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  1. Addition; Chapter 22. Back at the Viking Village. With the expedition heading back to the temple, Raganor has been placed in charge of organizing an expedition to head to Tyrion’s homeland to help him move his rookery to the Viking Village cliff side. One of the Viking Longboats is being modified so that Tyrion can ride on it near the bow. During the preparation for the trip, a dragon is spotted swimming in the sea heading towards the dock area. Logan rides out on Terry as a longboat is quickly sent out to reach it. The dragon, spotting the longboat heading for it, heads away from it in a panic as Logan reaches the struggling dragon. “Lisa, It’s all right,” Terry shouts down to her. “These Vikings are my friends. “I’m so afraid,” the struggling Lisa tells him in a choking voice as she is spitting out the seawater. “I don’t want to die.” “Terry, can you swim?” asks Logan. “Yes,” Terry answers. “Land next to Lisa so we can help her before she drowns,” orders Logan as he sheds his boots, helmet, weapons, and most of his clothes. Landing in the sea, Terry swims to the struggling dragon so that Logan can grab a horn on her head. The dragon, which turns out to be one of the missing females, is too tired to resist letting a human help keep her from drowning. She is still freaking out as she sees the approaching longboat. “It’s all right,” both Logan and Terry assure her as the longboat pulls alongside. “No one is going to harm you.” A rope is lowered from the side of the Longboat so Logan can place it around the horns on her head to keep it above the water. With the situation under control as the very tired dragon realizes that she is being rescued, Terry swims out away from the longboat and takes off flying to the dock. Staying with the swimming dragon, Logan hangs on to a second rope as the crew carefully rows back to the shore. “You’re safe now Lisa,” he tells her in Celtic while rubbing her neck as she starts crying from the stress of her ordeal. “What happened to you?” “I was hit in the shoulder by one of those crossbow bolts,” she tells him in tears. “Even though it went through my shoulder, the wound left me unable to keep flying. I have been swimming ever since trying to find the shore.” “What an awful ordeal to go through,” he tells her. “Heidi and I will take care of your wound as soon as you can get ashore.” With the longboat now in the shallows, Lisa struggles ashore with Logan by her side and collapses on the sand totally exhausted. Eric’s villagers has brought over food and water for her as the wound on the shoulder gets treated and bandaged. Several other dragons of the Tyrion flock are by her side to assure her that she is with friends. Tyrion has limped over to see the rescued female. “We may have Lisa’s egg in my nest,” he tells Heidi as she and Logan finish treating the wound in her shoulder. “We’ll know for sure once she can get over there,” answers Heidi. “If not, I could use her help in raising the youngster.” Following them to the nest, it is a most happy dragon that spots the egg which turns out to be hers. “I’ll raise my offspring right here with yours,” she tells Tyrion after crying tears of joy. “Everyone has been so nice to me.” Laying in the nest next to her egg, Lisa tells everyone what happened to the other three dragons that got shot out of the sky. “Tyron’s mate had taken a bolt through the chest. She dove into the water and never came back up to the surface. My mate took a bolt through the neck. He told me to swim in the direction those longboats were heading before falling into the sea sinking under the surface. Willman had a bolt in his back that left him unable to swim. It was so shocking to see him struggling in such a panic to stay afloat before he slipped under the water and drowned.” “We made Rollo, and his raiders, pay for their crimes against you and your friends when they attempted to raid our village,” Eric tells her as he massages her neck to comfort her. “Stay with us as our friend. We are going to move the rest of your rookery over here in the morning.” “Thank you for rescuing me, I’ll stay here with you.” the exhausted Lisa tells him as she lays in the nest next to her egg and is soon sound asleep. Drogon and several other dragons that have stayed in the Viking Village now take a flight to Tyrion’s Rookery with some of those dragons to coordinate the move. Eric and Jennifer has flown with them. It is a relieved community of dragons when Terry tells them what has happened the day before, that the eggs have been recovered, that they have made friends with the vikings that have defeated the raiders, and that most of the dragons that went after the raiders are now safe back in the Viking Village. Drogon, Terry, Eric, and Jennifer return back to the fishing village by evening. “You’re lucky that your leg wasn’t broken by the bolt,” Heidi tells Tyrion as she and Raganor change the bandage that evening. “Unlike the other day when it was hurting so bad that I didn’t want anyone to touch it, It’s feeling so much better now,” Tyrion tells her. “I owe the both of you a ride.” “It’s looking a lot better,” Raganor tells him. “You still need time for the bone to heal before you take anyone flying. The fleet is ready to go to your rookery in the morning to move everyone back here.” “Terry tells me that everyone there is excited about the move tomorrow.” Tyrion tells him. “They are ready to meet you Vikings and make the trip back here.” “That’s wonderful that they are so trusting of us after what Rollo did to them,” answers Raganor. “We’re looking forward to becoming friends with the rest of your flock.” “You’re dragon friends from the Draco Rookery were a big influence in their decision to come here,” Tyrion tells him. “Terry tells me that they were impressed by the visit by Eric and Jennifer.” “The dragons with the rescued eggs have already got their nest built.” Heidi tells him. “We rigged up a sling so that they could carry them to their nest. Sandy has told me that the two eggs in your nest will be hatching in a couple of days.” “That is such good news,” Tyrion tells her. “I thought that they had been lost forever as a result of the raid and our failure to recover them.” “You get some rest while Sandy and Heidi tends to the nest,” Raganor orders Tyrion. “We’ll leave first thing in the morning to go to your rookery. You can ride in the bow of my Longboat.” It is morning as the bandages are changed on the two wounded dragons. “You are healing up nicely” Jennifer tells Tyrion. “In a couple of days, you should be healed up enough to no longer need the bandage on your leg. Lisa’s shoulder wound is looking a lot better as well.” Tyrion is able to walk to the dock with less of a limp as the longboat crew helps him get into the seat prepared for him near the bow. “I’m going to owe everyone a ride for your crew giving me one back to the rookery.” he tells them. “Helping us defeat our enemy was reward enough,” Eric tells him. The fleet sets sail with Tyrion in the lead to steer them to the rookery location. Several other dragons fly ahead to ensure the rookery that friends are coming to help in their move. Reaching the rookery by noon, Eric finds that the dragons remaining there have moved to the beach. Logan, along with several other Vikings that flew ahead on dragons, have already constructed a temporary dock. Eric’s longboat has beached nearby so that Tyrion can talk with the dragons there and help supervise the move. Everything goes smoothly as each longboat pulls alongside the temporary dock and gets loaded with nests and young dragons. With the Viking wives and their children on board to interact with the young dragons, all the newcomers soon settle down accepting that they are not going to be harmed. It takes about an hour to load all the longboats which soon sets sail back to the village. The adult dragons are flying escort with the fleet. The young dragons are soon enjoying the unusual ride and attention of the Viking families on board. The fleet reaches the docks by late afternoon where the Longboats unload their unusual cargo. By evening, all the nest and youngsters have been relocated to their new homes. It is quite a morning the following day with some 40 additional dragons joining the flock already living at Eric’s Viking Fishing Village. It looks like more of a dragon rookery along the south side of the dock area as nest now occupy the perimeter of the village at that location. Eric’s men and teen have taken up the task of building a new fence to secure the nesting area from predators and possible raiders. The dragons there are helping out with ferrying materials down from the nearby forest in that construction. This Viking village is becoming a dragon village as there is now a dragon to pair up with all of the men living there with older youngsters paring up with the teens. Even Lisa has found a Viking friend to be with her. It is the following day when the two eggs hatch in Tyrion’s nest. Lisa is so happy to have her youngster with a friend as Tyrion’s egg also has hatched under Sandy’s care. Lisa’s shoulder wound has healed up enough where she is able to make short flights from the nesting area. Tyrion is now able to make short flights as is injured leg is getting stronger. That afternoon, there is a surprise visit by Alexander and Jerrie on their two dragons. They are met by Eric and Jennifer. “Where did you find all of the new dragons?” asks Jerrie. “Tyrion decided that they should move in with us,” answers Eric. “We helped him move the rookery using the longboats. They are proving to be so enjoyable to be with in spite of their bad experience with Rollo’s raiders. We even rescued Lisa who survived 24 hours swimming in the sea. Her egg was the orphan egg in Tyron’s nest.” “That is remarkable.” answers Draco. “She has to be as brave as Hilda when she tried to protect Jerrie from the Thornys.” “From the time that we raised Hilda from a stolen egg, I never dreamed that so many of our children would ever have a young dragon friend to grow up with along with their parents.” Eric tells him. “We all have Dr. Croft and Farrell to thank for the friendship that they formed which led to the turn of events for having all of the dragons becoming our friends.” answers Alexander. “How is Tyrion doing?” “His leg is nearly all healed up.” reports Raganor. “I’m going to take him up on his offer to give me a ride tomorrow.” “Go for it,” answers Alexander. “Take your wife and Sandie along with you. Hilda and Jerrie can babysit with Lisa if you need them to.” Logan and Terry have joined the group for the evening. Have you ever been back to your homeland since you were kidnapped by Rollo’s raiders?” Alexander asks him. “No,” he answers. “Where is your homeland located?” Alexander asks him as he lays out a map of the known world. Logan shows him the location on the map. “That distance is quite doable using dragons to fly there. Do you think that any of your family members are still living there?” “I don’t know,” Logan answers. “We should plan a flight out there in the morning,” answers Raganor. “Tyrion, do you think that you are strong enough to fly such a distance with me riding on you?” “Get on me and I’ll let you know” Tyrion tells him. Raganor gets up on Tyrion for the first time to ride him. They take off on a flight with Sandie following. They fly a circle around the village as Raganor flies with him in a gentle climb, then puts him through some flight maneuvers that includes some strong climbs, sharp turns, and dives to test Tyrion’s flying abilities. “You did quite well,” Raganor tells him as they land back by Alexander and Draco. “You’re in better shape then I would have expected from recovering from such a nasty leg injury. You are more then ready to make that long leisurely flight tomorrow to Logan’s homeland.” “That was very enjoyable,” Tyrion tells him. “You are a good human to have become friends with.” It is early morning when ten dragons assemble to make the flight to Logan’s home world. Alexander with Draco, Hilda, and Jerrie has joined the others for the trip. Tyron, his new mate, Raganor and his wife are flying on them. Logan on Terry is in the lead. His mate does not have a rider but has been fitted with a backpack to carry supplies for an overnight stay. Four other dragons from the Draco flock have come along with their new human friends from the viking fishing village. It is a long flight across the sea that takes all morning before land is sighted. It resides far beyond where Tyrion’s flock had been living. The terrain is mostly temperate forest and open grasslands that are above on the chalk cliffs that outline it with the sea. An old church with the remains of a village sits crumbling on the edge of the chalk cliff. It shows damage from a raid that took place long ago. The ten dragons land next to it to rest from the long flight they have just made. “What happened here?” Alexander asks Logan. “This place was ransacked ten years ago by Rollo’s raiders,” answers Logan. “At 12, I was kidnapped and made a slave of his vikings.” It is at that moment that Draco warns the group that they are being watched by a large flock of dragons with armed riders on them.
  2. Charge batteries can be recharged from the fireflies. At least, you could do that in Aberration. There are way too many Allos and very hungry raptors that constantly attack everything.
  3. I've had that happen on other maps. It seems to be a random thing.
  4. Several types of spawns, such as Argy nests with eggs and babies, did not get added to the official release. They could be added later in an update, hopefully one that fixes the major rendering glitch in the Aberration Cave. Meanwhile, enjoy raising the ice wyvern. A high level one can do a lot of damage with their bite attack. She is a force tame Level 185 found by the ice trench.
  5. It's not on your end, it's a major bug that even some of the streamers have ran into in the area of 31.1- 55.3. As you found out, it is not a hole but a rendering conflict of sort. I ended up on the surface after a minute of falling through the terrain.
  6. Nooblet live stream shows him hitting this glitch while in spectator mode. His ghost character was flying through the area where I hit the hole and showed the same display each time he went through that spot.
  7. The controls on them are not the same. Like a Trike, they have to be charged up to make the long gliding leap. They don't climb the same, they leap upwards on climbable surfaces. The latch on attack can do massive stackable bleed damage. And, they will work in wolf packs to attack.
  8. You need to get the new raptors. They are so much like the Rock Drakes in behavior but so much better with a pack of them for taking out large dinos.
  9. Location 30.5-55.9 was one such area. 31.2-55.3 put me on the surface after 10 seconds of this.
  10. The bite symbol shows up on the bigger dinos. A bit hard to do but you can latch onto the side by a leg and chew away. This is SP. I can test out on non dedicated.
  11. You're lucky you found one that you can see. I fell through the terrain in that same cave at 31.2-55.3 for about a minute before being teleported out of the cave to the surface.
  12. I'll have to test it out on a dino. They do latch onto redwoods. It was a spawned in force tame we were playing with. Just a warning, they may not spawn in force tamed.
  13. fell through the floor of the Aqberration Cave In location 30.5-55.9, I dropped into what sounded like water, then noticed that I was in a level below the floor where the foliage was floating. Climbed back out as terrain was restored. Further on, the floor vanished where I fell some distance before being teleported to the surface above the cave at 31.2-55.3. This was in single player with only the enemy invisible cheat active.
  14. Unsubscribe from the mod map, you may have to delete the saved file, then install the official map. It was a similar issue when The Center came out.
  15. Beware that there is a major hole in the aberration cave floor where your player will fall through into the void below before getting teleported back to the surface outside. It happened at 31.3 - 55.3 in my SP game. Good map otherwise.
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