten Years Later. It is Spring of 2030. The world is slowly returning to normal as a result of a bitter world war that had erupted between the forces of good and evil. It had been a bitter wake up call to the sleeping people of the Western World to the threat that Radical Islam had created world wide. That war was launched worldwide by a coordinate series of attacks on September 11, 2024. It had mostly been a nasty uncivil war involving the military, the National Guard, law enforcement, and local hastily formed militias as the fighting against the radical religious terrorist has erupted everywhere. There had been a nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel, another between India and Pakistan. Several Terrorist smuggled in nuclear warheads have been set off in various port cities around the world. China has had to put down a major Islamic rebellion in it’s country in spite of it’s past effort to contain the Islamic threat by rounding up it’s believers by the millions. There was also a short lived nuclear war in Korea. The city of Mecca is vaporized by a suitcase nuke. Still, much of the worldwide fighting had been of a Civil War nature within the countries as the believers of The Religion of Peace, that infiltrated into the countries through encouraged illegal immigration, then sheltered in the Sanctuary Cities by the bleeding heart Progressives, had launched their attacks in those countries worldwide. The elections of 2024 has taken place in spite of the country being involved in a bitter most uncivil war. It has been a most difficult time for voting due to the violence taking place in the Sanctuary cities, the 24 hour martial laws making it difficult for voters to reach their polling place, the censoring of news both by the Socialist loving news media trying to influence the voters and the social media providers that were censoring the post of millions of their subscribers, and the massive voting fraud that soon surfaced in Democrat location causing their candidates lose big everywhere. Eventually, it all gets sorted out although the inauguration of President Pence had been threatened by the numerous lawsuits financed by that same aging billionaire and the Hollywood elite, who’s illegal activities are eventually exposed resulting in numerous arrests for treason. This uncivil war finally ends by 2026 as the inner city purge gets complete, the military moves in using high tech killer drones to eliminate the last pockets of terrorists activity, the surviving leaders are executed or deported to Gitmo, and their surviving enforcers get locked up in hastily reopened mothballed prisons. It had been a costly uncivil war with the populations of most major cities being all but wiped out by the violence as local law enforcement, the National Guard, and an army of armed volunteers from the suburbs have formed a defensive ring to confine the rioters to their urban neighborhoods. Mostly, those rioters end up completing the destruction of their neighborhoods as they lose their mobility due to a gasoline shortage, then fighting each other for any remaining food, drugs, ammo, and gasoline. As a whole, the smaller towns and rural areas of the country, has been spared the worst of the violence. Between local law enforcement and an armed population, any terrorist activity in the suburbs and rural areas has been quickly put down with deadly force. Basic services and overall food distribution gets slowly restored as the residents of those areas work together to become self sufficient. Barter becomes the new currency in those communities given that all electronic forms of money are suddenly unavailable with cash being in short supply. Overall, the world ends up losing half of it’s population in this brutal war of Armageddon. As the economic crisis caused by the war gets sorted out, 2030 has found the country to be in the beginning of an economic boom far greater then what occurred at the end of WW2. Large areas of the destroyed inner cities, that were not destroyed by a nuclear weapon, are being turned into new economic zones of growth as they are first mined for recoverable resources, cleared, and rezoned to encourage construction of a modern urban center which combines specialized manufacturing, luxury apartments, shopping centers, and produce agriculture, much of it accessible on foot or by battery powered transport. It is during the spring of 2031, at the end of graduation, that Dr. Rogers calls for a meeting with Dr. Croft, Joe, Tod, Sarah, and Mary Reeves. Dr. Sanders has long ago retired and moved to Florida. “Yesterday, Professor Narcy has informed me that the Stargate at the dig site has become active again. He and Helena have been able to visit the land of the two suns. You have been invited to return there to visit your friends and document the changes that have taken place since your last visit.” “That’s wonderful,” Dr Croft tells her husband. “I can’t wait to see Farrell and his Egyptian friends again. When do we leave to go see them?” “You will be picked up here next Tuesday at 10AM by the airport limo.” reports Dr. Rogers. “Bring your cameras and a change of clothes. Professor Narcy has informed me that everything else will be provided for. Unlike your last trip, I will be attending the expedition with you. I’m looking forward to seeing your dragon friends.” The trip to Egypt goes by private charter as before. Landing in Cairo, the city is in a rebirth as it’s ruined sectors are being rebuilt into a modern community with large areas of irrigated cropland. Like many Arab countries, nearly 3/4th of it’s population had been wiped out in the unholy war of Armageddon. The next day, the trip is made to the dig site by special charter. It now has several permanent installations along with a paved runaway for aircraft. A private security company headed by a retired Coronal Arafat provides protection for the installation. The temple that has been covered with a permanent tent like structure to protect it from the hot sun. A small oasis has been established using the water from the buried river for irrigation. About a dozen researchers from around the world have been working at the site the past couple of years in secret. Pioneering adventurers have also become part of those expeditions. It is all supported by the anonymous donor with Ahab and Cleo being placed in charge of the study of the temple, its artifacts, and the new world beyond. “We were fortunate to have escaped the fighting that took place thanks to the remoteness of this location,” reports Ahab as he takes everyone on a tour of the temple village. “As you can see, we have become nearly self sufficient being able to grow most of our food in this new oasis. Much of this independence we have to thank our Egyptian friends from the land of the two suns. They have helped us set up our farming operation along with the exchange of pioneers that have taken up the challenge of living in a new world.” “I thought that the Stargate had remained inactive until now?” asks Dr. Rogers. “That has been the official report,” answers Ahab. “We have been in contact with our Egyptian friends there since the war ended. We obtained free use of the Stargate in the spring of 2027. In addition, we have found the addresses to seven other worlds in addition to the one of the two suns.” “The first world we were able to visit was where Alexander and Jerrie took their honeymoon. It is a land similar to the fictional world of Pandora. It has a beautiful tropical island jungles inhabited by colorful friendly dragons that wear crystal bonnets. To it’s west is an expanse that looks like the floating mountains of Pandora. Another area has huge trees growing in there. In spite of the paradise feel of this land, there are areas that we have had to avoid that are extremely dangerous to even the dragons that live there.” “The second world we saw we gave the name of Extinction. It is a world where the advanced race of beings living there went extinct. It is dominated with huge ruins of several cities with a dome protecting it. The surrounding wastelands are extremely hazardous due to the heat, radiation, meteor showers, and corrupted creatures that attack anything on sight. So far, we have explored two other biodomes containing some very unusual creatures living in them. We also found a massive cave system with unusual plant and animal life living protected inside it. As the planet is tidally locked, there is constant daylight where we have explored with constant weather. Eventually, we may launch an expedition to explore other parts of that world but we will need to use mechanical transport for our protection against the heat, cold, and corrupted creatures. Given that there is no way to stargate the vehicle needed there, it will have to be sent there in segments and assembled on the site.” “The third world we have been to we have called Thieves. It is a water world of numerous islands of various sizes. Many most unusual creatures live there along with several terrifying fantasy ones. The human society there is dominated by several clans of pirates straight out of those Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Their life is that of exploration, building settlements, and creating trading outposts on the islands they discover. They have managed to tame most of the unusual creatures that live on them, but they tend to get involved in battles over claims on their occupied islands. Interesting is that among their 16th century technology are some 18th century Steampunk style inventions. One of the clans has a Jules Verne style submersible for exploring the deep ocean where they have found an Atlantis style city. Another has a huge flying airship they use for exploration. Still another clan has built torpedoes they have used to sink rival galleons. All have a common enemy known as ‘The Damn.’ They are ghost of the past that attack their ships at sea, defend buried treasure, and guard a Fountain of Youth.” “A fourth world is one we called Scorch Earth. It is a desert badlands with areas of desert much like you see around here. Several of the same creatures found in the land of the two suns also live there. The dragons there are aggressive having been treated badly by the emperor of the now abandoned desert city. Nomads are currently living off of the land given that the original inhabitants of that empire were killed during a great earthquake and volcanic eruption that is responsible for the present conditions on that world. The sand desert is extremely dangerous due to the giant sand worms that inhabit those area. Vicious sand and electrical storms can blow up suddenly. The sand storms sap one’s strength while the electrical ones disable all electronic and electrical equipment. The mega heat waves are the worst. One of our exploration parties lost most of it’s members to heat stroke with the survivors suffering from brain damage and second degree burns over the exposed areas of their bodies. The temperature in that one registered 75*C. “A fifth world that we found we called Frozen. It looks similar to our Earth with the abandoned cities containing huge skyscrapers and ghetto neighborhoods. It looks like that the residents attempted to move underground when an ice age froze their world. No one survived the freezing extinction that followed. There are many strange and unusual creatures living there along with mechanical bots roaming both on the surface and below in the ruins. Another planet with an ocean and atmosphere dominates the sky at night. We do not know if it is inhabited or not.” “A sixth world is one of vast open plains, steamy jungles, huge swamps, rugged badlands, a vast desert, and a frozen mountain arctic where the temperature can drop to -60* C. No humans inhabit this world at present, yet we have seen horses and sheep roaming in flocks in the grass highlands. There are numerous ruins of castles and other structures indicating that this world was once inhabited by a sizable society of midevil age humans. There are dragons living there along with a species that uses a freeze attack to stun their prey. The reason that the sheep and horses can thrive with the dangerous predators we have seen there is because the dragons are managing those flocks and herds. We also found a creature that cannot exist, yet it does. It is half eagle and lion, a Griffon. We have no idea how they can thrive given that the ones we have captured are neither male or female. Given that we have observed unicorns among the horses, this world remains a mystery waiting to be solved.” “A seventh world we have sent pioneers to it to inhabit an island where we found signs of the previous inhabitants that were recently wiped out by some toxic material that they ingested from the giant crabs found living there. They have been able to deal with the crab threat. They are only just exploring that world using some of the ships that have been found tied up to the dock and repaired. They have found their livestock roaming on that island. They plan to explore the adjacent islands as soon as they get established a camp in that village in this 1700s styled world.” “Farrell, what are you doing here on this side of the Stargate?” asks Dr. Croft in surprise as a familiar dragon flies in landing next to her with a young man in Egyptian garb riding on him. “Helena told me that you were coming to visit,” Farrell answers. “She told me that it was safe for me to come into this world to see you. She says that we cannot be picked up on your radar or infrared detectors.” “I so missed you,” she tells him as he gets a big hug from her. “Who is the young man riding on you?” “I’m Clarence from Ramsey’s village,” the young man answers. “I’ve been working with Farrell ever since you had left my world. He is a most wonderful dragon friend. We wanted to see what was out in this world, but so far, it is just endless sand beyond this oasis.” “You were right when you told me that this was not a friendly world,” Farrell tells Dr. Croft. “There is nothing out there but endless sand.” “Actually, had you flown far enough East, you would have reach signs of our civilization,” Sandra tells him. “That would have not been a wise thing to do. You would have placed yourself and this installation in extreme danger had the rest of our world found about your existence and this place. When we have the time, I will show you some video of the better places of my world.” “I’m sorry if I have placed everyone in danger,” Farrell answers. “No harm done,” Sandra tells him. “You would have had to flown all day to the East before you would have reached the Nile River and the edge of our civilization.” Dr. Rogers is standing there in shock as he watches the physical and verbal exchange between Dr. Croft and her dragon friend. “Farrell is the dragon that made our visit the success that it was,” report Dr. Croft as she introduces Farrell to him. “He made it possible to end the war between them and the humans living in their world.” “You are exactly what Dr. Croft has told me about you,” answers Dr. Rogers. “I’m still in awe that you exist for real.” “Come back with me to see my family,” Farrell tells them. “As soon as we get unpacked, we will make the trip through the Stargate,” Sandra tells him. “I can’t wait to see Freida and your children.” “When you have unpacked, gather at the entrance to the Stargate Temple,” Ahab tells everyone. “We’re going to head back to the village so we can let everyone know that you will be visiting soon,” Clarence informs the group. Unpacked in their village accommodations, the group assembles at the temple with their research recording devices. Ahab gives everyone a quick orientation of what it is like in the land of the two suns before they proceed to the Star Chamber. “Do we still have net service in Ramsey’s world,” Mary asks Ahab. “Yes, we have up to date secured service via the Stargate,” answers Ahab. “We still have the apps available through the Keepers of that world.” With that info, everyone enters the Star Chamber where the gate is activated and they step through into the chamber on the other side where Ramsey’s II and Farrell are there to greet them with their children.
  6. Chapter 23. The Land of the Celtic. “Stand down,” orders the clan leader Montgomery in Celtic as he sees that the nine riders with the ten dragons by the destroyed Abby are unarmed with women and female dragons among them. “Danny, fly out with me so we can see what they are doing here.” “Hold your ground,” orders Alexander as the two dragons fly in with their riders. They come in to land facing the ten dragons as Tyrion, Terry, and the two stranger dragons start talking to each other. “Tyron, do you know these dragons?” asks Raganor. "Yes,” answers Tyrion. “They are members of our flock that split off from us 15 years ago” “What an unexpected turn of event,” answers Raganor in surprise. “You have wild dragons as your friends,” Montgomery answers in astonishment after listening to the conversation between Tyrion, Terry, and his two dragon friends. “I thought that we were the only clan that had ever became friends with the wild dragons.” “It is a long story how we made friends with Tyrion’s and Draco’s flock,” answers Raganor. “How did you become friends with these dragons?” “We discovered that we both had the same language shortly after the Viking raiders destroyed the Abby,” reports Montgomery. “We found their rookery up in the hills and decided to pay them a visit. They decided to become our friends after Danny and I conducted peace talks with them. Rollo had attempted to raid their rookery for eggs. We offered to help protect their rookery from Rollo’s raiders. What brings you out here?” “Logan is looking for survivors of the Abby raid where he was captured as a slave by them,” answers Alexander. “I do remember him when I was 14,” reports Danny. “Logan, is that actually you? How did you manage to get away from the Viking Raiders that had captured you?” “I was able to escape when they attempted to raid Eric’s fishing village,” answers Logan. “When I saw my dragon friend Terry among the dragons that had came to the defense of the village, I jumped ship in the confusion and swam to shore. Eric accepted me into their clan when he saw me ride in on Terry.” “That is a remarkable story,” answers Danny. “What caused that scar on Tyrion’s Leg? “Several days ago, Rollo’s forces raided Tyrion’s rookery for eggs,” reports Raganor. “They managed to get away with eight of them as Tyron’s flock gave chase. He was hit by a crossbow turret bolt in the leg. It was a most painful injury to take care of. He was so frightened of us at the time when he and his injured friends landed by our village. It is only now that he has recovered enough for me to ride on him. He has turned out to be a great friend.” “Four other dragons from his flock that were giving chase were shot out of the sky by Rollo’s raiders. Only Lisa survived by swimming all night towards our fishing village. The other three dragons died from their injuries in the sea. We were later able to recover all of the stolen eggs for them. Their mothers and foster mothers are now raising the young at our village.” “That is remarkable,” answers Montgomery. “What ever happened to the raiders?” “Rollo made the mistake of attacking our village after dark.” answers Raganor. “He figured that we would have all been sleeping after driving him away in disgrace with the show of force when his fleet first showed up. We and our dragon friends were waiting for his raid to take place during the night. With the help of Terry, Logan was able to kill Rollo when he tried to escape the battle by hiding in a cave. As most of Rollo’s forces were killed in that raid when we ambushed them with the dragons, it’s going to be a long time before they are ever a threat again.” “That is really good news,” reports Montgomery. “The rest of our dragon friends will be happy to hear that the threat of raids to their nest is now over.” “Do you know if Rollo was ever able to successfully steal any eggs from your dragon friends?” asks Raganor. “I don’t know,” answers Montgomery. “Why do you ask?” “Rollo may have been trying to raise a flock of dragons loyal to his raiders,” answers Raganor. “He knows that is is possible to raise a dragon from a stolen egg. He knows that we were able to do just that with Hilda.” “Now I know why he was trying to steal as many dragon eggs as he could find,” answers Montgomery. “Can you imagine how devastating a dragon flying force would be for raiding other settlements?” “Rollo’s raiders found that out when they tried to raid our village during the night,” answers Raganor. “We should probably pay a visit to his settlement to see if anyone there is raising dragons from stolen eggs.” “Tyrion, have any of the eggs from your rookery ever been successfully stolen?” “Not that I am aware of,” answers Tyrion. “None of our eggs have been successfully stolen either,” answers Maxamus, the dragon Montgomery is riding on. “Logan?” “If he was raising egg tames, it was kept well hidden from us slaves,” answers Logan. “We should still pay them a visit just to be sure that they aren’t raising a flock of dragons for raiding,” answers Danny. “If we do so, we want to be very careful,” reports Raganor, “Their longboats have crossbow turrets on them that are capable of taking out a flying dragon. They could have the same weapons protecting their settlement.” “How far is it from here to their settlement?” “They are about three hours of flight time from here to the North,” answers Montgomery. “We have been over to their island but since we had to be hidden from his sentry outposts, we never got a good look inside the main compound.” “We should check out their settlement while they are at their weakest,” answers Raganor. “There will never be a better time to do so then now.” “Come spend the night in our village,” Montgomery tells everyone. “We would like to exchange stories about your experience with your dragons the past several days. Lets plan to observe the raiders village in the morning and go from there.” It has been quite a night of stories with the dragons as even they are exchanging stories with each other and their human friends. “What are we going to do if we find egg tames in Rollo’s village?” asks Montgomery. “It will depend on their age and behavior towards us,” answers Raganor. “I would like to be able to return them back to their home flock if at all possible. The last thing I want to do is to be forced to kill any of them.” “Lets see what tomorrow’s recon mission finds out,” answers Montgomery. That following morning, a recon party is put together from the ten dragons of Maxamus flock with the nine riders and ten dragons with riders from Tyron’s flock. Making the three hour flight across, they land up on the rugged cliffs overlooking the village. Using spotting scopes, the village is scanned for defenses and any signs of anything unusual. “I see harbor defenses,” reports Montgomery. “There are crossbow turrets on the village ramparts as well. Nothing from here that indicates that they might be raising a dragon.” “I see nothing different from when I was last in the village,” reports Logan. “Don’t move or I will flame you!” Terry suddenly warns the stranger that he has detected spying on them. His mate Sally has flanked the stranger with the same warning. “I surrender,” the young Viking lady tells Terry in Celtic. “She has an egg tame nearby,” warns Sally. “I’m scared!” something in the bushes whimpers nearby. “Come out into the open before we flame the bushes,” orders Tyrion. The Viking lady comes out with a dragon about her size with it’s head trying to hide in her chest. “Don’t hurt him!” she asks her captors as her young dragon is crying in fear. Sally goes over to the frighten two checking out the young dragon. He is not quite two years old being the size of a 12 year old human child. “Do no harm to this dragon child,” she announces. “He has not been corrupted.” “How did you manage to keep this egg tame hidden from Rollo?” asks Logan. “It wasn’t easy,” Vickie tells him. “Rollo was so obsessed with forming a dragon army that he was raiding rookeries all around his territory for eggs. With the help from my friends, I managed to hide this one from him when we were able to convince him that it has spoiled.” “Does Rollo have any more egg tames?” asks Montgomery. “No,” answers Vickie. “Rollo found it to be extremely difficult to tell when there would be eggs ready for stealing from a rookery.” By now, the young dragon is no longer crying in fear as he is calming down in the presence of the adult female dragon. Vickie’s two friends that have been helping her raise the young dragon, have been rounded up and are soon introduced to the recon flight. Soon, there is a warning that they may have been spotted by the other villagers. “We had better get out of here,” warns Raganor. “How are we going to get him back without a longboat?” asks Logan. “There is no way a dragon that young can fly such a long distance.” “I can carry him if someone will help hang onto him,” Sally tells him. “Besides, he needs a dragon mother.” Laying down, the young dragon is lifted up to lay on Sally’s neck by her shoulder as Vickie volunteers to fly back on her. She makes a short flight to confirm that the arrangement is going to work, then the entire patrol takes off heading back to Montgomery’s village. They make the long flight back with no issues other then a very tired Sally from carrying double. “Thank you for rescuing Daniel from Rollo’s raiders.” Vickie tells everyone. “One of the dragons can take you back in the morning,” Raganor tells her. “No,” answers Vickie tells him. “I cannot go back. I will be killed once Rollo’s Vikings find out that I helped you rescue Daniel.” “You can stay with us,” Logan tells her. “We’ll find us a longboat in the morning to bring you two back to the fishing village where I am now living.” “That is most kind of you,” she tells Logan. “It looks like that Daniel’s new foster mother likes him. “Doesn’t she have a child of her own?” “She lost her egg to a predator a year ago,” Logan tells Vickie. “As it takes five years before a dragons can lay anther egg, becoming a foster mom has made her very happy. You are the first person that she has ever let ride on her. You may have just found yourself a new dragon friend as well.” “That would be so wonderful,” Vickie tells him. “Sally had quite a conversation with me asking all kinds of questions on how I was able to raise Daniel after we hatched him.” It is that following morning that a longboat with volunteers from the Celtic Village, has been outfitted with a platform for Sally to ride in with her new foster child. Vickie rides with them as Raganor and Logan also man the longboat. The rest of the dragon patrol fly back to the fishing village with Terry staying to fly escort. They arrive at the fishing village by evening.
  7. Addition; Chapter 22. Back at the Viking Village. With the expedition heading back to the temple, Raganor has been placed in charge of organizing an expedition to head to Tyrion’s homeland to help him move his rookery to the Viking Village cliff side. One of the Viking Longboats is being modified so that Tyrion can ride on it near the bow. During the preparation for the trip, a dragon is spotted swimming in the sea heading towards the dock area. Logan rides out on Terry as a longboat is quickly sent out to reach it. The dragon, spotting the longboat heading for it, heads away from it in a panic as Logan reaches the struggling dragon. “Lisa, It’s all right,” Terry shouts down to her. “These Vikings are my friends. “I’m so afraid,” the struggling Lisa tells him in a choking voice as she is spitting out the seawater. “I don’t want to die.” “Terry, can you swim?” asks Logan. “Yes,” Terry answers. “Land next to Lisa so we can help her before she drowns,” orders Logan as he sheds his boots, helmet, weapons, and most of his clothes. Landing in the sea, Terry swims to the struggling dragon so that Logan can grab a horn on her head. The dragon, which turns out to be one of the missing females, is too tired to resist letting a human help keep her from drowning. She is still freaking out as she sees the approaching longboat. “It’s all right,” both Logan and Terry assure her as the longboat pulls alongside. “No one is going to harm you.” A rope is lowered from the side of the Longboat so Logan can place it around the horns on her head to keep it above the water. With the situation under control as the very tired dragon realizes that she is being rescued, Terry swims out away from the longboat and takes off flying to the dock. Staying with the swimming dragon, Logan hangs on to a second rope as the crew carefully rows back to the shore. “You’re safe now Lisa,” he tells her in Celtic while rubbing her neck as she starts crying from the stress of her ordeal. “What happened to you?” “I was hit in the shoulder by one of those crossbow bolts,” she tells him in tears. “Even though it went through my shoulder, the wound left me unable to keep flying. I have been swimming ever since trying to find the shore.” “What an awful ordeal to go through,” he tells her. “Heidi and I will take care of your wound as soon as you can get ashore.” With the longboat now in the shallows, Lisa struggles ashore with Logan by her side and collapses on the sand totally exhausted. Eric’s villagers has brought over food and water for her as the wound on the shoulder gets treated and bandaged. Several other dragons of the Tyrion flock are by her side to assure her that she is with friends. Tyrion has limped over to see the rescued female. “We may have Lisa’s egg in my nest,” he tells Heidi as she and Logan finish treating the wound in her shoulder. “We’ll know for sure once she can get over there,” answers Heidi. “If not, I could use her help in raising the youngster.” Following them to the nest, it is a most happy dragon that spots the egg which turns out to be hers. “I’ll raise my offspring right here with yours,” she tells Tyrion after crying tears of joy. “Everyone has been so nice to me.” Laying in the nest next to her egg, Lisa tells everyone what happened to the other three dragons that got shot out of the sky. “Tyron’s mate had taken a bolt through the chest. She dove into the water and never came back up to the surface. My mate took a bolt through the neck. He told me to swim in the direction those longboats were heading before falling into the sea sinking under the surface. Willman had a bolt in his back that left him unable to swim. It was so shocking to see him struggling in such a panic to stay afloat before he slipped under the water and drowned.” “We made Rollo, and his raiders, pay for their crimes against you and your friends when they attempted to raid our village,” Eric tells her as he massages her neck to comfort her. “Stay with us as our friend. We are going to move the rest of your rookery over here in the morning.” “Thank you for rescuing me, I’ll stay here with you.” the exhausted Lisa tells him as she lays in the nest next to her egg and is soon sound asleep. Drogon and several other dragons that have stayed in the Viking Village now take a flight to Tyrion’s Rookery with some of those dragons to coordinate the move. Eric and Jennifer has flown with them. It is a relieved community of dragons when Terry tells them what has happened the day before, that the eggs have been recovered, that they have made friends with the vikings that have defeated the raiders, and that most of the dragons that went after the raiders are now safe back in the Viking Village. Drogon, Terry, Eric, and Jennifer return back to the fishing village by evening. “You’re lucky that your leg wasn’t broken by the bolt,” Heidi tells Tyrion as she and Raganor change the bandage that evening. “Unlike the other day when it was hurting so bad that I didn’t want anyone to touch it, It’s feeling so much better now,” Tyrion tells her. “I owe the both of you a ride.” “It’s looking a lot better,” Raganor tells him. “You still need time for the bone to heal before you take anyone flying. The fleet is ready to go to your rookery in the morning to move everyone back here.” “Terry tells me that everyone there is excited about the move tomorrow.” Tyrion tells him. “They are ready to meet you Vikings and make the trip back here.” “That’s wonderful that they are so trusting of us after what Rollo did to them,” answers Raganor. “We’re looking forward to becoming friends with the rest of your flock.” “You’re dragon friends from the Draco Rookery were a big influence in their decision to come here,” Tyrion tells him. “Terry tells me that they were impressed by the visit by Eric and Jennifer.” “The dragons with the rescued eggs have already got their nest built.” Heidi tells him. “We rigged up a sling so that they could carry them to their nest. Sandy has told me that the two eggs in your nest will be hatching in a couple of days.” “That is such good news,” Tyrion tells her. “I thought that they had been lost forever as a result of the raid and our failure to recover them.” “You get some rest while Sandy and Heidi tends to the nest,” Raganor orders Tyrion. “We’ll leave first thing in the morning to go to your rookery. You can ride in the bow of my Longboat.” It is morning as the bandages are changed on the two wounded dragons. “You are healing up nicely” Jennifer tells Tyrion. “In a couple of days, you should be healed up enough to no longer need the bandage on your leg. Lisa’s shoulder wound is looking a lot better as well.” Tyrion is able to walk to the dock with less of a limp as the longboat crew helps him get into the seat prepared for him near the bow. “I’m going to owe everyone a ride for your crew giving me one back to the rookery.” he tells them. “Helping us defeat our enemy was reward enough,” Eric tells him. The fleet sets sail with Tyrion in the lead to steer them to the rookery location. Several other dragons fly ahead to ensure the rookery that friends are coming to help in their move. Reaching the rookery by noon, Eric finds that the dragons remaining there have moved to the beach. Logan, along with several other Vikings that flew ahead on dragons, have already constructed a temporary dock. Eric’s longboat has beached nearby so that Tyrion can talk with the dragons there and help supervise the move. Everything goes smoothly as each longboat pulls alongside the temporary dock and gets loaded with nests and young dragons. With the Viking wives and their children on board to interact with the young dragons, all the newcomers soon settle down accepting that they are not going to be harmed. It takes about an hour to load all the longboats which soon sets sail back to the village. The adult dragons are flying escort with the fleet. The young dragons are soon enjoying the unusual ride and attention of the Viking families on board. The fleet reaches the docks by late afternoon where the Longboats unload their unusual cargo. By evening, all the nest and youngsters have been relocated to their new homes. It is quite a morning the following day with some 40 additional dragons joining the flock already living at Eric’s Viking Fishing Village. It looks like more of a dragon rookery along the south side of the dock area as nest now occupy the perimeter of the village at that location. Eric’s men and teen have taken up the task of building a new fence to secure the nesting area from predators and possible raiders. The dragons there are helping out with ferrying materials down from the nearby forest in that construction. This Viking village is becoming a dragon village as there is now a dragon to pair up with all of the men living there with older youngsters paring up with the teens. Even Lisa has found a Viking friend to be with her. It is the following day when the two eggs hatch in Tyrion’s nest. Lisa is so happy to have her youngster with a friend as Tyrion’s egg also has hatched under Sandy’s care. Lisa’s shoulder wound has healed up enough where she is able to make short flights from the nesting area. Tyrion is now able to make short flights as is injured leg is getting stronger. That afternoon, there is a surprise visit by Alexander and Jerrie on their two dragons. They are met by Eric and Jennifer. “Where did you find all of the new dragons?” asks Jerrie. “Tyrion decided that they should move in with us,” answers Eric. “We helped him move the rookery using the longboats. They are proving to be so enjoyable to be with in spite of their bad experience with Rollo’s raiders. We even rescued Lisa who survived 24 hours swimming in the sea. Her egg was the orphan egg in Tyron’s nest.” “That is remarkable.” answers Draco. “She has to be as brave as Hilda when she tried to protect Jerrie from the Thornys.” “From the time that we raised Hilda from a stolen egg, I never dreamed that so many of our children would ever have a young dragon friend to grow up with along with their parents.” Eric tells him. “We all have Dr. Croft and Farrell to thank for the friendship that they formed which led to the turn of events for having all of the dragons becoming our friends.” answers Alexander. “How is Tyrion doing?” “His leg is nearly all healed up.” reports Raganor. “I’m going to take him up on his offer to give me a ride tomorrow.” “Go for it,” answers Alexander. “Take your wife and Sandie along with you. Hilda and Jerrie can babysit with Lisa if you need them to.” Logan and Terry have joined the group for the evening. Have you ever been back to your homeland since you were kidnapped by Rollo’s raiders?” Alexander asks him. “No,” he answers. “Where is your homeland located?” Alexander asks him as he lays out a map of the known world. Logan shows him the location on the map. “That distance is quite doable using dragons to fly there. Do you think that any of your family members are still living there?” “I don’t know,” Logan answers. “We should plan a flight out there in the morning,” answers Raganor. “Tyrion, do you think that you are strong enough to fly such a distance with me riding on you?” “Get on me and I’ll let you know” Tyrion tells him. Raganor gets up on Tyrion for the first time to ride him. They take off on a flight with Sandie following. They fly a circle around the village as Raganor flies with him in a gentle climb, then puts him through some flight maneuvers that includes some strong climbs, sharp turns, and dives to test Tyrion’s flying abilities. “You did quite well,” Raganor tells him as they land back by Alexander and Draco. “You’re in better shape then I would have expected from recovering from such a nasty leg injury. You are more then ready to make that long leisurely flight tomorrow to Logan’s homeland.” “That was very enjoyable,” Tyrion tells him. “You are a good human to have become friends with.” It is early morning when ten dragons assemble to make the flight to Logan’s home world. Alexander with Draco, Hilda, and Jerrie has joined the others for the trip. Tyron, his new mate, Raganor and his wife are flying on them. Logan on Terry is in the lead. His mate does not have a rider but has been fitted with a backpack to carry supplies for an overnight stay. Four other dragons from the Draco flock have come along with their new human friends from the viking fishing village. It is a long flight across the sea that takes all morning before land is sighted. It resides far beyond where Tyrion’s flock had been living. The terrain is mostly temperate forest and open grasslands that are above on the chalk cliffs that outline it with the sea. An old church with the remains of a village sits crumbling on the edge of the chalk cliff. It shows damage from a raid that took place long ago. The ten dragons land next to it to rest from the long flight they have just made. “What happened here?” Alexander asks Logan. “This place was ransacked ten years ago by Rollo’s raiders,” answers Logan. “At 12, I was kidnapped and made a slave of his vikings.” It is at that moment that Draco warns the group that they are being watched by a large flock of dragons with armed riders on them.
  8. Charge batteries can be recharged from the fireflies. At least, you could do that in Aberration. There are way too many Allos and very hungry raptors that constantly attack everything.
  9. I've had that happen on other maps. It seems to be a random thing.
  10. Several types of spawns, such as Argy nests with eggs and babies, did not get added to the official release. They could be added later in an update, hopefully one that fixes the major rendering glitch in the Aberration Cave. Meanwhile, enjoy raising the ice wyvern. A high level one can do a lot of damage with their bite attack. She is a force tame Level 185 found by the ice trench.
  11. It's not on your end, it's a major bug that even some of the streamers have ran into in the area of 31.1- 55.3. As you found out, it is not a hole but a rendering conflict of sort. I ended up on the surface after a minute of falling through the terrain.
  12. Nooblet live stream shows him hitting this glitch while in spectator mode. His ghost character was flying through the area where I hit the hole and showed the same display each time he went through that spot.
  13. The controls on them are not the same. Like a Trike, they have to be charged up to make the long gliding leap. They don't climb the same, they leap upwards on climbable surfaces. The latch on attack can do massive stackable bleed damage. And, they will work in wolf packs to attack.
  14. You need to get the new raptors. They are so much like the Rock Drakes in behavior but so much better with a pack of them for taking out large dinos.
  15. Location 30.5-55.9 was one such area. 31.2-55.3 put me on the surface after 10 seconds of this.
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