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  1. Perhaps a mod could move this to a proper location. Ragnarok would be most ideal for role playing with its mystery Easter eggs, castles, and dungeons. The map is vast with varied terrain that blends in seamlessly. User made mod maps mature enough such as The Volcano, Thieves, and Crystal Island, are good story possibilities as well.
  2. rpicardi1

    The island vs Ragnarok

    Tropical Zone 2 on Ragnarok is probably the easiest location for a new player to get started. Predators are low level and rare. You can get wood ant thatch by picking it up off of the ground. Metal ore is nearby along with river rocks. And, there are several wood crates on the beach that can be raided for spears, crossbows, and other useful metal tools long before the player has the ability to craft them.
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    fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 36. Peace at last. “Good morning sleepyhead,” Rollo tells Tammy when she wakes up the following morning. “How are you feeling?” “I haven’t slept like that in ages,” she tells him. “I feel so much better now.” “You are doing much better now,” Major Powell tells her after conducting a quick exam with the portable medical scanner. “Those cracked ribs are nearly all healed up. You are cleared to go flying. Just take it easy for the next couple of days.” “What about Rollo?” ask Tammy. “He stayed here with me all night in total disregard to his comfort.” “Let me examine him,” Major Powell tells Tammy. “This is most interesting. His spinal injury appears to have healed on its own overnight.” “Does that mean that I will be able to walk again?” Rollo asks Major Powell. “There is one way to find out,” answers Major Powell. “Loki, Eddie, come over here and help Rollo out of his wheelchair.” There is a cheer from the viking survivors and the others when Rollo takes his first steps unassisted. “Take it easy until you regain complete control over your legs and get your strength back.” “Thank you Tammy, for all you have done for me,” Rollo tells her. “Such a strange turn of events,” Tammy answers. “Yesterday, I just wanted to kill you. Then, my friend Eddie, comes up with a crazy idea where I end up letting you ride me into battle. Now, I can’t wait to take you for that ride I promised you.” “You are most kind,” Rollo tells her. “Becoming friends with you was the last thing I ever expected would happen to me. As soon as Major Powell gives us the OK, I will go with you on that ride.” The rest of the day is spent in organizing the remainder of the Viking tribe. “We would like to move back to Vikings Bay if that is possible,” Loki asks Rollo and Captain Powell. “You had better ask Tammy,” Captain Powell tells him. “She and her dragon friends have been living close by us ever since Eddie became friends with her. It will be up to her if she wants to have you as our neighbors.” “Now I know for certain that these dragons are not yours or anyone else’s tames.” answers Loki as he looks at Tammy. “Loki, I was too upset yesterday for you to get close to Rollo and I,” Tammy tells him. “You can come up to pet me if you wish.” “I don’t blame you one bit,” Loki answers as he comes up to rub her forehead. “Yesterday’s battle had to have been most stressful for the both of you.” “You may move your tribe back to Viking’s Bay,” Tammy tells Loki. “There is plenty of room by your abandoned settlement to rebuild.” “Thank you Tammy,” Loki and the rest of the tribe tells her. It is quite a party that evening in both locations as preparations are made for the final move. That following morning, with the OK from Major Powell, Rollo gets his promised grand tour on Tammy. “This is so much better flying on you bareback with none of that heavy battle armor,” Rollo tells her. “What a vast land this Ragnarok Ark is.” “Did you ever see any dragons when you were still living on Earth?” Tammy asks him. “No,” Rollo answers back. “The fantasy of dragons existing were part of our culture. We place carvings of their heads on our longboats with painting on the mainsail and our shields to create fear among our enemies when we launch raids against them. Eric became so obsessed with capturing one when he first saw you on Ragnarok. It is why he killed your mate for a trophy to hang in his war room when he was unable to tame him. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that ordeal before our final battle to rid Ragnarok of him forever.” “It’s OK,” Tammy answers. “If it wasn’t for the arrival of Helena, then Captain Powell with the Rock Drakes, we would have probably killed each other off by now.” “Tammy, do you know where you and the rest of the dragons came from?” ask Rollo. “Come to think of it, I don’t,” Tammy answers. “With the exception of that one egg Eric stole from a nest, none of our eggs have ever hatch before. It is as if, like the unicorn and griffin, we were just created and place here to see what would happen.” “That is most interesting,” Rollo tells her. “Us from the tenth century, you fantasy creatures from our legends, those extinct creatures from millions of years ago, Captain Powell of the 20th century and his grandson from the 21st century, all placed here in some kind of grand experiment by whoever created this place.” “What do you think will become of us in the future?” Tammy asks Rollo. “I believe that future is up to us to create,” Rollo tells her. “And’ it appears that we have made a good start that will ensure our survival.” “It has been a most enjoyable conversation,” Tammy answers. “This Ark is so beautiful from up here,” Rollo tells her. “I see the longboats are sailing North along the coastline of the great swamps. Lets head for Viking’s Bay so I can see what our new home will look like and start creating that future together.” With those discoveries and many more to follow, life on Ragnarok has settled down to the daily grind of life in this most unusual community. Most everyone has found a mate and settled down to raising their families. Even the dragons have started to raise families of their own. The kids on both sides have been thrilled in growing up together. There are adventures galore waiting for them as the caves get thoroughly explored, boss creatures that are defeated, and an expedition that finds the Labyrinth of Time and successfully completes the task of unlocking its secrets. Does the Damaged Earth eventually heal itself up so it can be repopulated by a future generation of humans? Do our survivors ever send out expedition to explore the other Arks known to be out there? Those are topics for some future chapters of the Flight 19 crews that vanished without a trace, the crew from the PBM rescue flight which also vanished without a trace, the survivors from a destroyed future Earth, the Vikings that vanished in a storm in the North Sea, and the tribe of Helena that escaped to live with them.
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    artwork Mod to ps4?

    Other then the official ones that you may have to pay extra for, Hell, not Hell Michigan, will have to freeze over.
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    fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 35 The Raid Captain Powell has now removed the gag from Rollo as Mary has glided beyond sight of the outer outpost. “What kind of a dragon is Mary?” Rollo ask Captain Powell. “I’ve never seen one like her before.” “She is a Rock Drake,” answers Captain Powell. “How did we get past those sentries without them seeing us?” ask Rollo “She can cloak herself and anyone riding on her,” answers Captain Powell. “How come I have never seen them before on Ragnarok?” ask Rollo. “That’s because they came with us from the Aberration Ark, then the Earth,” answers Captain Powell. “How soon before we can we go back to rescue those two dragons and their lady friends?” ask Rollo. “As soon as I get the recon report, we will plan and conduct a raid to rescue them.” answers Captain Powell. “I’m very concerned that my brother will try to kill them the minute you attack his fortress,” Rollo tells Captain Powell. “Don’t worry,” answers Captain Powell. “I’ll have my marines go in under cover to be in a position so Eric can’t get to them.” They soon reach the temporary camp on the plateau where most everybody have arrived. “That’s a Bloodaxe riding on Mary!” Tammy screams in anger when she sees Captain Powell and Mary come back from their patrol. “Let me at him!” “Do not harm him!” Mary hisses back with her war bonnet up full. “He’s been doing his best to protect Flame and Torch from his evil brother.” “Mary must see something in him that can help us to rescue your friends,” answers Captain Powell. “Eddie, Cleo, help me get Rollo off of Mary. He’s been paralyzed from the waist down.” “Then, is it true that your brother did this to you when you tried to stop him from killing his four other brothers?” Cleo asks him. “It is true,” Rollo answers. “He has only kept me around because I am good working with the creatures of both of these world.” “How do you know this?” ask a now curious Tammy who is now close enough for Rollo to touch her on the forehead. “The story is written in my Viking past what Eric did to his brothers,” answers Cleo. “We are distant relatives.” “Oh!” answers a shocked Tammy. “I’m so glad that I didn’t know that. We would have never became friends had I known you were related to them.” “It’s quite all right,” Rollo tells Tammy. “You have every right to be angry at us for what my brother has done to your kind. I’m going to do everything I can to help your friends get them back.” “I still don’t like you,” Tammy tells Rollo with a tear in her eye as he rubs her forehead. “I just don’t want to lose any more of my friends to your evil brother.” “I don’t want to see any harm come to them either,” answers Rollo. “Flame and Torch are some of the nicest dragons I have ever been with. They have been very cooperative with my effort to help them to stay alive.” “The rest of our patrols have just arrived,” Captain Powell tells Tammy. “Lets get their report so we can plan a dawn raid to get our foursomes out of harm’s way.” In the meeting that takes place, a layout of the fortress, the cages, and the outposts with their fixed crossbow turrets, are sketched out in the sand of the plateau. With the Intel that has been provided, Captain Powell can now conduct the planning for the rescue. “We need to target these turrets with rockets before we can safely enter the fortress and free the hostages. Sargent Pasenna, assign 12 of our rock drake teams to take out these targets when we attack the fortress. We’ll give them the time needed to get into position while cloaked. I also need someone to be at the cages when we do open fire. Eddie and Cleo, that will be your job to take two other marines with you on your rock drake friends.” “There is just one thing missing,” ask Mayor. “How do we get Eric out in the open before we attack his fortress?” “Good question,” answers Captain Powell. “Anyone have any ideas? “What would happen if Eric were to see his brother flying in on Tammy and have them ask for the release of the hostages?” suggest Eddie. There is a long pause of dead silence as Tammy looks at him in shock. Then, she answers. “That’s would be the last thing Eric Bloodaxe would ever expect, his brother Rollo flying in on me with all of my dragon friends in escort, then landing in front of the main gate to negotiate a hostage release.” “It’s brilliant!” Rollo answers. “It just might work.” “Are you sure that you would be willing to do this?” ask Captain Powell. “It could be extremely dangerous for you to expose yourself like that to get Eric to come out into the open.” “If it means getting rid of Eric Bloodaxe once and for all, yes, I’ll do it!” answers Tammy. “It is sure to get my brother to come out into the open when he finds out that I am riding on this Alpha Dragon,” answers Rollo. “But how am I going to protect Tammy if we do this? Eric hates her with a vengeance. I’m sure that he will attacks her with one of the crossbow turret once he responds in anger to my request?” “We still have those armor vests back in the village that we used on the Rock Drakes when we went after Crazy Harvey,” Joe answers back. “Go get them!” Captain Powell tells him. “Take Sargent Root with you. Get them back here ASAP.” “We’ll do the raid as follows; Using their cloaking ability, our Rock Drake teams will get into position so they can take out the turrets and protect the hostages. When they are ready, Rollo will fly in on Tammy to get Eric out in the open to negotiate for the hostage release. If things go badly, which I expect they will, our Rock Drake teams will open fire on the turrets with rockets, take out the rest of the defenders any way we can, and go release the hostages. We’ll leave Eric for Rollo and Tammy to deal with.” “Tammy, I know that this is going to be hard for you. Don’t go blindly charging in after Eric when you have the chance to get your revenge on him. None of us want to see you end up getting badly hurt.” “Thank you for your concern,” answers Tammy. “I’ll do my best to control my anger when we go after him.” “Lets go over this plan again while we are waiting for Joe to get back with those armor vest.” The morning is starting to light up the horizon when Joe radios that they are on their way. “We have two more dragons helping us to bring this heavy stuff out there,” Joe tells them. “We should be there in ten minutes.” Arriving, Joe and his team start fitting the armor vests on Tammy as they position everything to best protect her vitals. “It’s going to be heavy,” he warns Tammy. “It’s the only protection we can give you against those crossbow turrets.” “I can manage this,” she tells Joe after they have fitted her with 400 pounds of armor vests and she makes a test flight. “Then, lets get started,” Captain Powell orders. “Send out the stealth teams. The rest of us will head out there as soon as they are in position.” “You better tie me into a saddle on Tammy,” Rollo ask them as final adjustments are made on the armor vest. “I don’t want to accidentally fall off of her when we go in to face my evil brother. I pray to my Viking Gods that this work.” With Rollo secured to a saddle on Tammy, the advance team have radio back that they are now in position. Tammy and the dragons are now on their way. Halfway there, a private conversation is taking place. “Rollo, I’m scared,” she tells him. “This might have been a bad idea.” “Be brave,” he tells her. “Follow the plan. It’s normal to be scared when one deliberately goes into harm’s way.” “We have dragons coming in from the East,” warns the sentry at Eric’s fortress. “There must be over 30 of them following that Alpha.” “This is it!” warns Eric. “Everyone to the ramparts. We finally have the chance to wipe them out once and for all.” “Oh! My! God!” Loki tells the head warrior in surprise as he places his spotting scope on the lead dragon. “Get Eric up here. His brother Rollo is riding in on that Alpha Fire Dragon!” “How in the frack did he manage to escape and tame that bitch!” an angry Eric yells at his men. “Hold your fire until I see what Rollo is doing on her. Get a frackin detachment down to the cages to guard those hostages.” Tammy has now circled around coming in to land in front of the main gate. The other dragons land on the bluffs just out of range of the crossbow turrets. “Eric, release those hostages,” Rollo orders in a loud voice as Eric steps out of the partially opened main gate to confront his brother. “Never!” Eric yells back as several of his men push the gate all the way open exposing a crossbow turret. “Don’t do it!” Rollo yells at Eric when he sees what his evil brother is about to do. “Die you bitch!” Eric screams as he goes to pulls the trigger. Two rockets suddenly appears out of nowhere hitting the turret just as Eric pulls the trigger firing off its iron arrow. The explosion destroys the turret killing several of the men that have pushed it into place. Eric is blown back into the courtyard by the blast, his armor protecting him from most of the splinters of the shattered turret. 20 other explosions quickly follow as the rest of the turrets are taken out by the hidden rock drake teams. “Awk!” Tammy yells out in surprise when the heavy iron arrow hits her on the armor vests protecting her chest. Rollo is thrown out of the saddle as Tammy is knocked down to the ground from the impact, screaming in pain. Picking himself off of the ground after being thrown some distance away by the rocket that has destroyed the crossbow turret, Eric rushes out with a battle ax focusing on where Rollo has fallen to the ground. He struggles to get back up. “I should have done this long ago!” he yells as he comes running out towards a helpless Rollo with his battle ax raised high in the air. But, before he can reach Rollo to land the fatal blow, something grabs hold of his left arm, first spinning him around with the sound of bones being crushed, then tearing it off near the shoulder. “That was for attacking me and your brothers!” Tammy yells at him as Eric now faces his new attacker. He stands there in shock when he realizes that the Alpha Fire Dragon is the one yelling at him, his crushed severed arm laying on the ground in front of her. “This is for kidnapping my friends!” she yells at him again shaking in pain and anger as she sets his armor on fire with her flame attack. “And, This is for killing my Melvin for a trophy!” she screams hysterically at him before she bites his head off and spits it out towards the front gate. She falls back to the ground when the pain hits her from having used her fire attack on him. Down below, the detachment sent to guard the hostages gets taken out with tranc darts from the long neck rifles. The unit leaders surrender when they find themselves facing two angry rock drakes that materialize in front of them. The two marines quickly tie them up as Eddie and Lisa go to free the hostages from their cages. The battle is quickly over as the defenders up on the gate that watched in horror, as their leader gets killed by Tammy, are now running for cover as the Rock Drakes come out of stealth. Their sudden appearance, with the two armed riders, shock all of the remaining defenders into laying down their arms. Captain Powell now orders a cease fire. Loki, the only Viking of any rank that is left alive, orders a surrender. The rest of the dragons fly in to land by Tammy who is in a great deal of pain from the effort to kill Eric. Author note on armor bullet resistant vest. It is not unusual to suffer bruising and possible cracked ribs when one gets hit by a bullet at close range while wearing one. What happens to Tammy in this story, when she is hit by the heavy iron arrow at point blank range would not be unusual. Those mid evil weapons were powerful enough to punch holes into castle walls. “Are you all right?” Rollo ask Tammy as she gets back up and limps over to check on him, still frightened from what she just went through. “No,” she tells him in a painful shaky voice. “It’s hurts.” “Thank you for saving my life,” Rollo tells her. “Take it easy. Major Powell should be here soon to take care of your injury.” “The impact from that iron arrow was most terrifying.” she tells him. “I thought sure that I was going to be dead when it hit me with so much force.” “It’s a good thing that you were wearing that armor,” Rollo tells her. “Those things are dragon killers. Can you help me get back up?” “Grab a horn on the back of my head,” Tammy tells him as she places her head so he can reach it. The survivors are now coming out of the fortress gate as they get over the shock of what has just happened. Loki is walking up towards Rollo until a still shaken Tammy looks at him and gives off a warning hiss. He stops abruptly, then asks Rollo, “How did you tame her?” “I didn’t,” Rollo answers. “We had a common enemy and she chose to let me help her defeat him. Don’t come any closer. She’s been hurt and is still very upset over what we have just went through.” “I’m just glad that it’s over,” Loki tells them as he holds his position. “We no longer have to live in fear of Eric and his warriors. Rollo, is it possible for us to live together in peace with these dragons?” “That will be up to Tammy and her Aberration friends,” Rollo answers. “I still don’t like you Viking,” Tammy tells him while sobbing as a result of the shock and pain of what has taken place. “So long as you no longer harm any of us, we will no longer harm any of you.” “That’s sounds fair enough,” Loki tells her. “You take it easy, It looks like help is on the way.” Flame and Torch, having being freed from their cages, now land nearby with Jenny and Barbara who get off of them and bring Rollo’s wheelchair over to him. “Thank you for rescuing us from Eric,” they tell him as he is sits in it and starts rubbing Tammy’s forehead in an effort to comfort her. “Making friends with these Dragon been quite an adventure of a lifetime,” he tells them. “I always knew that dragons were very intelligent, but these Ragnarok Dragons are most exceptional. I’m so glad that we are now finally at peace with them.” “Last night, I was ready to kill you over what your brother had done to us,” Tammy tells Rollo as she has now regained her composure. “I’m so glad that didn’t happen. You have proven to be a great friend. Perhaps someday, if Major Powell can cure your paralysis, you can fly bareback on me for the grand tour.” “That might be a possibility,” Major Powell tells Tammy as she arrives on Electra to check them both for their injuries. “I will know for sure when I can examine him back at our village.” “Please cure him,” ask Tammy with a tear in her eye. “I want to give him that ride without having to wear this saddle and heavy armor.” “I’ll do what I can,” Major Powell tells her. “Joe, lets get this armor off of Tammy so I can find where she’s been injured. It has to be quite uncomfortable.” “It’s a good thing that she was wearing this,” Joe reports after removing the makeshift armor and inspecting the damage done by the heavy iron arrow. “That point blank shot would have been fatal without it.” “You got a real nasty bruise there and two cracked ribs.” Major Powell tells Tammy after examining her chest area using a portable scanner. “Take some of these narcs, they should ease the pain and help with the healing of those ribs. Don’t even attempt to go flying until those cracked ribs have had a chance to heal up.” “I don’t want to stay here,” Tammy tells Major Powell with a tear in her eye as some medical brew is applied to the nasty bruise on her chest. “It’s such a dreadful place.” “With cracked ribs, you’re in no shape to fly back to our village,” Helena tells her who has now landed near by on Tarmac. “I’ll stay with you until you have recovered enough to make the flight back to Vikings Bay.” “I’ll stay here with you too,” Tarmac tells her. “So will I,” answers Eddie and David. “I now have an understanding why those crossbow turrets were so dangerous to our kind,” answers Tammy as all of her friends come over to comfort her. “Even wearing your protective armor, it still knocked the wind out of me. I’ve never been so frightened before in my life. Captain Powell and the rest of your friends, thank you for convincing me not to rush over here to attack this fortress. I now know for sure that Eric and his warriors would have killed me and my dragon friends had I done so.” “I’m glad that you chose to listen to reason instead of rushing off and getting yourself killed.” Captain Powell tells her. “We would have sure missed having you and your friends being curious about what we are doing in Ragnarok. We’re going to secure everything here and care for their casualties. With Eric and his command staff gone, we should be able to turn over control of this fortress back to Rollo and Loki before we have to head back to Viking’s Bay.” “I just happened to think of something,” Captain Shrivers tells Captain Powell. “Does Eric and his warriors have Specimen Implants like we do?” “What does that mean?” ask Tammy with concern as Captain Powell walks over to where Eric’s severed left arm is and examines it. “It means that Eric and his followers could already have been reborn somewhere on Ragnarok,” as he shows her the Specimen implant in his arm and the one in Eric’s severed arm. “Frack! Are we going to be condemned to fighting this frackin battle over and over for frackin forever?” “I don’t think so,” a familiar voice tells Captain Powell. “Belvello, how did you end up here?” ask an astonished Captain Powell. “Who are these other people with you?” “These are the men that went with me to confront Rockwell so that Helena could escape from Aberration with the rest of her tribe,” Belvello answers. “When we were killed by Rockwell back on Aberration, we ended up on an ark called Grumpytown and were taken prisoners by its inhabitants for their entertainment. Then, today we were replaced by someone called Eric Bloodaxe and his Viking warriors. The Keepers of the Arks, as they called themselves, sent us here in trade for Eric’s Vikings to punish them for their mistreatment of their favorite creatures, the Ragnarok Dragons. They will not be returning back here, ever.” “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” a relieved Tammy says to Belvelto. “That is the best news I have heard all day.” “Mistreatment is the least of it,” answers Captain Powell. “Not only did they kill Tammy’s mate for a trophy, they killed several of her friends just for their entertainment. They nearly killed her when we came here to rescue both our and her friends that Eric had taken as hostages. Be careful when you go up to see her. She is still quite sore from the bruising and cracked ribs she suffered when she was hit with that iron arrow from a crossbow turret.” “Get well soon,” Belvelto tells her as he pets her on the neck. “Grumpytown was a most unpleasant place to be in. Our three day stay there was most unpleasant. An eternity in that hell hole will be a just punishment for what Eric has done to you and your friends.” “Thank you so much,” Tammy answers. “You are most kind.” “You are now in an elite group,” Helena tells him. “Tammy is quite selective over who she will have as her friends.” “Einstein was right about his theory of relativity,” Captain Powell tells Belvelto. “It was two months after you vanished from my training flight when our squadron of five bombers vanished in the same area along with a PBM sent out to look for us. Helena’s tribe left Aberration over a year before we ended up there. These Vikings left Earth sometime in the 10th century. When we escaped to Earth from Aberration after killing Rockwell, it was the year 2046. That dirty brown ball you can see up in the sky is what is left of Earth after the Aberration Ark smashed into it.” “So, there will be no escaping from here back to our time in 1946?” ask Belvelto. “No,” answers Captain Powell. “Time can go fast forward, slow down, or even be stopped, but it cannot go backwards. Currently, there is no Earth left, as we know it, to go back to. The climate to the North on this Ark is much like that of England and Scotland. It is quite pleasant living up there. As you can see, we have made friends with the Aberration Rock Drakes we brought back with us and all the Ragnarok Dragons. You just have to be aware that you don’t accidentally become a meal for some prehistoric carnivore that live in this world. Some of them are quite huge and nasty.” “How did you manage to tame all of those rock drakes and the dragons?” ask Belvelto. “We didn’t,” answers Captain Powell. “They are all wild. When we learned that they were as intelligent as us, they chose to work with us to defeat Rockwell and escape from Aberration. I have even made their leader, Mayor, my second in command. In spite of what Eric Bloodaxe had done to them, the dragons became our friends when they learned that we were working together with the wild rock drakes.” “That is most remarkable,” Terry from the Helena tribe tells Captain Powell. “We were at constant war with the rock drakes when we stole an egg from one of their nest to raise Raymond. What ever happened to him?” “He was killed when he got into a fight with a T-Rex,” Helena answers. “It broke Cleo’s heart to lose him. She is now good friends with Tammy’s mate Tarmac.” “How did these people get here?” ask Mayor who is a bit upset at the presences of his old human enemies from Aberration.” “It’s all right,” answers Helena. “These are the warriors of my tribe that died fighting Rockwell so the rest of us could escape from Aberration. They were traded for Eric and his warriors from the Ark Grumpytown by The Keepers of the Ark.” “We’re sorry for what we did to you on Aberration,” Terry tells him. “We didn’t know.” “As I was able to make my peace with Helena when we first arrived here, I can certainly make peace with the rest of her tribe,” Mayor tells him. “Thank you,” Helena tells Mayor as she goes over to rub his neck.” The visits from the surprise return of Helena’s warriors continue as she tells them about where they are living and what has taken place since they arrived on Ragnarok. Several of them get the VIP treatment when the dragons volunteer to take them back to the village in Viking Bay to meet their spouces. Captain Powell and his Marines continue to round up the Viking survivors with Major Powell treating the injuries among them. Loki continues to help with assigning people to look after the wounded and take count of who has been banished to Grumpytown and who has been allowed to stay. “How’s Tammy doing,” ask Helena when she goes to check on her finding that Rollo has been staying with her all of this time. “She’s been resting comfortably,” Rollo tells her. “That’s just what Major Powell has ordered for her,” Helena answers. “The past 24 hours took quite an emotional toll on her. A good days rest will help her to heal up so much faster. Then, we can all go back home together.”
  6. rpicardi1

    fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 34. Rollo Bloodaxe. It is written in the viking Lore about Eric Bloodaxe and how he rose to power when he killed four of his brothers. One survived that attack but not much is written about him. In this fictional story, Rollo has survived after having his back broken in that fight. It left him a cripple who had to rely on a wheelchair to get about. Eric has left him survive when he learned that his brother was good with taming and training the beast in his kingdom. How they all ended up on Ragnarok remains a mystery. One thing remains certain. While in Ragnarok, Eric has a passion with wanting to have his own dragon to ride on and conquer all of Ragnarok. Capturing the wild ones to tame had proven impossible. His Viking warriors had been able to capture them, but, in spite of their best efforts, were unable to tame any of them. He even had an egg successfully stolen and had his brother attempt to hatch and raise it. That had failed when the baby dragon starved to death because no one could obtain the milk needed to feed it with. He had beaten Rollo mercilessly over that lost. But, between his obsession and his killing of several of the dragons, he had alienated them all into an all out war that resulted in so many casualties that the dragons moved away and Eric’s Vikings had moved into the badlands to establish their fortress. So, it was with extreme interest that he goes down to the cages that have been built to hold the two fire dragons that were captured in the nets when he saw the two women riding them through the canyons that afternoon. “Wonderful, we have captured two tames,” Eric proclaims. “You had better move slowly with getting them to work with you,” warns Rollo as he examines the semiconscious dragons. “Unlike a horse, they are only loyal to their master.” He has already confirmed in his initial examination of them that they are far more intelligent then anyone realizes. Wondering how the two ladies had managed to be riding on wild dragons, he whispers in their ear to for them to be submissive if they want to stay alive, that he will try to turn them loose when the opportunity arises. It is late afternoon in their search for the four explorers when Eddie and Lisa spot Viking Longboats in the bay ahead. “Stealth Mode,” Eddie orders both rock drakes. “Land on the butte above the arch so we can see what is going on.” A sentry tower is spotted as the two drakes come in to land. They quickly bank away landing on a lower butte nearby. “Good job spotting those sentries,” Eddie whispers to David. “They have crossbows mounted in those turrets.” “Oh NO!” Lisa whispers back to Eddie. “They captured Flame and Torch.” “I see Jenny and Barbara in a cage next to them,” reports Eddie in a whisper as he places a spotting scope on them. “It looks like they are being questioned by a Viking leader. Lets get out of here before we are discovered.” Thwack! An iron arrow hits a rock close to David sending up a shower of sparks and bits of gravel. “Stay in stealth mode and get out of here!” orders Eddie. “Did you hear that?” the sentry tells his friend. “Yes, but I still don’t see anything but that dust cloud,” answers the second sentry. “We better send somebody over there to check it out.” Now on the plateau and out of sight of the sentries, Eddie radios back to Captain Powell. “They’ve been captured!” Eddie reports excitedly. “What is their status?” ask Captain Powell with concern. “The vikings have them both and their dragons in cages by their fortress on the bay,” Eddie answers back. “They appear to be OK for now.” “Stay hidden up on the plateau,” orders Captain Powell. “I’m sending up a recon team to go check out their fortress once it gets dark. Then, we can plan for their rescue.” “What are we up against?” sentry two says to sentry three as they inspect the lower butte. “Those look like dragon tracks, yet, there’s no tracks made by their wings.” “Something definitely was just here,” answers sentry three. “Yet, we saw nothing. It is as if they were invisible.” “There is no such thing as an invisible four legged dragon,” orders Sentry One when the other two file their report. “You better keep quiet about it before Eric sends you out on a one way patrol into the desert.” Having been through being captured before, Jenny and Barbara successfully play Eric for the fool that he is in order to buy some time to await rescue as he questions them. Barbara has played dumb in not knowing the viking tongue but knows from the discussion among Eric’s sentry that something out of the norm has just taken place. Eric soon leaves with his sentry commander to go investigate the strange activity for himself. "I’m sorry for getting you into this mess,” Torch tells Jenny as he comes up as close as he can to her. “It’s not your fault,” answers Jenny. “None of us knew that there was a trap set up there.” “Don’t let Eric or anyone else know that you and your dragons can talk to each other,” a voice warns them from the shadows. “My brother would kill them if he ever found out. Then, he would kill me for not telling him.” “How did you end up paralyzed?” Jenny ask him as Torch comes up to the edge of his cage to listen in on the conversation. “Years ago, Eric attacked all of his brothers in his effort to become supreme leader of the Viking Clan. He had left me for dead when he broke my back with his battle ax. When he later found out that I had survived, he kept me his prisoner in this wheelchair as punishment for remaining alive.” “How did you end up on Ragnarok?” Barbara asks him. “While sailing across the North Sea to conduct a raid on a Monastery, we ran into a freak storm. It sank our fleet of longboats as it tossed us into the stormy sea. A strange glow lit up the angry sea as we prayed to the Gods for deliverance. Before we knew what had happened, we found ourselves in this strange new world with all of its even stranger creatures.” “Be quiet now, someone is coming.” “Rollo, how are your getting along with these dragons?” ask Loki. “They are adjusting well to being confined,” Rollo answers. “I could use some raw meat to feed them, they appear to be quite hungry. Bring our hostages something to eat as well.” The food soon arrives with some fruit for the hostages and two slabs of raw phenoma for the dragons. “Why aren’t they eating the raw meat?” ask one of the assistant cooks after placing the meat just inside the cage. “I think that I know why,” answers Rollo. He goes in to the cage with Flame, cuts off a piece of the phenoma, and eats it in front of him. Then, he offers the slab to Flame who carefully takes it out of his hand and starts eating it. “They certainly don’t trust any of us,” the assistant cook says as torch hisses at him after placing the other slab of meat nearby and quickly runs away from it. “Would you if you were our captive?” Rollo hollers back at him as he pulls the raw meat into the cage for Torch to eat. “I pray to the Gods that your friends can get here to rescue you soon, he whispers to Torch. I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to protect you two and your lady friends from Eric and his horde.” In the evening, Captain Powell has arrived with the 14 Rock Drake and their fully armed flight crews. 20 of the Ragnarok Dragons have also arrived with several of Helen’s tribe riding on them. “Eddie tells me they have guarded their fortress with crossbow turrets,” Captain Powell tells Tammy who is still quite upset that they can’t just go charging in. “They took a shot at David while he was in stealth and fortunately missed. As soon as it is dark enough, I’m going to take our rock drakes in to find all of those turrets so we can mark them for destruction. They can see in infrared where Eric’s hoard is located. We can use our night vision equipment to find all of his outpost and main defenses. I’ll sneak in with Mary to see if I can make contact with the hostages. When we know what we are up against, we can then plan a raid at dawn to rescue them.” “It still bothers me that we just can’t go charging in after them,” Tammy tells Captain Powell. “Be patient,” he tells her. “You will soon have your revenge against Eric Bloodaxe.” Eddie and Cleo are now with Tammy as they try to comfort her while the others head out on their recon patrol. “I don’t want to lose any more of my friends,” she tells Eddie. “Neither do we,” Eddie tells her. “It was hard for me to stay hidden when the zombie plague struck on Earth and killed my parents. Just be patient, we are here for you.” “Thank you so much for being such a good friend,” Tammy tells him. “The recon goes smoothly in spite of the heighten alert status of Eric’s Vikings. Several iron arrows get fired at the sounds of heavy drake foots scratching about in the cliffs, but are all way off the mark. Captain Powell and Mary successfully make it into the canyon where the cages are located. Rollo is still with the captives half asleep in his wheelchair. “Don’t do anything or you are dead,” Mary tells Rollo quietly as she sneaks up behind his wheelchair. “Thank the Gods you have arrived to rescue them,” Rollo whispers back. “I don’t know how much longer I could have kept my brother from killing them. Take me with you or I will be dead for sure.” “Damn, Now what are we going to do,” Captain Powell says quietly to himself as he checks on the status of the four hostages. “Everybody hang tight, we’ll have you out of here as soon as we can eliminate the threats.” “Lets take him with us,” Mary tells Captain Powell. “He could prove to be quite useful.” “Are you sure about this?” Captain Powell who is quite shocked at Mary’s request. “I am very sure,” Mary answers back. “Flame and Torch have told me that he has treated them well in spite of the difficult conditions down here.” “Rollo, I’m placing my trust in Mary’s judgment about bringing you back with us.” Captain Powell tells him. “You realize that I am going to have to handcuff and gag you for our security when we leave here.” “I understand,” Rollo answers back. With Rollo bound, gagged and tied to the forward saddle, Captain Powell and Mary proceed to sneak back out of the prison area and away from danger as they head back to the plateau.
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    fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 33. Kidnapped. It is three days later when Coronal Powell calls everybody together for a morning meeting. “Good job everyone on constructing our new home,” he announces. “We can now settle down to exploring and living on this new Ark at our leisure.” “I would especially like to thank our Dragon friends in making this all possible. Without their help and friendship, all of what has been accomplished here would still be weeks, even months, away.” Eddie, Lisa, David and Judy are now sworn in as graduates of the Ragnarok Marine Corp. “You have done well to make it to this elite group,” Coronal Powell tells them. “Your assignment for the next couple of days, go out there and explore the southern wilderness of Ragnarok. Watch out for any unknown danger when you go to check out those unknown areas of this Ark. File a report when you get back from your exploration.” There is a standing O for the four new recruits. Then, they are off preparing their supplies for a four day mission of independent exploration. “Flame and Torch want to take us back out exploring,” Jenny tells Captain Powell. “Go ahead, just be careful out there,” Captain Powell tells them. “We’ll be back by nightfall,” answers Jenny. “It sure is wonderful that those two dragons have taken such a liking to those two young ladies,” Major Powell tells her husband. “It’s going to help them get adjusted to being back in civilization again.” “It’s good for those dragons as well,” answers Coronal Powell. “They will soon be bonded in friendship with each other much like Eddie and David are.” An exploration of the Murder Snow has been planned as well. Cleo and Private Ledfoot have prepared for the trip by crafting extra heavy fur armor under the supervision of Joe and the frost dragon Sandy. “It can get dangerously cold up there especially during a storm,” she warns Cleo. “Does the extreme cold affect you?” ask Cleo. “No, It doesn’t affect us frost dragons.” answers Sandy. “But, it will freeze a human to death in minutes. When we were fighting the Vikings a year ago, I captured one of them by paralyzing his horse with my freeze attack, then grabbing him off of his horse with my foot. He decided that he better hang on while I was flying over the Volcano. But, he froze to death in less them a minute when I flew into the Murder Snow with him hanging onto my foot.” “If it gets too cold for us, we will let you know,” Private Ledfoot tells Sandy. As they fly up towards the glacier, Private Ledfoot spots a cave in the glacier itself. “Is there anything inside there?” he ask Sammy. “You don’t want to go in there,” Sammy answers. “It is home to the Ice Worm Queen. She is bigger and deadlier then those Death Worms everyone is scared of.” “Better put on your fur armor. It is going to get bitter cold soon.” “Wow! You are correct about this being called the Murder Snow,” Cleo tells Sandy. “How can it be so nice just a short distance away, yet, I am already measuring 100 below on the thermometer?” “How are you handling this cold?” ask Sandy. “We’re doing all right,” Cleo answers. “The fur armor is doing its job of keeping us warm. I’m surprised that anything can live in such bitter cold down below. Who are the two other frost dragons down by the edge of the pine forest?” “Those are Snowball and Freezer,” answers Sandy. “I’ll land and introduce them to you.” “There are Vikings on you!” Freezer shouts in alarm as Sandy land by them.” “It’s OK,” Sandy answers back. “These are our friends. They come from that destroyed Ark we saw hitting the Earth several days ago.” “You’re right,” Freezer says as he comes up so Cleo can pet him without a glove on her hand. “You are not those Vikings I saw yesterday. They have a fortress built in the Southern Badlands in an inlet by the archway canyon.” “We thought that all the Vikings had been killed off some time ago,” answers Private Ledfoot. “Tammy never mentioned to us that they were still living on this Ark.” “That’s because everybody though that they had been defeated years ago in our final showdown until I saw their new fortress.” answers Freezer. “Then, they must have escaped or were reborn,” answers Cleo. “That is bad news. I have seen what Eric Bloodaxe did to Tammy and Tarmac’s mate. He has been equally brutal to other humans as well.” “Oh no!” warns Private Ledfoot in alarm. “Jenny and Silvia could be heading into harms way if Flame and Torch don’t know that those Vikings are still out there. They were planning on flying into the badlands to explore them. We better get back and warn them before they leave. Would you come back with us so you can alert your other dragon friends about them?” “Yes,” Snowball answers. “We’ll follow you back to your village.” “We may already be too late to warn Flame and Torch,” a concerned Cleo answers back. “They were preparing to leave when we left to come here.” Flying back to the village. Captain Powell comes out to meet them with Tammy and Mayor. “We must go finish them off now!” Tammy answers in anger when she hears that the vikings are still on Ragnarok. “No!” both Captain Powell and Mayor tells her sternly. “If you go flying in to attack them not knowing what kind of defenses they have in place, you risk getting yourselves killed. Daryl and Darlene learned that the hard way when they tried to take out Rockwell on the Aberration Ark. It is only with knowing what they have for defenses is it possible to plan an attack on them without getting killed. Freezer, show us on this map where you saw their fortress and we will send over a recon team of Marines on Rock Drakes in stealth mode to see what we are up against.” “They’re right,” Helena tells Tammy. “We lost all of our men to Rockwell when they attacked him so we could escape to here.” “Daryl and Darlene only survived because I was able to get them out of Rockwell’s Lair before he could kill them.” answers Lt. Jerry. “Then, he wipe us out with a weapon we didn’t know existed. It was with training and the knowledge of what Rockwell’s Lair was like that we were finally able to defeat him without losing anyone in the battle. Let us take the Rock Drakes over there to do a stealth recon to see what we are up against before we go do anything to them.” “I guess that you’re right,” answers Tammy in disappointment. “I don’t want to lose any more of us to that Eric monster and his Viking horde.” “We better give Jenny a call on the radio and warn them to stay out of the Badlands.” Captain Powell answers. “Oh $hit!” warns Joe. “They didn’t take a radio with them.” “Call Eddie,” orders Captain Powell. “Warn them about the location of that Viking fortress and tell them to be on the lookout for our sightseers.” The call is made after a bit of trouble in establishing communications. “We had to get up on top of a plateau in order to get a good signal,” Eddie reports. “We are in an area that borders the vast desert with the badlands. There is an abandoned settlement along the river that separates the two areas.” “That is scary that Eric Bloodaxe and his Viking Hoard are still around,” reports Lisa. “We’ll be extra careful before we go down into the badlands area.” “Have you seen Jenny and Silvia on Flame and Torch?” ask Captain Powell. “No,” answers Eddie. “We could try calling them on the radio from here.” “They forgot to take one on their trip,” Captain Powell answers back. “Oh Crap!” Eddie answers back. “We’re going to have to go looking for them. We’ll try to stay high on the buttes so we can get a good view of the area. We may not be able to reach the islands in the west unless we can find a high enough peak close to the shore to glide over there.” “Just stick on the mainland,” Captain Powell orders Eddie. “I don’t want you four to end up swimming in a shark infested sea. We’ll send someone out on a dragon to check out the western islands.” “What are we going to do if Eric has captured them?” Lisa ask Eddie. “We go into stealth mode to case the joint,” answers Eddie. “Then, we get back to a high point and radio back for more instructions.” Meanwhile, Jenny and Barbara have been having a great time on Flame and Torch who have been enjoying taking them for the ride. “These canyons are fun to fly through,” Torch tells Flame. “Lets go under the arches,” Flame tells Torch. “This is great fun,” Jenny tells the dragons as they head to fly under another arch where a bay shows on the other side. “Those look like Viking Longboats in the bay,” Barbara tells Jenny. “Look out! There’s a net in our way!” Spotting it, the two dragons pull sharply up but the stone arch prevents them from climbing over it. They are going too fast to prevent from slamming into it feet first. There is a loud squawk of panic from both dragons who promptly get tangled in the hanging cargo net which gets pulled loose and goes crashing to the ground below. Jenny and Barbara are hanging on for dear life as they are screaming at the two dragons to stop struggling in the net. Several gas bombs are dropped from above which soon render the foursome unconscious. “What luck!” Eric’s commander tells his men as he goes down to inspect their quarry. “We captured two young ladies and their fire dragons. Let get them secured in the cages before they wake up.”
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    fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 32. Our Ragnarok Home. During the morning work session, the South Wall has been completed with watch towers. Sheds have been built for the rock drakes where they can shelter should the weather be like it was the night before. With the village completed, a survey crew has been sent out to check out the feasibility of fencing in pasture and farm land in the Scottish Highlands. “It is feasible to fence in a large grassy area for the sheep,” reports Sargent Thomas to Helena and Captain Powell. “It’s just that most everything is going to have to be hauled in for the construction given that the area is lacking in wood, fiber, and especially harvest able stone.” “I recommend that we have teams craft up stone walls in areas where those materials are available, then transport them by raft to an outpost where Cleo saw those dead whales.” answers Sargent Pasenna. “From there, they can be transported overland into the highlands.” “Just so long as we can stay upwind of those beached whales,” answers Helena. “Otherwise, we better find a way to get rid of them.” “The Stony Isles have lots of stone available along with plenty of driftwood.” Helena tells them. “We’ll just need to bring the fiber with us for crafting the wall sections of the fence.” A work crew gets prepped up with extra fiber and sets sail to the Stony Islands where they spend the rest of the day crafting up wall sections. During this time, the village is paid a visit by the Ragnarok Dragons which have gained several more to their numbers. Nothing else gets done that day as everyone goes out to give them some attention especially to the newcomers that are so astonished to find that humans are not so bad after all. Eddie and Lisa are out flying on the two lightnings Electra and Tesla when they come back with some alarming news. “There is a high level Giga tearing up the sheep flock in the Highlands.” “I guess now is as good as time as ever to try some tactics to take it out,” Captain Powers responds. “Are you dragons willing to learn some combat tactics to kill a Giga?” “Yes,” Tammy answers back. “Mayor and Margaret, go get your flight crew and have them armed themselves with rockets. Eddie and Lisa, you’re on your lightning friends. I need volunteers to fly on two poison dragons and two ice ones. Helen and I will fly on Tammy and Tarmac.” When everyone has been assembled, Captain Powell lays out the combat plans. “We’ll fly out to our target in formation with our mated pairs of dragons. I want the poison pair in the lead followed by us on the fire dragons, then Eddie and Lisa on their Lightning friends followed by the ice dragon team. Mayor and Margaret will be on the ground acting as bait to lead the Giga out into the open.” “Mayor, Margaret, don’t get too close to that thing, it could easily kill you in one bite. Just tease it to get into the open. Have your crew use range weapons to torment it into chasing you.” “When the Giga is out in the open, I want the poison dragons to hit it in the head with their poison attack. That should slow it down enough for us to set it on fire. Then, the lightnings can come in to paralyze it with their lightning attack. Finally, I want the ice dragons freeze its head at which time a rocket or two to it’s frozen head should kill it.” “Does everybody understand their role in this attack plan?” “Good, lets go kill that thing.” It doesn’t take long for the eight dragons to line up in formation with their crews as Mayor and Margaret start heading out to the Highlands. “It’s out in the open near the Spire Point,” Sargent Pasenna radios back as the dragon flight takes off to make their attack run. “Good,” Captain Powell radios back. “Keep it busy. We will be there shortly.” Rocky and Lady Rocky have perched themselves high up on a spire well out of reach of the enraged Giga, its eyes glowing in anger, as it tries to climb up to get them. It is with a roar of surprise when it gets two poison balls in it’s face. Choking from the gas as it staggers away to reach the safety of the Redwood Forest, it gets set on fire, then paralyzed by a four second burst of high voltage lightning. Sandy and Sammy come in close hovering next to it as they unload with their freeze attack to the Giga’s head. Still on fire, but with it’s head now frozen, it gets killed with the first salvo of rockets and crashes to the ground as pieces of it’s head go flying everywhere. “We have never been able to kill one before, especially a Level 185 Giga,” Tammy tells Helena and Captain Powell as they land next to it. “That’s what one can do with tactics and their combined forces,” answers Captain Powell. “By hitting it with different types of attacks in a row, that Giga was unable to respond to defending against any of them. As Daryl would say, we sank it. Everyone, be sure that you get your share of raw and raw prime meat off of it. We’ll take the hide and any tools it may have collected from past attacks.” “Level ups, what are those for?” Tesla asks Eddie. “We all got four of them for killing that Giga.” “Welcome into our tribe,” answers Helena. “Lets us show you how those level ups work.” “That felt so wonderful,” Tarmac responds as he gets leveled up in four different areas of abilities. “I never knew there was such a thing.” “Being our friends is probably why that ability has become available as a reward for you,” answers Captain Powell. “We are limited to a level 100. I’m not sure how far you, or our tames can go, but there will be a limit that will eventually be reached.” “Anything you are threatened by something as nasty as a Giga, come to see us. We will be more then willing to help you out.” “We can keep an eye on the wild sheep for you,” Tammy tells Helena. “We prefer to feed on the predators that keep going after them.” “Doesn’t that mean that you will have to leave your homes in the southern badlands to defend the sheep?” ask Helena. “No,” answers Tammy. “Most of us are moving back into the World Scar so we can build our nest there to raise our young.” “That would be so wonderful,” answers Captain Powell. “Our Rock Drake friends were so happy when they were able to raise young on their own for the first time in their memory. Enjoy yours when they hatch. They will grow up so fast.” “That will save us a lot of construction if they hunt the predators for us,” reports Sargent Thomas. “We now only need to fence in the gardens to keep the herbivores from eating our crops.” It is evening when the work crew gets back and gets the word that only fencing will be needed in the garden areas. A pair of fire dragons has been hanging out with two of the hostage ladies. “It’s been so wonderful to be getting all of this attention instead of being hunted for trophies,” Torch says to Sylvia. “I never knew that humans could be so cruel to each other,” Flame tells Jenny after she hears her story of being a slave of Crazy Harry. “At least this world has gotten off to a good start after we were forced to leave ours,” Jenny tells Flame. “Our rescuers have been most understanding of what we have been through. But, most of all, you dragons have been willing to become our friends in spite of how you were treated in the past by other humans. That is the most remarkable thing of all.” “Seeing the wild Rock Drakes and their young working with your tribe is what gave us the confidence that you had to be different.” answers Torch. “I’m so glad that Tammy took the chance of becoming friends with you especially after learning how quickly your tribe was able to stop an attack by Electra and Tesla without harming them. I can see us having some most interesting experiences in the future.” “I do too,” answers Jenny. “Like you, we will start raising our families here as well. Perhaps, in the future when Earth has recovered from the damage done by Aberration colliding into it, our future children may return to repopulate it. Hopefully, your children will join us to live in peace.” It is the following morning when Jenny and Sylvia ask permission to go exploring on their new dragon friends. “Be sure that you take desert armor and canteens with you if you explore the southern regions,” Coronal Powell tells them. “Helena says that it can be quite hot in that area. Don’t stray too far from your friends as it can be quite dangerous out there. Give us a report of what is out there when you come back.” Helena and her crew head out on the rafts to sail to a place between the volcano and an old lighthouse. They find a path by a stream that will take them up to the farm fields where they can fence them off for crop farming. Tammy and several of her dragons friends head out with them to scout the area. Using the tactics that they observed used to take out the Giga, they quickly get rid of a pack of Allos that are in the area chasing after the wild horses living there. “Thank you for getting rid of those predators,” Helena tells Tammy. “We can use the horses to transport the fencing to the farming fields.” “They were quite tasty,” Tammy answers. “We found these items on them.” “Those will be most useful,” Helena tells her as she checks out the blueprints, unusual tools, and crafting recipes. “We’ll tame up these horses, then start using them to haul up fencing to the fields.” It is a short while later when Cleo comes riding back on an unusual looking white horse she has tamed with rockarrots from the stream nearby. “Is that a Unicorn?” ask Helena. “Apparently, they do exist,” answers Cleo. “He just tamed up like any of the other horses out there. I was concerned that my quality time I had spent with Private Ledfoot would have prevented me from taming him. That rule must not apply on Ragnarok for taming a unicorn.” “Other then the horn on his head, he looks like all the other horses I have seen out here,” answers Helena. “Lets get to work fencing in the first farming plots.” With the help of the horses, all the farming plots are soon fenced in. An outpost and barn is also constructed for the purpose of staying overnight and storage. With a load of harvested crops that have been found growing wild in the fields, the expedition loads their raft with the horses and sail back to the village. “What an unusual find,” Major Powell tells Helena as she examines the unicorn. “As you suspected, he is no different then the other horses except for the horn and the fact that he can’t breed with them due to the differences in his DNA structure. Like the dragons, bulb pups, the shine horns, and other unusual creatures here, they have to be totally artificially created. It’s possible we may find a mare for him during our future exploration of the highlands.” “Here comes Torch and Flame back from their exploration. Where’s Jenny and Silvia?” Captain Powell ask them. “They are flying back on a most unusual creature that they found,” Torch answers. “It may take them a while. It flies a lot slower then we do.” “Major Powell,” reports Sargent Pasenna as he puts a spotting scope on them. “You are not going to believe what those two are flying on.” “A winged creature with an eagle’s head with front claws, yet, with a lion’s back end?” questions Major Powell. “Impossible, there is no such thing as a Griffin.” “No one ever heard of real dragons either until flight 19 showed up back on Earth with their Rock Drake friends.” answers Coronal Powell. “Where did you find such an unusual creature?” ask Captain Powell as the two ladies land with the Griffin. “It was up in the canyon,” answers Silvia. “Let me get a DNA swab of this creature before I run out of test strips,” ask Major Powell. “We had quite a good time on Flame and Torch,” reports Jenny. “We found a temple on an island that was safe for us to explore. It went from the top of the hill to the sea below. There was also an abandoned terrace there too. Nothing dangerous was living on that island. We also found more of those silk flowers.” “Inland, we found a most unusual temple in a waterfalls. It was called the Patron’s Temple. Most interesting among the statues and carvings were the names on the wall. All of our names were there along with hundreds of others, some that I recognize were of those that vanished without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle long ago.” “That is most interesting,” answers Captain Powell. “Here is the DNA report from the Griffin,” announces Major Powell. “It is definitely a genetically created hybrid given that there is no possible way such a creature could have been bred naturally, or artificially. I am unable to classify this creature as either male or female, the genetic markers and the biological scans do not exist for it. It confirms my theory that some extraterrestrials have created this place along with all of the creatures living here. This Griffin had to have been placed here by them. There is no other explanation for its existence or its docile behavior around us as a tame.” Gameplay note, the Griffin is a fictitious creature that was custom created for Ragnarok. It is unsexed and cannot reproduce. The Patron’s Temple is located to the Southeast of the southern Obelisk. Among the statues chambers are the names of patrons on the walls in glowing white lettering. They are the names of the game players that contributed to the creators of the Ragnarok Map. “Who knows what other surprises wait for us as we continue exploring this strange place,” comments Coronal Powell. “It gets stranger here all of the time.” “We may find out when we resume a detailed exploration of this place to learn all of its secrets and how they all fit in to this lifeboat in space.” With those discoveries and many more to follow, life on Ragnarok has settled down to the daily grind of life in this unusual community. Most everyone has found a mate and settled down to raising their families. Even the dragons have started to raise families of their own. The kids on both sides have been thrilled in growing up together. There are adventures galore waiting them as the caves get thoroughly explored, boss creatures defeated, and one expedition that finds the Labyrinth and successfully explores it. Does the Damaged Earth eventually heal itself up so it can be repopulated by a future generation of humans? Do our survivors ever send out expedition to explore the other Arks known to be out there? Those are topics for some future chapters of the Flight 19 crews that vanished without a trace, the crew from the PBM rescue flight which also vanished without a trace, the survivors from a destroyed future Earth, and the tribe of Helena that escaped to live with them.
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    fanfiction Ark Land of the Lost.

    Be sure to read Aberration, The Lost Ark. Helena's tribe and the lost flight are now on Ragnarok after having escaped the extinction of life on Earth. I'm on the last chapter for that venture. I'll be posting updates to that story soon.
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    gameplay Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay

    A year ago, I took this a step further; Ark Walk through for first time players. All systems. First of all, get familiar with how the game mechanics work in single player using your, keyboard, mouse, game controller. Or, expect to suffer abuse and be killed a lot while you are trying to figure things out playing on a public server. Of the five official maps, The Island and Ragnarok are the easiest with the Scorched Earth and Aberration mod the hardest. The safest starting locations are South Zone One on The Island, Tropical 2 on Ragnarok, North Tropical on The Center, South Zone One on Scorched Earth, and the portal on Aberration. Basic resources are plentiful. It is recommended that you avoid Scorched Earth for now due to the brutal conditions you will face as a new player in that map. All first time players will have a chance to create their character to design and shape as they wish. Regardless of how they craft them, all characters start with the same stats in the game. Game Play. Constant running will make you tired as well as use up food and water faster. Cold will use up food faster, heat will use up water faster. If you spawn near a dilo or raptor, run. Get behind something or run by some herbivore which it may take an interest in, allowing you to escape. If you are killed, you will be reborn naked, but will retain your crafting skills. You can reclaim your stuff from your body if you can do so safely. If you have been eaten, a bag will be left with your stuff. You have fifteen minutes to reclaim it or it will be lost forever. To start out in the game once you have spawned in; Grab a rock. In Ragnarok, you can get wood and thatch from the litter on the beach area. Otherwise, punch a tree or driftwood with your fist to get at least 1 wood and 10 thatch. Punching will cause you to lose health but there is no other choice until you can craft a pick. Go into crafting and craft the pick. Place it in hot bar 1. Go hit a boulder with the pick to get flint. Go hit a tree to get more wood and thatch. Pick some bushes to get some berries and fiber. As you will have leveled up by now, apply the level to health or weight. Select the hatchet and spears from the Engrams list and craft a hatchet. Place it in hot bar 2. Chop a tree to get mostly wood. Use the pick for thatch and flint. Craft at least three spears and place them in hot bar 3. You now have some means for defense against any attacking spitters and compys. As spitters will flare their hood before spitting on you, jump to the side to dodge the blinding spit. If you are attacked by a compy gang, go backwards to keep them in front of you aiming the spear low to kill them all, then harvest with the hatchet. In Ragnarok, there are crates along the shore near the Blue Obelisk and other areas. One can obtain some good items early by smashing them open with the hatchet. Place mejoberries in hot bar 0. Why? To prevent more important items being stolen from you by the Pegomastax which will sneak up and take things. Stolen berries may passive tame one. Craft a torch and place it in hot bar 6. You can still pick stones and bushes while using a torch. Go kill some Dodos for their meat and hide. Gather more stone, wood, thatch, and fiber. Eat berries for food but save the Narcos for taming as they will put you to sleep. Likewise, the Stimms will give you energy and counteract poisonous bites but make you very thirsty. At the next level up, get the campfire, shirt and pants, craft the clothes and put them on. Find a sheltered spot where your back is protected from surprise attacks and place the campfire down. Place wood and the meat in it and light the fire. Stock the fire with at least 100 wood. Use the fire and or torch to stay warm. The light should keep any dangerous Troodons away from you when it gets dark. A Waterskin will store water for your use when you are away from a water source, but they leak. You can refill them by standing in water and use item, or place in the hot bar and press that number. They can also be refilled when it rains with the use command. You may use the spear for fishing. Just be aware of sharks, mantas, and predator fish. As it is likely getting dark by now, use the torch for light and warmth as you go gathering more materials for a shelter. You should have a level up soon to get thatch foundation and walls. A shelter will give additional protection from excessive heat or cold. On Level 4, get the slingshot On Level 5, the storage box. Place extra items in storage so you are not being overburdened. Get a sleeping bag but don't craft it for now. You need the engram for the Simple Bed which you will craft and place in your shelter. This will give you a place to be reborn if your character gets killed. Sleeping bags are portable but they are a one time use item. You will soon have plenty from the supply drops you can access in the game. There are going to be many more items then you will ever have engram points for selecting. Spend them on items that are most useful. At this stage of the game, mortise and pestle, narc, spark powder, gunpowder, standing torch, bow arrow, and the raft are top priority followed by the tranc arrows. Get the Bola. It is most useful for stopping an attacking raptor or for immobilizing a creature from a Parasaur size and smaller for taming. The raft will allow for safe? transport for resources and safer locations. You can place structures on them and ferry your tames to safer locations. Just watch out for swimming sarcos, alligators, which can attack your tames on the raft, alpha sharks, or Leeds, a giant fish that will attack a raft on sight. Your first pets for tames can be some dodos for an egg farm, spitters that you knock out with the slingshot and use as guard dogs or for hunting, a parasaur for transport which will soon help to chase away the pesky Pegomaxes and other small predators, and later, a Trike for berry harvesting. Get low level ones for now, they are easier to tame. Your first flying transport a pteradon. Wait until you can craft saddles for them before attempting a tame. You are now well on your way to being a survivor of the Ark. Play cautiously and watch your six. And, always prepared for the unexpected. Additional; The Bola is most useful for stopping smaller creatures for several seconds so you can either kill them, or knock them out for taming. One Narc arrow will drop most pegomaxes and low level pteradons. Bola a pteradon before knocking it out. Otherwise, it may fall into the water and drown. Beware of how fragile the lower level ones are. Have stimms on the hot bar if you are in Troodon territory to counteract their poisonous bite. They are extremely fast and hard to target with ranged weapons. Low level creatures will help you quickly get established. Once you have the Kibble and are well established, go for the high level ones to build up your dino army. In multiplayer, out of common curiosity, demolish your abandoned structures. Don't build on spawn points.
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    What did you do today?

    The show was a success. Scored on several good items. Now, back to finishing up my story of Flight 19 of Aberration. Should update the changes here soon. Back to testing the Frozen Earth mod map V 0.4. The high flying sentinel robots, when shot down, drop an element shard. The lower ones have oil and some black pearls. Beware some attack with a lightning charge that paralyzes you for several seconds. Also using Structures+ in building. Love the auto lighting torches that need no fuel. Found a rex killer on the Skies map. Low level wyverns are so squishy and weak. high level ones are rex killers for sure.
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    What did you do today?

    Been really busy with organizing table rentals for an upcoming train show this Sunday. 60+ vendors, some 200 tables, everybody wants their last year's location even though they order more or less tables, filling in the holes, moving their locations around, last minute calls asking if there are table available. Check the model train sites for the time and location. Now, I'm waiting on Bill Gates to update the laptop I need at the show. Waiting since 2PM. 5:30PM still waiting as Windows 10 Version1709 S-L-O-W-L-Y downloads. Preparing to install 67% Oh, it's now 68%. Then, the long install with several reboots. When it does get done, I will create a System Image backup. Oh Wow, its moving faster 70% It likely will freeze up for the next half hour or so.
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    fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 31 Our New Home. “What remarkable creatures these flying dragons are,” Helena comments to Captain Powell at their evening meeting. “I’m glad that Eddie was able to establish a peaceful relationship with them,” answers Captain Powell. “Given the damage that Electra and Tesla did to the village, they would have been a formidable force to deal with in a coordinated attack.” “At least they were good sports about it once they learned that we were not their enemy,” responds Lisa. “Tammy was so remarkable,” answers Helena. “Eddie was so fortunate to get on her good side especially after knowing what Eric Bloodaxe had done to her first mate.” “In the morning, we need to enroll Eddie into the Marines.” answers Captain Powell. “We’ll start him out with some basic training and give him the discipline he has been lacking when he takes off on his own. Maybe enroll David into the corp as well so the both of them can stay out of trouble in the future.” “That sounds like a great idea,” Coronal Powell chimes in. “It’ll give both of them a purpose in this new society we are going to be creating on Ragnarok. In the morning, we draft Eddie and David into the Marine Corp.” “These Dragons are really interesting,” reports Major Powell as she discloses her examination results. “Technically, they are not true dragons in the sense that they would have four legs and wings. These dragons are classified as wyverns. While I can understand how the fire, lighting, and poisons are able to generate and deploy their attack weapons, I do not understand how Sandy and Sammy are able to use their freeze attack without being frozen by it themselves. It is as if they are spraying their target with some kind of freezing liquid.” “I’m thinking that they might be using liquefied carbon dioxide as their weapon,” answers Sargent Root. “That can be stored at room temperature under pressure. When that pressure is released as it is sprayed on something it instantly freezes and can freeze whatever it touches.” “That would seem biologically logical,” answers Major Powell. “I could easily test for that the next time that I see them.” “We should consider setting up an outpost to shepherd the wild sheep up in the Scottish Highland.” reports Joe. “They would be better off being wild and protected from predators then being confined where we would have to gather food for them. Cleo has told me that they can be easily captured and restrained for sheering as needed.” “That would work out well,” answers Sargent Thomas. “We could periodically patrol the borders to eliminate any predator threat nearby. The Rock Drakes and Dragons can then feed on the nearby predators to keep them under control. We can also establish an overnight outpost to keep watch on them on a rotating basis and leave some tamed horses out there as well.” “There is also some abandoned cropland in the same area with good soil,” reports Cleo. “With some fencing to keep the grazing animals out and an application of fertilizer, which we can easily create using compost bins, we could be growing Savroot, Rockarrots, and other crops for our use.” “When we get the village completed, we can look into starting the two farming projects in the Highlands,” answers Captain Powell. “I’m turning in for the night. Everyone will get an assignment in the morning after we officially draft Eddie and David into the Marine Corp.” It is the following morning after breakfast that Captain Powell announces that he has drafted Eddie and David into the Marine Corp. On Helena’s suggestion, Lisa and Judy are also drafted. Sargent Gulliver is assigned the training duty. It is quite an interesting morning for those four as the two teens are dressed in army fatigues with the rock drakes in a makeshift sash on their neck. Sargent Gulliver puts them through some marching drills, some PT exercises, and gives them some history about the old Marine Air Corp of the 40s and its role in WW2. Lisa is questioning the role of women in the Corp until Coronal Powell pays them a visit to explain how things have changed since the 40s. The two rock drakes have found it interesting doing the PT and drill thing. He tells them the history of the corp since the 40s up until the present. The afternoon is spent with target training while riding on the rock drakes using crossbows with blunt arrows on targets. Lady Rocky is along with Sargent Gulliver to show them some of the tactics they used when training to attack Rockwell. Like what happened when Daryl and Darlene first developed the tactic, there are a couple of mid air collisions. As soon as the tactic has been learned, it is live fire with the crossbows on straw targets. Having used them before Lisa is quick to pick up on using the crossbow on both stationary and moving targets. Eddie take a bit longer as he has not had access to those weapons before. They both finish up the early afternoon with target practice while riding, then gliding on their rock drake friends. They are then given the rest of the day off with a notice that they will all be pulling guard duty during the night. “How is it going,” Captain Powell ask Sargent Gulliver. “They are progressing quite well,” Sargent Gulliver answers. “Our new recruits will become Marines in no time.” “We’ll we will see if they can stay out of trouble when on guard duty tonight.” answers Captain Powell. “I’d would love to test them in areal combat when Electra and Tesla come back to visit. It would make taking down a T-Rex much safer if we can use their lightning attack on one in addition to our ranged weapons.” “I’ll have to see of our dragon friends are willing to cooperate in such an experiment when they do return,” answers Helena. “It would give us the chance to test out their offensive abilities and fine tune them to maximum effectiveness.” “I saw some really dangerous creatures out there on my survey flight on Tammy that she told me they are very afraid of. There is a gigantic mountain of a sauropod that could smash this village flat with ease. Fortunately, it is a herbivore so is normally not a threat unless provoked.” “The two they fear the most are the Giga and the Death Worms of the desert. “The Giga is three times the size of the Rex and is a killing machine that kills just for the fun of it. It is also capable of smashing stone walls and structures. She says that they are very difficult to kill. I’d tried to tame one of those demons in the past, but found it to have a Jeckle and Hyde personality. I lost several very good tames to that devil when he went rogue on me, including my favorite raptor, before I was forced to kill it.” “Tammy says the Death Worms are the worst of all. Living strictly in the Dune Desert of the South West, they travel underground and can strike without warning. They attack by suddenly appearing from under the sand and will pull their prey under to eat them. Even a T-Rex is no match for them.” “The Death Worms should not be an issue so long as they live in the dunes and we stay out of there,” announces Captain Powell. “Since the Gigas can show up around here, we should develop some tactics for taking them down safely, both with the rock drakes and with our new dragon friends.” “This is what I want to do with Eddie and Lisa as they continue their training. I want them to learn tactics on their rock drake friends, then work with Electra and Tesla on aerial combat for safely taking out an attacking Giga, especially if it is a high level one.” That sounds like a good tactic,” answers Helena. During the day, a great deal of work has been done on the new village. The temporary storage sheds have been upgraded with stone ones. A pair of Doeds were tamed up and have been most useful in mining stone for the structures. A common building has been constructed with wood. Housing units have been laid out and completed for everyone. Work has started on a barn for the Rock Drakes and a perimeter wall to secure the village from any carnivore threats given that saber tooths have been discovered high up on the plateau. “We have made good progress,” reports Captain Powell during the evening meeting. “Tomorrow we can send a group over to the Highlands to survey construction of an outpost and fencing for pasture for the sheep. In the meantime, our marine recruits have guard duty tonight. Their job, keep watch on the southern perimeter of our village.” “That means no necking among the four of you, or sleeping on guard duty, when you are all out there alone. One of us WILL be checking on you at random during the night.” “Oh darn,” the four of them think silently to themselves. Captain Powell escorts them out to their assigned location on the south side of the village. The wall is only partially finished there so needs to be watched in case any larger predators or herbivores show up to try to get in. “You four have watch of this area for the night. Work in teams of two, a human and a rock drake on each team so you can keep each other awake. If you spot trouble, call us on the radio. You two can use these night vision goggles if it gets extremely dark. Even though your rock drakes partners can see in infrared, they may not be able to spot some of the cold blooded predators out there if a storm rolls in during the night. That is why I am having you work in teams of two with the night vision goggles.” Eddie and David are assigned next to the jungle area as Lisa and Judy take watch near the bay. They are not the only patrols out as the Marines and Helena’s tribe also pull rotating watch. While it is far less dangerous given that the dragons are now friends, there is always the threat of predators that can include an Allasaur pack or a Rex. “Such a peaceful night,” Helena tells Captain Powell. “I’m sure it is not always like this,” answers Captain Powell. “Aberration certainly was not.” “And, from my survey flight on Tammy, this place can be quite dangerous as well,” answers Helena. “Hopefully, our lovebirds will stay out of trouble,” captain Powell responds back. The night becomes far from typical as a storm rolls in from the sea. The rain and cold makes it miserable for the rock drakes and the two people on guard duty. It becomes so dark with the fog that even the night vision scopes can barely see. “I can’t see anything out there,” Eddie tells David. “I can’t see anything either,” David tells him. “I can see where you are in infrared but nothing else out there in this miserable weather.” Captain Powell comes out to see them with Private Grobbal and Ledfoot bringing them out ponchos for protection from the weather. “What a miserable night,” he tells them. “I had some oversize ones made for your Rock Drake friends to help keep them dry.” “That helps a lot,” David tells them as they place the poncho over his body. The weather remains miserable for the next couple of hours, then clears to reveal a moonlit sky. “Much better,” Eddie tells David. It has been quite a night even though nothing dangerous has shown up. By dawn, Captain Powell releases the guard duty so they can go get breakfast, clean up, and get some sleep before being placed back in training. It isn’t long before the four of them, the two recruits and their rock drake friends, are found sound asleep in a pile of straw inside the new village.
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    Yes, it is. Also the crew of the PBM that went looking for them and also vanished gets added to the story. The weather front has become strangely glowing as the five aircraft, now almost out of fuel, have closed into a tight formation as they descend to ditch the planes in the sea. Radio communication between the aircraft has become impossible due to something that is jamming the reception. The sea itself turns into a lighted landing field in spite of the very rough conditions 50 mph+ winds, have created on the surface. The glow gets brighter as the five aircraft descend towards the stormy sea. A strange noise sounding like a high pitch whine fills the cockpit of each plane as their electrical systems all fail resulting in the engines losing power. Then, suddenly, a bright ball of light engulfs all five aircraft rendering Lt. Tylor, his crew members, the other pilots, and their crew members, unconscious.
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    fanfiction Aberration, The Lost Ark

    Chapter 30. We are attacked. With Helena and Cleo out exploring, the construction on the village continues. About half of the supplies have been moved on the day before into temporary sheds. “We should have the move completed by this evening,” Sargent Pasenna tells his crew. Eddie and David have gone back up to the butte to continue to keep watch for Dragons given that no one knows how many are out there or if they have been given the word that the latest visitors to Ragnarok are not a threat to them. Before leaving, Tammy told Captain Powell that she would be looking for the other Ragnarok Dragons to spread the word that they are not the vikings. “That was so interesting yesterday,” Eddie tells David. “You were so brave in your effort to protect us.” “I was scared out of my wits,” answers David. “I now realize that Tammy could have beat the crap out of me if she had wanted to.” “That’s all right David,” Eddie tells him. “The important thing is that they are now our friends.” Judy soon climbs up on the butte with a stranger riding on her. “What a surprise,” answers Eddie. “Who’s your friend that you brought with you?” “I’m Lisa,” the young lady answers. “I want to know all about how you and Cleo became such good friends with the wild dragons.” “It was scary,” admits Eddie. “But, it was great flying on that Alpha dragon. She was like flying on a high performance ultralight.” “Wow,” answers Lisa. “Do you think that there are more of them out there?” “I’m pretty sure there are,” answers Eddie. “Helena will probably find them as she is out with Tammy exploring Ragnarok.” “I sure hope so,” answers Lisa. “Before the force field failed on Aberration and ended up killing them all, they looked like they were such good flying mounts.” “That is such a crying shame,” answers Eddie. “Tammy was so enjoyable to fly on. At least everyone made it to here. I’m interested to see what this world will look like once the village is finished and we can go exploring again.” “Me too,” answers Lisa. “I see two purplish dragons flying towards the village.” “You have incoming,” warns Eddie as he radios Silvia from the butte. “I don’t know what kind of dragons they are. They are heading straight towards you at high speed.” Both Eddie, Lisa, and the two rock drakes watch in horror as both of them unleashes a lightning bolt that sets fire to two of the housing units. “Tranc darts!” orders Captain Powell as his men drop what they are doing and form up behind another housing unit. The second dragon is flying over aiming for one of the supply barns when it gets 20 darts to its neck. With a squawk of surprise, it hits the ground unconscious sliding into the barn demolishing it and scattering the supplies everywhere. As the first dragon circles around to attack again, it suddenly hesitates as it sees its friend lying on the ground. Then, he finds himself pinned to the ground upside down when an angry Mayor and Rocky body slam him from above and start hissing at him. “Hog tie that female before she wakes up,” orders Captain Powell. “I don’t want to be forced into killing either one of them.” “Can we get a hold of Helena on the radio?” ask Sargent Thomas. “Never mind, here she comes now,” as Captain Powell spots the white alpha dragon coming in fast with a rider on her. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” the male lightning dragon is now telling Mayor as two more rock drakes are now on top of him, pinning him to the ground. Tammy soon lands and heads directly over to the pinned male. “Why did you attack this village,” she ask him angerly. “I thought they were the vikings,” the frighten male answers back. “Well, they are not!” Tammy tells him sternly. “And, I expect you to apologize to these humans and their rock drake friends when they decide to let you get back up.” “Anybody hurt?” ash Helena as she gets off of Tammy. “No, Eddie warned us just in time that they were coming in on attack mode,” answers Captain Powell. “What about the other lightning dragon?” ask Helena. “She’s out cold,” answers Captain Powell “The tranc darts did their job of dropping her out of the sky.” Eddie and Lisa are now back with their drake friends to find out what has happened. “Anyone hurt? He asks. “No,” answers Sargent Thomas. “Only these three building were destroyed. They can easily be replaced.” “What kind of dragons are these?” ask Lisa. “They are lightning dragons,” answers Helena. “Like a bolt of lightning from a storm, they can do a lot of damage to whatever their electrical discharge hit.” “Mayor, Rocky, Lady Rocky, Margaret, let him get back up,” orders Captain Powell. “I think that he has learned his lesson about blindly attacking something without knowing what he is getting himself into.” The four drakes step back off the still shaking lightning dragon who then gets back up and starts apologizing to everyone. “Come on over to your mate,” orders Helena. “She is going to need your support once she wakes up from the effects of the tranc darts.” Lisa is over by the female and starts stroking her on the forehead as she starts coming to. “Oh, my head,” the female says as she opens her eyes to look at Lisa with her mate standing right behind her. “What happened?” “We made the mistake of attacking these humans,” answers the male. “You got knocked out with tranc darts. I had four wild rock drakes knock me out of the sky and pin me to the ground. They are all friends of these humans including Tammy.” “Don’t try to get up yet until the effects of the tranc darts wear off,” orders Lisa as she unties the restraints on her legs. “Do you two have names?” ask Helena. “I’m Electra,” answers the female as the trancs continue to wear off. “My mate is Tesla.” “You can go ahead and slowly get up,” answers Lisa. “Just take it easy for a while. “Here comes five more dragons,” warns Sargent Pasenna. “Two of them are green in color.” “Stay with these two,” Helena orders Lisa. “The Ragnarok Dragons are starting to find where we are.” “We’re safe,” reports Captain Powell as he places the spotting scope on the leader. “Cleo is escorting them in on Tarmac.” Helena and Tammy go over to them, along with the two newcomers and the four rock drakes, as the five land outside of the village to talk. “Tesla, what happened to you?” ask the poison male “You look like you went through hell.” “I made the mistake of attacking this village,” answers Tesla. “These four rock drakes pinned me to the ground.” “You are lucky to be alive,” answers the poison male. “I lost two of my friends when we attacked that last Viking village and they didn’t have rock drake friends to back them up.” “I know,” answers Tesla. “The humans dropped Electra out of the sky with tranc darts. Their rock drake friends could have so easily killed us both but didn’t.” “We know what the vikings had done to your kind,” answers Helena. “We have seen their handiwork over in their war room. No one here wants to harm you. Can we declare that attack as a misunderstanding and become friends?” “Yes” answers Tesla. “Where did you find rock drakes for friends? I’ve never seen them before on Ragnarok.” “They come from the Aberration Ark,” answers Helena. “They ask Captain Powell for his help to escape from there. Then, they came here with them when the Earth was destroyed by the Aberration Ark crashing into it.” “That is most interesting. What can we do to help you to repair the damage?” ask Tesla. “You could ferry supplies for us from the Blue Obelisk to here,” answers Captain Powell. “We can do that,” all dragons answer back. “Thank you,” Captain Powell tells them. “I’ll radio over to Joe to tell him that additional help is on the way.” “I’d like to ride over there on Electra if she will let me,” ask Lisa. “You can ride on me,” answers Electra. “Go ahead,” answers Helena. “Thank you so much,” Lisa answers back as she gets on her. “That’s great,” Joe answers on the radio when he gets the news. “We’ll rig up loads that they can carry using their feet. We should have everything out of here by late afternoon.” “How much can they carry?” “Lets limit the loads to 300 pounds for now,” answers Captain Powell. “We’ll have the first ones ready when they arrive,” answers Joe. Lisa is the first one there on Electra as she guides her to show the others how to pick up the sling of supplies for the return flight. Joe gives her a lighter load because she is riding on Electra for the trip back. The transfer process goes well as the six dragons start transferring the loads as if they were quadracoptors. They fly in over to each sling where Joe places the loop over the claw of the rear leg as they hover over it. Then, they are off to the village where they place the load by the shed that is being rebuilt. “This is really going well,” he tells his group. By late afternoon, the supplies are transferred with the heavier items placed on the rafts sailing back to Viking Bay. “Can we hitch a ride?” Joe ask Lisa when she comes back. “Ask our new friends,” answers Lisa. As the dragons land, the five crew members left pick a dragon and get on them for a new adventure. “Thank you for your help,” Joe tells Tesla. “It was the least we could do to make up for accidentally attacking your village,” answers Tesla. They fly back to quite a sight as twenty more Ragnarok Dragons are seen flying in with Helena and Cleo. “They had to come see for themselves,” reports Helena. “We even found a pair of frost ones up by the Murder Snow.” “We better all go out there to welcome them.” orders Captain Powell. Major Powell and Helena spend the next hour recording a record of each dragon for their records. They agree to let them get a blood sample and DNA swab. The records includes the type, sex, name, and a brief history of any past encounters with humans on Ragnarok. “I now understand why they were living in the southern region,” reports Helena. “The area was too hot or rugged for the vikings that were living here.” “Tarmac mentions of a barrier similar to the force field that is out far to sea.” answers Cleo. “He tells me that it may have kept the vikings away from them during the time they were being hunted by them. That is probably why we had only seen Tammy and Tarmac before finding the rest of them today.” “There is some really beautiful terrain on this Ark especially to the south. There are abandoned settlements that are not viking that we are going to need to explore in the future.” “The dragons are all leaving to go back to their homes for the night,” reports Cleo. “I told Tammy and Tarmac that they should go back with them to reestablish their friendships with them. They said that they will come back to see us in a couple of days.” “This has been a most productive day,” reports Captain Powell. “Our temporary housing should be complete in a day or two, then we can start on the permanent settlement, get our pasture area secure, and establish our farming area.”