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  1. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 13 The Discovery Author note; As I did research on the missing PBM sent to search for the flight crew of Flight 19, I am finding references to the use of cloaking technology, known as the Philadelphia Experiment. It is speculated from those sources that Flight 19 was either experimenting with testing that technology, or some nearby testing by the Navy had interfered with navigation. This ties in nicely with the story and the Rock Drake friends which have a similar ability to cloak themselves from being seen. The names of the 13 crew members of PBM flight 49 have been altered for the story to remove direct reference to those men still missing today. By early morning, eight new Rock Drake saddles have been crafted. All the crew members that have not been assigned to one now have a Rock Drake friend to work with. They are saddled up as Captain Powell leads them on his new Rock Drake friend he names Mary. “Can I ask you a question?” ask Mary. “Why did you pick me for your mount when as a commander, you should be riding on Mayor.” “I picked you because it diversifies the leaders to separate commands,” answers Captain Powell. “Besides, Mayor was already working with Sargent Pasenna so, they became the logical pair for bonding with each other. Don’t worry, you will be a good choice for my war mount when it is time to defeat Rockwell. We’re just going to spend the rest of today getting to know each other while we explore this vast underground system of the Green Zone.” “That sounds like it could be fun,” answers Mary. “Lets just work as teams of two for today,” announces Captain Powell. “Everyone pair up with your rock drake and their mate for today’s familiarization training. That means that Manor and Parport will be with us.” This paring of the other six ends up becoming Lt. Tylor and Daryol on Davy and Doris, Ensign Bossman and Icelander on Micky and Minnie, and Baluck and Captain Shrivers on Ricky and Ronda. It’s an odd arrangement, but it works out well as it separates senior officers to rock drakes that are basically of the same capabilities as any other, even Mayor their leader. “Our mission today is to explore all of the Green Zone.” announces Captain Powell. It will give you a chance for you new riders to bond with your rock drakes while riding them for the first time. Each team will take a sector and fully map it out the best they can. Look for charge nodes, gas veins, unusual ruins, rare resources, paths to the surface, and paths down below. Stay away from the surface and the blue and red zone. Above all, stay away from anything dangerous. Don’t go into any dark places where Nameless or Reapers could be hiding. Take a bulb pug or shine horn along with you just to be safe.” With that set of instructions, seven teams of rock drakes and their riders take off to explore the assigned quadrant. By mid afternoon, all the teams are back except for Lt. Garber and Private Ledfoot. They are all sharing the new places and discoveries they have made in their sector of the Green Zone as they fill in the missing sections on the master map posted on the wall outside of the command center. “Where could those four be?” ask Captain Powell. “I sent them into what should have been a safe zone to the Northeast of The Portal. It is where Mayor told me the destroyed village is at.” “Should we go look for them?” ask Mayor. “No,” answers Captain Powers. “Lets give them another hour. They might be poking through the ruins there looking for salvageable items.” “Here they come,” reports Sargent Pasenna. “Holy $hit! They have riders with them!” There is a bit of concern among the air crews and their rock drake friends over the sudden appearance of newcomers. “Who is Lt. Tylor?” ask the rider sitting behind Lt. Garber on Daryl as they glide into the base. “I am,” answers Lt. Tylor who is standing in front of Davy. “I’m Lt. Jerry, pilot of PBM 49 that was sent out to look for you after you reported your flight group was running low on fuel. My co pilot, Lt. Combs, is riding on Darlene. For whatever reason, all 13 of us on board our flying boat, ended up stranded here in this strange place when we entered the coordinate of your last known position. I’m now am left wondering, who is rescuing who? I’m still in shock to see Lt. Garber and Private Ledfoot finding us while they were riding on these wild rock drakes. Wow, 14 of them, one for each member of your flight crew. You are so lucky to have such wonderful creatures as your friends. I was so shocked to see these two rock drakes, that somehow ended up with us, in that horrible confrontation with Rockwell, actually find us. I’m so glad to see that they made it back alive. We certainly didn’t. Those devils that he called up to defend him handed us back our asses when he paralyzed all of us with an electrical discharge. We ended up naked back on our spawn beds. We lost everything in that fight, our tames, our weapons, and our lives.” “Is it possible that your rock drakes can bring the rest of us back here to your camp? It is a long rugged hike from here.” “We can bring your flight crew back here on the rock drakes,” answers Captain Powell. “While we are conducting this ground mission, I am in command. Ride behind me on Mary so we can talk about what happened when you and your crew confronted Rockwell. We believe that we can get back to our world through the portal, but we need to get rid of Rockwell so he doesn’t try to stop us. The sooner we can take him out, the quicker we can get out of here before this place falls apart from these fracking earthquakes. It has gotten so unstable that even our rock drake friends want out of here. The more we can learn about Rockwell and his tactics, the better prepared we can be to take him out.” As they head towards the abandoned village, Lt Jerry tells the story of what happened to his flight, how he ended up on Aberration and the confrontation with Rockwell. “It all got started when we were flying towards your last known coordinate when the sea ahead started glowing in the dimming twilight of darkness. It made an eerie sound that got louder as the glow got brighter. Our radios and navigation systems went dead from the interference, then both engines quit when we suffered a total electrical failure. The next thing we knew, I and the entire flight crew found ourselves naked in some destroyed village in this cursed place.” “It took us several days, along with several of us being killed by those fracking predators until we learned how these implants worked. We soon learned how to craft clothes, a shelter, and weapons to defend ourselves against the raptors and those devil wolves.” “In the village ruins, we found a notebook left by Edmund Rockwell. It describes how we could tame the creatures in this world, the various recipes he had created for healing, taming, and resisting the hazards of the poisonous plants and bites of the various predators.” “A couple of days ago, we found a portal that would take us to where Rockwell was living. We decided to pay Rockwell a visit to see if he could help us escape back to our world. That was a royal fracking mistake.” “I don’t know how Daryl and Darlene managed to come along with us. They must have been cloaked when they followed us there. Anyhow, the second Rockwell saw us, he started screaming about how superior he was and started throwing those acid balls at us. We returned fire with our crossbows and rifles as our tames attacked him, but they seemed to have no effect on him other then to draw some green blood on his tentacles.” “Darlene grabbed one of the tentacles with her teeth as she was screaming at him about his destroying her egg. She managed to bite it off as Daryl went after another. Then, those red devil creatures started showing up.” “Rockwell ducked back into the pond to reemerge with all of his tentacles intact, he grabbed both rock drakes with them, and flung them into the wall by the portal.” “I managed to get back to the control panel to return them out of harm’s way before Rockwell grabbed me around the waist. After he slammed me into the ground, he paralyzed all the rest of us with some kind of electrical discharge. We were powerless to defend ourselves as those red devils poisoned us and our tames with their bite, then killed us for an easy meal.” “We lost everything in that battle, our armor, our weapons, our tames, and our lives.” “I’m surprised that Daryl and Darlene never mentioned anything about your air group when we found them badly injured up above The Portal.” answers Captain Powell. “Then again, they were so scared of us that they failed to mention about you in their fight against Rockwell.” “Tomorrow, we are going to continue training on the Rock Drakes to develop tactics we can use against Rockwell. We can use you and your crew as tail gunners on our rock drakes. Right now, we are just using crossbows with blunt arrows for the training sessions. When we are ready, we will introduce you to assault rifles and rocket launchers.” “Those red devils you referred to are called Nameless. Their bite, as you already found out, is poisonous. We have already developed an antitoxin for it. They, and the Reapers we have been warned about, are weakened by our bulb pets and especially, by something called a Charge Lantern. We plan to send an expedition back into the Red Zone for more crystal so everyone can be armed with one as soon as we have hazard suits for all of you. That area is radioactively hot. We can use the manpower to conduct another hit and run raid for that red crystal before Rockwell can call in the reapers to attack us. Before we do so, we will need to gather more blue crystals and congealed gas ball to craft up 13 more sets of hazard suits with spares for you and your crew.” “That’s sounds like an ambitious mission,” answers Lt. Jerry as the abandoned village comes into view. “This place looks like a war zone,” Captain Powell tells Lt. Jerry as they glide in to land. “Rockwell trashed it, killing everybody and everything living there before he relocated himself into that poisonous pool of liquid he calls Edminium.” answers Lt. Jerry. “We found a note from Helena explaining what had happened to him before he destroyed everything here. He has gone completely insane because of that stuff he is living in. How do you plan to kill him when we failed so miserably?” “We plan to do what our air power did with the Battleship Yamoto,” answers Captain Powell. “We keep hitting him hard from all directions while avoiding his defenses. Eventually, like the Yamoto, he will go down. Lets pick up your air crew before it gets too dark to find our way back to base.” Landing at the edge of the ruined village, Lt. Jerry orders everyone there to find a seat on a rock drake and climb on board. Everyone there is only dressed in cloth armor. Having lost everything, they only have basic primitive weapons. “We just haven’t had the chance to gather the resources to get rearmed and equipped.” Lt. Jerry tells Captain Powell “Lets hold a general meeting when we get back to base,” Captain Powell answers back. “I do not seem to have a passenger.” Daryl tells Lt. Garber. “That is OK,” answers Lt. Garber. “As the PBM flying boat only carries a crew of 13, you can pretend that Corporal Kosner, my tail gunner, who didn’t come along with me on the training flight, is sitting behind me.” Returning back to base, Captain Powell calls a general meeting with all of the newcomers. “As you may or may not know, the Navy is rumored to have been conducting experiments in stealth technology off the Florida Coast. I do not know if they were actively conducting a test in the evening that resulted in us ending up in this place. All I do know is that our superiors would be more then interested in how our rock drakes friends can become invisible along with their saddle and us riding on them. A couple of days ago, we swore an oath as Marines to protect them from becoming a part of that experiment against their will. Are you navy personnel willing to do the same?” There is several minutes of discussion among the PBM crew members before the answer comes back as yes. After swearing in the oath of protection, Captain Powell orders those crew members that rode back on the rock drakes to go get to know them personally. “Starting tomorrow, you are going to be their tail gunners, you will be their protection from getting hit by those acid balls Rockwell will throw at them when you do your attack runs.” “Lt. Garber, I’m going to use you and Daryl to train in delivering the kill shot. We will have the ability soon to make one rail gun. I’m assigning you two in training how to use it at the right moment. You and Daryl can have the honor for revenging the stealing and destruction of his mate’s egg. When the time is right, you two can sink him for good.” “Now, go get to know your new rock drake friends.” Aberration is a three dimensional map that can be very confusing. It has many hidden places scattered all over it. This is one such spot high up in the Green Zone.
  2. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Note, this chapter completes what has been written so far. I'll post more as the upcoming chapters get completed. Chapter 12. The Expeditions. As the training continues, Captain Powers calls for a break for the day. “The six of you are doing quite well now,” he tells them. “However, we have a problem with crafting additional saddles and the hazard suits that we need. There are no more red gems available in the Green Zone to craft any more saddles. We are going to need 85 more per saddle and 80 for each charge lantern. Also, the crafting requirement for the hazard suits uses 83 blue gems per suit. We did get two sets made in spite of the rest of us having pi$$ed off every roll rat we have been stealing those gems from the past couple of day. Mayor, can you and your friends help us go down into the Blue and Red zone to gather the crystals we need?” “We can take you to where the blue crystals are in the Blue Zone,” answers Mayor. “It is just that whoever we take down into the Red Zone will have to wear a hazard suit. Be aware that there are Nameless hiding down below. They don’t like the light from the bulb pugs, so bring them with you. You will need a helmet for the bulb pug for its protection in the Red Zone.” “Then, lets do the following,” answers Captain Powell. “Mayor and Margaret can take Sargent Pasenna and Sargent Thomas with the hazard suits we already have to the Red Zone. We should be able to make two more helmets for their bulb pugs. Be especially careful that you are not swarmed by Nameless. You lose any piece of that hazard suit, you could be dead in minutes. Place all the red crystal on your rock drakes. They can bring it back here should something happened to your hazard suits and you end up in a spawn bed. I’ll call you the Red Team.” “Sargent Gullivar, Private Grobbal, Lt. Garber, Private Ledfoot, take your rock drake friends and the new shine horns down into the Blue Zone. Let them show you where the blue crystals are, what the frozen mushrooms look like, and how to avoid them. Your group will be called the Blue Team.” “I’m placing the rock drakes in charge of both expeditions. They know that area far better then us, so do what they tell you to do.” “Stay in teams of two for your protection when gathering. Don’t overburdened your rock drake friends with resources that we can find up here. Bring only the assigned crystal back with you, nothing else.” “Sargent Thomas and Pasenna, your mission is most critical. It will allow us to make up more saddles for our rock drake friends. Be careful down there. Our next trip will become much easier when more of us can venture down there at once where we can have protection in numbers.” The expeditions prepare themselves for the two missions at hand, then the rock drakes take charge as the teams set off into their world deep below. “Does the radiation in the Red Zone represent a hazard to you?” Sargent Pasenna asks Mayor. “No,” he answers. “Only the Nameless do if they have a chance to swarm us and manage to call in a Reaper.” “If that happens, can you cloak yourself and sneak out of harm’s way?” ask Sargent Pasenna. “Yes,” answers Mayor. “Then, lets plan to do that if they become an issue,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “This crystal is not worth any of us getting badly hurt by them.” As the two teams get started, Mayor tells the others, “Margaret and I are going to glide down directly into the red zone. It’s a long ways down to where we have to go. We’ll probably be the last ones back to base.” “Sargent Pasenna and Thomas, leave the light off on your bulb pug until you dismount from us to harvest crystal. They have a limited light capacity. You don’t want them to run out if we confront Nameless. Only their bulb light weakens them. Your torches and flares won’t work.” “Thank you for that advise,” answers Sargent Pasenna as Mayor steps off the top of the cliff into the Blue Grotto. It seems like it is taking forever as Mayor and Margaret are gliding, even diving, through a forest of giant tree trunks, blue sparkling vines, even a long stretch of the broken rail line that forms an eerie near vertical pipe. Eventually, the color of the crystals and surround area changes from blue to red as they start to get near the bottom. “How are you going to get back up once we are done here?” ask Sargent Thomas. “We are going to do a lot of climbing,” answers Margaret. “Stay out of the water down here,” she warns them, “It is pure acid.” “I don’t doubt it,” answers Sargent Thomas. “My engram is warning of high radiation down here. It looks like a frozen hell down here.” “There’s some red crystal formations,” Mayer alerts them as they both land. “Bulb Pugs on,” orders Sargent Pasenna as the two men get to work in the spooky gloom with the strange noises coming from under the ground and surrounding area. “$hit,” curses Sargent Thomas. “Only the smaller formations are giving us what we need.” “Keep only the red crystal,” orders Sargent Pasenna. “Dump everything else you are getting.” The two continue harvesting as their rock drake friends stay close behind them. “Three stacks so far” Sargent Pasenna comments as he places them on Mayor, then continues to harvest some more. Suddenly, both Mayor’s and Margaret’s head bonnet displays in a full feather war dress. “Get on us now and turn off your light!” orders Mayor in alarm. Both Sargents are quickly on their rides, dumping the stone and white crystal they have collected as both Mayor and Margaret activate their cloak, then climb up the close by vertical rock face as fast as they can. “Can I ask what just spooked the two of you so badly that you did that feather display?” ask Sargent Thomas when they finally stop to rest. “We detected four reaper kings and two queens approaching us,” answers Mayor. “The Nameless must have called them in while remaining hidden from your light. I’ve never known them to do that before, or, for that matter, to have so many of them to show up at once.” “That fracking Rockwell must have know we’re down here and send them in to attack us,” answers Sargent Thomas. “Sargent Pasenna, how much red crystal did you get?” “About four and a half stacks.” “I got about the same,” Sargent Pasenna answers back. “Mayor, we got more then enough for those eight saddles. We don’t need to stay down here any longer. We can come back down later with a much stronger force and the weapons we need to take out those reaper things. Lets get the fracking hell out of here.” The climb out is long and spectacular. It takes all night. Nearby is a pinkish waterfalls that seems to go down forever. At the top of a high cliff, they rest for a minute, then take a leap to a tree root that forms a natural bridge. There are glowing blue crystals, huge mushrooms, and a large blue lake below where strange creatures are seen swimming in it. The following morning, things start to look familiar as the end of the broken rail bridge shows from above along with the spine of the long segment in the cavern below. They make it back to the base with everyone exhausted from the long ordeal. “Good job you four, take the rest of the morning off to rest,” orders Captain Powell. “Then, I’ll debrief you on your mission.” While the red crystal mission was taking place, Rocky and the blue crystal mission had their own unusual adventure. They take down the path that the Marines were looking for when they first ran into Rocky. “It sure is interesting down here,” comments Private Grobbal. “Be on the watch for predators,” warns Rocky. “They seem to be quite abundant down here.” “They are definitely around here,” answers Sargent Gulliver as he sees several snakes, carnos, a pack of Ravagers, and some giant scorpions nearby. “At least they have the respect to leave the rock drakes alone while we are riding on them,” answers Lt. Garber. “Still, once we find the blue crystal fields, we may have to clear them out first,” warns Private Ledfoot. “You are right about that,” answers Dianne. “Don’t waste any trancs on the big snakes, they are immune to it.” “Save the tranc darts and narc arrows,” orders Lt. Garber. “We kill whatever tries to attack us.” The four rock drakes continue down, often gliding over the dangerous predators and on to where there is a protected flat area rich in blue crystals. “Shine horns on,” orders Lt. Garber as they dismount and start gathering crystals. The rock drakes stay close behind, keeping a watch on the nearby predators. The plateau is soon cleared as the foursome get back on the rock drakes, dump the white crystal and stone, and transfer the blue ones to their rides. “Earthquake,” warns Lt. Garber as the ground starts shaking. “Red Gems?” questions Private Ledfoot. “Grab them, and any blue ones you see laying on the ground,” orders Lt. Garber. “Oh Crap! I’m freezing to death!” warns Private Grobbal when the quake causes him to stumble into a hidden patch of blue mushrooms. “Eat some aquatic mushrooms, now!” orders Sargent Gulliver. Private Grobbal soon recovers enough to get on Rocky. “Nameless,” warns Rocky as several suddenly show up to attack. “Shoot them!” orders Lt. Garber. Four are quickly dropped with rifle fire as the rock drakes kill the rest, then eats them. There is some quick conversation among the four rock drakes, then Lady Rocky reports to Lt. Garber. “We got ten nameless toxins off of them. You could try hatching some of our eggs for us before we can leave here.” “I’m honored that you would trust us to do something so personal for you,” answers Lt. Garber. “I think that the rest of us would be in agreement that you should hatch and raise your eggs once we can return to Earth. If we hatch them here, we would have to wait until the youngsters are old enough to follow us to The Portal. It’s going to be a tight fit as it is to take all of us back at once. The quicker we can get rid of Rockwell, the quicker we can leave this place. We can keep the toxin in storage if you so wish.” “That won’t be necessary,” answers Lady Rocky. “Only you would need nameless venom if you were to hatch and raise our young. We can produce drake milk for the hatchlings.” “Your milk must provide them with the nutrients needed for intelligence.” answers Private Grobbal. “Feeding them nameless toxin must be what made the egg tames so dumb and unable to reproduce. That would be so wrong to condemn your young drakes to a life of being someone’s sterile pet when you are proof that they can be so much more.” “Thank you for your honest opinion,” answers Lady Rocky. “It gives us more faith in your concern for our well being then ever.” “There is another patch with blue crystals nearby that you can harvest,” reports Rocky. “Lets head there.” The next patch of crystal is reached in short order and harvested with no issues from the environment. “We have more them enough blue crystals for the hazard suits,” announces Lt. Garber. “Lets head back to base before more of those nameless show up.” Captain Powell meets the Blue team as they return back to the base and start unloading the blue crystals they have harvested into storage. “How did it go?” he asks. “It went smoothly,” answers Lt. Garber. “We only had one accident when Private Grobbal got too close to a patch of blue mushrooms. Those aquatic ones worked in counteracting their effect. We ran into several Nameless when that happened. They are fast but easily taken out with the long neck when they are being exposed to the light of our Shine Horns. The Rock Drakes got some Nameless Venom off of them. They offered us the opportunity to raise some of their eggs with it. Private Grobbal told them it would be better for their young ones for the rock drakes to raise their young themselves on drake milk. Anyhow, we may be able to use the venom to make an anti toxin. It is extremely beautiful, but dangerous down there. During the earthquake, we managed to gather red crystals, enough for a charge lantern.” “Take the rest of the day off to rest and recover,” orders Captain Powell. “We’ll get to work crafting hazard suits and spares for everyone.” “When do you expect that the red team will be coming back?” Captain Powell ask Rocky. “They have a long ways to go to get to their destination,” answers Rocky. “Even if they don’t run into any trouble, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make it back until morning.” It is mid afternoon on the following day when Captain Powell is able to debrief the Red Team. “Thanks to your expedition, we now have a rock drake saddle for everyone as well as four charge lanterns. Did you run into any trouble down there?” “Mayor and Margaret got spooked when they sensed a pack of reapers approaching underground,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “I’ve never seen them display a war bonnet before. It must be some kind of an alert system they use for visual communication of danger ahead. After they told us to get on them so they could activate their cloak and scramble up the cliff to safety, we determined that we had more then enough red crystal for the saddles we needed. So, we made the decision to return back to base with what we had.” “I suspect that Rockwell must have known that we were after red crystals. Mayor told me that he has never heard of so many Reapers coming in to one place to attack at once.” “Sound like we had better be armed with rockets along with charge lanterns the next time we go back down for more red crystals.” answers Captain Powell. “It will need to be a hit and run raid before Rockwell have a chance to hit us with dangerous numbers of Reapers.” “Lets get back to training with more of our rock drake friends with their new saddles.”
  3. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 11. Preparation and training. Sargent Thompson and Pasenna are headed back out to check out the new gas collectors that have been running all night. “Margaret makes a wonderful mate for Mayor,” Sargent Thomas comments. “I so miss my girlfriend. I had planned to pop the question to her on our next date.” “Hopefully, we will all be back soon,” answers Margaret. “I’m looking forward to seeing your Alaska wilderness and the ability to properly incubate my egg so it can hatch.” “We’re all looking forward to that day,” answers Sargent Thomas. “Here is the first gas collector,” reports Margaret as she walks up by it. “It is showing 95% full.” “That working faster then we thought they would. How do we collect the gas balls?” ask Sargent Thomas. “You can use your Specimen Implant to access the machine, then transfer the gas balls to your inventory,” answers Margaret. “The congealed gas balls are very compact and stable.” “I’m showing that this collector has suffered some minor damage,” answers Sargent Paesnna as he collects the first batch of congealed gas balls. “We can’t repair it here. Should we take it back with us?” “No,” answers Margaret. “Ensign Bossman told me that the damage is normal wear and tear. Just let the machine function until it wears out. He says it is too dangerous to remove one after it has been put in place.” “Hopefully, they will have served their purpose long before they have worn out,” Sargent Paesnna answers back. “Lets head for the next one.” “99% full,” reports Sargent Thomas as he collects the gas from the second machine. The flight continues to the third collector. “100%,” reports Sargent Pasenna as he goes to access the third machine. Then, the pressure valve activates. “Don’t go near it!” gaps Sargent Pasenna as he starts choking for air. “What the frack just happened?” ask Sargent Thomas in alarm as he goes to render aid to his friend. “There is a congealed gas ball laying on the ground next to it,” answers Mayor. “I’m all right now,” Sargent Paesnna reports as he regains his breath. Sargent Thomas goes to access the machine which returns to the empty state as he collects a full load. He then picks up the stray gas ball. “When the machine became full, it must have ejected the excess congealed gas ball. We’ll have to be careful that we are not near them when they read 100% until the safety system ejects one.” Gameplay note. Any gas collector may eject a gas ball, regardless of its capacity, resulting in a player choking from exposure. Wear a hazard suit for protection from an accidental release. With that warning, the other three gas collectors are visited with their contents removed safely. “Take the rest of the morning off,” orders Captain Powell after he hears about the accident with collector three. “Then, you two can work on some flying tactics with Mayor and Margaret on our new combat trainer.” While they were gone, Captain Powell has ordered Lt. Garber and Private Ledfoot to take their new rock drake friends over to stand by a strange plant. It proves to have unusual healing properties. Captain Powell debriefs both rock drakes about their attacking Rockwell as they heal up. After the healing session and debriefing, two new Rock Drake saddles have been crafted and are assigned to Lt. Garber and Private Ledfoot to try out on their new rock drake friends. “I never knew that the strange bulbous plant with the long red tongue had the ability to quickly heal one’s injuries,” Lt. Garber tells Daryl as he goes to saddle him up. “We should have taken you two directly there in the morning instead of back here first.” “That was amazing standing next to that thing to get fully healed up,” Daryl answers back. “As you marines would say, I feel ready for action.” “I’ve never had a saddle placed on me before,” Dianne tells tells Private Ledfoot as he goes to put the new one on her. “It frightens me.” “That is quite all right,” Private Ledfoot tells her. “As of a couple of days ago, no wild rock drake on Aberration has ever had a saddle placed on them, “Rocky was the first when Private Grobbal found a saddle in a supply drop and Sargent Gulliver put it on him as a joke while he was unconscious. No one was prepared for Rocky to suddenly wake up and take off in a panic with those two riding on him. You can imagine our surprise when they came back later with Mayor and all the other rock drakes as their friends.” “You only need seven saddles for us to take everyone of you with us,” answers Daryl. “Why are you going to all the work to make one for each of us?” “They will provide armor protection for you when we are ready to go to confront Rockwell.” Lt. Garber answers. “Then, are you are doing this for our protection when we go back to do battle with Rockwell?” ask Daryl. “Most certainly,” answers Lt Garber. “And, so we can fire ranged weapons from a stable platform while you are doing the aerial and land maneuvering for us. Lets try them out and get you two leveled up for action. Captain Powell wants us to toughen you two up for endurance in rapid climbing and gliding from point to point. He wants us to train in using our ranged weapons while riding on you. We’ll place a training dummy on a rock peak or on top of a tall mushroom and get familiar with how fast you can climb, glide, and do maneuvering. It will be just like our air combat training, but you will be the pilot and we will be the gunner. We’ll leave the bridle off so you can have complete control of the situation at all times.” “How does that feel?” Private Ledfoot ask Dianne when the saddle is put into place. “That feels quite comfortable,” she answers. “Are you ready for me to sit on it?” He ask. “I guess so,” she answers nervously as he gets on the saddle in the driving position. “Oh, that is not as bad as I feared. It actually feels quite enjoyable.” “Lets take this one easy step at a time,” Private Ledfoot tells her as he strokes her on the neck. “Just walk around for a bit, then we will try some running, climbing up some rock faces, then do some gliding. Since we are not using a bridle, you can take a direction cue by reacting to my body weight while we are on the ground or while gliding. That leave both hands free for me to use a ranged weapon from you. It will be like riding a horse for me. Besides, you don’t need the bridle when I can just tell you what I want you to do. Lets start off at a walk. Just follow my cue for turning until it becomes second nature, then we’ll try it at different speeds.” “Where did you learn horseback riding?” ask Lt. Garber. “I learned it at the local stable near the base,” answers Private Ledfoot. “The riders that performed best in competition riding were the ones that trained on the same mount daily.” “You’re method for training rock drakes sounds quite logical,” Lt. Garber answers back. “I’ll have Daryl follow in kind.” “If we all train on our own rock drake, they will be more in sync with that one rider when the big showdown takes place.” answers Private Ledfoot. “I’ll have to agree,” answers Captain Powell. “Private Ledfoot is correct on having everyone train on their own rock drake. It will become second nature to them both when speed and precision is needed for the showdown with Rockwell. I’m putting Private Ledfoot in charge of training as we get saddles crafted for all of them. I’ll set up the target over here. You two can hit it with crossbows starting at a walk, later at a run, then try hitting it during a glide.” “What about all of these mushroom trees when we try gliding?” as Lt Garber. “Pretend that they are Rockwell’s arms,” answers Captain Powell. “Learn how to avoid them when running and gliding. Use blunt tipped arrows. Try not to hit each other or your rock drake with an arrow while you are training. And, if you think that the two of you are going to get in each others’ way, wait until we start training with 14 rock drakes at once.” “What did Captain Powell mean by using 14 rock drakes at once on a target?” ask Daryl. “He wants all of us to be able to engage Rockwell all at once,” answers Lt. Garber. “It is hitting the enemy with overwhelming force in order to defeat him.” “I now understand why he wants us to train all together,” answers Daryl. “It is so Rockwell doesn’t get the chance to beat us up again.” “Exactly,” answers Lt. Garber. “Lets get started at a walk, then a run.” “Excellent,” reports Captain Powell as both men nail the target while riding. “Now, try it coming from both directions at once.” “Why are we doing it this way?” ask Dianne. “It makes us harder for Rockwell to hit us and harder for our target to avoid us,” answers Private Ledfoot. “This is why when we fly torpedo planes, we try to hit the target ship from three directions at once.” “But we could run into each other once we start gliding to the target from opposite directions,” answers Dianne. “This is where your training comes in,” answers Private Ledfoot. “It is going to be your job to avoid colliding with each other while we attack Rockwell with a ranged weapon. I would suggest that one of us climbs at the last moment while the other dives. That will give both of us the chance to take a shot without one of us getting in the way.” “Daryl, when we go running towards each other, you jump over Dianne as we take the shot. Then, we’ll trade places so we don’t end up setting up a pattern that Rockwell could use against us. We’ll try the same tactic while gliding.” The first run by is made but the two rock drakes do a side by pass. Captain Powell pulls both of them to the side. “You can’t do it that way,” he scolds them. “One of you will accidentally hit the other instead of Rockwell. If not, the one further to the side is going to get a back blast in the face once we start using rockets.” “I now understand the tactic,” answers Daryl. “Let me jump and Dianne duck.” They make a second run by pass. Two blunt end arrows now hit their target. “That went much better,” answers Lt Garber. “I didn’t have to worry about Daryl colliding with Dianne which allowed me to concentrate on hitting the target. Now, lets try gliding.” In the glide attack, the training goes well, but then, on a faster gliding run, both rock drakes pull up and collide with other. “Are you all right?” Private Ledfoot ask Dianne as she recovers having the breath knocked out of her. “I’m fine,” she answers. “What went wrong?” “May I suggest something,” answers Captain Powell. “Lets set up a flight rule for head on attacking. The rock drake that has Rockwell on the left will climb while the one with Rockwell on the right will dive. The last thing we want to happen is having both of you getting knocked out to become an easy target right in front of Rockwell.” “On the left, climb, on the right, dive. I’ve got it!” answers Dianne. “Good girl,” answers Captain Powell. “We’ll make an honorary Marines out of you yet.” Private Grobbal and Sargent Gullivar start training next with Rocky and Lady Rocky being officially assigned to them. “Excellent,” remarks Captain Powell after the four of them have made several practice runs. “Lets take a break for a minute.” “What would happen if we were to attack Rockwell while cloaked?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “Would the rock drakes still be able to see each other when cloaked?” ask Private Grobbal. “Yes, we can still see each other while cloaked,” answers Rocky. “The Nameless and Reapers cannot see us while we are cloaked.” “What about Rockwell?” ask Captain Powell. “I believe that Rockwell can still see us.” answers Daryl. “His acid ball attacks kept hitting us when we attempted to hide from him by cloaking.” “Then, you should only use your cloaking ability to confuse the reapers and nameless,” answers Captain Powell. “I’ll have Sargent Thomas and Sargent Pasenna join you with Mayor and Margaret. As soon as there saddles crafted up for them, the rest of us will join in on the training. Later, we’ll construct a mock up of Rockwell in the pond so we can train how to avoid falling in it. We’ll have eight target tentacles set up for you to attack at once. The good news is, like the Japanese battleship Yamoto, Rockwell is going to be a big fat stationary target. Very dangerous? Yes, But if we can keep from getting hurt by his weaponry and keep pounding on him with ours, we will eventually sink him like we did the Yamoto.” “Lets get back to work.”
  4. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 10. The Injured Rock Drakes. Sargent Pasenna and Mayor are heading back from their survey of The Portal when they hear a moaning up on the cliff above. “What is that?” ask Sargent Pasenna with alarm. “It sounds like one of my friends has been hurt,” answers Mayor. “I’m heading up there.” “Be careful,” warns Sargent Pasenna. “We could be stepping into an ambush.” Cautiously, Mayor scales the cliff face to have a look. They both find a pair of injured rock drakes that Sargent Pasenna hasn’t seen before. “They’re badly hurt,” he tells Mayor. “They desperately need our help.” “Oh NO!” moans the male in pain as he sees Sargent Pasenna on a saddled Mayor. “How did that human tame our leader?” “It’s all right,” answers Mayor. “I’m not a tame. We are here to help.” After a quick inspection of the two badly injured rock drakes, Sargent Pasenna tells Mayor to go back to the base to get help. “Leave me all of your raw meat,” he orders. “Bring back some narcs, medical brew, another first aid kit, and two armed marines so we can better protect your two friends. And, hurry! I don’t want to lose them to something stupid like a frackin raptor.” The female rock drake is scared to death of Sargent Pasenna as he approaches her but she is too weak to get away from him. “I’m scared,” she says while crying. “It hurts so bad. I don’t want to die.” “Lie still,” he tells her softly. “I’m here to help. Eat some of this raw meat to start the healing process. Take these Narcs, they will help ease the pain until Mayor can return with the medical brew.” He rubs her neck as she calms down a bit, then she does what he tells her to do. She is soon unconscious sleeping comfortably. Heading over to the male, he assesses his condition. He is a bit more alert then his mate but still very frightened. “What happened to my mate?” he asks in alarm while in pain. “I gave her something to ease the pain so she could sleep.” Sargent Pasenna answers. “Eat some of this raw meat, It will help start the healing process.” “I wish that I had more narcs on me but your mate needed them so badly. Give me a minute to go find some black mushrooms. They will help to ease your pain.” “I’m so tired,” the male tells Sargent Pasenna after he eats three of the black mushrooms that were found. “Where did our leader go?” “I sent him back to our base to get more help and the medical supplies,” Sargent Pasenna answers as he strokes the male’s neck. “I wish that I could have put you to sleep for a while until you have healed up a bit. I don’t want to risk using a tranc dart on you in your weakened condition. What in the fracking hell happened to you two?” “That feels so good,” answers the male. “We tried to take out Edmund Rockwell. It didn’t go well. He beat us up badly, then grabbed us with his tentacles and flung us up against the chamber walls. Somehow, we ended up back here.” “Mayor and I believe that we are going to have to kill this Rockwell monster if we are to escape from this Ark before it falls apart.” answers Sargent Pasenna. “Is there anything you can tells us about him and the weapons he was using against you?” “Rockwell is now a hideous monster about the size of those huge portal rings. He lives in a pond filled with a toxic liquid he calls Edminium. His huge distorted body sits in the middle of that pond where a metal ramp leads up to him. While he can no longer move from that pond, he fights with his giant tentacles that can reach way outside of that pond. We were able to bite them off, but then, he called in Nameless and Reapers Kings to attack us. We became so busy fighting them that he started hitting us with glowing balls of acid. Somehow, we managed to take out all eight tentacles. That’s when he dropped down into the pond exposing his innards. We were about ready to move in to attack when he regenerated his tentacles, grabbed the both of us with them, and threw us into the chamber walls. That’s when we ended up back here.” “How did you get over to where he lives?” ask Sargent Pasenna. “Down way below, in the Cavern of Souls, there is a portal that can be activated that will take you to the chamber where he now lives.” “Thank you for that information, It is going to help us a great deal to formulate a plan for taking him out without getting killed. There are 13 other professional soldiers in my flight group. We have Mayor and 11 other Rock Drakes with us that are being leveled up for strength and endurance. We also have 14 loyal Ravagers and three Raptors allied with us. Once we can obtain charge weapons, rocket launchers, and high powered assault rifles, we should be strong enough to take down Rockwell and get out of this place. Mayor and the other 11 rock drakes want to leave Ark with us to go back to Earth. We have pledged to protect them and find them a home in Alaska there they can hatch their eggs and live in peace. You are more then welcome to join us as equals once we are ready to fight Rockwell. The harder we can hit him, the safer it will be for the rest of us. I’ll try to bring you all back with us when The Portal becomes operational again.” “I now understand why our leader has decided to become allies with you humans” answers back the male. “Sargent Pasenna,” Lt. Garber ask as he and Private Ledfoot arrive on Mayor. “What’s going on here?” “I need you two to protect these injured rock drakes until they are strong enough to return to the base with us,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “They have some very valuable Intel on how we can defeat that Rockwell monster.” Private Ledfoot goes over to check on the injured female. “It is a good thing that you put her to sleep,” Private Ledfoot answers back as he applies the medical brew to her wounds. “This girl is in really bad shape.” “Her mate is not much better,” reports Sargent Pasenna. “Don’t give him any more narcs. He wants to remain conscious so he can talk to us.” “I brought along a large canvass bucket,” Lt. Garber reports. “These two are going to be quite dehydrated as a result of their injuries.” “I’ll take Mayor down to the pond to fetch them some water,” answers Private Ledfoot. “These Aquatic mushrooms will help until I can get back.” Coming back quickly, the male, who is now named Daryl, gets a drink from the canvass bucket. “That was good,” he tells the others. “I feel much better now. I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable around you humans.” “If you don’t mine, we would like to call your mate Darlene.” “That sounds like a good name,” Daryl answers back. “Ohhh!” she says as she wakes up. “Awkkk!” she says as she spots the three humans with Daryl and Mayor. “It’s all right” Daryl tells her. “These humans are our friends.” “Water, thank you so much,” she answers back as she drinks the rest of the bucket from Private Ledfoot. “We’d better stay here overnight until these two have regained enough strength to return with us,” Reports Lt. Garber. “This looks like a secure area. I’ll check above what is at the top of the cliff. If it looks secure, we should have a quiet night.” “Mayor, lets go get them some more raw meat and water before it gets dark.” answers Private Ledfoot. “Those two are going to need it before we can return to camp with them.” The cliff above turns out to be part of the ceiling making it secure from any threats that could come from that direction. Being high up and on the edge of the open world above, the light of the planet in the sky shines down illuminating the surrounding area so that the three solders can verify that the area is safe. They take turns holding watch and comforting the injured rock drakes as they continue to rest comfortably. “Why did you try to attack Rockwell?” Private Ledfoot asks Darlene. “That monster stole my egg out of my nest, then he smashed it against a rock when I tried to get it back.” Darlene answers back. “That is awful,” answers Private Ledfoot. “Soon, the day is coming when you will get your revenge. Get some sleep so you can have the strength to come back with us in the morning.” “I like you,” Darlene answers back. Then she is sound asleep. By morning, both rock drakes are feeling a lot stronger. Overnight, they have formed a strong bond with Lt. Garber and Private Ledfoot. “Is this what it is like to become a tame?” Daryl asks Lt. Garber. “No, this is what it is like to become friends.” answers Lt. Garber. “Do you feel strong enough to glide back to our base?” “Yes,” answers Daryl and Darlene. “How will the three of you get back? Mayor’s saddle can only holds two humans.” “I brought along a wing suit,” answers Lt. Garber. “I can glide back with you. Follow Mayor back to our base. You can land inside where it is safe with your friends.” The short trip back is made with no issues other then the two new rock drakes are very tired when they finally arrive. The other 11 are so happy to see them. “I thought that we had lost you forever,” Rocky tells Daryl when he sees him again. “It’s a long story,” Daryl answers back. “We’re just so tired from having survived that horrible ordeal.” “Where did you find those two?” ask Captain Powell. “I though that all of the rock drakes were accounted for. These two look like they have gone through hell and back.” “We found them up on the cliff near the portal,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “They tried to take out Rockwell and got fracked up by him.” “We have a feeding tray over in the corner stocked with raw meat.” Captain Powell tells the newcomers. “You can get a drink from the tap if you are thirsty. Get some rest. When you have your strength back, I want to know everything you can tell me about Rockwell. It will help us prepare to do battle with him.” “Sargent Pasenna, what is the status on the portal?” “I’m puzzled as to how it works. At first, I thought that we had to be at the end of the chamber where we first appeared on this Ark. But now, I believe that all we have to do is gather at the top of the sled where the control panel is when we are ready to use it. Now that I think about it, the damaged sections of the Portal have nothing to do with its operation. Those appear to be part of a transit system that terminates at the control panel. There is no reason to even attempt a repair that rail line. Besides, it is scattered all over the place in the Blue Grotto and beyond. Even if we had access to the heavy equipment, and the Seebees to man it, it would take us years to repair it.” “Rocky has confirmed what you suspected,” answers Captain Powell. “That rail system is found all over this Ark. It is in pieces. There is a station point where all the rock drakes were living. The fact that the rail line is not required to power the portal is good news. It means that we all stand a chance of getting out of here when we activate it.” “Do you think that it can transport all 14 of us, the Devil Dogs, and our rock drake friends at the same time?” “If I push the settings into the red, yes,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “We are going to have to all go at once. I fear that this machine will not survive a second attempt to use it if we don’t red line it.” “Take Sargent Thomas with you and run a complete diagnosis on that Portal control,” orders Captain Powell. “Ride Mayor out there. I want to be sure that we can all escape before we take on Rockwell. When they feel up to it, I want to debrief Daryl and Darlene about their confrontation they had with Rockwell. See if you can set up some secure storage close by so we can move their eggs there. Once we have defeated Rockwell, I have a feeling that we will have to get out of here just as fast as we can.” “We’ll head there right now,” answers Sargent Pasenna. Inspecting the portal control for the second time, Sargent Pasenna confirms his second though about how the portal functions. “It does indeed look like that the rest of this structure is just a rail line that leads to this terminal. This must have been a central hub for sending people here and back.” “Good, this console is functioning properly. The overhead displays are showing other arks and the Earth.” “You mean that there are other Arks besides this one?” ask Sargent Thomas. “Yes,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “I just as soon get back to Earth then visit any one of them. We can let our scientist figure out what they are when we get back.” “Is everyone going to fit on the platform?” ask Sargent Thomas. “If we sit on the rock drakes and place the devil dogs under them, we should have enough space for everyone. Lets get the storage shed off of Mayor and place it nearby so their eggs can be moved to here.” Heading back, a report is filed with Captain Powell. “Good news,” reports Sargent Pasenna. The control panel is functioning properly. The diagnosis test indicates that the portal is functional. We have it set for Earth. We can head back once we know Rockwell can’t cut the power to it.” “That is excellent news,” Captain Powers says. “Our two new rock drakes are mending well. I kept Lt. Garber and Private Ledfoot with them so they can become bonded together. They are getting along quite well. We should have saddles for them tomorrow.” “Sargent Gulliver and Private Grobbal are out with Rocky and his mate looking for shine horns. At least, they don’t drool all over your shoulder like the bulb pugs do. Everyone else is out gathering supplies we will need for saddles and charge weapons.” “Take Mayor with his mate and go collect congealed gas balls from the six collectors. She can show you where the other four are located. We should be able to craft hazard suits by morning.”
  5. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 9. The Oath. “That was so enjoyable,” Lady Rocky tells Rocky as they return to the base. “I never knew taking these humans for a ride would be such a pleasure.” “We had a great time on that ride,” Private Grobbal answers as he removes the saddles from Rocky. “Just remember that you two are not our tames. We like you just the way you are, as our friends.” “That was a great ride,” answers Private Ledfoot as he removes the saddle from Lady Rocky. “She was so gracious, so kind. Those two make a great couple.” “It’s going to be so great to be working with them,” answers Captain Shrivers. “They are going to be such a big help in getting out of this place.” “Captain Powell has just called all of us for an important meeting concerning our Rock Drake friends,” reports Sargent Gulliver. “Rocky, Lady Rocky, come join us. This meeting is about our concerns over your future once we return to our world.” “What is this all about?” Rocky ask Private Grobbal with concern. “I think that it has something to do with your ability to become invisible with us riding on you.” answers Private Grobbal as everyone gathers around in the commons area. “I wish this could wait until morning when Mayor and the other rock drakes are here,” reports Captain Powell. “I just know that I would not be able to get any fracking sleep tonight until I know how the rest of you feel about our new rock drake friends.” “I’m extremely concerned that our superiors are going to frack with our new friends once they find out about their cloaking ability. Can you imagine how useful a cloaking weapon would be in the upcoming confrontation with the Soviets? A dozen rock drakes, fully capable of carrying a pair of well armed marines into a Soviet base unseen, climbing over walls, down cliffs, gliding in for a landing, intelligent creatures capable of defending themselves, as those marines conduct their business of sabotage, stealing secrets, or even taking out key Soviet leaders.” “Rocky, Lady Rocky, I’m frightened by the fact that if my superiors take you away from us, they will force you to become their tames to do their bidding. You could resist them all you want, but in the end, you would either be forced to submit to them or die trying.” “I wish that we could just leave you here for your protection, but I’m as certain as Mayor that the days we can remain down here are numbered before this place turns into a death trap.” "As a Marine, I feel that its my sworn duty to protect our rock drake friends from our superiors, even if it means sacrificing my marriage, my career, or my life.” “How do the rest of you feel about this?” “I’m with you. So am I. Count me in. We’re all in this together, the rest answers.” “Rocky, just to let you know that we don’t take being killed and reborn in this world lightly, a death in our world is permanent. We cannot be reborn again as has happened to several of us on this Ark.” answers Captain Powell. “We now swear an oath as Marines to protect you and your friends from our superiors at all cost.” “You’re crying,” Private Grobbal says to Rocky as he pets him on the neck after the meeting. “It’s just so overwhelming to see how you humans have pledged to protect us with your lives, knowing that you could never be reborn.” answers Rocky in tears. “No humans have ever been so concerned about our well being, even those that had their egg tames.” “Before we ended up here, we had finished fighting a vicious war over world domination,” answers Private Grobbal. “Millions died in that fight. This emerging conflict with the Soviets threatens to start it all over again. With your special abilities, you could certainly help us in that conflict, but you should do so of your own free will, not through the use of threats or torture. We are pledged to protect your freedom as we have pledged to protect the freedom of the citizens of our country.” “I think that I now understand the sacrifice you are making to protect us,” answers Rocky. “You really are true friends.” “Lets get some rest,” answers Private Grobbal. “We have a very busy day ahead of us tomorrow.” It is the following morning when Captain Powers hands out the work assignments for the day. Mayor and the rest of the Rock Drakes have arrived to help out. Thy have brought the six eggs with them which are promptly placed into preserving bins labeled with the name of the parents they belong to. “This is the safest place we can keep them until the time comes for us to leave.” Captain Powers tells them. “When we reach Earth and can relocate you in the wilderness of Alaska, you should be able to find the conditions you need to hatch them. There are plenty of wild animals living up there that you can catch for your food.” “We brought two additional saddles we had salvaged from the village that you can use on us when we go exploring for resources,” answers Mayor. “Excellent,” answers Captain Powell. “We found a blueprint for Rock Drake Saddles in a drop early this morning. We won’t have to wait to level up so we can obtain the engram for one. We can craft the other six as soon as we can obtain the crystals needed for them.” “I’m sending you out with Sargent Pasenna so you can help him with repairing The Portal. I’ll take five other people with me on Rocky, Lady Rocky, and whoever wants to volunteer to carry two of us. The rest of my team is going to enlarge this base so all of you can have a comfortable place to stay for the night.” With the teams picked out, they all proceed on their mission with Captain Powell riding on Ricky, one of the rock drakes that Sargent Thomas had made friend with the night before. Sargent Pasenna is riding on Mayor when he stops up on the high Portal Platform and asks him a question. “I’m really concerned about what might happened to us when we travel back to your world,” he asks. “Let us talk about your concern before we continue,” Sargent Pasenna answers. He gets off Mayor so that he can face him up close and personal. “After you left to return to the Blue Grotto, Captain Powell called everybody together, including Rocky and Lady Rocky to discuss what we should do in case our superiors take an interest in your cloaking ability to use as a weapon of war. Where I come from, we had just won a war over two oppressive nations that were fighting for world dominance. Millions died in that war before we were able to defeat them. We are currently facing a foe that wants to enslave all of the nations on our world. They have already taken advantage of the destruction from the last war to enslave a third of that world.” “Because we fear that our superiors may want to take advantage of your cloaking ability against your will, we made a decision last night that we would sacrifice our careers, even our lives, to prevent that from ever happening. We all swore an oath to protect you from them, no matter what the cost to us. Unlike this Ark, death is permanent on our world. We are all willing to lose our lives if that is what it takes to protect your freedom.” “If you don’t believe me, ask Rocky and Lady Rocky when we get back.” Rocky is now looking at Sargent Pasenna with a stunned look. “I didn’t know that humans would ever do such a thing to protect the lives and freedoms of others, even us.” “For a Marine, it would be the greatest of dishonor to ever break such a pledge of loyalty.” answers Sargent Pasenna as the ground starts shaking again. “Lets get back to work,” Mayor answers. “I don’t know how much more this place can withstand this shaking before it completely falls apart.” “If we lose that portal because of these quakes, we’re all screwed.” Landing at the origin point, the two of them visually survey the aiming point of The portal. “It looks like three of the rings in the distance have tilted out of alignment,” Sargent Pasenna reports to Mayor. “Lets go check out the control panel to see if it is possible to remotely activate it before we see if it is possible to pull them back into alignment.” “Good, very good,” Sargent Pasenna says to himself. “Excellent.” “Mayor, we now have access to crafting a remote control device. I can fit it to this console to activate it once it has been programmed to our destination. With a charge battery, I can activate the remote from the origin point.” “We need to be careful that Rockwell doesn’t find out what we are doing,” answers Mayor. “He could disable the portal or cut the power to it.” “I agree,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “Lets go check out those bent rings and see what it will take to pull them back in alignment.” “We need to bridge this gap so the portal sled can cross it,” Mayer tells Sargent Pasenna. “I believe that you are right.” Sargent Pasenna answers. “We should be able to craft a stone tower to support it, then, if we can find enough metal ore, craft the floor plates needed to connect it together.” Crossing the gap, Mayer takes Sargent Pasenna down to the bent rings. “Damn, I wish that we had some heavy equipment. This is going to take a lot of effort to pull them back into position without it.” They move on to the end of the rail line. “poop, this last one is really bent and embedded into the ceiling. I see no way we can ever pull it back with it hanging so far into the Blue Grotto.” “Oh Crap! We’re screwed! There are a dozen more of them laying at the bottom in the shape of a spine. Even if we had the heavy equipment, we’ll never be able to get them back into position.” “Can you make it work with what is there?” ask Mayor. “I think that it’s possible,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “It got us here before the bridge was cut in an explosion when we first arrived. If we can cut that last ring loose with explosives, we will have a straight shot for the accelerator. I’ll just have to push the portal acceleration way into the red in order to reach an escape velocity. Once this machine has sent us on the way, it can go ahead and destroy itself.” “You better wait until we get rid of Rockwell before you cut that ring,” warns Mayor. “The explosion is sure to tip him off to what we are doing.” “I agree,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “We will repair what we can of the portal, prepare it for action, go kill Rockwell, then get the hell out of here as fast as we can.”
  6. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 8. The Conference. “This is so much better riding on you, when you are so relaxed, then when you were in such a panic” Private Grobbal tells Rocky as he glides and climbs on his way to a flat area way back along the edge of the Blue Grotto. “I’ve read that dragons could be ridden bareback. I just don’t think that I could hang on to you when you are climbing up these rock faces if we were to ride you bareback.” “This is quite enjoyable,” answers Rocky. “You are correct about the dragons. I used to see them on the surface with humans riding on them bareback before they were killed by the fire when the Ark shield was destroyed. It’s so much easier for me to have you use the saddle. I don’t have to worry about you trying to hang on me when I am climbing up the rock walls.” “I’m so happy that we decided to become friends.” “You are one remarkable creature,” answers Private Grobbal. “I never knew those fantasy books I read about dragons ever had any facts behind those stories of the Mid Evil times.” “Here we are at our destination,” answers Rocky as they land on top of a butte just inside the Blue Grotto. “I’ll call for my friends to come up here where it is safe for you. It’s too dangerous down there for humans where they are now living.” With several chirps and rumbles from Rocky vocalization, a couple of shimmering shapes come up the side of the butte to face them. The first shape to reveals itself is a female rock drake. “Oh No!” she says in shock in tears. “How did those humans capture you to make you their slave? How will I live without you?” “Oh my,” Sargent Gulliver whispers to Private Grobbal. “It’s his mate and she’s really upset that we are riding on him.” “It’s OK!” Rocky answers back. “They are my friends. We’ll still be together.” “But you have that egg tame saddle on you!” the female rock drake answers in tears. “It was more comfortable for me to bring them here wearing it,” answers Rocky. “Otherwise, they could have easily slid off my back when I am climbing up the rock faces. As you can see, they took the bridle off of it for me.” “So they have no control over you when they are riding on you?” she ask. “I’m in complete control,” Rocky answers. “Come over here and let them pet you on the neck. It feels surprisingly good.” “It’s all right girl,” Private Grobbal tells her. “We won’t harm you.” “They really can talk to us!” the female answers back in shock. “I never knew that.” Cautiously, she comes over by Rocky so she can get petted. “You are right.” she says as she regains her composure. “That does feel good.” “Do you have a name?” Sargent Gulliver ask her. “No, I don’t,” she answers. “What is a name?” “It is something we call ourselves when we want to talk to each other,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “I’m Sargent Gulliver, Private Grobbal is sitting in front of me, and we named your mate Rocky.” “What would you like to call me?” she ask. “How does Lady Rocky sound?” Sargent Gulliver asks. “That sounds wonderful,” she answers. “What do you think Rocky?” Sargent Gulliver ask. “I like it.” he answers back. “I’m glad that we got to meet Lady Rocky so you two could get back together,” answers Private Grobbal. “We really miss being without our wives and girlfriends.” “Why didn’t they come with you?” ask Lady Rocky. “We were out on what we call a military patrol, away from our wives, girlfriends, and families, when things went totally FUBAR.” answers Sargent Gulliver. “Somehow, 14 of us ended up stranded in this place without them. We think that we can get back home if we can repair the portal that was used to bring us here in the first place. Rocky tells me that he is afraid that this Ark may destroy itself if Rockwell keeps screwing around with the machinery. If you and your friends are willing to help us, we will try our best to repair the portal, get rid of Rockwell, and get you off of this Ark to a safer place.” “You would really do that for us?” another rock drake ask as he makes himself visible. “If our leader, Captain Powell, agrees to it, the answer would be yes.” “That would be so wonderful,” answers the new rock drake. “Are you their leader?” Sargent Gulliver ask him. “Yes, I am.” he answers. “Can I call you Mayor?” Sargent Gulliver ask him. “What does a mayor mean?” ask the new rock drake. “A Mayor is an elected civilian leader of a community where humans live,” answers Sargent Gulliver. We use titles such as commander, Sargent, Captains, because we are in the military.” “That sounds fine by me,” answers the new rock drake. “Then Mayor it is,” answers Sargent Gulliver. The rest of the rock drakes, now totaling 12, soon reveal themselves. “You are an excellent leader,” Sargent Gulliver tells the Mayor. “First contact with the unknown is always such a dangerous situation. Had we not identified one of you the other day when we were up at the broken end of the rail line, we would have found ourselves totally unprepared when Rocky surprised us earlier today. It would have been tragic for all of us had we ended up killing him instead of just knocking him out when he attacked us. We would probably have ended up fighting each other by now.” “I think that the Keepers of this Ark wanted us to get together in spite of the fact that Helena’s Journal reports that your kind cannot be tamed as adults. That saddle Rocky has on was deliberately placed in a supply drop for us to find when he found us. Someone or something out there wanted us to become friends.” “That is most interesting,” answers Mayor. “There are so few of us left now after the showdown we had with that Rockwell monster. We should travel back to your base and meet your leader.” “I caution you to use your cloaking device like you did when you first met us.” answers Sargent Gulliver. “Rocky scared us all when he first appeared. “I would hate to see any of you get hurt if we screw up our first contact with the rest of our group. Follow my lead when I ask for Captain Powell to step outside.” “Can you ride on me to your base,” ask Mayor. “I have an egg tame saddle that we salvaged from the village that Rockwell destroyed.” “I’d be delighted to” answers Sargent Gulliver. “When I put on the saddle, I’ll remove the bridle so it is more comfortable for you. Captain Powell already knows what Rocky looks like. He will recognize that you are not him when you uncloak. You don’t need to wear that bridle. I can just tell you where to go.” It’s mid afternoon as the remainder of the patrol returns to their base camp. “Did Sargent Gullivar or Private Grobbal show up back here?” “No,” answers Lt Garber. “What happened to them?” “They took off on an unplanned trip riding a wild Rock Drake,” answers Captain Powell. “We gave chase but that ba$tard outran us like we were standing still. It went gliding over the ravine, then, it scrambled up the side of a cliff like it was running downhill and disappeared over the other side. I have never seen anything that big move so fast.” “Apparently, it has not killed them.” answers Lt. Garber. “None of the spawn beds have registered any activity.” “I hope so,” answers Captain Powell. “With these frequent tremors and strange happenings, nothing appears to be reliable around here any more.” Suddenly, there is a growl among the 14 Devil Dogs as they run over to the main gate to start looking around. There are several thuds heard outside. “What’s out there!” orders Captain Powell to Private Ledfoot who is up on the watch tower. “I don’t know,” he answers. “I heard the noises, then saw some puffs of dust out front, but now, everything looks clear. Oh wait, Sargent Gulliver just appeared out of nowhere.” “Captain Powell, can you come out here and talk to us?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “Where’s Private Grobbal?” ask the Captain. “He’s close by,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “Mayor needs to talk to you about getting out of this place.” “Who’s is this Mayor?” ask Captain Powell as he steps outside. “Go ahead, show yourself,” Sargent Gulliver answers back. “My God!” answers Captain Powell in shock. “No wonder we never saw that Rock Drake this morning until we were on top of it, They have the ability to make themselves invisible.” “Wait a minute, that doesn’t look like the rock drake you two were riding on.” “He isn’t,” answers private Grobbal as he and rocky become visible. "How did you manage to tame two of them?” ask Captain Powell. “We didn’t,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “They chose to become our friends, all 12 of them.” as the other ten start to uncloak themselves. “I understand that your group wants to try to repair the portal so you can get back home.” answers the Mayor. “Can you help us to escape from here if we help you with the repairs?” A stunned Captain Powell has to sit down for a minute to get over the shock of talking rock drakes. Then he answers, “Yes, We can most certainly use your help in obtaining the rare materials we need to repair that Portal. If it’s at all possible, we’ll take all of you back with us. There’s plenty of remote places in our world where you can remain hidden from our civilization. Lt. Tylor, Lt. Garber, Ensign Bossman, Captain Shrivers, get out here. We need to talk to this Mayor and formulate our plans for conducting this upcoming mission.” “Thank you,” answers Mayor. “It will be so good to work with you humans instead of fighting each other. There are so few of us left after what happened to us when Rockwell turned himself into that monster.” “Everyone, come out and find yourself a rock drake to be friends with,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “They love to be petted on their neck. Give them a name if they don’t have one yet. It seems to be missing from their culture.” The five pilots spend over an hour talking with the Mayor as they talk about the underground cave system, what happened at the village, and ways to deal with Edmund Rockwell when the time comes to escape. Everyone else is enjoying being with the rock drakes who are now enjoying all of the attention as they get used to each others presence. Private Grobbal has taken the saddle off of Mayor to use on Lady Rocky. She wants to take some humans riding with her and Rocky before it gets dark. Private Ledfoot, Icelander, and Baluck go with Private Grobbal on their adventure. “We’re going to need a much bigger pen,” Sargent Thomas tells Captain Powell as evening approaches. “Rocky and Lady Rocky want to spend the night with us,” answers Captain Powell as he gathers the rest of the group together. We have enough room in here for them. Mayor and the rest of the rock drakes are headed back to the Blue Grotto for the night. In the morning, I’ll assign a detail to enlarge the pen for all of them.” “Even more amazing, they are bringing six eggs back with them. We are going to place them in their own preserving bins for the time being. Even though they have never been able to get their eggs to hatch in this environment, they don’t want to leave them behind. We could attempt to hatch them ourselves, but, that would only delay our trying to escape from here. Besides, there is the risk that they could become dumb egg tames if we did so. That would be a disaster for them and for us. If we can get them to Alaska when we get back, they should be able to find an area near the Arctic Circle that is cold enough for their eggs to properly incubate and hatch.” “Sargent Pasenna is going to take Mayor with him to inspect the portal so he can find out what is needed to repair it so we can get us out of here.” “As soon as we can get saddles for them, the rest of us are going to use the Rock Drakes to gather up the rare resources we need to complete this mission. We’ll go get the blue and red crystals we need for the gas collectors, bio suits, and charge weapons. That will allow us to collect the resources we need to repair the portal and confront Rockwell so we can all escape from here.” “I know, It’s a super busy schedule, but, we need to get this done before this place falls apart on us. Even Mayor doesn’t know how much longer this place can hold itself together.”
  7. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 7 The Rock Drake. On the morning of Day 5, as promised, Long Neck Rifles have been crafted for everyone along with a dozen rounds of ammo and a dozen tranc darts. More wood has been gathered to burn down to charcoal for additional gunpowder. Another stash of rich metal ore has been located nearby and is being processed in the refining forges. The plan is to get more ammo crafted up before the trip is made to go down into the Blue Grotto to locate and harvest blue and red gems. But for now, the group will be searching along the edge of the Blue Grotto looking for a way to get down there and back up. It is 10:00 when Captain Powers assembles the patrol to go search the perimeter of the Blue Grotto for a path down. FT-81 is staying behind to secure the camp and continue with improvements that include a rope ladder to the river below, a water pipe to bring water to the camp, planting Species Z seeds to get them growing, and securing the cliff above from any surprises that may fall in on them. Before they can cross the stream to the other side, a giant crab gets in their way and starts to attack them. “Tear that fracker up!” orders Captain Powers when it grabs Sargent Pasenna off of his devil dog. They make short work of the giant crab. “We got Organic Polymer and lots of it,” Sargent Pasenna reports as he gets back on his ride. “Lets head back to camp and craft up that much cooler Gillie Armor,” orders Captain Powell. Lt. Garber is surprised by the quick return of the patrol but quickly gets the Smithy busy crafting Gillie Armor for the patrol. “I’ll make some spare sets with what is left,” He tells Captain Powell. “Organic Polymer won’t keep for more then an hour at most.” “At least, we know where we can get more if we need it,” Captain Powers answers back. “Those fracking crabs don’t stand a chance against our Devil Dogs.” Heading back out, the patrol finds the edge of the Blue Grotto and heads to the left. “This Gillie Armor is so much cooler then hide or even cloth,” comments Sargent Thomas. “It sure beats sweating like hell all of the time in this heat.” “It makes good camouflage as well,” answers Captain Powell. “Too bad we can’t dress our devil dogs in this as well. Lets go access that yellow loot crate that just appeared over there.” The Devil Dogs have suddenly gone on alert. “Something unseen is bothering them,” warns Sargent Thomas. “Everyone, have your rifles ready for action,” orders Captain Powell. “Load them with tranc darts.” Suddenly, with a loud shreak, the foliage ahead shimmers, then dissolves to reveal a rock drake staring right at Sargent Thomas. “Oh $hit!” he says frozen in fear as the rock drake lunges towards him. “Tranc it!” orders Captain Powell. There is a squawk of surprise as eleven tranc darts hit the drake in the neck. It staggers for a moment, then collapses to the ground unconscious. “Wow, that is one beautiful fracker,” Captain Shrivers comments as he examines the unconscious rock drake up close. “I wish we could tame him even though my Specimen Implant does not show a taming bar.” Sargent Gulliver proceeds to recover the eleven tranc darts still in the rock drake’s neck as Private Grobbal has gone to the loot crate to check it out. “Where did you get that Rock Drake Saddle?” ask Captain Powell. “It was in that yellow loot crate,” answers Private Grobbal. “That is most interesting,” answers Sargent Gullivar. “It is if the Keepers of this place want us to use it on this guy.” “Should I put it on him?” ask Private Grobbal. “Go ahead,” answers Captain Shrivers. “Lets see what it looks like on him” Private Grobbal places the saddle on the still unconscious creature. “That is interesting,” Sargent Gulliver says. “There is a place for two riders on this saddle.” “Lets get on him,” Private Grobbal answers back. “I wish I had my camera with me,” Ensign Bossman comments. “You two look so majestic on board that creature.” About then, there is a groan from the Rock Drake that sounds like “Oh, my head.” “Oh $hit!” yells Sargent Gulliver as the rock drake stands back up with a loud shreak as everyone scrambles for cover. “He just woke up.” “Hang on!” yells Private Grobbal as the rock drake, realizing that he has been saddled with two humans on him, takes off running in a panic towards a drop off at full speed. “I have no frackin control over him.” “After them!” orders Captain Powell as the rest of the patrol scrambles to their Devil Dogs to give chase. “Watch out for that drop off,” warns Sargent Gulliver.” “He won’t stop!” warns Private Grobbal. “Now, he’s flying?” “Oh Crap!” complains Captain Powell as they slide to a stop at the drop off. “That thing can actually fly. We’ll never catch them in this terrain.” On board the out of control Rock Drake private Grobbal continues to struggle for control of this frightened creature. “Good, I got him to turn back towards The Portal.” says Private Grobbal “Whoa! Pull up buddy!” The rock drake pulls up at the last second, slams into the cliff feet first, and starts scrambling up the vertical cliff to the top of the main portal as fast as he can. He takes off again and lands in the plateau of The Portal by the remains of an abandoned camp. Then, he lays down to rest totally out of breath. “He’s completely exhausted,” reports Private Grobbal as the two riders start to catch their breath after that exciting ride. “Get some rest buddy while we figure out what we should do with you.” as Private Grobbal starts patting him on the neck. “Did you hear him say something about a fracking headache before he took off in a panic?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “Yes, I did,” answers Private Grobbal. “I have read where dragons were very intelligence, that they could actually talk to people, but those were in those fantasy books I read as a kid. I wondering if this one can actually talk to us.” “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask him,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “He seems to be calming down the more we talk about him.” “Take the reins and let him have his head when I get off of him,” answers Private Grobbal. “Please don’t hurt me,” the rock drake ask Private Grobbal when he comes around the front to see him. “We won’t harm you as long as you don’t try to harm us,” Private Grobbal answers back, then proceeds to pet him on his neck. Dismounting but with the reins still in his hand, Sargent Gulliver ask the rock drake, “Do you have a name?” “What is a name?” ask the rock drake. “I’m called Sargent Gulliver and this is my friend Private Grobbal.” Sargent Gulliver answers. “Can we call you Rocky?” “Rocky sounds like a fine name,” answers the rock drake. “Then, Rocky it is,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “Can you take that thing out of my mouth?” ask Rocky. “It is very uncomfortable.” “You promise not to take off and abandon us here if we take off the bridle?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “I won’t take off on you,” answers Rocky. “If he is anything like the dragons in my fictional books, he will keep his word.” answers Private Grobbal as he removes the bridle from Rocky’s head. “Thank you so much for taking that thing off of me,” Rocky answers. “Why did you attack us back near the Blue Grotto?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “I was afraid that you humans had returned to harm us again,” answers Rocky. “I can understand why,” answers Private Grobbal. “According to Helena’s journal, the former tribes that escaped from this place had been hunting them to steal their eggs. No wonder you attacked us. You thought that we were part of a tribe that had stayed behind. We only arrived here by accident a couple of days ago.” “How did you knock me out without hurting me?” ask Rocky. “We had just crafted something called tranc darts.” answers Sargent Gulliver. “It is fired from out long neck rifle and injects a tranquilizer made from the black mushrooms. We’re sorry about the headache you had when you woke up. It is the first time we have used them to stop a creature from attacking us.” “I’m sorry that I tried to kill you,” answers Rocky. “I was so afraid you were going to try to kill me when you showed up with such a large pack of Ravagers as your tames.” “Where did you get the saddle to put on me?” “That’s what is so strange,” answers Private Grobbal. “It was in a yellow loot crate that appeared just before you surprised us. It is if it was given to us so we could use it on you.” “That is most interesting,” answers Rocky. “The others so long ago had to craft them for use with their egg tames. Their egg tames were so stupid.” “Then, it appears that the keepers of this place must want us to become friends instead of bitter enemies,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “We can certainly become friends,” answers Rocky. “I never knew it felt so good to be petted by humans.” “That is so great to hear,” answers Private Grobbal. “I really didn’t want to be getting into a fight with you and your friends just because of how you have been treated in the past.” “How will we be able to establish a truce with your friends so they don’t attack us?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “We can go talk to them,” answers Rocky. “Before we go, can we check out this abandoned camp first?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “Yes,” answers Rocky. “It used to belong to Helena.” “That explains how her journal ended up down below for us to find during one of those tremors,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “Here’s another one of those Explorer’s notes,” reports Private Grobbal as he is searching through the campsite. “It’s a Rockwell recipe for protecting our devil dogs from radiation poisoning.” “Ackkk!” yells out Rocky in a panic. “Sir. Edmund Rockwell is a monster. He wiped out an entire village of humans and their tames including several of us!” “We know,” answers Private Grobbal. “Helena’s journal tells us all about what happened to him. He was a scientist that invented many of the recipes we have found useful, even lifesaving. Then, he became obsessed in his research over something he called Edmunium. It literally took control of his mind. He kept injecting himself with that frackin $hit in his quest for power. That stuff eventually turned him into what we called a Mr. Hide, a hideous monster that destroys everything around him in a fit of rage.” Another tremor starts shaking the ground as the threesome are talking. More bits of stone, wood, and crystal come shaking down from above. “I will be happy when the day comes that we can get this portal repaired so we can leave this frackin place,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “I fear that this place could start falling apart at any moment.” “You are probably correct,” answers Rocky. “These tremors get worse every day with Rockwell’s meddling with the machinery that is holding this Ark together. I fear that he is going to have to be killed before he does something that causes those machines to explode.” “Can you help us get prepare to kill Rockwell if we have to confront him once we are able to repair the portal for our escape?” ask Sargent Grobbal. “Yes,” answers Rocky. “Please, take us with you when you can get it working. I’m certain that this Ark is going to be destroyed once The Portal is activated again.” “If Captain Powell and your friends can agree to help us defeat Edmund Rockwell, then we have a deal,” answers Sargent Grobbal. “Lets go find your friends and have a talk with them.”
  8. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 6 Day Four on Aberration. It is the next morning when the new tools are ready for testing. Zip lines and climbing picks are available for everyone. A pair of Ravager saddles have been crafted and are soon put to use. “We have to use these climbing picks carefully and carry spares with us” reports Sargent Pasenna. “They wear out quickly when you use them. If it breaks while climbing, you will fall for sure. They are as tiring to use as a grappling hook, so, you had better be in good fracking shape when you use them for climbing.” Captain Shrivers and Sargent Gulliver saddle up the two Devil Dogs and take them out for a test ride. “Helena says that they can climb zip lines,” Sargent Gulliver tells Captain Shrivers. “Lets set up one to cross this small gorge and test them out. A zip line is placed, using the crossbow, to form a connection across the gorge. “This is great! These guys are natural tightrope walkers. We can travel both up and down on the zip line with these creatures.” On the other side, a parasaur is quickly killed and ripped to pieces. “They make good hunters too.” “Oh Frack!” warns Captain Shrivers. “There is that frackin pack of devil dogs and they are coming this way. Get back across the zip line, now!” “Are they going to try to follow us across?” ask Sargent Gulliver with concern as the pack runs up to the zip line, then stops at the edge of the gorge to start sniffing it. “It doesn’t look like it for now,” answers Captain Shriver. “Just to be safe, lets cut the zip line.” “I think that they are more fracken curious about us with our two tames, otherwise, they should be charging the frack across after us,” answers Captain Shrivers. “Lets leave the zip line for now and report back to the base.” “You’re back early,” Captain Powell says with surprise. “Did you run into some fracking trouble?” “The high level pack of devil dogs spotted us as we were testing out the zip line,” answers Captain Shrivers. “We weren’t sure if they were going to frack with us or not. They seemed curious about us riding our two of their own kind.” “Where the frack are they now? Ask Captain Powell. “They are across the ravine by our zip line,” answers Captain Shrivers. “Head back out to the zip line but don’t cross it.” orders Captain Powell. “Keep them curious about you but don’t frack with them. The rest of us will scale the ravine behind them, take the pack down with bolas, and knock them out for taming. When they are all down, you can come across and help out.” Armed with narc arrows, bolas, and climbing picks, everyone heads out to the ravine. Spotting the devil dogs near the zip line, Captain Powell sets out the five teams to their target Ravagers sending them across the ravine down new zip lines, then up using the climbing picks. As they climb up the ravine from behind, the high level pack is surprised by the sudden appearance of the 12 marines and Navy personnel behind them. They turn to attack and are promptly taken down by a dozen bolas. The Narc arrows are next. A low level drops which Private Grobbal is assigned to tame. The other four of higher level, take another volley of narc arrows before they go down. “Get another bola on that alpha,” orders Captain Powell as she starts to gets free and tries to run away. Two more bolas tangle up her legs as another salvo of narc arrows finally does the job of dropping her. It is a Level 150. “Captain Shrivers, Sargent Gulliver, take your Devil Dogs and go kill those two sheep up on the ridge.” order Captain Powell. A zip line is fired so the sheep can be reached quickly and the freshly harvested mutton is placed upon the five downed Ravagers. A mid level lone female is dropped near the sheep before the two can return. Sargent Gulliver stays to tame it as Captain Shrivers takes the mutton down to the others. “Do we have enough resources to make six saddles?” ask Captain Shrivers. “Not a problem,” Sargent Thomas answers in return. “We can easily get the fungal wood required for crafting them.” Private Grobbal’s low level is tamed in minutes with the mutton, so he is off riding him with the new saddle that Sargent Thomas has crafted up with the rest of FT-117. It takes the better part of the day to tame up the rest of the high level pack especially the Level 150 alpha, but, she turns out to be worth it. “Racy is awesome!” Captain Powell tells the others as he takes her out for a test run. “We will need to look for six more higher level Devil Dogs for FT 28 and FT-3.” “We’ll need to enlarge the pen if our pack grows to 14 or more of them,” Sargent Thomas tells Captain Powell. “FT 28 and FT-3 can work on that while the rest of us go exploring this area of the cavern.” answers Captain Powell. “If we find suitable Ravagers for them, we’ll tame them up and bring them back to the base. Heading back towards the damaged rail line, a zip line is set so the eight riders can head up to it. The pack climbs the line with ease. “It is amazing that something so simple as a crossbow fired string line can become strong and stable enough for eight Devil Dogs with riders to climb up it at once. This is quite an unusual place.” On the portal rail line, the group continues on for a long distance until they are forced to stop when they find that the rail has broken off, dropping into a deep blue cavern forming a spine like that of some huge dead creature. “That is a long fracking ways down,” reports Sargent Thomas. “It is way too far down even for a zip line or our climbing picks. We’ll need to find another way in if we want to go down there.” “Then, lets head back,” orders Captain Powell. “Wait a minute, I though that I saw something moving down there.” Sargent Thomas answers. Placing the spotting scope on it, a message comes up on it. “Rock Drake, level 40, male. Yet, I can’t seem to see it. Oh, now I do. It’s has camouflaged itself with the terrain. It’s like a shimmering distortion when it is moving.” “What is a Rock Drake?” ask Private Ledfoot. “It is a mystical creature of the midevil times,” answers Private Grobbal. “It is a dragon that doesn’t have wings for flying.” “Dragon?” questions Private Ledfoot. “There are no such fracking things.” “Neither are these Devil Dogs or the Bulb Pugs,” answers Private Grobbal. “Yet, my spyglass is definitely showing what looks like a dragon with feathers on its forehead, its front legs, and its tail. So, they must fracking exist, if only in this place.” “Lets get off the rail line and head towards that lighted area of the Mushroom Forest,” orders Captain Powell. “We need to learn more about these Rock Drakes before we end up in a confrontation with one.” Back down below, using a natural zip line to get to a hill off of the rail line, the group continues towards the brightly lit forest. It is rich in mushroom trees. Some giant trees also reach towards the bright sky that shows through in spots. There are metal nodes and crystal on the hilltops. “What is this piece of alien machinery?” ask Sargent Thomas as he rides by a device that looks like a radar antenna. “It’s called a Charge Node,” answers Sargent Pasenna after examining it. “You can charge up something called charge batteries in it or craft up something called Elements. That will be useful for the Charge Lanterns once we can craft them.” Author note, one can charge up charge batteries from the glow bugs found flying about water sources and other areas. You can also recharge your light generating shoulder pets with them when their charge runs low. Continuing on, the group finds the terrain getting ever higher and brighter. “I can see the entrance to the surface,” reports Sargent Thomas. “I should be able to get a zip line up there.” “Go for it,” orders Captain Powell. A zip line is soon set up from the base of the cliff to the top of it. “I’m getting a radiation warning,” warns Sargent Thomas as he takes lead up the zipline. “$hit, my Devil Dog doesn’t want to go any further up the rope. Something is spooking her.” Sargent Thomas manages to get a peak of the surface outside. “Aguuuh! Get the fracking hell out of here! Every fracking thing is on fire!” Everyone is jumping off the zip line getting out of the way of a flaming Sargent Thomas and his ride. They rush to his aid to put out the fire with canteens and spare clothes. Both Sargent Thomas and his devil dog are badly burned just from that brief exposure. A temporary camp is set up so the two of them can recover from their injuries. Thankfully, they have brought along Medical Brew that was crafted from a recipe found in a supply drop. A healing plant is located nearby where the two limp over to get healed up faster. “That Explorer Note was right,” Sargent Thomas reports as he is recovering from his burns. “Those people really did frack things up royally on the surface. It looked like the inside of a blast furnace. The rocks looked like they were melting and the flat area was a sea of towering flames.” “Then, we will have to come back after dark if we want to explore up there and be sure we leave well before the sun rises,” answers Captain Powell. “Lets head back before it gets dark out. Grab some of this metal ore so we can start crafting those Long Neck Rifles. Place it on the Devil Dogs. It seems to weigh far less on them then it does on us.” Author’s note. This is a game mechanic. They get a 50% weight reduction on most resources. “Doesn’t it seem like the days have been getting longer with the nights getting shorter?” ask Lt. Gerber as they harvest the rich metal ore rocks. “Yes,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “My engram is registering 90% day, 10% night. I suspect that this Ark is in such an erratic orbit that we could soon see a 10% day and 90% night cycle. If so, that would be the most ideal time to go explore the fracken surface.” Author Note, Aberration has an erratic day night cycle that goes in extreme ranges up to 90% in either direction. It is equivalent to the seasons near the Arctic Circle except they seem to switch over in a very short cycle every couple of days. As they start back, another gas vein is noted and marked on the makeshift map Captain Powell is carrying. “Since those charge lanterns and hazard suits are going to need a lot of them once we can craft them, we’ll start collecting these gas balls as soon as we can make the collectors,” he tells everyone. “Make a mental note of where this one is located. On the way back, a mid level pack of three Ravagers is found near the bright area, They are quickly taken down with bolas and narc arrows. With the left over mutton, taming goes quickly. “Three more of these mudder frackers and we will have a devil dog for everyone.” Back at the camp, the pen has been enlarged for the additional tames. Lt. Taylor’s group had found a pack of high level Ravagers way up on the plateau as they were mining wood and boulders for the expanded wall. It has taken them much of the day to tame them given that there were no sheep in the area. Parport brings up the saddles just as the Alpha has tamed up. It is 2200 and still daylight as they ride along the plateau looking for a way down. “Lets see if we can get a zip line down from here,” orders Lt. Tylor. “It takes several tries to get one to take. It leads them down to an area where they can return to base as darkness falls around 2300. “This is like the land of the Midnight Sun,” Daryol says to the others. “No doubt, it will be the other way around soon when we have to contend with it being dark for 22 hours,” answers Parport. “Good, the others are back,” reports Lt. Tylor. “They got three more Devil Dogs. That means Ensign Bossman’s group now have rides as well,” “We brought back a ton of metal ore,” reports Captain Powell to Lt. Tylor. “We found rich metal nodes over in the bright area. The Devil Dogs are able to carry a lot more of it then we can on them.” Author note, For those complaining about a lack of metal nodes in the Mushroom Forest, look under the rail bridge. There are several rich nodes scattered from the Portal to the blue cavern. Also, there are river rock that will yield metal Three rich metal nodes are in the pic below. “That is excellent,” answers Lt. Tylor. “We can have Long Neck Rifles crafted for everyone by 0800.” “I saw a Rock Drake down in the blue grotto,” reports Sargent Thomas. “What does Helena’s journal tells us about them?” “She says that they are very intelligent and have the ability to cloak themselves making themselves invisible in the surroundings.” answers Ensign Bossman. “She says that because of their intelligence, they cannot be tamed. One can steal an egg and raise it to maturity but that will piss them all off. Even then, we would have to create some place super cold to hatch it, then feed the baby something called Nameless Venom.” “I feel that together, with our Devil Dogs, we are strong enough to take on a couple of them at once.” answers Captain Powell. “Still, I don’t want to risk getting everyone killed and losing all of our tames on a mission to steal an egg, then have to worry about them constantly attacking us afterwards should we kill some of them. Lets just leave them alone but make up some tranc darts for the Longneck just in case we have a confrontation with one.” “That sounds like the logical thing to do,” answers Sargent Thomas. “Especially after nearly getting my Devil Dog and myself killed by stepping into the intense hell up on that surface.” “Lets get this ore melted down using wood so we can get the charcoal we need for gunpowder,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “Then, we can have tranc darts before we head out to do any more exploring.”
  9. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 5. Getting established. A wood foundation is soon laid down for the house and refining forge as the construction gets started. “Lets continue to use sparkpower to fire the forge,” recommends Ensign Bossman. “We can get charcoal later for gunpowder when we have to go further to find wood.” “Keep an eye on that Ravager pack when you head down to the pond,” warns Captain Powell to Captain Shrivers. “Your raptors are no match for them if they should attack you.” “Lt. Garber and Private Ledfoot, go find and tame up some Bullpups so we can have some biological lighting when we need it. You only need to give them aquatic mushrooms when they are hungry. The rest of us will gather materials to get this base constructed.” Coming back from a metal run with the raptors, Captain Shrivers makes a reports to Captain Powell. “Did Helena's journal say that a Stego makes a good berry and mushroom harvester?” “Yes, she did,” answers Captain Powell. “There is a nice high level one down near the pond by the cliff side. I’d like to tame it if we can. Can we make a saddle for one yet?” “Yes, we can,” answers Captain Powell. “Craft a saddle for it and leave your raptors here so they don’t attack it. Take your group down there, drop it with narc arrows, then tame it with mejoberries. See if you can harvest some of those red mushrooms with it once you have it tamed.” Armed with narc arrows on the crossbows, Shriver’s group head down toward the pond to confront the lone Stego. “Narc arrows to the head,” orders Captain Shrivers as the first volley of three are fired. The stego, with three narc arrows in its head, staggers in confusion, shakes them out, then charges the threesome. “Grobbal, Look out!” warns Sargent Gulliver as the stego takes off towards him “It is really pi$$ed off.” The spike tail just misses as Pvt. Grobbal ducks out of the way. Two more narc arrows find their mark. The stego staggers, the falls down unconscious. “That went better then I though,” Captain Shrivers tells his men. With mejos on the Stego, the taming process is under way. Five minutes later, Sargent Gulliver spots trouble as the taming process continues. “Oh $hit!” he tells the others. “There are two Devil Dogs headed this way.” “Are they part of that pack that killed the spino,” ask Captain Shrivers in alarm. “No,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “They appear to be loners.” “Lets get up on those rocks, bait them over there, and take them down before they kill our stego,” orders Captain Shrivers. “We don’t have any regular arrows,” warns Pvt. Grobbal. “That’s all right,” answers Captain Shrivers. “Use the Narc Arrows. Aim for the head. Narc arrows will drop them a lot faster then regular ones.” Now up on the rocks in position, Captain Shrivers yells at the nearest Ravager to get it’s attention. It comes running to him earning three narc arrows in the head and falls down unconscious. It’s buddy comes running getting three narc arrows to its head. “Go after it!” orders Captain Shrivers as it changes direction and runs towards the downed Stego. But before another narc arrow is fired at it, the Ravager staggers and collapses. “Now what?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “We tame them,” answers Captain Shrivers. “Go get the raptors and bring them down here. We need to get raw meat for these two for taming.” Back at the camp site, it is several minutes later when Captain Powell notices the three raptors are missing. “Has anyone seen our raptors?” Captain Powell asks. “Sargent Gulliver came back for them,” answers Pvt. Ledfoot who has just returned with a bullpup slobbering all over his shoulder. “Wow, those things look like pugs with lanterns,” answers Captain Powell. “I guess Captain Shrivers must have needed his raptors for protection or hunting. Lets get this fracking wall finished before it gets too dark to see what the frack we are doing.” “Back to where the Stego is, Captain Shrivers and Private Grobbal are out hunting with the raptors while Sargent Gulliver babysits the taming. He is getting worried that the Ravagers may wake up before they are tamed. Then the Stego wakes up tamed. “Lets see if you can get narcoberries for me,” Sargent Gullivar tells him as he saddles him up. “Excellent!” he tells the Stego after three tail swings later. “You just saved my day. “A stack of narcoberries is placed on each of the Ravagers and Sargent Gillivar has the both of them sleeping soundly. “Great, the Stego is awake,” Captain Shriver comments as he comes back after a successful hunt. “What the status on these Ravagers?” Taming Stevie “It’s a good thing that Stevie here got tamed first,” answers Sargent Gullivar. “These Ravagers have a long ways to go yet. They were about to wake up on me. I would have been forced to kill them had Stevie not been able to get me a bunch of narcoberries in time for me to put them back under. It’s going to be dark before these guys are finally tamed.” “How’s Steve’s harvesting ability?” ask Captain Shrivers. “Check out his inventory,” answers Sargent Gullivar. “He got all that!” answers Captain Shrivers in astonishment. “It was just three tail swings,” answers Sargent Gullivar. “He even got stuff from those psychedelic mushrooms without getting sick from them.” “Outstanding,” answers Captain Shrivers. “That was well worth the effort to tame him.” “We should find him a girl friend,” Private Grobbal chimes in. “We’ll do so once we find a suitable mate for him,” answers Captain Shrivers. “Lets go do some more hunting until our Devil Dogs are tamed.” It is soon night as the rest of the group gets ready to set up watch. Strangely, it is nowhere near as dark in the Mushroom Cavern as it was in the Portal one. “We must be getting a lot of ambient light from the mushrooms and other glowing objects,” comments Sargent Thomas as his group starts first watch. There is a knock on the dinosaur gate, then it opens. “We tamed ourselves two Devil Dogs,” announces Captain Shrivers as his convoy of pets are brought inside. “Were they part of that pack I saw in the distance?” ask Captain Powers. “No, these were low level strays,” answers Captain Shrivers. “We had better have raw prime or mutton on us when we take on that high level pack of yours for taming. These two took a long time to tame on raw meat It is why were were so late coming back with the Stego.” “Devil Dogs, what an appropriate name for these two creatures.” answers Sargent Pasenna as he examines them up close. “They even look the part. We should have saddles for them by morning so you can try them out.” “How was the Stego for harvesting?” ask Captain Powell. “Outstanding,” reports Captain Shrivers. “We got tons of narcoberries and black mushrooms from him.” “Excellent,” answers Captain Powell. “That will give us the narc arrows we need for that high level pack when we are ready to go tame them.” “Those red mushrooms gave us most of the black ones,” answers Sargent Shrivers. “Stevie can harvest them with his tail while we are safely away from the spores. He also got something called biotoxin. It must be what made Pvt. Grobbal so fracking sick when he ran into them the first time.” “Lets place that in storage,” orders Captain Powell. “Helena says that we will need it to make anti toxin to protect us if we are bitten by The Nameless. It can also be used for taming.” “We should have climbing spikes and zip lines by morning,” announces Sargent Thomas. “That will make it much easier for us to go get up on those cliffs and up into the trees.” Everyone is about to settle in for the night with the first watch going on station when the ground starts shaking. “This place is getting on my nerves,” complains Private Ledfoot “Lets spread out and start gathering those gifts from above before they vanish,” orders Captain Powell. “Aiaaaaa!.” shouts Icelander as he lose his footing on the shaking ground and falls off the camp side cliff. “Captain Shrivers, take your group on the raptors and go get him,” order Captain Powell in alarm. They quickly mount their raptors and go flying out of the gate to get down below. “There he is,” Private Groball alerts the other as he sees Pvt Ledfoot running towards them. “What the frack are those things chasing him?” “Kill them!” orders Captain Shrivers. Three giant scorpions are taken down with narc arrows, then ripped to pieces by the raptors. “What the frack were those things chasing me?” ask an excited Pvt. Ledfoot who is all out of breath. “They look like something called giant scorpions,” answers Sargent Gulliver. “Thanks for getting those mudders frackers off of my tail,” answers Private Ledfoot. “How did you survive that fall?” ask Captain Shrivers. “I just remembered my parachute training for landing,” answers Private Ledfoot. ‘Still, it knocked the wind out of me for a moment until I saw those six eye ba$tards coming after me.” “Thank whoever created this place for the low gravity,” answers Captain Shrivers. “No one has ever survived a jump from that height without being badly injured. Lets get back to camp before something else comes after our butts.”
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    There is a cave entrance at pond level to the South of the broken portal bridge. That could be a source of the strange noise. Beware, once you go past the natural light, things get very dangerous down there fast. You will not be able to take a tame, other then a shoulder one, past the point where it gets dark. There is an artifact located in there.
  11. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 4. The Mushroom Valley. It is the third day with Training Flight 19 trapped on this malfunctioning Ark, when another tremor shakes the campsite waking up everyone not on guard duty. “Everyone, get outside and pick up what has dropped before it vanishes,” orders Captain Powell. A bunch of odd items have fallen from high above this time. An old journal is found among the scattered crystal, stone, wood, tools, and a bundle of flares. “There must be an old camp or village up there,” comments Sargent Thomas. “That fracking stuff has to be coming from somewhere every time this place starts shaking.” “We would need to get specialize climbing gear to even have a chance to get up that fracking high vertically.” answers Sargent Gullivan. Looking through the old journal, Captain Powell gathers everyone together. “Someone by the name of Helena has put together this journal of all of the creatures living down here.” he announces. “She has also mapped and described the various areas of this cave system. Where we are headed for today will be relatively safe according to her, but, we need to build our camp up on the cliff sides to stay away from the predators down by the water. She warns of predators such as Spinos, Giant Crabs, Carnos, and packs of Ravagers.” “What the frack are Ravagers?” ask Sargent Gulliver. “According to this description by Helena, they are a wolf hyena like creature the size of a grizzly with a disposition about as bad. They run in packs of three or more. Interesting, she says that they can be tamed, like your raptors, by knocking them out with narc arrows, then feeding them a favorite food such as raw prime or mutton.” “Mutton? Doesn’t that come from some fracking sheep?” ask Private Grobbal. “Apparently, sheep do exist down here,” answers Captain Powell. “They must be hiding in the remote spots in the cave system which is why we haven’t seen them so far.” “I thought that I saw one yesterday when we were on patrol,” reports Private Ledfood. “Helena warns us to be careful when exploring the Blue Cavern and its red neighbor.” reports Captain Powell. “She says that we will need a light source from something called a Bullpup. They are easily tamed with aquatic mushrooms. She says that the dark areas down below hide vicious creatures called Nameless that will attack on sight. The light weakens them and scares them off. She also warns of a flying squid like creature called a Seeker. The light attracts them and makes them stronger. Our biggest danger she says are going to be the Rock Drakes. They look like dragons without wings. They can be very hard to see since they can blend into the surroundings terrain making them nearly invisible.” “Then, we should certainly stay out of those areas,” answers Private Ledfoot. “Unfortunately, if we are to have any chance of repairing The Portal, we are going to have to go down there to find rare materials such as that Edmunium Rockwell talks about in his note.” “Helena warns us about a fungus that will sap us of our warmth as if we are standing naked in 100 below weather. She also warns us about dangerous radiation in the Red Zone where we need to get red crystals in order to make a weapon that can kill something called a Reaper. They are found on the surface at night and sometimes can appear down in the cavern when the Nameless call for them. She says that we will need to go up there if we are to escape. She confirms that it is a burning hell in the daytime.” “She has given us a list of a bunch of items we will need to craft, including a device to capture the gas from that blue jet over there and hazard suits we can use to protect us from the radiation. We will be able to make climbing picks, zip lines, and wing suits to make it easier for us to get around down here.” “She tells us to take advantage of taming the strong creatures for our use and protection. She says that a high level pack of Ravagers would be most ideal tames given that they are powerful, can carry a lot of weight, and can go up and down on zip lines with ease.” “The strongest creature of all that we can get will be the Rock Drakes. Unfortunately, we cannot tame the adults, we’ll have to steal one of their eggs, hatch it, and raise it to an adult. She says that we need to feed it Nameless Venom as it grows up. Worst of all, we need to place the egg in a freezer that can go down to over 100 below zero in order to hatch it.” “That sounds like we got our work cut out for us even before we can attempt to repair The Portal,” answers Sargent Thomas. “How could we even hope to make a freezer in this heat that can reach the temperature of dry ice?” “She says that we can raise those fracking Rock Drakes from eggs,” answers Private Grobbal. “Has anyone else noticed any nest or youngsters among the other creatures we have seen around here so far?” “Come to think of it, none of us have,” answers Ensign Bossman. “That is must unusual,” answers Gunner Icelander. “It must have something to do with this artificial environment where only the adult creatures are present. If that is the case, what keeps them from all going extinct?” “Something must be replacing them as they get killed off,” answers Ensign Bossman. “The three raptors, Captain Shrivers and his group tamed, must have been the replacements for the three that attacked them, then were killed by the Stegos.” “Wow, this is really scary,” warns Captain Powell as he continues reading the journal. “Helena says that one of the tribes members managed to obtain a tamed Reaper King. They are reported to have obtained it when a tribe members was impregnated by a Reaper Queen during a battle with one. It killed six of their tribe members and half of their Ravagers pack. 12 days later, the baby burst through his chest killing him. They had to keep it locked up for days with raw meat in a stone cage before it would settled down long enough for them to approach it without being attacked. Eventually, it accepted them as the parents and became a loyal tame as an adult.” “Raising a Rock Drake sounds dangerous enough,” answers Captain Shrivers. “I don’t think that any of us wants anything to do with raising a mudder fracking Reaper, especially if you have to die to give birth to one.” “Agreed,” answers Captain Powell. “We need to put all of our effort into making a weapon that can take them out before we even think of going up to the surface. Lets travel light, head down to the Mushroom Forest, and find a secure place to build our base. We can come back later for these supplies when we have built a collector for that gas vein.” The patrol starts off heading towards the gas vein, then to the left under the huge metal portal until it opens up high on the plateau over the Mushroom Forest. “There is a pond down there,” reports Sargent Gulliver who has taken point. “Should we try jumping into it from here?” “No, it looks too high up,” answers Captain Powell. “Besides, we can’t see what might be down there waiting for us to have as its meal. Lets follow the cliff to the left. When I was up on the broken rail line, it looks like we could find a path down to the water from there.” Heading left, they cross under the portal tunnel. “Wow, look at all of the fracking damage.” reports Sargent Thomas. “There’s no way we are going to be able to fix all of that damage, even with heavy equipment from a Seabee Team,” answers Ensign Bossman. “It might be possible to get the portal to work without having to totally repair it,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “This damage looks like it had been here for years. We made it here as we were about to ditch into the sea. It’s still possible that we can patch it up. It only has to hold together long enough to get us back home. Then, it can fracking blow itself up along with this place once we are out of here.” “Great! Here’s that path down to the water,” reports Sargent Gulliver. The patrol heads down the steep path. They can see giant mushroom trees of all sizes to the left. There is wildlife also down there, and predators. “Oh, oh,” warns Captain Powell when he places his spotting scope on the wolf like creatures in the distance. “There’s a pack of five Ravagers down there in a fight with that giant spinosaur. Wow, they must have ripped its throat open, the blood is flying everywhere. So, that’s what makes them dangerous as a pack. They give a new meaning to the phrase ‘Devil Dogs’. Lets get down to the water and get out of here before they decide to head over to our location and frack us up.” “That was an apex predator those creatures took out,” reports Sargent Thomas. “If they are as tamable as your Helena reports, these ‘Devil Dogs’ would make for excellent protectors from whatever the frack is hiding down here.” “We’ll attempt to tame us a pack of those ‘Devil Dogs’ once we are established and have saddles for them,” answers Captain Powell. “I’m really impressed with how well they worked together to take out that huge predator.” “What are these gold colored rocks?” ask Ensign Bossman. “Use your pick on them and find out,” answers Lt. Gerber. “Metal ore!” answers Ensign Bossman in excitement. “They are nearly pure metal ore.” “Excellent,” answers Captain Powell. “Lets take some with us before we head back up on the ridge to find a camp site.” “Water, real water,” Private Ledfoot says as he drinks his fill. “I hope that it is safe,” answers Lt. Tylor. “According to Helena, the water is safe to drink,” answers Captain Powell. “We just have to be aware of any predators that may be hiding in it.” “What an unusual plant,” comments Private Ledfoot as he walks over to it. “Oh! poop! Not those fracking red mushrooms again!” “Stay away from it?” warns Captain Shrivers as Pvt. Ledfoot, who is now under the hallucinating effects of the mushroom spores, wanders over and bumps into it. It glows as a red tongue rises high into the sky. “What the frack are we going to do?” ask an alarmed Sargent Gulliver. “It’s all right,” answers Pvt. Ledfoot after a moment standing next to the unusual plant. “This plant is actually counteracting the effects from those red mushroom spores. I feel fine now. My health is back to normal just like that.” “He really is fine unlike the other day when he ran into those spores,” answers Captain Shrivers after examining him. “That plant could be a most useful first aid kit if we ever need it in the future.” “Oh, it just spit out a seed,” answers Pvt. Ledfoot. “Helena’s notebook says that this is a healing plant,” answers Captain Powell. “Bring the seed with you. We can plant it later when we get our camp built.” Back up on the ridge, the patrol continues heading away from the damaged portal finding their ideal place for building a base. “This looks great!” reports Captain Powell after making a quick tour of the area. “We have this overhang above us, and the cliff below. The view from up here is excellent. It appears to be quiet up here with only some small herbivores. It’s narrow enough that we can easily fence off both ends to keep out any threats. There’s plenty of building materials nearby. Lets clear this area and get started with the construction before it gets dark.
  12. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 3. Reunited. “Wow, what a strange fracking place this is,” comments Sargent Thomas to his crew mates as they pull the first watch in their camp. It is strange indeed as the giant mushrooms pulsate with light, the stegos bony plates on their backs are glowing, a Moschop goes by with glowing spots, and the fireflies fly by lighting up the terrain. “I can’t believe how quickly it got dark out.” “Doesn’t it ever cool down here at night?” ask Sargent Pasenna. “Apparently not,” answers Captain Powell. “Most caverns maintain a constant temperature the year around day or night. Given it is this warm, I hate to think what the surface temperature must be like during the daytime.” “Just what do you think this place is?” Sargent Pasenna ask Captain Powell. “It must be some kind of alien portal,” answers Captain Powell. “It intercepted us as we were about to crash, brought us the frack here, then shorted out as soon as we appeared.” “Then, how can we get the frack back home if this machine is busted?” ask Sargent Pasenna. “We will have to learn how it works and find some fracking way to fix it.” answers Captain Powell. “I don’t know if we going to have the means to do so,” answers Sargent Thomas. “That explosion looks like it did an awful lot of damage to this machinery in the distance.” “Then, we’ll need to go over there in the morning to inspect the damage and see if we can fix it,” answers Captain Powell. It is 0600 when the daylight suddenly reappears. “Wow, that’s fracking weird,” comments Baluck who is now on watch. “It’s like something just turned on a light switch.” “It might be just the way the sun on the surface is reflecting down into the holes in the roof,” answers Ensign Bossman. “Anyhow, time to wake up the others and get prepared for today’s mission.” “I now have crossbows for everyone,” announces Ensign Bossman who has been working all night on the forge as the rest have gathered the metal ore for him to refine into metal. “Excellent, they will perform a lot better then these primitive wood bows. Lets get going then,” orders Captain Powell. “I want to check out how much damage was done to this machine that brought us here.” Assembling the ten other survivors and making sure they are all stocked with weapons and berries, the group of eleven, with Sargent Pasenna on point, proceed up the ramp and start walking the center of the portal to the tunnel far ahead. “What’s the frack is this?” Sargent Pasenna ask when he finds a metal box as he is walking point. “It’s contains something called an explorer’s note,” answers Captain Powell. “Damn, it’s all in fracking Japanese. Did their scientist have the technology to develop this alien machine?” “That’s highly unlikely,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “They should have won the war if they had that kind of technology. It is most likely that a group of them were trapped here like us. I wonder if they are still here somewhere in this underground world with us.” “Here’s another Explorer’s Note,” answers Captain Powell. “This one is in English. It reads;” I fear that even with the unwitting aid of Miss Walker, I still cannot completely control the machines in the starlit sanctuary. I believe they sent us to the correct ARK, but I was unable to control precisely where we arrived on it. Alas, that means the location I saw in the sanctuary is beyond my reach for the time being, along with the molten Edmunium I saw there. Confound it all! Naturally, I cannot confirm that molten substance was indeed Edmunium until I have inspected it with my own eyes, but it simply must be! It looked exactly like my samples did when I attempted to melt them down. Imagine! An entire cavern of the most potent element known to man! The wonders I could create... Sir Edmund Rockwell. “What the fracking hell is Edmunium?” ask Sargent Pasenna. “I haven’t the fogyish idea,” answers Captain Powell. “It must be something like Uranium that was used in the atomic bomb that ended the war.” “Here is another note.” Things have gone sideways in a hurry, and I mean seriously FUBAR. Destroying that platform didn't just weaken the barrier trapping us here, it took out the whole freaking sky, or at least the giant hologram that was posing as it. So yeah, turns out this entire landmass and everything on it is orbiting the Earth like some kind of artificial space island. Wild right? I'd appreciate the sheer insanity of that a lot more if this place didn't feel like it was falling apart. We're taking all we can carry and making a break for that cave system we discovered a while back. If the atmosphere's thicker underground, then we've got a shot of pulling through. Looks like we made it just in time. I backtracked to take a peek at the surface, and it's just one big fire. That's not a metaphor, I mean it's actually burning. Diana’s Log “What is that all about?” ask Sargent Pasenna. “It sounds like there were others here before us,” answers Captain Powell. “We must be inside some kind of moon orbiting the Earth. They tried to use the portal to escape, but were being prevented by something controlling it on the surface. Then, they royally fracked up everything by blowing up that control platform.” “That is not good at all,” answers Sargent Panessa “It explains why where you can see up into the daylight, the sky looks like it is burning. The atmosphere must be gone up there. That would explain why day and night come so quickly. Do we even have a chance at attempting to repair the damage they did if the surface has indeed become a hellish wasteland?” “It seem impossible for now,” answers Captain Powell. Continuing on, the patrol finds two flat consoles displaying static laden TV images of the surface and the Earth and one of Aberration. A nearby control panel appears to be functional. “Sargent Pasenna, see what you can do with this control unit,” orders Captain Powell. It is several minutes of studying the panel before Sargent Pasenna is able to find out what it does. “We have a communication device that appears to be working,” reports Sargent Pasenna. “I’ve access a Western Union wireless signal. I’m going to try to send a message via Morose Code through the Western Union network.” As Sargent Pasenna completes send his first message, there is a blue spark that appears overhead with a loud pop, then the console goes dead. “Did it work?” ask Captain Powell. “I’m not sure what the frack happened,” answers Sargent Pasenna. “I can confirm that a message to my parents has been sent, but there is no way one can be returned to us now. This transmitter fracked itself before I could finish sending a telegram to flight control. I have no idea what fracked up or how to fracking fix it.” “Hopefully, the military will know what has happened to us through your parents and that we are OK.” answers Captain Powell. Author’s note, two days after flight 19 vanished, the parents of the real Sargent Paonessa received a telegram, signed with his nickname Gorgie, It read, "You have been misinformed about me. Am very much alive." It was later officially determined to be a hoax. Continuing on, the patrol starts up, then down what looks like a futuristic rail track, through a giant steel tunnel. It then opens up into a huge cavern with the biggest trees anyone has ever seen. The rail line, now elevated, continues on towards a dark blue cavern area. But, the patrol can go no further. “Whatever the frack caused that explosion, when we had arrived, ended up destroying this portion of the rail line,” reports Sargent Thomas. “We can go no further from here.” “I see an awful lot of fracking debris down below,” reports Sargent Pasenna. “Is that water down there below us?” “It looks like a major underwater river system to our left,” reports Sargent Thomas. “That would certainly solve our need for drinking water.” “If we can find a way to get back to ground level from this track, we might be able to find a path to get down there,” reports Pfc Ledfoot. “Lets do it,” orders Captain Powell. The patrol reverses course back through the tunnel, past the giant displays, and turns left to head down the ramp. “Hit the deck!” orders Sargent Thomas. “I see a thatch hut up ahead.” Placing the spotting scope on it, Captain Powell observes three individuals out gathering boulders with metal picks. They have three raptors with saddles on them. There is a refining forge processing metal ore. Looking astonished, Captain Powell gets up and shouts down to the three individuals. Everybody rushes down to hug the three strangers in celebration. “Captain Shrivers, Sargent Gulliver, Private Grobbal, how did you three manage to survive being fracked up by those raptors?” ask Captain Powell. “We didn’t,” Captain Shrivers answers. “We were killed by those fracking devils while you were making your escape. Somehow, we ended up down here all together, exactly like we first appeared way back on that platform. Believe me, being eaten alive by those mudder frackers is not my idea of a good time. It was pure fracking hell. I never want to go through that fracking experience again.” “What are you doing with these fracking raptors as mounts?” ask Captain Powell. “How did you manage to tame them?” “When these attacked us, we bola them, then knocked them out with stones on slingshots.” answers Captain Shrivers. “That’s when we found out that we could tame them. They have turned out to be very loyal pets. It was sure quite a contrast from the ones that fracked us up.” “This sure is one strange fracking place,” answers Captain Powell. “These creatures that fracked you up are now your pets that even allow you to ride on them.” “Strange, isn’t it,” answers Captain Shrivers.“Where have the rest of you been camped out?” “We are camped down at the other end where we ran for cover,” reports Captain Powell. “We were able to craft up weapons capable of taking out those fracking raptors that later threatened us. Have you found a source of water other then from the berries and mushrooms?” “No, we haven’t,” answers Captain Shrivers. “We saw a river system with a pond beyond the damaged section of the portal rail,” answers Captain Powell. “We might be able to get down to it if we continue around the structure where you are camped. Damn, it is already getting late.” “You certainly don’t want to travel around here after dark without a torch,” answers Captain Shrivers. “Private Grobbal stepped into a red mushroom patch and nearly died from it’s effects. It engulfed him in some kind of red spores. It fracked him up so bad that he was talking in gibberish and running around in circles, until he turned blue from vomiting and poopting all over the place. Those mudder fracking red mushrooms appear to be hiding in some of the berry bushes, so be careful when you go to pick them. He was very sick for much of the day.” “Don’t go near any of those mudder fracking blue gas jets like the one you see over there. Sargent Gulliver was killed by one when he stepped in it. He reappeared back here naked on what is called a spawn bed. He said it was no fun not being able to breathe.” “While exploring above on the portal, we found three Explorer’s Notes left by other survivors.” answers Captain Powell. “According to them, this place, they call the Ark, is an alien structure orbiting the Earth. The author’s of those notes are apparently responsible for the fracked up conditions we are facing down here when they blew up a control platform. They did a lot of damage to this portal during their escape attempt. I don’t even know if it is possible for us to repair it. Sargent Pasenna found a working communication terminal. He managed to get a telegraph message sent to his parents before the device went to hell.” “If we are actually in orbit above the Earth, that could explain why gravity appears to be so much lighter down here,” answers Captain Shrivers. “Do you think that the military can get us the frack back home?” “I don’t know.” answers Captain Powell. “I’ll send some of the guys back to our camp to retrieve some rare items we have stored there. Then we’ll stay here with you for the night. At first dawn, I want to break camp and head down to where we saw the river system past the broken portal. We’ll build down there when we find a suitable area for a more permanent camp.” “Excellent,” answers Captain Shrivers. “We should have our crossbows ready by morning. Save the spoiled meat, narcoberries and black mushrooms so we can make Narc Arrows. We found them to be a lot more effective in dealing with the fracking raptors then regular arrows. That’s what we used to knock out these other two raptors for taming.”
  13. fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 2. The Portal In a flash, Lt. Tylor and the 13 other men of Training Flight 19, find themselves waking up naked on a rusting metal floor inside a gigantic alien looking hanger. The smell of burning electrical wiring hangs in the air as massive electrical shorts spark from the three huge rings forming a tunnel in that giant hanger. They quickly go out leaving strips of color in each ring that are glowing in red, green, and blue. An explosion in the distance way down the corridor lights up the chamber like a giant spotlight, then dies out as debris is seen falling from that direction. The ground starts shaking as bits of stone, crystals of various color, and pieces of wood hit the metallic floor around them. Then, all is quiet save for the sound of the wind echoing in the cavern above and the hum of strange looking machinery. In spite of their being naked, the weather in this strange metallic place is quite hot and sticky. Giant trees, huge mushrooms, and vines are seen growing along the walls down below this raised ramp like structure. Unfamiliar plants, tall bamboo, ferns, grasses, and smaller mushrooms are growing everywhere among and between the metal plates and support beams. A glowing firefly, the size of a house cat, goes flying by. “What the frack just happened?” ask Gunner George Daryol from Lt. Tylor’s crew as he gets up off the still shaking floor, “Where’s my clothes and flight gear? Where in the fracking hell are we? How did we end up in this weird fracking place?” “How the frack should I know!” answers Lt. Tylor. “All I saw was that strange light coming towards us as I glided my plane in to ditch in the sea.” “Maybe, if you had flown your fracking plane West as you were instructed, we would be home by now,” answers Captain Powell in disgust. “Just how in the fracking hell could we have been over the Florida Keys as you claimed?” ask Captain Shrivers in disgust. “Our target area is completely in the opposite direction from the air base.” “My God Damn Compass was screwed up after we reached Hens and Chickens Shoals!” answers Lt. Tylor back in anger. “As the experience flight leader, you’re suppose to know where the hell you are going.” yells Ensign Bossman. “And, if your fracking compass has malfunctioned as you claimed, why didn’t you pass on flight leadership to the next senior pilot? What was your navigator doing? Sleeping on the job?” “I heard the radio message ordering you to fly West,” yells Private Gruebal. “Why did you continue to fly East when you were ordered to change course?” The argument ends abruptly by a loud screech by some unknown creature. Then they are under attack by three prehistoric predators. “AIIIEEEE..., what the fracking hell are those things!” screams Sgt. Gulliver in extreme pain as he finds himself under attack by a large bipedal predator that first bites off his hand, then disemboweled him with a claw hook on its foot. “RUN!” Scream Captain Powell. “Head for those trees!” “Get the frack out of here!” orders Captain Shrivers in a panic. “We’ll hold these fracking devils off as long as we – AIIEEEE....!” “Die, you mudder fracker!” Pvt Grobbal shouts as he punches one of the attackers in the face. It staggers for a moment, then it bites Pvt Grobbal’s head off before he can duck out of the way. With the delaying tactic working, due to the sacrifice of the three Marines, the eleven remaining airmen race down the metal ramp into the woods where they find shelter among the boulders out of sight of the attacking predators. “What the fracking hell were those things? Pfc Ledfoot asks while shaking in fear and out of breath. “They look like Utah Raptors,” answers Sargent Thomas who is just as frightened. “They and those Stegos I saw, while everyone else was arguing about getting lost, are suppose to be extinct.” “What the fracking hell are they doing here?” ask Pfc Ledfoot who is still shaking in fear. “I don’t know,” answers Sargent Thomas. “We better get organized and find something to defend ourselves ASAP before we all get fracked up like flight crew 117.” “Do we have to worry about those Stego things attacking us?” ask Pfc Ledfoot with concern as he starts calming down. “I don’t think so,” answers Sargent Thomas. “According to my biology textbook, they are plant eaters. So long as we don’t threaten them, they should leave us alone.” “We’re safe for now,” reports Lt. Garber as he comes back from a quick recon. “Those Stego things fracked up those predators with their spiked tails when they were attacked by them.” “Excellent,” answers Captain Powell who has now taken over command of the remaining survivors. “We caught a fracking break on that one. I’m going to declare this mission a crash course of survival. Lets figure out what we have to do to craft weapons to defend ourselves against any future attacks by those mudder frackers.” “Maybe, we can start figuring out what these things, embedded in our left wrist, are for.” answers Lt. Garber. “When I picked up a stone, it vanished into something called my inventory. The strange message that flashed in my head when I looked at it says that with a wood and ten thatch, I can craft a pick.” “Hit to harvest?” questions Sargent Thomas as he walks close to it. He smacks the nearby tree with his fist getting the wood and thatch. “Ouch! That fracking hurt.” “How the frack did you get a pick already?” ask Lt. Garber. “This Specimen Implant, as it is called, allowed me to make one once I had the stone, wood, and thatch.” answers Sargent Thomas. “Save your fist, I will get the wood and thatch you need for a pick with mine.” “A level up,” says Sargent Thomas. “Oh, we can learn more skills and apply points to our stats. I think we better apply those stats to fortitude for now so we can better resist this fracking heat before it kills us from dehydration.” “Man, I’m getting so fracking thirsty,” complains Radioman Baluck. “Is there any water around here at all?” “No,” answers Gunner Bossman. “Eat some of those colored berries.” “Ackkk,” complains Baluck. “What the frack! Those white ones, they are poison. I’m dehydrating badly.” “Eat some of those aquatic mushrooms,” orders Lt. Garber. “Then eat a bunch of the colored berries.” “Yum, the black ones taste so goooooood…..,” as Baluck falls down unconscious. “What the frack just happened to Baluck?” ask Captain Powell in alarm. “Those black berries must have put him to sleep,” answers Lt. Garber. “A warning to everyone,” orders Captain Powell. “Don’t eat any of those fracking white berries, they will dehydrate you. And, especially don’t eat the mudder fracken black ones. They will knock you out.” “Baluck will be all right,” reports Lt. Garber as he examines him. “The black berries are helping to counteract the dehydrating effect of the white ones. He will be awake soon.” With the excitement over, the 11 survivors settle down to crafting clothing and weapons for their use. “It looks like we can build a camp fire to cook up raw meat,” reports Sargent Thomas after he examines the crafting requirement for one. “What do you think cooked raptor would taste like?” “Lets go find out,” answers Lt. Garber. “Lets go butcher those dead ba$tards that attacked the 117 crew.” Heading over to the dead raptors, the crew members proceed to butcher them. “This is fracken excellent,” reports Sargent Thomas as they proceed to butcher them. “We got a lot of hide off of those mudder frackers. We can use it to make bolas. My implant tells me that we can stop those fracking raptor from attacking us by tangling their legs up with one.” “Spears, bow and arrows, now Bolas. Excellent, we now have the means to defend ourselves from those mudder frackers.” reports Captain Powell. “This is good news,” reports Sargent Pasenna. “At 20 fortitude, I am no longer overheating. It’s getting easier to stay hydrated on the berries alone. We should get clothes, set up some torches, and get a shelter built for the night. There is no telling what the fracking hell is going to show up around here when it gets dark.” “This is also good news,” reports Pfc Ledfoot as he continues experimenting with crafting. “We can make spark powder from the rocks to use as fuel for the fire pit and standing torches. That will allow us to save the wood needed for construction of a shelter.” The ground starts shaking with the rumbling sound that echos throughout the cavern. “Whatever the frack that happened here has made this fracking place highly unstable,” warns Lt Garber. “I hope that nothing fracking big decides to falls on top of us.” “Pick up those items that are falling to the ground,” orders Captain Powell. “A lot of them looks like they may be quite useful in the near future.” “Crystal,” answers Ensign Bossman. “Excellent, I can make that spotting scope with those.” “Green gems, flint, wood, obsidian, a blue gem. We can place that stuff in storage until we need it,” answers Lt. Garber. “Where did that fracking spear come from?” ask Bakuk. “It just dropped out of the sky in front of my feet. “There must be a settlement up above,” answers Ensign Bossman as he continues gathering the gifts falling to the ground. “Look out, here comes another fracking raptor,” warns Pfc Ledfoot as the earthquake settles down. “Sargent Thomas and Pasenna, Team up with me and lets go kill that mudder fracker,” orders Captain Powell. “Bola, then spear that ba$tard to death!” The three marines bola the raptor which immobilizes it, then use their spears to kill it as it screams in pain whilestruggling to get untangled. “Ooo-Rah!” shouts Sargent Thomas. “That’s one down for Captain Shrivers and his crew.” “Good Job Everyone!” shouts Captain Powell. “We now know how to defend ourselves against these fracking devils. We might just be able to get the frack out of here in one piece.” “Lets butcher that fracking thing, get a security fence built, and set up a guard rotation for the night.” orders Captain Powell. In a day or two, we should be strong enough to start exploring this fracking place to find a way back home.” As the night quickly approaches, everyone gets together for Captain Powell who lead them in a prayer for the souls of their three dead comrades and a blessing to ask for their survival in this strange alien world known as Aberration.
  14. Aberration, the Lost Ark. Note, due to how the forum automatic language censors is going to go crazy with ridiculous word substitutions. I will try the Battlestar Galacticia approach and see what happens. This story is about marines and sailors in the US Naval Forces. The use of foul language was common place back then. It certainly was in the 60s in the military in Vietnam. Intro. This story is loosely based upon Training flight 19 that vanished without a trace off the coast of Florida, along with a flying boat that was searching for them, in an area that later became known as the Bermuda Triangle. It will be based upon game play of the new DLC map called Aberration, a malfunctioning Ark where one has to be underground given that the force field had been damaged by the early occupants that were trying to escape, turning the surface into a burning death trap. When the control column of this Ark was damaged by an explosion caused by the former survivors, the force field collapsed resulting in the surface being exposed to the harsh environment of Space. The surface became a radioactive wasteland of hellish heat during the day and a devil’s infested play land at night. Nothing can survive up there for long. Down below, in the vast cave system, the radiation exposure has created a world of strange mutated plants, giant trees, and huge mushroom. As the Ark animals mutated to strange new forms, so did the plants. Many new creature evolved, some of them extremely vicious and dangerous, others cute and cuddly. The world below is generally hot and damp with some resources plentiful while other are rare. Alien structures, many of them damaged and overgrown with plant life, dominate some areas of the underground Ark while huge dark caverns are found in others. Earthquakes are common down below where rare resources may sometimes fall down from above lasting for a few seconds for you to gather before they vanish. One does not wander aimlessly in this Ark least they run into the dangerous creatures or the deadly environment hiding there. When one does head to the surface, it is with wearing hazard suits while traveling at night. Deep underground, some real nasty surprises hide in the dark, even a reincarnation of the Aliens Queen that can impregnate a survivor with a chest bursting parasite that is usually fatal. There are no tameable flying creatures on this Ark. There are gliders and climbers, such as a Rock Drake that like the Wyverns, you have to steal their eggs to raise the young. Good luck with that since their eggs require intense cold to hatch, something that doesn’t exist naturally except in the form of a deadly trap on this Ark. Until one can obtain a rock drake, survivors will have to use the climbing picks, zip lines, and wing suits. In short, this Ark is deadly as one works to survive there, tame its creatures, looks for rare resources in the dangerous areas, and attempt to repair the portal so you can escape to the planet down below. It should be noted that Training Flight 19 and the flying boat that was sent to look for them, on December 5th, 1945, still remain missing to this day. Chapter 1, The Lost Flight. Author Note, With the exception of selected paragraphs marked by an *, the rest of this story is fictional. Below is a history of the flight and it’s crew as located from the Internet. Sources included. THE SQUADRON FT – 28 Flight Leader: NASFL Instructor, Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor, USNR. Aircraft: TBM-3D - BuNo 23307. Crew: Gunner George Francis Devlin, AOM3c, USNR. Radioman: Walter Reed Parpart, Jr. ARM3c, USNR. FT – 36 Pilot: Capt. Edward Joseph Powers, USMC. Aircraft: TBM-1C - BuNo 46094. Crew: Gunner Sgt. Howell Orrin Thompson, USMCR. Radioman: Sgt. George Richard Paonessa, USMCR. FT – 81 Pilot: 2nd Lt. Forrest James Gerber, USMCR. Aircraft: TBM-1C - BuNo 46325. Crew: Pfc. William Lightfoot, USMCR. That day, Corporal Allan Kosnar had asked to be excused from this exercise. FT- 3 Pilot: Ensign Joseph Tipton Bossi, USNR. Aircraft: TBM-1C - BuNo 45714. Crew: Gunner Herman Arthur Thelander, S1c, USNR. Radioman: Burt E. Baluk, S1c, USNR. FT- 117 Pilot: Captain George William Stivers Jr., USMC. Aircraft: TBM-1C – BuNo 73209. Crew: Gunner Sgt. Robert Francis Gallivan, USMCR. Radioman: Pfc. Robert Peter Gruebel, USMCR. A brief history of each of the actual crew members on Flight 19; Burt Edward Baluk, Jr., S1c USNR Born 1926 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1943 and entered service soon after. Radioman on FT-3. He was 19 yrs old. George Francis Devlin, Jr., AOM3c, USNR Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1928. He was eager to help in the war effort and couldn't wait to be of age, so he decided to enlist in the United States Naval Reserve at the age of 15, under the alias of Robert F. Harmon. Trained at Barber's Point NAS Hawaii in 1944, and by March 1945 deployed to Guam and the fleet anchorage at Ulithi, where he reported on board the USS Enterprise. The war ended, and he made his way to Florida where he trained at NAS Fort Lauderdale. He was soon flying as a Gunner on the TBM/TBF Avenger Torpedo Bombers. At 17, he was in the process of having his alias changed to his birth name, when he disappeared with Flight 19. Gunner on FT-28. 2nd Lt. Forrest James Gerber, USMCR Born 1921 in New Ulm, Minnesota. Served in the United States Marine Corps during World War II. Enlisted in January 1942, becoming a Ground Marine first and later an Officer in Training. Became an air cadet in 1944. Had 360.6 hours of flight time, 61.8 on Avengers alone. He had received his gold wings 4 months earlier. Pilot of FT-81. He was 24 yrs old. Capt. Edward Joseph Powers, USMC Born in 1919, in Mount Vernon, New York. Graduated from Princeton University in 1941. On that same year he enlisted in the Marine Corps. Upon graduating, he was assigned as a training instructor at Quantico, Virginia. Later on in 1944, he would request a transfer to become a cadet in the naval air forces. He gave up his commanding position for his desire to fly on the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. Though a NASFL student, he was senior officer on flight 19. He was the only married man aboard, and the only father. It was noted that Capt. Power's wife felt a premonition and called the base, several hours before the disappearance. Also noted, is that two months prior when Powers was stationed at NAS Miami, it was reported that his gunner Michael Belvito was missing from the TBM they were flying. The gunner's door and parachute were gone. A search and rescue was launched but nobody found anything. The cause of the gunner's disappearance is still unknown. Capt. Powers was Pilot of FT-36. He was 26 years old. Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor, USNR Born October 25, 1917 in Nueces County, Texas. Taylor was a United States Naval Officer. He served in the United States Naval Reserve during World War II. He graduated from NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, February 1942, and became a flight instructor October of that year. In 1943, he flew with Scouting Squadron 62 and later that year, he became a torpedo plane pilot with Squadron 7. From April to December 1944, he was aboard the USS Hancock as part of Task Force 38. Also part of Acorn 36 at NAS Miami Opa Locka, and Squadron 79. He was recently transferred to NAS Fort Lauderdale (November 21, 1945), where he served as a flight instructor. He had 2,509.3 flight hours, 616 in the Avenger torpedo bombers. He was the commanding officer of Flight 19. Leader pilot in FT-28. He was 28 yrs old. Sgt. Howell Orrin Thompson, USMCR Born 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. Became a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant. May of 1944 he worked as a mechanic at NAS San Diego. March 19, 1945, he was aboard the USS Franklin CV-13 "Big Ben" doing Ordnance when the ship was attacked by a Japanese dive bomber dropping two semi-armor-piercing bombs. In November 1945 he was transferred to NAS Fort Lauderdale to continue training. Gunner on FT-36. He was 20 yrs old. Ensign Joseph Tipton Bossi, USNR Born December 25, 1924 in Arkansas City, Kansas. Attended University of Kansas. He passed up a discharge so that he could stay in the Navy. Had 373.4 hours of flight time, 65.9 on Avengers alone. Pilot of FT-3. He was 20 yrs old. Sgt. Robert Francis Gallivan, USMCR Born 3 July, 1924 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Marine Staff Sergeant, veteran of the WWII battles at Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and Tarawa. From December 15, 1942, Robert was attached to Marine Squadron VMSB-143 as an airplane armorer and torpedo repairman, serving at Henderson Field on Guadalcanal, Solomons Islands. In 1943-44, after the Battle of Tarawa, Robert made his way to NAS Fort Lauderdale where he would train as a Gunner in the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. He was going to be discharged and released the following day (December 6, 1945), before his disappearance. Gunner on FT-117. He was 25 yrs old. Pvt. Robert Peter Gruebel, USMCR Born in 1927 in Long Island, New York. Joined the Marines in 1944. Trained at Marine Corps Air Station in Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas. Here, he was part of the Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 931, with Marine Aircraft group 34. October of 1945 trained at NAS Miami, and by December, at NAS Fort Lauderdale training as Radioman/Bombardier aboard TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. Radioman on FT-117. He was 18 yrs old. Pfc. William Earl Lightfoot, USMCR Born December 1926 in Clayton, Union County, New Mexico. Entered the United States Marine Corps Reserve June of 1943. Trained in Lexington, Illinois. He was the only crewman besides the Pilot on FT-81. He was 19 yrs old. The Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum exhibits the log book he left behind. It was donated by his family, along with several original artifacts and photographs. Sgt. George Richard Paonessa, USMCR Born Nov. 1917 in Mamaroneck, New York. 3rd of 8 children to Italian immigrants. In 1944, George saw duty as an aerial gunner in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshal Islands. Upon his return, he was assigned training as a Radioman/Bombardier on the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers at NAS Fort Lauderdale. After his disappearance with Flight 19, Paonessa's family would receive a telegram days later reading "You have been misinformed about me. Am very much alive." Signed with his nickname “Georgie” (reportedly a hoax). Radioman on FT-36. He was 28 yrs old. Walter Reed Parpart, Jr., ARM3c, USNR Born 1927 in Brooklyn, New York. The NAS Fort Lauderdale Museum exhibits the log book he left behind. It was donated by his family, along with original photographs of Walter in uniform, also a Presidential Citation (hand-signed by President Truman), and family correspondence between the mother of Charles Taylor (lead pilot) and Walter's parents. He was the Radioman on FT-28. He was 18 years old. Capt. George William Stivers, Jr., USMC Born April 1920, in Piedmont, Missouri. Graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. In 1942, as a fresh 2nd Lieutenant he was part of the Marine platoon in the 1st Raider Battalion, then part of the 3rd Raider Battalion in 1943. Then, during the Battle of Tarawa in 1943, George was General J. C. Smith's Aide de Camp, in the 2nd Marine Division. He was cited for gallantry, twice on Guadalcanal, and once on Tarawa. In 1944, he became an air cadet. That same year, he received his wings from NAS Corpus Christi. He then transferred to NAS Fort Lauderdale, to train in the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. He had 374.7 flight hours. He was Pilot on FT-117. He was 25 yrs old. Herman Arthur Thelander, S1c, USNR. Born in 1926, in Kinbrae, Minnesota (as of the census of 2010 there were 12 people residing in this town). Herman joined the United States Naval Reserve September 1, 1944. He transferred for training several times: from September to November 1944, he was stationed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Then from April to June 1945 at NAS Fort Lauderdale, training on the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. Gunner on FT-3. He was 19 yrs old. Source; NASFLMuseum.com “It began as nothing more than a routine training flight. At 2:10 p.m. on December 5, 1945, five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers took off from a Naval Air Station in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The planes—collectively known as “Flight 19”—were scheduled to tackle a three-hour exercise known as “Navigation Problem Number One.” Their triangular flight plan called for them to head east from the Florida coast and conduct bombing runs at a place called Hens and Chickens Shoals. They would then turn north and proceed over Grand Bahama Island before changing course a third time and flying southwest back to base. Save for one plane that only carried two men, each of the Avengers was crewed by three Navy men or Marines, most of whom had logged around 300 hours in the air. The flight’s leader was Lieutenant Charles C. Taylor, an experienced pilot and veteran of several combat missions in World War II’s Pacific Theater.”* The flight proceeded as normal as the five aircraft headed to their target point of Hens and Chicken’s Shoals to drop their bombs. Then, things seem to go horribly wrong as a weather front was approaching. “Damn, my compass has quit working,” Lt. Taylor, the squadron commander says to himself. Then the rain and fog rolls in on the flight. “I don’t know where we are,” one of the pilots says over the radio. “We must have got lost after that last turn.”* Lieutenant Robert F. Cox, another Navy flight instructor who was flying near the Florida coast, was the first to overhear the patrol’s radio communications. He immediately informed the Air Station of the situation and then contacted the Avengers to ask if they needed assistance. “Both my compasses are out and I’m trying to find Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,” Taylor said, his voice sounding anxious. “I’m over land, but it’s broken. I’m sure I’m in the Keys, but I don’t know how far down.”* Hopelessly lost and thinking that the islands he now has spotted are the Florida Keys, Lt. Taylor turns the flight group to a North East heading. Some of his pilots seemed to have recognized that he was making a mistake. “Dammit,” one man griped over the radio. “If we would just fly west, we would get home.”* Eventually, the flight group turns to head West, but then later, turns East with Lt. Taylor thinking that they were now flying over the Gulf of Mexico. “We didn’t go far enough east,” he said, still worried that he might be in the Gulf. “We may as well just turn around and go east again.”* This flying lost, not knowing that they are actually heading further East away from Florida, as it is getting late in the day, continues until it becomes apparent that all five aircraft are now low on fuel. From the last radio transmission sent, the following was heard, “All planes close up tight,” he said. “We’ll have to ditch unless landfall…when the first plane drops below ten gallons, we all go down together.” A few minutes later, the Avengers’ last radio communications were replaced by an eerie buzz of static.* *History.con, Article on the disappearance of Training Flight 19. Author’s note, The rest of this story is pure fiction based upon game play experience in Ark Survival Evolved. For the purpose of this story, the names of the characters have been altered to avoid a direct connection with the surviving relatives of the crew members of Flight 19. The weather front becomes strangely glowing as the five aircraft, now almost out of fuel, have flown into a tight formation as they descend to ditch the planes in the sea. The glow gets brighter as they are flying towards it. Then, suddenly, a bright ball of light engulfs all five aircraft rendering Lt. Tylor and the other pilots and crew members unconscious.
  15. fanfiction Ark Land of the Lost.

    Coming next. What ever happened to the crews of Training Flight 19 and one of the flying boats sent to search for them off the east coast of Florida in December of 1945?