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  1. You will love playing on a good gaming PC. You can use a game controller but will soon be using the keyboard and mouse as you have quicker access to all of the available controls. Best of all is the mods you will be able to use created by the Ark community for this game. I recommend Ultra Stack for the ability to carry more stuff, Krackin's Better Dinos which opens up a world of improvements in their behavior, and later, a building mod. I use Castle and Keeps Remastered as it only requires you to learn the workbench and has all of the construction pieces unlocked. S+ is also popular but can be
  2. Chapter 5. The most unusual tames. The dawn finally arrives cold and clear over this most unusual wasteland. With everyone awake, a planning meeting is taking place as everyone has a breakfast of berries, grilled raptor, and fresh caught fried fish. There is no coffee or other food given that those items have been either used up, or were lost to the predators that destroyed the pack saddle. “We should set us up a more secure camp made from Adobe before we attempt searching through this dangerous land looking for a way back,” reports James. “There were a lot of tracks outside o
  3. Story one is progressing well, now into Chapter 4. Story 2 has many changing ideas of how it will progress. Here is chapter one which will be changed and added to a lot before posting in it's own topic on this forum. As always, I am looking for ideas how to proceed on those two stories where I would prefer that they are discussed in this topic. Chapter 1, The trip to Mars. December 6th 2030. Afters years of preparation, the first colony fleet of Starships are in earth orbit refueled, manned, and ready to make their trip to the growing new colony on Mars. With the 2031
  4. Chapter 4. Establishing their camp in Scorched Earth. Using the flat sandstone table as a foundation for their temporary shelter, the seven survivors go about the task of gathering the materials to build a thatch shelter for the night. Several dead trees are cut up for poles using the tools they have found from the saddle pack or brought with them. Thatch is gathered from some nearby cactus as the fiber is found among the bushes which also yield an assortment of berries and some seeds. Whitefeather and Dolly are kept busy weaving everything into walls and a ceiling for a roof. A door
  5. Chapter Three, The Dangerous Environment. Using the map and his observations from the top of the hill, Whitefeather has plotted a route to take everyone down through a dry wash into the canyon below where he has seen what looks like a small pond down there. With the saddlebags of supplies, canteens, and what weapons they have, the seven start down the boulder lined path towards the dry wash. After several minutes of hiking down the trail, Whitefeather calls for a halt to the march when he spots something abnormal up ahead. Peter soon joins him to see what he has just found.
  6. Chapter 2, Scorched Earth It is early morning as everyone wakes up to the daylight starting to illuminate the mine interior. “Who was this Carlos?” James asks Jessie as everyone is sorting through the saddlebags to figure what to take with them and what to leave behind. “He was the seedy character I got the map from in that poker game,” answers Jessie. “I wouldn’t be surprised that he stole it from one of the gang members,” answers James. “I’ve never seen such a desperate effort to tear a town apart looking for a person that stole something from them.” “Do you think
  7. The Story of Scorched Earth. This is a fictitious adventure of a small group of individuals that get lost in the Arizona Territory as they are fleeing from a gang of thieves looking for the fabled Lost Dutchman Gold Mine during the early 1900s. In an area of that territory later known as the Superstition Mountains, they end up teleported into a strange land as they take shelter in a mine shaft from a vicious electrical storm. They find themselves lost in a strange harsh land called Scorched Earth. Rated M due to adult subjects and graphic violence. The cast of main char
  8. Chapter 12. The Return “What Just Happened?” asks Michael as the late afternoon sun returns with the fading fog and darkness. “I don’t know,” answers Captain Carlos as he goes to check the equipment on the bridge of his charter boat. “Everything appears to be functioning normally at this time. Fantastic Island is in sight about an hour away. I’ll get the engines started and we will be back on our way.” As Carlos restarts the engines to resume the trip to the private resort, everyone is starting to wonder what just happened to them. “Why do I have this vivid dream about be
  9. As I complete the final chapter on the latest adventure, I am currently working on two story ideas based upon Ark Survival Involved. Story idea one. This is an adventure of a small group of individuals that get lost in the Arizona Territory as they are fleeing from a gang of thieves looking for the fabled Lost Dutchman Gold Mine during the early 1900s. In an area of that territory later known as the Superstition Mountains, they end up crossing a strange shimmering barrier as they take shelter in a strange cave from a vicious electrical storm. They find themselves lost in a strange ha
  10. Chapter 11, Preparing to Return. Back at the village, the good news of being able to return to the real world soon reaches the rest of the survivors and the rest of the Navajo tribe. Dr. Croft is soon explaining to Chief Traska and the rest of the tribe just how much of their world has changed over the past 400 years. “Having lived your nomadic life for over four centuries, the cultural shock of the change your people back on Earth have had to endure, would leave you as outcast, even among your own kind,” Dr. Croft tells them. “Your tribe is living so much more in harmony in this l
  11. This is a story of the game play when Ark Survival Evolved was released early June of 2015. It is an interesting comparison to the history of what the game was like in those early days compared to today. Enjoy. From the first days in June of 2015 when Single Player became available. These are the days of the low level creatures and what is currently considered as 0.25X settings for leveling, taming, gathering, and XP. Ark Survival Evolved. The game sure taxes the system. Am playing it as single player. Have a nice base against a cliff partially protected by a big rock.
  12. Chapter 10, The Caves of Middle Earth. The celebration of the elimination of the Alpha Rex has centered around Turgon and the dragons that helped eliminate the threat. They are a bit overwhelmed from all of the attention and praise being heaped upon them by the lost Navajo Tribe “You need to teach us their language,” Chief Traska asks Dr. Croft. “I will do so when the rest of our party has arrived and set up our camp for the night.” she tells him as several more members of the expedition arrive on their dragons. There is a gasp of fright from several of Traska’s tribe whe
  13. Chapter 9 has now been updated and is complete.
  14. Facebook has become impossible to post anything let alone any of my stories due to their becoming a propaganda site for the current administration. I can't even post them on my own page or the Ark share your story page anymore due to their ultra sensitive policy of protecting readers from being offended. Anyhow, the chapter as of May 28 is now complete. Chapter 9 The Viking South. It is later that afternoon when a flock of dragons that have interacted with the survivors, arrive to have a visit with them. “We want to go exploring with you,” Flame tells the group. “L
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