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Found 32 results

  1. Aberration, the Lost Ark. Note, due to how the forum automatic language censors is going to go crazy with ridiculous word substitutions. I will try the Battlestar Galacticia approach and see what happens. This story is about marines and sailors in the US Naval Forces. The use of foul language was common place back then. It certainly was in the 60s in the military in Vietnam. Intro. This story is loosely based upon Training flight 19 that vanished without a trace off the coast of Florida, along with a flying boat that was searching for them, in an area that later became known as the Bermuda Triangle. It will be based upon game play of the new DLC map called Aberration, a malfunctioning Ark where one has to be underground given that the force field had been damaged by the early occupants that were trying to escape, turning the surface into a burning death trap. When the control column of this Ark was damaged by an explosion caused by the former survivors, the force field collapsed resulting in the surface being exposed to the harsh environment of Space. The surface became a radioactive wasteland of hellish heat during the day and a devil’s infested play land at night. Nothing can survive up there for long. Down below, in the vast cave system, the radiation exposure has created a world of strange mutated plants, giant trees, and huge mushroom. As the Ark animals mutated to strange new forms, so did the plants. Many new creature evolved, some of them extremely vicious and dangerous, others cute and cuddly. The world below is generally hot and damp with some resources plentiful while other are rare. Alien structures, many of them damaged and overgrown with plant life, dominate some areas of the underground Ark while huge dark caverns are found in others. Earthquakes are common down below where rare resources may sometimes fall down from above lasting for a few seconds for you to gather before they vanish. One does not wander aimlessly in this Ark least they run into the dangerous creatures or the deadly environment hiding there. When one does head to the surface, it is with wearing hazard suits while traveling at night. Deep underground, some real nasty surprises hide in the dark, even a reincarnation of the Aliens Queen that can impregnate a survivor with a chest bursting parasite that is usually fatal. There are no tameable flying creatures on this Ark. There are gliders and climbers, such as a Rock Drake that like the Wyverns, you have to steal their eggs to raise the young. Good luck with that since their eggs require intense cold to hatch, something that doesn’t exist naturally except in the form of a deadly trap on this Ark. Until one can obtain a rock drake, survivors will have to use the climbing picks, zip lines, and wing suits. In short, this Ark is deadly as one works to survive there, tame its creatures, looks for rare resources in the dangerous areas, and attempt to repair the portal so you can escape to the planet down below. It should be noted that Training Flight 19 and the flying boat that was sent to look for them, on December 5th, 1945, still remain missing to this day. Chapter 1, The Lost Flight. Author Note, With the exception of selected paragraphs marked by an *, the rest of this story is fictional. Below is a history of the flight and it’s crew as located from the Internet. Sources included. THE SQUADRON FT – 28 Flight Leader: NASFL Instructor, Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor, USNR. Aircraft: TBM-3D - BuNo 23307. Crew: Gunner George Francis Devlin, AOM3c, USNR. Radioman: Walter Reed Parpart, Jr. ARM3c, USNR. FT – 36 Pilot: Capt. Edward Joseph Powers, USMC. Aircraft: TBM-1C - BuNo 46094. Crew: Gunner Sgt. Howell Orrin Thompson, USMCR. Radioman: Sgt. George Richard Paonessa, USMCR. FT – 81 Pilot: 2nd Lt. Forrest James Gerber, USMCR. Aircraft: TBM-1C - BuNo 46325. Crew: Pfc. William Lightfoot, USMCR. That day, Corporal Allan Kosnar had asked to be excused from this exercise. FT- 3 Pilot: Ensign Joseph Tipton Bossi, USNR. Aircraft: TBM-1C - BuNo 45714. Crew: Gunner Herman Arthur Thelander, S1c, USNR. Radioman: Burt E. Baluk, S1c, USNR. FT- 117 Pilot: Captain George William Stivers Jr., USMC. Aircraft: TBM-1C – BuNo 73209. Crew: Gunner Sgt. Robert Francis Gallivan, USMCR. Radioman: Pfc. Robert Peter Gruebel, USMCR. A brief history of each of the actual crew members on Flight 19; Burt Edward Baluk, Jr., S1c USNR Born 1926 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1943 and entered service soon after. Radioman on FT-3. He was 19 yrs old. George Francis Devlin, Jr., AOM3c, USNR Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1928. He was eager to help in the war effort and couldn't wait to be of age, so he decided to enlist in the United States Naval Reserve at the age of 15, under the alias of Robert F. Harmon. Trained at Barber's Point NAS Hawaii in 1944, and by March 1945 deployed to Guam and the fleet anchorage at Ulithi, where he reported on board the USS Enterprise. The war ended, and he made his way to Florida where he trained at NAS Fort Lauderdale. He was soon flying as a Gunner on the TBM/TBF Avenger Torpedo Bombers. At 17, he was in the process of having his alias changed to his birth name, when he disappeared with Flight 19. Gunner on FT-28. 2nd Lt. Forrest James Gerber, USMCR Born 1921 in New Ulm, Minnesota. Served in the United States Marine Corps during World War II. Enlisted in January 1942, becoming a Ground Marine first and later an Officer in Training. Became an air cadet in 1944. Had 360.6 hours of flight time, 61.8 on Avengers alone. He had received his gold wings 4 months earlier. Pilot of FT-81. He was 24 yrs old. Capt. Edward Joseph Powers, USMC Born in 1919, in Mount Vernon, New York. Graduated from Princeton University in 1941. On that same year he enlisted in the Marine Corps. Upon graduating, he was assigned as a training instructor at Quantico, Virginia. Later on in 1944, he would request a transfer to become a cadet in the naval air forces. He gave up his commanding position for his desire to fly on the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. Though a NASFL student, he was senior officer on flight 19. He was the only married man aboard, and the only father. It was noted that Capt. Power's wife felt a premonition and called the base, several hours before the disappearance. Also noted, is that two months prior when Powers was stationed at NAS Miami, it was reported that his gunner Michael Belvito was missing from the TBM they were flying. The gunner's door and parachute were gone. A search and rescue was launched but nobody found anything. The cause of the gunner's disappearance is still unknown. Capt. Powers was Pilot of FT-36. He was 26 years old. Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor, USNR Born October 25, 1917 in Nueces County, Texas. Taylor was a United States Naval Officer. He served in the United States Naval Reserve during World War II. He graduated from NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, February 1942, and became a flight instructor October of that year. In 1943, he flew with Scouting Squadron 62 and later that year, he became a torpedo plane pilot with Squadron 7. From April to December 1944, he was aboard the USS Hancock as part of Task Force 38. Also part of Acorn 36 at NAS Miami Opa Locka, and Squadron 79. He was recently transferred to NAS Fort Lauderdale (November 21, 1945), where he served as a flight instructor. He had 2,509.3 flight hours, 616 in the Avenger torpedo bombers. He was the commanding officer of Flight 19. Leader pilot in FT-28. He was 28 yrs old. Sgt. Howell Orrin Thompson, USMCR Born 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. Became a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant. May of 1944 he worked as a mechanic at NAS San Diego. March 19, 1945, he was aboard the USS Franklin CV-13 "Big Ben" doing Ordnance when the ship was attacked by a Japanese dive bomber dropping two semi-armor-piercing bombs. In November 1945 he was transferred to NAS Fort Lauderdale to continue training. Gunner on FT-36. He was 20 yrs old. Ensign Joseph Tipton Bossi, USNR Born December 25, 1924 in Arkansas City, Kansas. Attended University of Kansas. He passed up a discharge so that he could stay in the Navy. Had 373.4 hours of flight time, 65.9 on Avengers alone. Pilot of FT-3. He was 20 yrs old. Sgt. Robert Francis Gallivan, USMCR Born 3 July, 1924 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Marine Staff Sergeant, veteran of the WWII battles at Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and Tarawa. From December 15, 1942, Robert was attached to Marine Squadron VMSB-143 as an airplane armorer and torpedo repairman, serving at Henderson Field on Guadalcanal, Solomons Islands. In 1943-44, after the Battle of Tarawa, Robert made his way to NAS Fort Lauderdale where he would train as a Gunner in the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. He was going to be discharged and released the following day (December 6, 1945), before his disappearance. Gunner on FT-117. He was 25 yrs old. Pvt. Robert Peter Gruebel, USMCR Born in 1927 in Long Island, New York. Joined the Marines in 1944. Trained at Marine Corps Air Station in Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas. Here, he was part of the Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 931, with Marine Aircraft group 34. October of 1945 trained at NAS Miami, and by December, at NAS Fort Lauderdale training as Radioman/Bombardier aboard TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. Radioman on FT-117. He was 18 yrs old. Pfc. William Earl Lightfoot, USMCR Born December 1926 in Clayton, Union County, New Mexico. Entered the United States Marine Corps Reserve June of 1943. Trained in Lexington, Illinois. He was the only crewman besides the Pilot on FT-81. He was 19 yrs old. The Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum exhibits the log book he left behind. It was donated by his family, along with several original artifacts and photographs. Sgt. George Richard Paonessa, USMCR Born Nov. 1917 in Mamaroneck, New York. 3rd of 8 children to Italian immigrants. In 1944, George saw duty as an aerial gunner in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshal Islands. Upon his return, he was assigned training as a Radioman/Bombardier on the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers at NAS Fort Lauderdale. After his disappearance with Flight 19, Paonessa's family would receive a telegram days later reading "You have been misinformed about me. Am very much alive." Signed with his nickname “Georgie” (reportedly a hoax). Radioman on FT-36. He was 28 yrs old. Walter Reed Parpart, Jr., ARM3c, USNR Born 1927 in Brooklyn, New York. The NAS Fort Lauderdale Museum exhibits the log book he left behind. It was donated by his family, along with original photographs of Walter in uniform, also a Presidential Citation (hand-signed by President Truman), and family correspondence between the mother of Charles Taylor (lead pilot) and Walter's parents. He was the Radioman on FT-28. He was 18 years old. Capt. George William Stivers, Jr., USMC Born April 1920, in Piedmont, Missouri. Graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. In 1942, as a fresh 2nd Lieutenant he was part of the Marine platoon in the 1st Raider Battalion, then part of the 3rd Raider Battalion in 1943. Then, during the Battle of Tarawa in 1943, George was General J. C. Smith's Aide de Camp, in the 2nd Marine Division. He was cited for gallantry, twice on Guadalcanal, and once on Tarawa. In 1944, he became an air cadet. That same year, he received his wings from NAS Corpus Christi. He then transferred to NAS Fort Lauderdale, to train in the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. He had 374.7 flight hours. He was Pilot on FT-117. He was 25 yrs old. Herman Arthur Thelander, S1c, USNR. Born in 1926, in Kinbrae, Minnesota (as of the census of 2010 there were 12 people residing in this town). Herman joined the United States Naval Reserve September 1, 1944. He transferred for training several times: from September to November 1944, he was stationed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Then from April to June 1945 at NAS Fort Lauderdale, training on the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers. Gunner on FT-3. He was 19 yrs old. Source; NASFLMuseum.com “It began as nothing more than a routine training flight. At 2:10 p.m. on December 5, 1945, five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers took off from a Naval Air Station in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The planes—collectively known as “Flight 19”—were scheduled to tackle a three-hour exercise known as “Navigation Problem Number One.” Their triangular flight plan called for them to head east from the Florida coast and conduct bombing runs at a place called Hens and Chickens Shoals. They would then turn north and proceed over Grand Bahama Island before changing course a third time and flying southwest back to base. Save for one plane that only carried two men, each of the Avengers was crewed by three Navy men or Marines, most of whom had logged around 300 hours in the air. The flight’s leader was Lieutenant Charles C. Taylor, an experienced pilot and veteran of several combat missions in World War II’s Pacific Theater.”* The flight proceeded as normal as the five aircraft headed to their target point of Hens and Chicken’s Shoals to drop their bombs. Then, things seem to go horribly wrong as a weather front was approaching. “Damn, my compass has quit working,” Lt. Taylor, the squadron commander says to himself. Then the rain and fog rolls in on the flight. “I don’t know where we are,” one of the pilots says over the radio. “We must have got lost after that last turn.”* Lieutenant Robert F. Cox, another Navy flight instructor who was flying near the Florida coast, was the first to overhear the patrol’s radio communications. He immediately informed the Air Station of the situation and then contacted the Avengers to ask if they needed assistance. “Both my compasses are out and I’m trying to find Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,” Taylor said, his voice sounding anxious. “I’m over land, but it’s broken. I’m sure I’m in the Keys, but I don’t know how far down.”* Hopelessly lost and thinking that the islands he now has spotted are the Florida Keys, Lt. Taylor turns the flight group to a North East heading. Some of his pilots seemed to have recognized that he was making a mistake. “Dammit,” one man griped over the radio. “If we would just fly west, we would get home.”* Eventually, the flight group turns to head West, but then later, turns East with Lt. Taylor thinking that they were now flying over the Gulf of Mexico. “We didn’t go far enough east,” he said, still worried that he might be in the Gulf. “We may as well just turn around and go east again.”* This flying lost, not knowing that they are actually heading further East away from Florida, as it is getting late in the day, continues until it becomes apparent that all five aircraft are now low on fuel. From the last radio transmission sent, the following was heard, “All planes close up tight,” he said. “We’ll have to ditch unless landfall…when the first plane drops below ten gallons, we all go down together.” A few minutes later, the Avengers’ last radio communications were replaced by an eerie buzz of static.* *History.con, Article on the disappearance of Training Flight 19. Author’s note, The rest of this story is pure fiction based upon game play experience in Ark Survival Evolved. For the purpose of this story, the names of the characters have been altered to avoid a direct connection with the surviving relatives of the crew members of Flight 19. The weather front becomes strangely glowing as the five aircraft, now almost out of fuel, have flown into a tight formation as they descend to ditch the planes in the sea. The glow gets brighter as they are flying towards it. Then, suddenly, a bright ball of light engulfs all five aircraft rendering Lt. Tylor and the other pilots and crew members unconscious.
  2. fanfiction Ark Land of the Lost.

    This story was partially posted two years ago, then abandoned. It has been completely rewritten and updated to reflect the world back in the 40s and 50s. I will be posting a chapter or two until it is completely uploaded. Ark, Land of the Lost This adventure will be based upon single player game play of Ark starting January 2017. XP, Gather, Taming, are scaled up 4X on this game for the story. During this story, a major update was added to the personal display of the Specimen Implant. The May update added an end game portal to the reworked Volcano. The player, with the name of Joe Six Pack, is started in East Zone One. That is, his location was on the beach near the box canyon of the Lava Cave. Joe spawned in a very good location near a cluster of boulders just North of the box canyon. As his luck would have it, the area was free of any threats. That is not always the case as previous players have ran into a Carno hiding among those boulders further North on that same beach. A lot has changed in Ark since the original adventure Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle. Well over 137 creatures are now in the game, many of them extremely dangerous predators, even some equally dangerous herbivores. Some are small, even tiny, as they gang up and start chewing away at your health. Another will run up and steal something from you. Still another will poison you, then eat you alive. The display from the Specimen Implant has a new look where information is quickly available at a glance. Transferring items are now as easy as highlighting them and using a single key to move stacks of items quickly. A new engram point system now has items available at each level up. Many items have been re balance. Players can now obtain the primitive bow and arrows at Level 10. Complete clothing sets are now available in one level up. The Bola, available at Level 9, gives one a great defense against attacking raptors. Other things have become better for the new player. Clothes and shelter will provide some protection from the ever changing weather. The raft is now available at level 16 so one can escape to a safer location. Many locations have become far more dangerous then they were in 2015. Much of the predator infested North is so cold as to be impossible to survive in without fur armor and fire. The swamps are death traps of diseased leaches, insects, and ambush predators. The redwood forest are loaded with packs of Terror Birds, Allasaurs, and now, a deadly giant bee. There is the rare threat of an Alpha Raptor or worse. Caves are more nasty with abundant double, even triple, level threats. The Volcano is now active. New are the Explorer Notes which, when collected, will double your XP while you continue crafting or doing other things to survive. Ark continues to evolve as it is added to, refined, polished, and prepared for its official release in hard copy. When Joe was spawned in on the test game play on East Zone One of The Island, he was soon able to obtain his pick, hatchet, spears, torch, camp fire, and establish a thatch shelter between several boulders before nightfall. His worst threats were two compy gangs which he was easily able to dispatch with his spear. Basic clothes were obtained as Joe carefully expanded his hunting range to take out more Dodos. With the Bola, Joe was able to kill a Parasaur and pteradon for the hide needed to make a raft. He left the cave side camp that afternoon for Herbivore Island to establish a safe camp on the point before nightfall. The next day, Joe tamed a Parasaur to aid him in obtaining narcoberries and transport. He had leveled up to obtain the refining forge, then the Smithy. He had enough metal from the rocks to craft a metal pick, then went off with the Parasaur to get metal ore from the metal bearing rocks on the ridge. That night got bitter cold, but thanks to the shelter and fire pit cooking up raw meat from the day before, Joe was able to keep from freezing to death. Now armed with better weapons, Joe went sailing to some more dangerous shores where he took down a raptor with a bola, then ran into a pair of very tough troodons. It was a good thing Joe had stimms in the hot bar as one bit him during the fight. He did take them both out and avoided being rendered unconscious, probably because he was already at Level 38 and had 20 fortitude on his side. Joe has reached Level 45 after 5 hours of 4X game play. He has a pteradon for flying recon and an anklyo that can quickly harvest rocks and other resources. A do tame Moschop came back on a rafting hunting trip that gathers fiber and other resources for him on Herbivore Island. It was found stuck in driftwood North of his original camp. I have seen Jellyfish in the deep entrances to Drayo's Cove, a Carno, Pegomax, and Patcheorhinos on the ridge. Except for all of the Stegos and Pteradons on Herbivore Island, creature population seems lower then usual. This story, starting during early WW2 in the Pacific, will have no connection to the other adventures. It is Year Sixteen, Day 11, on The Island as Helena, Joe Six Pack, Yamaharo, Rose, Ruth, and Larry, sit down together with all of their kids to give them an oral history lesson on how they first arrived in this strange new world and what is expected of them as they grow up to become adults. This is a story of that adventure, the future Adams and Eves, that will repopulate a new world emerging below them from the artificial ones, those giant self contained lifeboats they are now living on, known as Arks, that have been orbiting the now dead Earth in Space for an unknown number of years. Chapter One, Joe Six Pack. It is December 8th 1941 as Joe's young life has been totally disrupted by the attack on Pearl Harbor. Joe, the only son of a family that had moved to California during the Great Depression, had planned to go to an interview that Monday to work in the oil fields as a laborer. With the declaration of war on Japan, Joe, like many of his friends, jammed the local recruiting office to volunteer to join the military in order to protect their country from a feared invasion by Japan. Joe soon started his basic training in California in one of those hastily constructed training camps added to an existing military base. Like many first recruits at the time, he has trained with wooden rifles and broomsticks until the US industry could convert to military production of the badly needed equipment such as the M-1 rifle. Having tested high in his class for flying skills, he has volunteered for flight training and was soon enrolled in the fighter school program. With trainers and fighter aircraft in short supply, Joe could only get in flight time on a limited basis until more aircraft became available. Proving his worth, Joe is able to advance on to more flight time to learn dog fighting tactics which he soon excelled at. Typical of many of the hot shot pilots of the day, he would often hit the bars with his friends for a wild weekend of drinking and chasing barmaids. He would occasionally end up in the brig as a result of getting into fights with the other recruits, but was lucky he didn't stay in for more then the weekend, due to his budding flying skills and the chronic shortage of good fighter pilots for the upcoming conformation with Japan in the pacific where carrier battles would soon become the norm for sea combat. Maybe, that was because of his addiction to Lucky Strikes, which he chain smoked constantly on those wild weekends where he would consumed at least a six pack of Olympia at a time. Thus, he earned the nickname Joe Six Pack which would stick with him throughout his military career. In April of 1943, he is assigned to the Lexington which set sail with the carrier group to confront the Japanese expansion in the Pacific that is threatening to cut off Australia from the rest of the ally forces. May 7, 1943, Joe became involved in the Battle of the Coral Sea. Flying fighter escort, his group was soon involved in battling Japanese Zero, the most advanced fighter aircraft at its time. Joe's fighter aircraft is now the new Grumman F4F Wildcat, our most advanced fighter of its time, replacing the inferior Buffalo that Joe had trained in. The Wildcat, while slower then the Zero, had better endurance, making the two aircraft an even match in combat. This was a plane Joe had little flight time on in order to get familiar with how it would handle in combat. Such is the urgency of the times. As his air group is escorting torpedo bombers to their target coordinates, a squadron of Jap Zeros hit them from above. Twisting and turning, climbing and diving to gain an attack advantage, the two fighter groups engaged each other in deadly areal combat. Joe gets on the tail of a Jap Zero as it lined up to shoot down a Devastator forcing it to break off its attack. “Joe, there's a zero on your tail,” warns his wing man as he maneuvered to get a kill shot on one. “Get him,” Joe shouts back in his radio as the Zero he is chasing is shot up and goes slamming into the sea. Joe climbs for some altitude as he attempts to shake off the Zero on his tail. His wing man is close behind trying to line up a shot, but soon finds himself having to deal with another Zero trying to get behind him. A burst of gunfire from the chasing Zero catches his plane across the nose partially disabling the engine. Smoking badly and losing power, Joe makes a desperate move. He applies the speed brakes causing his plane to slow down abruptly. The chasing Zero suddenly finds itself in front of Joe in perfect alignment as Joe pulls the trigger and watching the much lighter built Zero disintegrate in front of him. Hit by the flying debris from the now destroyed Zero, Joe is forced to ditch his crippled plane into the sea. It is a rough landing in the choppy sea as Joe attempts to glide his burning plane to a smooth landing. Suffering from burns to his legs caused by the engine fire, he bails out of the sinking aircraft with his life raft, survival kit, and life vest. From the sea, he can see the battle continue to rage as a huge explosion erupts from a Japanese aircraft carrier that is barely visible on the horizon. There are several other explosions seen on other warship as the bombs and torpedoes find their targets. More aircraft go down in flames or crash out of control into the sea. Most are so far away that Joe is unable to tell which side is winning the battle in the air. Eventually, the battle dies down as evening approaches and the enemy escorts start searching the seas for any survivors. Not wanting to end up in a Japanese POW camp, Joe does not inflate his raft. Instead, he stays in the water using the uninflated raft as a cover in case a searching Japanese naval vessel comes looking for their air crews. He sees another airman in the water on a small raft just on the horizon. Fearing it might be one of the Japanese pilots that was shot down, he stays hidden as much as possible. As darkness falls, the sky remains glowing with the fires from the crippled warships. Unknown to Joe, the remaining Japanese battle fleet has moved on abandoning a carrier and several escorts to their fate, their admiral not wanting to risk the remaining fleet to an attack at night by the American Navy. Darkness soon overtakes the horizon as the burning ships slip under the sea putting out the fires on board. Under the cover of darkness, Joe inflates his raft so he can get out of the water. The salt water is causing him a great deal of pain as a result of the burns he has suffered to his legs. He has seen sharks in the area and does not want to become shark bait. Lightning is lighting up the sky as a tropical storm starts moving in. Joe scans the horizon for the other raft as the sea starts getting rougher. He spots it, still far away, but not heading towards him as the wind picks up and the rain starts coming down in buckets. It soon gets too dark and foggy to see anything as the horizon itself has vanished into total blackness. "Great, fresh water," as Joe catches the pouring rain in a poncho drinking his fill and trying to find some means of storing the extra from seawater contamination. The rain, although cold, feels good as he gets rid of the salt in his flight suit and his body re hydrates from it's long stay in the salt water. Soon, it is getting extremely rough as the wind picks up with the sea crashing all around him. Suddenly, there is a blinding flash of lightning that strikes the water around him. The electrical shock knocks Joe unconscious.
  3. fanfiction Ark: Lost Continent

    Hey guys. It's been a long time since I've been here. Some of y'all might know for me the Ark rising obelisks story and dossiers. A lot of has happened since then on my discord and now I'm here to share. I'm currently creating a mod called Ark: Lost Continent and we're writing an entire story for it. It's basically gonna be a much better version of Ark: Rising obelisks. In here we'll share story chapters, lore info and a bit of art. But mainly this is for the story, if you're interested in looking at our mod progress itself, you can join our discord to look at the info. Essentially it's a massive fan made dlc with tons of new creatures and items. The mod isn't out yet so we can't give you a direct link to the mod just yet haha! I have the prologue for the story and nothing else right now. But I will have more later. It will take a while tho so don't expect a lot. Thank you for your attention and support!
  4. fanfiction Screenshot Progression Thread

    EDIT: I've decided to go ahead and start this little... project. I'm playing singleplayer on the center map with a few mods(if you're curious which ones I have, let me know and I'll list them here) and what not. I spawned on either the "south 1" or "south 2" side of the island. Here's the album, which will be updated FREQUENTLY, as will this thread. https://imgur.com/a/ImOzy And another thing, when Aberration is released, I may start a YouTube series in a similar fashion and just like this one, each video will be one full in-game day/night. For the longest time, I've always wanted to play a survival game and take screenshots of my progress. Kind of like a visual journal in a roleplay type scenario. I want to start from scratch and take PLENTY of screenshots throughout my adventure with captions detailing what was currently occuring within the screenshot. I'll post an example with one of my current screenshots at the bottom of this post. Anyway, seeing as there will be a ton of screenshots, I'm thinking of creating an album on imgur to keep things organized. This is obviously just for fun and all I wanna know is if anyone would be interested in it. I've decided to post the story and screenshots here, however there is a link to the IMGUR album at the beginning of this post if you would rather open a new tab and continue your venture through the forums. In order to keep this series organized, each episode will contain ONE day and ONE night, with a new day(episode) beginning at 6AM. This is all IN-GAME TIME, not real time. DAY/NIGHT ONE
  5. Edit: I cannot reproduce the below. It worked for me when i posted this, but have tried it since and no dice. I am ashamed for posting this and will be meditating on my lot in life so i can be better. So I recently got into building those armored crop plots and it got me thinking... If the hatch on top of the ceiling with the pillar thing does not prevent rain from getting to the plot, would the same hold true if I put a metal ceiling on the top of a pillar and greenhouse ceiling on the lower snap point. It works. The greenhouse glass provides the greenhouse bonus to the plants below even though the greenhouse ceiling is covered by a metal ceiling. Here's the setup: F = Foundation P = Pillar C = Ceiling First floor FFFFFF FFFFFF FFFFFF FFFFFF Put your crop plots on every F except the F's on the corners. First Floor = 1 high walls all around. Second Floor = 1 high walls all around Third Floor P/C C C C P/C C C C C C C C C C C C C P/C C C C P/C In the Corners, you're going to want to pillar up, and place two ceilings, one at each of the two snap points. Once all 4 pillars are placed, you can snap greenhouse glass throughout the whole thing onto the lower of the two ceiling tiles. Once the glass is in, cover over it with metal ceilings on the higher snap point. To hit 300%, you may need to throw in a double wall or two using greenhouse as you need 20 or 21 total pieces. From the outside it just looks like a metal box, but on the inside it's a fully functional greenhouse! Never get your glass shot out again!
  6. fanfiction ARK: Survivor Autobiography, Chapter 3

    It has been three weeks since my encounter with the large snake. The Parasaur has gotten better, but is still incapacitated. I had to use some of those potent black berries to keep it unconscious, for when it awoke, it cried out in pain. I did not want the beast to suffer, nor did I want to attract even more deadly foes than that of the snake. I established a suitable living area for me, and somewhat of a cover for the Parasaur, it wasn't much, but it kept us alive. I pilled large pieces of bark, and thatch on a semi-sturdy frame of branches, and bound them together with plant fibers. It stood well, and could take quite a blow, but still proved treacherous if a storm, or large beast came into contact with it. Speaking of large beasts, last week I was dragging the serpent's body onto a table, so as to study it, when I heard a thundering sound outside, I had compiled some primitive weaponry (spears, bows, hatchets, etc.) and I grabbed a spear, and investigated. I came across a gathering of 3, elephant sized beasts with large hood-like headdresses, that resembling a Triceratops. It did not surprise me as much as one would have thought, for I had already encountered the snake and Parasaur. When I had returned, I continued examining the snake's body, I wondered how a serpent of such size was even able to live. I used a hatchet to extract the skin, i figured it could be used for something useful in the future, and extracted some meat as well, That night, I had a delightful feast of snake steak. I was able to extract some venom from the creature, and store it in a stone basin. The venom was strong, and I figured it could prove useful for a defensive poison against my enemies. I sat on a makeshift bed, writing down some of my findings, both with the snake, and the Parasaur, when suddenly, I heard a moaning. I knew it must be from the Parasaur, but it did not sound like the usual moans of pain. I grabbed a sack of berries anyways, and ran to it's aid. When I approached, the creature was rising slowly to his feet. I ducked away, as to not frighten him. He managed to get up, and looked around, but not frantically, he looked on as if he was in a familiar place, maybe he was aware of what had conspired during his ailments. I came out from my hiding place, and slowly crept towards him. He noticed me, and he became nervous. Me, sensing his discomfort, lifted my hand with a pile of the juiciest purple berries. I pressed forward slowly, as to not frighten him to run. He sniffed my hand for a good while, raising his eyes to see if I was preparing to harm him, and after a few minutes, he ate the berries. At that time, he had given in to me, he no longer feared me, and had accepted me as a friend, I approached him, and rubbed his head, he pressed into my hand. His head was hard, the sail-like protrusion was made of some sort of bone, or cartilage, but it was not unpleasant. That night, we both sat near the campfire, and eat good meals. A few days of meandering about had past, and I grew restless. I was not content with my current situation, my next agenda was to explore. I grabbed some crude paper, and began marking my area, I began creating a map. The next step, was to convince my new friend to let me use him as a beast of burden, but that proved to be a difficult task. I attempted to mount him, and he bolted forward in disgust, I knew I could not just ride him bare-back. I began constructing what resembled a saddle that would fit the beast's body. There was may a try, and many a fail. Some were to loose, and some were too tight. One trial proved promising, but was missing some straps, so I used the thick snake hide to rap the seat around the Parasaur, and in a few hours, I had a working saddle. I hoisted myself up, and sat down. My friend had made little attempt against it, which surprised me, so I figured he had accepted his fate. I grabbed the reins, and I pushed on. Directing the beast was no simple task, it was quite some time before he ever listened to my commands. I called it quits for the night, and slept till morning, I woke early, and began the process again. It was evening before I had gotten to the point of satisfaction with my driving skills, which made me anxious. I was ready to leave a day ago, and now I had to wait one more night before making leave on my adventure. I knelt down on my pallet,and started my rest, when I was stirred by a blinding light. The light shined on me like a spotlight, and my hope for man was quickly refreshed! They were here, they found me, I was free! When my eyes adjusted to the light, my heart sank for it wasn't a spotlight made by a manned search mission, but a large beam of light, descending from the sky. The beam glowed a green hue, and seemed to come from nowhere, there was no source from the ground, nor the sky, at least as far as I could see. I could see,however, a ball of light on the beam that descended slowly towards the bottom of the beam. I was curious of what the object was, so I grabbed some gear, and hopped on my Parasaur friend. We rode down the ways to the base of them beam, and by then the object was in eyesight. It was a pyramid-like box with, what seemed to be, hatches on the side. As it came closer, there were clearly floating shards rotating around the crate. I had never seen anything of the sort, it was so foreign, almost... alien. The crate came down, and it's sharp bottom dug into the ground. I moved close to inspect it> I had been right about there being hatches on the side, little doors with handles on them, it was almost as if it was sent down, like a supply drop. I moved closer, and opened a hatch, inside were an assortment of things. There was a water pouch made from hide, a couple pieces of paper, and a sack of orange powder. There were also three multi-colored lights, red, blue, and green. I grabbed the prizes from the case, and set them aside, but when I returned to investigate the lights, the crate had vanished.
  7. fanfiction ARK: Survivor Autobiography, Chapter 2

    This is the second installment of the Survivor's Autobiography, If you want to see the first, check out my profile, if you want to keep up with the story, follow my profile. (DISCLAIMER: This story is going to introduce conflicts to the actual game. My character writes his own dossier entries, and the other survivors mention in-game do not exist in this world. Ex: Helena, Rockwell, Etc.) It has been 3 days so far, and the simple campfire has yet to be lit. I am alive still, but I have made no effort to relocate. I am a stranger to this land, so I would not want to get lost in the wilderness. My mind has recovered from the tragedy of realizing how lost I truly am, in body,and in mind, and I start to think of how I can ensure my survival, when a deafening blast comes from just up the hill to my left. My blood curdles, it is the first sound I have heard, other than the crashing of the waves, in the last 3 days. I huddle down as small as I can make myself, assuming a bear of sorts will come out from the bend. The sound goes again, but this time, louder and closer. I sense my danger, and grab a rock to defend myself. I knew it would do little against such a beast to make the sound, but I could not just stand there and let myself be devoured. The roar comes again, and it is right around the corner. I know my only chance is surprise, so I lunge out towards the beast, but I never make it, for I lay my eyes upon a strange creature I have only seen on television. The creature was not menacing to the eye, but to it, I was. The creature makes a screech, and bolts off into the opposite direction. Out of curiousity, I follow the beast, trying hard to keep up with it's great speed. It proves too much for me, and the creature gets away. "Strange, that almost seemed... no no, that's ridiculous, dinosaurs have long been extinct..." I say aloud to myself. My voice is hoarse, and startles me, for I even forgot what that sounded like as well. I lessen my pace, and venture off towards the direction the tracks led, I was so distracted, I forgot my initial fears of getting lost. It seemed like I had been walking for hours, my legs ached, and I began to grow hungry... A deep hunger, one I've never felt before, I guess this was true starvation. I rummaged around some bushes, and gathered some berries of various colors. there were blue ones, red ones, yellows, and whites, and some juicy black ones with a strong smell. I didn't even to stop to think whether they were safe to eat or not, and shoved all of the colorful berries into my mouth. Eating pleased my brain, but I was still famished. I looked at the other 2 berries. I hadn't eaten these, for they just didn't seem like the others, they seemed to hold specific properties other than simple sustenance.I tried a white berry, and my mouth went dry. The taste was bitter, so I bent down and took a sip from a nearby stream, the water was smooth, and went down like silk, I immediately felt refreshed. I did, however, feel a sense of strength after eating the berry,and suddenly awake as well. They must have been filled with proteins. Still hungry, I looked to the black berries, their smell was intense. I felt drowsy just holding them, I went for the plunge, and gulped them down. My legs went numb, and my vision blurred, I collapsed to the green, and sleep overtook me, I was out like a light. I awoke with a terrible sound, a deep screech. The sound was similar to the beast I met earlier.I ran to investigate the sound, and found the creature pinned in a cove by a Gigantic snake, the snake had gotten snagged on a stray branch, but was still lunging ferociously at the creature. My instinct kicked in, and I leaped in to help. I grabbed the largest branch I could find, and swung at the snake. His reflexes were greater than mine, and he swept around to meat me. As I swung, he snapped. The villain had caught the log in his teeth, and was now stuck. I dropped the log, and ran to the aid of the terrified beast. The snake was thrashing wildly, and knocked the branch against the overhanging cliff, and dislodged some rocks. I noticed a large stone, which was now very unstable, teetering on the edge, ready to descend on all three lives below. I shoved my body against the friendly creature, but it would not move, the snakes impending strike was frightening it still. I pushed with all my might, and the beast ran. At that time, the snake broke free, and it struck the beast's leg with such a flash, that I had little time to react. It was not needed, for the creature was dead.The stone had come loose, and fell right onto the the serpent's head, and crushed its skull. The danger was over, but the te effect lingered. I now gazed upon a sick beast, one I had tried so hard to help. He was lying not 3 feet away, breathing heavily. His wound was deep, and and he became cold. I could not just leave him here to die. I rushed over to nearby bushes, and grab some plant fibers to construct a crude bandage. I also gathered some of the purple berries, they, above the rest, seemed to hold the most value. I knelt down beside, him (I used reasoning to determine his gender) and fed him some berries to keep him conscious to some extent. I sat there and nursed this beast for hours, days, and even weeks. I tended his wounds, and kept him full, I came to be attached to, what I could only call, a Parasaurolophus.
  8. NOTE TO PLAYERS OF ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED... Hello, dear reader. This message in particular is for anyone who plays ARK: Survival Evolved or anyone who is a fan. Two things I would wish you to bear in mind as you read this ; 1. I cannot stick to game mechanics strictly in this story, so you will see many times where a character will do something not normally done in ARK. As much as I would like to create a story implementing actual game mechanics, I can only implement ones that either can easily be explained or align with real-world logic, or can be associated with the somewhat Sci-Fi aspect of ARK. 2. The rules presented by the games' stories (A.K.A. Dossiers, Rockwell Records, Nerva Notes) are changed mostly in the story. While survivors can remember particular things, (of which helps them survive), they cannot remember everything, such as where exactly they are from, what happened between where they were and where they are now, and in certain cases, their name. It is various from survivor to survivor what they remember. Another note, this does not go by the official canon, this is my own take on a story for it, so you will see many a character and event nowhere in the story, and you will see aspects that may unfold entirely different throughout, or to put it more simply, this follows it's own canon. With all of that in mind, I hope you enjoy. WARNING: THIS IS ONLY A TEASER FOR THE FULL EPISODE. FULL EPISODE WILL BE RELEASED SOON. Chapter 1 Silence...the ultimate weapon of the hunter. It matters not what weapon he wields, for if he is a true hunter, he will always hit his mark, be it with gun or bow. It matters not the prey, for if it is made of flesh and bleeds blood, it can be killed. This was a lesson Nechyev had learned and saw proof of many times. And like any of his previous hunts, had the hunt gone normally, there was a good chance he and the village would have plenty to eat for several days. The other conditions, as well, were perfect. The cool air swept the trees nearby, and cooled the hunter. The sun was out and shining. The skies were clear and blue. And, perhaps most importantly, he was downwind of the prey, a fully-grown bull parasaur. Accompanying the huge man was his regular-sized, blond-haired brother, Myev. Every time they went on the hunt, it felt familiar. As though they were just as in-tune with hunting as the predators inhabiting the place they called home. However, of the two brothers, Nechyev was the more patient, but such is befitting of an older and much more experienced hunter. Myev could not stand waiting for minutes, and in certain cases, hours, when they could attack at any time. He did not have the discipline or needed hunting experience to understand the importance of subtlety and patience, that attacking early could render the hunt pointless, if not a waste of a good spear. "Do we attack now, brother?", he would ask. "Myev," his brother would say, "please be patient. Unless a raptor jumps out of the boulders nearby and attacks, I doubt this thing's going anywhere. And you musn't forget what happened when we nearly had the Phiomia.". "I tell you," Myev replied with frustation in his voice, whilst keeping quiet, "my spear was only a few inches off. It would have gotten away anyways, and the village was in need of food...". "...shh," Nechyev shushed, his eyes, as they were while his younger, inexperienced brother talked, fixed on the herd of Parasaurs. He had noticed they had raised their heads. But that was normal. What wasn't was the duration. "...something's off," Nechyev said, "their heads have been raised too long. I've only seen them do this for this long when...". Myev interrupted, "Than maybe they're too distracted to run!". Quickly, he stood up and ran towards the herd, spear raised and ready to throw. "Myev, no!", Nechyev said loudly, trying to still keep quiet, while running after him. By the time Nechyev reached him, his brother had thrown the spear. Suddenly, the two watched as a large ray of light appeared from the sky and down to the ground, the thrown spear disappearing in the bright white light. While Myev displayed an emotion of amazement, the world was still for Nechyev. He knew what the light meant. What it brought. He tried to stop Myev not because he would ruin their hunt. He tried to stop him because he knew, by the direction the Parasaurs' heads were turned towards the sky, a new survivor would drop in like they had, and that survivor would be standing between the two brothers and the herd of Parasaurs. Over what seemed like minutes, the two stood there, as the ray of light faded. Nechyev thought he heard something amidst the loud humming that came with the light, but he hoped to the heavens above that what he heard was a fluke, a sound created in his mind out of fear, because if his ears were true to him, someone was either dead or gravely wounded by his brothers' hand. Chapter 2 The next hour or so passed by in a flash for Nechyev, with only small images coming to him. All he could remember were several things; a red-haired woman, lying on the ground in a pool of blood, a spear through her mid-torso, himself and Myev picking her up, and carefully and quickly as they could, carrying her back to the village, snapping at Myev after putting the woman in the village healer's hut. Suddenly, he regained his senses, and found himself sitting outside the healer's hut. Next to the door was a guard. Nechyev asked the guard, "Is there any word on the woman?". "Yes, Nechyev," the guard replied, "she was lucky, the spear didn't hit anything that she can't heal. However, Myra has asked that everyone still stay out and give the woman time to heal and room to breath.". Nechyev sighed in relief, "Thank you, that's all I needed.". Meanwhile, in the hut, the village healer, known as Myra, sat near and leaned over the woman, of whom is laying on a bed made of thatch and hide. She noticed that the woman had begun opening her eyes. "Good to see you're awake.", Myra said. The woman took a deep breath, and reached to her stomach in reaction to the pain, only to feel leathery bandages covering her wound. "W-what...happened?" she asked, squinting. "Two of our hunters were hunting some food for the village when you dropped in. One accidentally hit you with a spear," Myra replied, soaking a rag in a bowl of water and putting it over the woman's head, "now, please, relax. You need some rest.". The woman did as she asked and went back to her slumber. Several days passed, and the woman found herself waking up again. This time, she could actually make out her surroundings, a shack made primarily of what seemed like thatch. Beside her was a bowl of water and beside the bowl was a mortar and pestle, with some sort of green liquid inside it. When she looked at her own body, she noticed a bandage around her stomach with a large red spot in the middle. After several moments of silence, she noticed a voice outside the shack door say, "Yes, ma'am, she is nearly if not fully awake.". The door opened, and the woman noticed a female enter the doorway. "Ah," she heared the female say, "so you are awake." As she moved closer and shut the door, the woman began to make out the figure's features, but her vision was still somewhat blurry. "My name is Myra," the female said, having reached the woman, and got on her knees to speak to the woman, "I am the village healer. I was responsible for caring for you when they brought you in.". It was easy to see now a face of someone about 40 to 50 years of age, long-flowing white hair, and a jacket seemingly made of leather with a green cloth shirt underneath. The woman noticed something odd in the way Myra spoke. It was similar to the way she spoke, but Myra spoke in a way reminiscient of a time before her own...but she couldn't think of what time this was. The woman introduced herself, revealing that she spoke in an English accent, "My name is..." she took a moment, as her name almost escaped her memory, "...He...Hel...Ay-nah...Helena...". "Just as I feared," Myra said with a sigh of disappointment, "amnesia. Much like the others.". "O-others?", Helena asked. "Speaking of which," she continued, "where am I?". Myra smiled, "This is Blunt-Tooth village. Don't worry, you are safe here.". Helena gave a look of worry in her eyes, "S...safe from what?". Myra was about to explain when she suddenly heard the door open behind her. Chapter 3 "Ah, Nechyev. Helena," Myra said stretching out her arm, the palm of her hand extended and her fingers pointing to the doorway in which the huge, pale man stood, "this is Nechyev. He helped get you back to the village after the incident.". When Nechyev spoke, Helena felt his accent was familiar, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Greetings," Nechyev bowed with one arm to his stomach and then stood up straight, continuing, "and my apologies. I had wished a first meeting with a new survivor would have gone much smoother, let alone without an incident such as the one that occured. I hope you will give me the honor of allowing me to show you around.". A few moments later, Helena found herself stepping outside the door. As she exited, she covered her eyes from the blinding sunlight. When she lowered her hand, she saw a whole village surrounded by wooden walls, accompanied by two huge gates on two sides. There were many different buildings, some homes, some storages, and others different shops and communal buildings. Most were made from wood, whilest there were a few shacks similar to the one she had exited. People, men and women, white and black and a variety of nationalities, went about their business. Several men and women, whom Helena presumed were hunters, were sharpening spears and readying cloth clothing in what seemed like preparation for a hunt, whilst others were heading to a small shop with baskets full of a variety of berries, from tinto to azul-colored ones. Seemingly entranced by the sights around her, Nechyev chuckled and put a hand on her shoulder. "Believe me, my lady," Helena looked at Nechyev, still stunned by the sights of what seemed a paradise, "if you think you are shocked now, I worry if your heart is strong enough to handle the next few sights.". He began to walk with her around the village. "Where is this place?" She asked. "That is the thing," Nechyev said, "nobody knows. Like you, we just one day appeared here. Eventually, when enough were found, we formed tribes. As ours is a peaceful tribe, we live off the land, and attempt to make our tribe as big as possible. The more we have, the more help we have to make our village better and better. What you see now looks impressive, from the perspective of someone new, but it took many months to assemble the walls, the buildings, and then to replenish our supplies. But now, we have somewhere to rest our heads safely, and somewhere to live without fear.". Helena looked around and back to Nechyev, "Fear of what? Myra told me that this place keeps people safe...but what do they need protection from?". Before Nechyev could answer, a woman could be heard saying loudly, "Nechyev, the scouts have returned!". Quickly, he went to the westmost gate and waited outside. Helena seemed confused. "Remember those sights I mentioned?" Nechyev said, smiling. Helena nodded in confirmation. Slowly, two men opened the gates, Helena and Nechyev watching patiently. The next few moments proved just as exciting as they did frightening. It began when the gates opened enough to where she saw a man, higher above than the size of a man, leading her to assume, correctly, that he was riding something. But the noises were of no horse she had ever heard, despite that how hard she tried, she could not conjure any memories of encounters with horses...or anything before the village, for that matter. Then, when the gates opened enough, her jaw dropped, as although she could not fathom where she had learned the knowledge of its' existence, she recongnized the mount in question as a Parasaurolophus Amphibio, more commonly known as the Parasaur, that had beautiful white-colored frills and crest and green skin. But as the creature went past her, her head still fixed on it so much to where she lost track of all her other surroundings, her face expressing pure amazement, she heard what sounded like a guttural breathing. She turned her head to be greeted with a forest-green snout, glowing orange-red eyes, and sharp teeth. She knew what this beast was, even before jumping backwards, but the knowledge of its' ilk only furthered her fear. This was Utahraptor Prime, or more commonly known, a Raptor. She jumped backwards, backing into the wall of a building behind her and Nechyev and quickly looked away, closing her eyes, teeth clenched, preparing for what was to come. As she expected, she felt a hot breathing on her face, and to her, several moments of silence. What came next was anything but what she expected. Her expectation; a moment of pain in the stomach or neck, the excruciation of a claw being driven through her stomach, or the needle-like pain of teeth sinking into the flesh of her neck. But what came was not to her stomach or neck, but to her face. She could feel the heat of the raptor's mouth change, leading her to assume it was preparing some unforseen and unheard of strike to her head, her expecting now to feel a long jaw stretch around her head and crush it. But then she felt it, and opened her eyes in amazement; a wet and cold sensation going up her right cheek. It took a moment of silence and realization of what just happened. This raptor, Utahraptor Prime, a pure killer, designed to kill animals around the size of a human without mercy or a chance to fight back, had simply walked up to her, and licked her face, not unlike a common dog.
  9. Okay guys. Since Aberration is coming next month, I was curious as to whether anyone had any cool ideas or speculations for creatures that are going to be in the expansion or could be put in (other than those creatures we already know about or have seen). If you have suggestions, feel free to say so. It can be anything. Prehistoric creatures, stuff that's crazy and totally made up, creatures that take inspiration from popular fiction, anything. Feel free to make your own fanmade dossiers if you like. I'm probably going to make some of my own. Who knows? Maybe the ARK devs will see the stuff posted here and take some cues or ideas from it. Can't hurt to try. Anyway, hope to see what everyone comes up with.
  10. Authors note: hello o/ this is my first time my posting on here since the flyer nerf. Hope you all enjoy this story! Based on a true story: It was midday. All was peaceful, birds chirping, the sun shining down. Then it happened: R3D. In global, we saw the first line of a well known tirade ”HACKERS! I’M REPORTING YOU!” A small sigh escaped me as I finished taking my iguanodon. I knew he would not silent. I knew our peace was ruined, for at least 3 more hours. ”Thank you for giving me video evidence of your crimes” I paused at that. Evidence? Of crimes? I could not fathom what he meant. A raid isn't a crime… ”online harassment is a crime, and under organised crime ordinances a tribe harassing a never of this server is a felony.” What. The. raptor. My iguanodon tame finished, I head back to my base, all the while learning about how being raided is a crime. ”All of you on this server are going to jail for aiding and abetting a crime.” After three hours of R3D’s bullpoop, I finally snap. I load up with narc arrows and a club, and head out on my trusty boat, The Queen Taung’s Revenge II (the first one was blown up). I set off, pulling out of the river into the open see. R3D’s base is on the other side of the island… this is going to be a long trip. As I round stone henge, accompanied by a continuing chorus of ”CRIMES REEEEEEE,” I am approached by Dorno, the neighborly nude neanderthal. ”Where are you off to, Taung?” Dorno asks after pulling up on his frog. ”Oh, I'm of too take care of…” “You will pay for your crimes REEEEEEE!” “...That,” I finish, with a glance towards global. ”Well, it sounds like you might need a hand,” Dorno says, clambering onto the Queen Taung’s. ”I can't so no to that!’ I reply, now with a frog and Dorno on board. Setting off again, Dorno scrolls through his playlist. Seeming to find what he is looking for, Dorno hits play. Sailing into the setting sun, the final fantasy Terra theme playing, Dorno’s mosaic parts waving sensually in the ocean breeze, we approached our destination. ”GOING TO JAIL REEEEEEE!” Finally, we landed. We stormed the beach, stormed up a cliff and found…. Nothing. ”Where the hell are we,’ I ask as Dorno ponders the map. ”well,” he starts, ”we are here,” he points to herb island, ”we need to be here,” he continued, pointing at carno island. ”oh… oops,” I say, feeling the nude man’s gaze burning into me. Again, final fantasy’s Terra theme playing, we set off. But alas, a;l was not to go smoothly. Halfway to our destination, disaster strikes. Between the inhuman shrieking of R3D, we hear a strange noise. Suddenly, Dorno’s frog jumps into the issues. The noise of a thousand volts of energy flowing into a body are heard, and the nude man let's put a cry of sorrow. I immediately know what has happened: the frog is dead. I embrace the weeping man. ”shh, shh. He’s in a better place now,” I say, trying to comfort the nude man. ”y-yes. He is,” Dorno sniffles out, pulling himself together. A friend lost, we continue on our journey to Cage the beast. Several thousand incomprehensible shrieks later, we land again. Storming off our boat and up the beach, we see him: R3D. A small fight ensues, and at the end we hold an unconscious body. ”Hackers! Can you call being hit 6 plus times legit, hacker!?” R3D screeches at us. Dorno laughs, a dangerous glint in the nude man’s eye. ”Taung, get the narcotics.” ”alright,” I say, looking through my bag… only there are no narcotics! ”I forgot them!” I Yelp. ”quickly, collect narco berries!” Dorno shouts, dragging R3D’s body towards our raft. ”you are going to jail for harassment, aiding and abetting a crime!” R3D yells. I frantically gather berries, but it is to no avail. ”Dorno, we can't keep him under. We’ll have to kill him let him go.” ”and after all we’ve lost… I’ll do it. For my frog,” Dorno says, pulling out a pike. Calming the nude man approaches R3D, and stabs his pike. ”sh.. it’s finished now,” he says, removing it. We return to our boat, and Dorno selects a new song. As we sail into the sunset, these words echo through the air: OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand 🙌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip 👌 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man 👳 imbibed by the sand 👍 Soaking up the 💦 thirst of the land 💯
  11. fanfiction Creature idea's

    I created this because I have great creature idea's just like many of my fellow Ark players. I am a fan of dragons and the wyverns on ark don't sell me out on dragons just because of there size. I would like the producers to maybe increase the size of the wyvern or make a new creature the Dragon. I would like to hear your thoughts about this thank you😄
  12. Hello fellow survivors! Thanks for checking us out. You might of seen our old LORE posted here a while back, if you missed out on that. We'd recommend you take a read of that first. You can find all the LORE journals and sagas we've worked on and published in the link at the end of this post. We also have an RP server on Xbox One, if you enjoyed the read you should checkout out some of the survivors journals they've written perhaps forge your own path. We're creative, free thinkers that love to share and chat to others alike. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions! Look forward to seeing your thoughts [ Sneak peek ] Saga 1 -- "The Former's Wrath" What can be said about the Survivors that clawed their way through the trials The Island put them through? How did they fare as they fled the dying earth behind them? As the Survivors watched the birth of an era, they were hopeful for the futures that awaited them. For a while, it seemed like these “Formers” were benevolent beings who at their leisure allowed the weathered Survivors to sail from one deteriorating land to a lush and prosperous one. Each time, as the Survivors reached a place where they could start anew, the Obelisks would return, once again bathing the world in the protective and constraining barrier once more. Some of the remaining Survivors considered this to be another version of their hell—a place where they were trapped in a life that never ended and wasn’t of their choosing. They were ripped from the lives they once knew and forced to live another. Some were stolen from families and friends; others were robbed of the chance to save the lives of their people. However, there were those who would consider these barriers a blessing in disguise, one worthy of devotion. Thus, the remaining Survivors split into two main groups, those who worshipped these enigmatic beings and those who did not. The difference between the two groups seemed insignificant at first, but slowly the Survivors drifted apart and moved on with their lives in the place they called The Center. Like before, life continued much the same way, but, the Survivors were sent there for a reason. “The Formers” left clues, ways to steer the Survivors along a certain path without directly intervening. The Survivors found these clues quicker than anticipated, but they responded in the most unexpected way. They ignored the signs and pursued endeavors to their own benefit, whatever it may have been. Such endeavors included killing the mythical beasts Thammeron and Ke’Oth, that “The Formers” created to guard places—even relics–of power and wealth. These places were sacred to the mysterious beings of the ARK and it infuriated them to see their works undone so callously. “The Former's” perceived this destructive display as arrogance and in the end, it did not sit well with them. While the Survivors speculated the true nature of these beings, their musings could not uncover the whole truth. Over time, as “The Former's” watched the Survivors dwell in the ARK, their moods soured, turning angry. And so they agreed on a different approach. “The Former's” decided to reveal themselves. But even still that wasn’t enough. So, the Former used their otherworldly powers to get the Survivor’s attention. And so, they set the wheels of the Apocalypse in motion. Author, RedmanJah Full list of LORE ---> http://www.arkdownunder.com/lore/ Hope you enjoyed the read
  13. fanfiction That my lake

    Welcome to my lake. Where my frogs,sarcos,rexes,raptors,shark and soon beavers live. I have a dodo,monkey and other pets, but they live in the fort house. This is my swamp .....I mean lake. My pink shark. Hopefully I tame more sharks. My fort house has a trike pen. A steko outside. And raptor pen. I'm making a flier den.
  14. fanfiction Did I hit the sarco lottery?

    Found LV 150 got a Tame rating 94% with raw meat. Sarco tame level bonus was 70. I'll max out Crazy bites lv to 291. Why love sarcos? Because they give me high numbers. I mostly find lv 70 and higher sarcos. He brown with green patterns. A sarco that blends in.
  15. fanfiction I have a pink shark....

    What should I name her?
  16. This is a story of our tribe's adventures on RagnarokPVE39 to claim and develop the caverns and castle. Our plan is ultimately to build a village under the castle in a walled off portion of the map, along with building a network of raised omnilights to make the caverns less inhospitable to travellers. Day 1 - Arrived on the shoreline of this new land. Strange Octagonal rocks greeted us. We were too tired to care. We set out immediately to find a new home for ourselves as a base of operations for long term residency. Day 3 - We should have brought a guide, none of us know what is in store. We press on and find a nice looking cave entrance, which has only 1 small front entrance and 1 large rear entrance. We lay claim and set up a forward operating base. It appears that the cave is located under a frozen lake. The amount of crsystal and metal that are present within the cave is impressive. Quite a valuable and convenient location to set up a base. We are amazed at how we managed to stumble on this location without a guide or map to reference - completely by chance! Now that we have the essentials set up for survival here, we consider our next move. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975266567 Day 6 - Our base under the frozen lake is quite difficult to live in comfortably. Our best fur armor only delays the slow creeping death of the extreme cold. We look towards the west, to the verdant green lands past the charred black land near what we assume to be a volcano. In the distance we spot a castle. It calls to us like nothing else on the map. We go to it, as it instructed. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975267292 Day 7 - We arrive at the castle to find it infested with spiders and bats. Many lives were lost to clear the area of hostiles. It appears that we are not the first to arrive here. Land claims have been laid out in the area. So be it. What is more interesting for us is the rumors of a vast cave system under the map which holds untold riches and adventure. Perhaps we can find access via the stairways leading down from the castle main room... Day 9 - We worked our way down to the bottom of the castle to find a Wine Cellar. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975292385 The rear wall was broken, and an ominous pool of water was found. We prepared scuba gear and grapples for the exploration that awaited us. It was fortuitus, as the swim was a long one. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975284016 We reached the far end of the waterway and were greeted by..... darkness. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975285804 It was at this point that I decided we should have brought flares. Unfortunately by that time they had already repelled down the cliffside into the depths below. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975246576 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975287103 We came upon some interesting locations in the caverns, many of which needed grapples to traverse. We did not know there were other entrances to bring our mounts in for easier exploration. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975246478 Deep inside the caverns we found an Obsidian mine. This mine would be perfect for our growing Polymer needs. We quickly laid claim to it, realizing it's immense value. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975246146 Several days were spent in the caverns, exploring and finding interesting locations. It was decided that since this area was so massive and so easily protected from wild dinos that we would make it our primary base of operations. We needed only to prepare the necessary things to claim the area. The size of the caverns was so massive it made actually claiming the land a difficult and costly process. Luckily, word had it that the other newcomers were busy elsewhere trying to tame the lands strange and new creatures. We had time, so we prepared. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975289493 Day 15 - Bringing down several pillars, we secured a small area around the cliffside down from the castle cellar. We built a makeshift ladder system for easier access. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975293079 It was still oppressively dark, so work was started on a generator room to power lighting. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975245790 And in short order, the caverns received it's first real illumination. Perhaps for the first time ever. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975294329 Day 20 - In just a few days, we had laid down a string of lights to allow us to more easily see the area for future development. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975295520 We had since discovered other entrances to the caverns and could safely bring in our workhorse mounts to make the task easier. Plans were made for a metal structure to protect our refrigeration and hatching infrastructure.... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975244899 Day 22 - During our work in the caverns we noticed that the current owners of the castle seemed to be absent. They let their land control lapse, and we happily snapped up the entire area, setting down advanced teknology to help us accelerate our efforts to build out the caverns. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=951032096 Day 25 - An exciting discovery! A massive underwater cave system has been discovered right near where we built our generator room. This area provided a perfect location for our underwater mounts. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975301963 Meanwhile, the castle received some lighting of it's own... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975300209 And a transmitter was also placed near the generator room for direct transport of infrastructure directly into the caverns. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975245289 Day 40 - While the area around where we had built our generator room and hatching room was free of hostiles, the area somewhat off in the distance was definitely not. It was decided to lay the groundwork for a great wall. A wall the likes of which the Caverns has never seen before. We will call it the Great Ahazi Cavern Wall. Unfortunately for us, the terrain was quite uneven. We had to build a system of foundations witch followed the contour of the land. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957789755 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957789691 There was no possibility of creating 1 straight contiguous wall unfortunately, so it was decided to split the wall into 3 separate parts. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957789628 At this highest point we would place our entrance. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975305396 But until the wall was completed, we needed to ensure aggressive critters did not wander into our "village". http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975239831 Day 45 - Our first major setback. We were unable to construct a gateway on the north entrance. Previously we had a stone behemoth gateway which worked nicely, however we wanted to upgrade. This is the costly and unfortunate result of our initial efforts. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975307432 After some testing done elsewhere, we re-visited the issue, deciding to instead build the gateway outside the caverns main entrance to allow for unrestricted building. It was a smashing success! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975309290 Now with the northern exit secured, we felt comfortable enough to leave our work dinos around the village area with minimal to no protection nearby. We are now days away from completing the Great Ahazi Cavern Wall. Thus far it has taken nearly 2500 metal walls to complete the project and we suspect it will be another 200 till completion. Unfortunately the cavern ceiling is somewhat uncooperative - there are several gaps which will need to be filled to ensure it is fully secure.
  17. Ark, The Adventure Continues, 2017 In the continuing update as Ark approaches official release and my game play hits 1000 hours, our adventurers find themselves in new locations. In this version they will be on Ragnarok, a Viking Fantasy Land with many actual and historic reference. The map itself, when finished, will be a staggering 144 square kilometers of highly detailed explore-able terrain complete with caves, ruins, dungeons, and a base story to discover. The map, developed by a team of gamers that have done several other maps, is a highly believable world containing landmarks that appear in real life. The carefully sculpted terrain looks so real right down to the flowing water in the streams in Scotland, to the castle ruins of the highland, to the pressure plate traps in the jungle caves straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are even ship wreaks to explore and a huge canyon system with a high bridge and numerous waterfalls cascading down from above. There are geysers and a volcano that can erupt spewing lava bombs and rivers of lava. A Death Zone of brutal cold beckons the hardiest of explorer to find clues and battle the Ice Worm Queen. A second Death Zone of extreme desert heat will soon be available to explore as well. The map continues to develop as it is updated with creatures appropriate for the area with new fantasy ones to fit the Viking Lore. Chapter One. Our Research Vacation. As part of our agreement at the end of our Bermuda vacation, the seven of us have all kept in contact with other. I am working part time at the University with Mary on her research with her husband Joe helping out on the occasions that he can get away from his sporting business. Michael, Caroline, Denny, and Julia get up here at least once a month to check out Mary’s work and just to get together with us as we talk about life in general. I have been helping out with modeling of the dinosaurs that we have actually seen in person. The 3D printer at the university had been a big help in creating the models themselves. It has helped to have the digital photos when it comes to painting their colors. “I wish we could have tamed us a raptor to get photos of it,” I tell Mary one day as I am struggling to get the model to look right. We ended up with an argument with Dr. Sanders, the head of the archaeological department, about raptors having feathers on the back of their heads, their forearms, and the end of their tail. The next day, he shows up with a research report from one of his colleges who has discovered such feathers preserved in a fossil on a Utah Raptor. So, I can now add feathers to the model I am working on. The feathers are a pain to get to look right. I find a way to make them using modeling paper and aircraft dope with a wire in the core. The semitransparent look is what is needed for them to look natural on the 1/12 scale I am using. Just for the fun of it, I find a doll house figure, dress it up in a primitive outfit, and craft a leather saddle for the model raptor. Dr. Sanders thinks we are nuts to suggest such a thing. “Think of the possibilities if we could have tamed one,” I tell him. He leaves shaking his head but he likes my scale models for use in his lectures. He still doesn’t believe that we have had that rare privilege of walking among real dinosaurs. It is the week of Graduation when Dr. Sanders receives a research grant and an invitation from his college, Professor Narcy, to work with him on an archaeological dig in Norway. Among the artifacts being uncovered in a Viking village, there has been a discovery of well preserved dinosaur fossils in that dig. Most rare, they have found well preserved hide and feathers on some of the fossils. An expedition is put together with the three of us, Dr. Sanders, and two of his graduate students, Tod and Sarah. Michael, Caroline, Denny, and Julia are scheduled to go on a summer cruise in Alaska. They will not be able to join us. We will be conducting our research throughout the summer months when the weather is most comfortable and the daylight almost continuous. “Dinosaur fossils with the hide intact,” comments Dr. Sanders. “It will be most interesting to discover how they got so well preserved.” We find that the arrangements have been made, through the unknown donor for the grant, for our visit. Our accommodations and research gear are already on the way. We will be staying aboard a research vessel anchored in the remote bay where the village has been located. We travel on a charter flight that makes a refueling stop in Boston, then London, and finally landing in Oslo. The trip, by an offshore supply boat, takes some 16 hours to reach the dig site. It is in a beautiful bay with large sandy beaches, with pine forest, that abruptly end at the steep mountain sides with lots of boulders at the base. It’s an old Glacier valley where there is still ice and snow visible high up in the mountain. Our research ship, anchored in the bay, will be our home for the next three months. We will be living in tents at the actual dig retreating back to the ship should we have several days of foul weather to contend with or need to bring back artifacts for the archives. We head to the dig site, located at the base of the south slope, to examine what has been found so far. “I see what looks like an old mudslide scar on the slope,” comments Joe to Mary. “It is as if the soil on the side of the cliff just slid down burying the village and preserving the fossils.” “It looks like that is exactly what happened here,” answers Professor Narcy who has been working on this site with his two grad students, Ahab and Cleo. “We are amazed at how well preserved the dinosaur fossils are.” “What has puzzled us,” Professor Narcy tells Dr Sanders, “is that the fossils seem to be layered in with the remains of the viking village.” “It could be because the fossils may have been in the soil that slid down the slope,” answers Dr. Sanders. “Has anyone gone up there to look for any signs of fossils being up there?” “We did a couple of days ago,” answers Ahab. “There appears to be an entrance to a cave up there, but no other signs of any fossils. It is very rugged climbing to even reach where the cave is.” “We should plan on exploring that cave,” answers Dr. Sanders. “It may provide us with a clue to what happened down here. Lets plan to do so in the morning. In the meantime, lets have a look at what you have found.” We head to the dig site where a part of what looks like a Trike head shield has been exposed. I am in shock when I see it and take Mary off to the side. “That head shield, it looks so much like Trixie,” I tell her. “You are right,” answers Mary. “It is not the classic Trike shield.” “Where have you seen this before?” ask Professor Narcy. “You would not believe us if we told you,” I answer. “The horns, those horns up on the crown, the texture of the hide on the bone shield. It looks so much like Trixie.” “Halsey has constructed 1/12 scale models of extinct creatures for use in my lectures,” answers Dr. Sanders. “Trixie happens to be one of his what if hybrids models he was playing with. I have to admit that he might be right about this find. This crown looks so much like that fantasy model he created. We may be looking at a new species of trikes and a well preserved one at that.” “What I find most interesting is the location of this find,” answers Professor Narcy. “It seems to be just laying in the village, as if it was living there when the landslide hit. That just doesn’t seem to be possible.” “Could the village have been built, buried in the landslide, and rebuilt?” ask Dr. Sanders. “That doesn’t seem to be the case here,” answers Professor Narcy. “It was never rebuilt because the Vikings considered this bay the sacred grounds of Njord, a God that was killed in Ragnarok. Their local lore tells of dragons and giant sea creatures living in this valley and the bay. We only found out about this site from an old Viking map we found in another village nearby.” “That is most interesting,” answers Dr. Sanders. “No wonder you gave me a call. Do you know who is this mysterious donor that is financing this expedition?” “I don’t know,” answers Professor Narcy. “The Norwegian Government contacted me a month ago about this project asking if I would be interested in doing the dig. It was when we found the trike fossil that I asked them for permission to bring you in on the expedition.” “Wow. I didn’t realize how late it is already. Doesn’t the sun ever set around here?” ask Dr. Sanders. “It will set about 11:00 PM and rise at 1:00 AM at this latitude in the summer months,” answer Professor Narcy. ‘We are very close to the Arctic Circle.” Between the jet lag and the long sailing trip, we are all eager to get in a good night’s rest before tackling the climb to the cave in the morning. The next morning, the sun rises low in the eastern sky shining through the glacier up in the valley as we get up and prepare for our hike to the came. Packing our basic hand tools, climbing gear, and flashlights, we start the long climb up the slope to where the cave was located. Cleo takes the lead with Professor Narcy and the rest of us following. The going is steep as we navigate around boulders, fallen trees, and work around slippery slopes in the newly growing areas of the pine forest. Finally, we reach the cave entrance which is mostly blocked by the fallen rock and tree limbs. “We’re going to have to clear our way in,” announces Professor Narcy. With an hour of careful hard work, we have removed the rubble blocking our way into the cave. “I hope that was worth it,” grumbles Dr. Sanders. Heading inside, we find some very unusual cave drawings among those that have been seen before. “Check these out,” Tod tells Dr. Sanders. “That look like a drawing of that Trike fossil down below in the village.” “Well, we have the usual Mammoths, woolly rhino, saber cat, dire wolf, and giant elk,” answers Dr. Sanders. “Just what is this Trike doing here? An Anklyo? This raptor? Is that a Dragon?” “It looks like a wyvern, a two legged variety of a dragon,” answers Professor Narcy. “The Vikings have them in their lore. They decorated their longboats with the head carvings and often used them on their war banners. Having these other prehistoric creatures here among those that were still around at the end of the Ice Age is most unusual. Perhaps the answer lies further back in the cave.” We continue deeper into the cave finding a place where we need to crawl through into what looks like a primitive room. As soon as everyone has entered, something attracts the attention of Dr. Sanders. I suddenly recognizes what it is as a beam of blue light shines on it. “Don’t touch it!” I yell to Dr. Sanders as I rush to push him aside. Too late, he reaches inside and places his hand on a matching hand print. There is a blinding flash as we are all knocked unconscious.
  18. I've been playing ark for a while and was quite excited to see new DLC ragnarok released. I was hoping there would be a dedicated boss for ragnarok as the map seemed to have a lot of story unlike TheIsland or ScorchedEarth. I expected a new boss something like this:(maybe i played too much darksouls): It will gamma beta and alpha "athena/helena/medusa" (like what the name of the new notes on ragnarok will be named after) So the boss fight goes like this - you put the summoning stuff in the terminal and go, each participating survivor is allowed to take one wyvern of any type with himself. Once you enter the arena it'll start spawning alpha creatures - raptors, carnos and then rex and behind all this mess there is an old and broken tek forcefield partially working/flickering and there's a small candle and a hooded figure sitting facing away from us praying at the candle/TEK transmitter. Once we kill all the alphas the lady slowly stands and reveals herself as she walks forward into the light/takes off the cloak only to reveal a beautiful lady with horns and wyvernlike hands and legs and scales, the left horn and eye have a cut that looks like a burn from a TEK sword. She roars and turns into a wyvern - for gamma 105 lvl alpha poison, for beta 110 lvl alpha fire, for alpha 115 lvl alpha lightning only the models not the stats with the wyvern being black and golden green underbelly for poison, bright red for fire and light blue like in the caves for lightning. She starts at half hp and and she heals every time she kills and eats something/someone. So you finally defeat her and there's a cutscene (all this story as ragnarok seems to have more story than other maps). The scene starts with spectator mode entering a behemoth tek gate inside a cave (like the one in the arena but only new and properly working) and there's a huge city full of ascended civilization. And the love story begins where there is a chief who's courting and looking for a suitable partner. Iin the shadows there is a beautiful shy girl whos watching him but doesn't approach as he's ascended and all the ladies around him too. So she decides to do the alpha ascension but she thinks she could cheat a little by taking a wyvern and flying thru the cave which she does (guess she forgot about the flying dino nerf). As she gets to the end she's ganked by a horde of dimorphs and gigas and all that cave stuff and she barely makes it to the end half alive and full of injuries but she ascends. When she comes to she cant find the wyvern and some injuries all over her body but overcome with joy she runs back to the city and dashes towards the guy she loves. Then everything blacks out and we see the first person view of her waking up and able to see only from one eye to the horror of broken down city with lots of burn marks and dead people in tek gear sword and rifles and she's hurt like hell (the left eye and cut horn are the damage from tek sword). So she starts to remember what happened - during the ascension as she wouldn't survive with the injuries so she was fused together with her dying wyvern but the only problem was she wasn't fully healed even then. When she ran towards the city and after seeing lots of people and potential food that can help her heal the wyvern overtook and she became a wyvern and started going nuts (hence the reason for gamma beta and alpha ascended alpha wyvern levels, they are the levels after resp. ascension) So she killed the entire city. She cries for days/months and starts wandering the world all alone and alphas start gathering around her, but she notices some civilizations that aren't ascended/advanced as she roams. So she starts writing notes to help them with their life (the reason for notes and boss having same name) and finally goes back to the city and lights a candle in remembrance of the dead and waits for some daring soul that will come kill her and free her of her predicament. So the boss rewards are some tek engrams along with WYVERN TEK: (not sure about this) gamma: TEK wyvern claws that has propellers that would give wyverns able to carry bigger creatures just like the quetz beta: TEK wyvern wings that reduce the weight of items being carried by some % like wood for beaver alpha: TEK head and body armor that will shoot lasers Or a kickass black TEK sword. The boss trophy will be two wyvern like hands (same black and green/poison looking for gamma and bright red for beta and light blue for alpha) where one hand will have a small golden bell tied to it which she wore as a warning that she's coming to the remaining survivors (there will be a faint bell ringing when she stands up/moves in the boss fight) and second one will have a specimen implant looking like gamma/beta/alpha level one for resp. bosses.
  19. As i’m a casual player who can’t spend 10hrs a day and I’ve started a new single player game on ragnarok with some nice mods and upgraded gathering (xp is still x1). While walking to work today I thought it would be nice to make a tread about the life of my game-character for all to read in a nice story . To the GM’s I’m posting 3 posts today, not to spam but because I’ve had 2 playsession’s already and want every session to be a chapter. To all readers, don't be afraid to give opinions and comments on the story, my character might just do some of the suggestions you make Stats of the game: Taming, gathering x3, breeding x8, xp x1 Mod’s used: Structures +, Rounded walls, Metal with Glass, Eco mods, Versatile raft mod, Super spyglass, Death helper and upgrade station. Other tweaks: No leeds or titans, reduced troodons, pegomastix and seagull’s, Playerdamage and playerresistance on 0.6 to not make it too easy with upgrade station J ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the life of Grif, the last survivor on the ark. The ark, build by some unknown alien race is a project where seemingly normal humans are placed on an island with mighty and scary creatures where they just have to survive and finally ascend into the ark. However there is nothing “normal about these humans as they seem to just come back after getting killed. The physical bodies are just clones, empty vessels in which the spirit of these humans are placed, linked to the ark master-core. However this project seems to be abandoned by it's makers as many spirit's have disappeared already either by ascension or dying to never return. One of these humans is Grif, a female human who has been on different worlds, surviving, evolving and dying time and again. She used to be part of a lively clan together with her partner. Life was almost bearable and safe on the ark. War and peace came and went and however years passed by, aging wasn’t part of it. Every spirit on the ark had only one goal: ascension. To do this they had to survive one of the hardest caves you can even imagine. Grif and her partner set out to this cave and fought their way through countless creatures to finally reach the ascension. Once arrived there, her partner had started the ascension process while she was fighting one last foe. Then disaster struck. As she was fighting she heard her partner say “hurry up, it’s starting”. This however, was the last thing she heard as the foe could make a deadly strike because of the distraction and she felt her bones crushed under the tremendous power. She died…. Again.
  20. so I have an idea for my server and I would like some help putting it into practice so I like the tek cave in the way you can ascend and actually had a pretty interesting thought is there anyway you can change the crafting cost of what you need to get into the cave and does anyone know what I would need to enter into do that ty
  21. Everything's Worse With Dinos. Y'know, when you wake up naked and freezing on the sand in an unknown location, there are a few questions you have. What the heck, is one; who the heck is another. Why the heck is the third. And those are usually all trumped by holy mother is that a dinosaur? Because it was. Because I was looking at a very large, very real, triceratops. It ate lazily beside me, seeming uncaring that I was there- as if I was something it saw every day. It rumbled under it's breath, snorting hot air inches from me. I screamed. No shame here. Anyone would. You would. Don't lie. I screamed for a minute straight, and it watched with what I swear was annoyance on it's face, as if to say really? This again? It was enough to make me shut up- which was probably what it wanted- and I sat on my bare butt, staring in horror and trying to catch my breath. Overhead, something called that sounded like a bird. It even looked like a bird. Excepting the problem was that it was about four times the size of any avian I knew of. I gulped down one breath, then another, eyes closed as I struggled to stay calm. Calm. Don't focus on the warm breath on your neck, on the rustling in the trees beside you, on the fact that you are naked on your butt on a strange beach with dinosaurs- I screamed. Again. This time, the trike apparently had enough, because it gave me an irritated grunt before moving off into the woods proper, a few feet away. The scream echoed above me, scaring a few more bird-like creatures from the trees, and when it stopped, I felt- better. Or. Sort of better. Better-ish? I took a deep breath, closed my eyes for a moment, and counted to ten. Then I did it again. Then I forced myself to open my eyes and start moving, or I'd scream again and probably never stop, this time. I moved because I had to. Because I had no choice. And so began a very, very long day.
  22. fanfiction The Journal

    INTRO: It all started with one test. One test to see what grade you would end the semester with. For Eric it was simple pass or don’t. “You know what guys I need to study this last half hour before the test.” Eric said to some friends of his. “I’ll catch you all tomorrow.” Eric headed towards the one place he knew was always quiet and had a lot of study material; the library. “Do you know where I can find some books over the Cold War?” He asked the librarian. “Sure head over to the 900’s lots of books over that there.” As Eric was looking over the books in the history section he noticed that one of the books had been misplaced and had an odd title. It read “My time in the Ark” and had strange letters and symbols below the title. One the back of the book was only one name: Björn McKellen. “That’s an odd author's name for an odd book.” Eric thought to himself. Eric opened the book to see what was inside the book. All of a sudden, there was a brilliant flash of white light coming straight out of the book. “AH what is happening!?” Eric yelled loudly. First chapter: As Eric slowly came to he heard this strange birdlike noise off to his right side. As he finally was able to open his eyes he realized he was lying down on the beach and and there was a something’s foot right next to him. Then something hit him in the head hard. And again and again repeatedly till finally Eric sat straight up and yelled “Quit it whoever is doing that!” When he went to put his arm on his head to see if he was bleeding or had been hurt he noticed some kind of device attached to his arm. “What the crap is this thing?” He began to wildly scratch at it till he realized he couldn’t get it off. Then he felt something bump into his back and when he whirled around to see what had bumped him he looked down and saw a dodo just looking straight back at him with a dumb look on it’s face. “Uhhh aren’t you extinct little guy?” The dodo just warbled like a pigeon at him and then wandered off down the beach. Eric looked in around once again to take in his surroundings and saw that he was indeed on a beach near a large forest, a river, and some kind of small bay. Then all of a sudden the little thing in his arm started pulsing with a little green light in the center. Eric pushed it and this small little screen popped up and showed himself, a bunch of small stat bars below himself and an inventory area with a section for crafting things. “What am I supposed to do with all this?” As he went into the crafting area he noticed that there was a list of ingredients he needed for a torch and pick. “Let me see if this book has anything on all of this.” Looking into the first page showed a table of contents on all kinds of subjects. “Farming, Taming, blah blah blah, Crating oh that’s the one I need!” He flipped to the page it said and watched as the pages changed from a unreadable language to proper English. He read the book then proceeded to read further into the leveling system. An hour later, Eric had created for himself a small little thatch building with a small campfire nearby. As he went to go get settled in for the night he thought to himself “I wonder if I’m the only person here right now. There were obviously others before but now I wonder if there still is anyone here.” **Author's note** This is my first ever attempt at a story like this so if you could please leave any and all feedback I would greatly appreciate it!
  23. fanfiction ARK: Immortals

    Hello everyone! I feel like an absolute nerd doing this, but I can't help it. I love creating and reading, which leads to writing. 😄 It is not so much as I create the story. It is more like the story just unfolds in my mind and I want to write it down and share it with everyone here. Please let me know if you enjoy it as I don't want to waste anybody's time with trashy writing. Enjoy!
  24. So i wanted to write my own story but I have never written a fan fiction story before and was hoping some people could help me out with some writing tips.
  25. Need a Fan Fiction Prefix. Introduction; The original story is based upon two scenarios of the game Ark Survival Evolved, my single player adventure of 350 hours in the game and a fictional multiplayer game following a similar story line. The single player story is loosely based upon my playing of Ark shortly after it became available through Steam on June 2015. The multiplayer tribe follows a similar storyline. Given the popularity of the newly released movie Jurassic World, the theme of the game, the overwhelming following on Twitch TV and the You Tube posters, nearly a million copies were sold in June alone. As of December 10, 2015, the game is still in pre release with updates and content being added almost daily with nearly three million copies sold. It has been pre released to X-Box One on December 16. By the end of the year, nearly a million copies sold on X-Box pre release. April of 2017, Ark has grown way beyond its original concept with over 127 distinct creatures in the game. It is now on X-Box One and Play Station 4 and has sold millions of copies worldwide. The imitators are now out there but still can't compare to the open world and availability of numerous mods including several excellent maps. I have over 800 hours into the game. Some players over 3,000 hours. All characters and locations in this story are fictional. For the purpose of the story, my name will be Halsey. This story will be based upon a tribe of nine that find themselves marooned on Thieve's Island. The adventure is based upon the game playing mechanics as that mod map gets developed. Chapter One, My Bermuda Vacation. What are the odds? Those robo calls advertising a free Bermuda Vacation. Those ones that high pressure you into buying an expensive time share that you can't get rid of. What if one of those calls was not the usual robo call, but something that had an extraterrestrial source. An invite to an adventure literally out of this world. On an early fall day, I receive a package from Fed Ex addressed to me from a travel agency I have never heard of. It contains an invitation for a free vacation to Bermuda for the first weekend of October with an 800 phone number and verification code for conformation of the trip. Enclosed is the travel agenda, tickets for the flight out of the local international airport, and an up to date passport with my photo. Being quite suspicious of this being another one of those time share scam, but curious at why they went to all of this work when I never completed such a call, I make some phone calls to various consumer and government agencies. They all verify that the travel agency is legit and that the trip will be no way connected to any time sharing contracts, or sales pitch of any kind. A check of the passport confirms that it is legal and not a forgery. Satisfy that I an not going to be scammed, I decide to call the 800 number and confirm the trip. A pleasant sounding lady answers the phone. There is no pressing a bunch of numbers or dealing with a robotic voice to get to a person. I identify myself that I am calling about the free trip. She asks for my conformation number and transfers me to the office of the travel agency manager. His secretary, who identify herself as Dee, tells me that the owner of the company has started a policy of giving away free trips to a select group of strangers, that he does so to gather information of their vacation experience, that the only requirement from me is to complete a survey, so that he can use it to improve the vacation experience for his paying customers. For this trip, Dee tells me that I will be traveling by a private charter with six other people to one of the more rustic vacation places in Bermuda. Her boss wants to know how well some of the out of the way vacation spots treat their guest. I agree to take the trip. Dee tells me to make arrangements to be gone for five days and that I will be picked up by the airport limo service at 9:00 AM Thursday morning. Right on time, the airport limo arrives to pick me up. I say good by as I am wished a happy vacation by my neighbor. The limo arrives at the airport taking me through a service gate instead of the main terminal. We bypass the annoying TCA security check as the driver hands airport security his paperwork and we are directed to a charter jet parked on the tarmac. I am greeted by the hostess at the door of the charter. She directs the limo driver where to take my luggage as she introduces me to Joe and Mary, who are taking a honeymoon vacation as guest of the travel agency. Joe, I find out, runs a local sporting goods store that specializes in survival gear. His new wife Mary, is a instructor at the local university where she does research and teaches archaeology. I tell them both that I went to that university when it was first a local collage, and the classes I took there. She tells me some history of the professors that have since retired. I ask her about archaeology and if she studied some of the local history in this area. She answers yes in addition to her work in early prehistoric history that goes back to the age of the dinosaurs. I ask Joe about his sporting business as he answers my questions about various merchandise that he stocks. I ask him about crossbows. He gives me a recommendation for a crossbow he stocks that would be most useful if I am interested in one. He tells me that he also carries backpacking and survival gear. They are currently some of his best selling items. The charter lands in Detroit where we pick up our other four guest for our trip. The first one on board is Michael, who has lost the use of his legs due to a combat injury. He is helped to a seat across and behind from me. His wife Caroline sits across from him. Denny and Julia come on board and sit in front of them. I learn that they often travel as a group of four as they have known each others for ages and often vacation together. As the jet takes off for Bermuda, we introduce ourselves to each other. I learn about Michael's service in Vietnam in Special Forces. I tell him about my experiences there in Recon. He tells me about his combat injury that left his legs paralyzed. I ask Michael if he has ever met Travis Mills. He says no but that he has heard about him surviving the lost of his four limbs and his rehabilitation and work after. I tell him about the local museum I volunteer for and have met him in person when he walked in unassisted carrying his uniform. He says that he will need to visit the museum and its displays. Caroline tells me about her career as a Nurse. She became head of the department until she retired a year ago to go traveling with her husband and their good friends Denny and Julia. I learn that Denny and Julia, are both veterans of the first Gulf War, that they are retired military, and that they teach survival skills at a local collage. We arrive later that afternoon in Bermuda, then board an airport shuttle which takes us out away from the big resorts to a fishing village with a rustic four guestroom bed and breakfast operated by a local couple. The accommodations are quite spartan, but clean and well maintained. The couple recommends a local nearby restaurant to us for dinner and says that they will fix us breakfast at our convenience. After getting unpacked and dressed, we all get together and head out for dinner. The meal, complements of the travel agency, is outstanding. Our agenda the next morning involves a charter cruise at Carlos to go deep sea fishing. Our waiter, who knows the captain, says he is a colorful character with a mate that is a bit of a clown, but they are both reliable, well liked locally, and good at their trade. He gives us directions how to get to his charter boat which is located close by. Returning to the retreat, our host ask us what time we would like to have breakfast. We ask them if 7:30 is OK. They say yes and offer us a choice of breakfast items. We place our order, visit for a while in the main living room, then retire for the night. The next morning, after an outstanding breakfast at the retreat, we walk down the street to a small harbor below. It is easy to find Carlos and his fishing boat, a day cruiser that had been outfitted for offshore deep sea fishing. Carlos, the skipper, is just as colorful as described. His mate Mickey is a bit of a clown as Carlos yells at him for leaving the bait on the dock as he prepare his boat for us. He tones down the language apologizing for not spotting us coming to the dock sooner. We tell him not to worry as most of us are veterans that have heard it all in our past. He says he will try to be more careful in front of the ladies. As we board his craft, he makes sure that we are all equipped with life vest. He says that it is a government requirement on a vessel for hire of this size. We tell him that is fine as he shows us around, then are seated for the trip to the fishing grounds beyond the reef. Excited, we all chat about our upcoming adventure in preparation to brag to our friends about the catch of the day or the big one that got away. Our chartered day cruiser sets sail out of the little harbor. We will be heading beyond the reef to an area known for Marlin and other game fish. Mickey gets the fishing poles ready as we help Michael into the Marlin Chair and prepare his line for trolling behind the boat. No one on the charter has noticed the ever darkening sky to the North as we sail beyond the reef. Michael has just hooked a Marlin as Carlos maneuvers his craft to aid in the battle while Micky helps with the line handling. Everyone on the boat is so excited at our first catch of the day. Suddenly, the sea becomes glass calm as I notice the approaching darkness of the rapidly closing storm front. Carlos sees it coming to. He steers the boat to head for shore just as the engines mysteriously dies. He attempts to restart the engine, but the starter doesn't work. He attempts to radio for help, then curse at his dead radio. The boat's running lights go out. Before we know it, the storm is upon us with howling wind, dense fog, and blinding rain. A huge wave catches the boat broadside as we are all tossed overboard. Then, in an ear splitting screech with a brilliant flash, I am rendered unconscious. Chapter Two; Thieve's Island. It is early morning as I wake up naked on the sandy beach looking into a beautiful tropical sky. The sandy beach seems so strange, so clean, not even a foam cup or water bottle. All of my clothes are missing along with my watch and glasses. Strange, my nearsightedness has vanished. I can see the distant islands just as clearly as I can close up. I see what looks like seagulls fishing in the sea. They look so primitive. I do a quick search for the others, but quickly decide that it may not be a good idea to go running down this unfamiliar beach. I am seeing strange looking creatures in the distance. There are strange looking rock formations. A boulder is actually floating in the air nearby. I see a erupting volcano in the distance. There are some floating islands inland. I also see a strange looking structure floating in the distant sky. It has a shaft of light going through it from the ground to where it vanishes high in the sky. “Where am I,” I think. “This must be the Bermuda Triangle. There is no other explanation for those floating objects, the strange creatures in the distance, that floating alien structure in the distance.” “What's this?” I find a strange glowing gem that has been implanted into my arm. “How did it get there? What is its purpose?” As I examine it more closely, I find myself staring at a holographic display. On the top are a series of icons in which the leftmost one, my character, is on display. On the left, the Inventory tab is selected. It contains a symbol of the gem in my left wrist that is called my Specimen Implant. There is also a hat skin, a Dino glasses skin, and a Thorny Dragon skin. “Weird?” I think. “Just where the heck am I?” In the middle is a tab that says “You.” I see my name there along with my level which is one, my location, day one, the time, the temperature, and information about my armor of which I have none. There is also a listing of personal info such as health, stamina, oxygen, weight, food, water, melee damage, movement speed, crafting speed, fortitude, and torpidity. To the right is a picture of a naked me. The Crafting tab shows that I can make a primitive pick and torch. As I highlight them, I get information of the items that I need to make each one. “OK, how am I suppose to make those items? Where will I find the needed materials?” I exit the holographic display and start looking around. There are loose stones on the beach so I pick up one. To my surprise, I get a holographic message that says “Added One Stone.” Looking into the implant, I find that there is one stone now showing and that it weighs 0.5 pounds. The crafting tab shows me that I now have the stone needed for the pick but I still need a wood and ten thatch. “OK, where will I get those items?” Looking on the beach, I find some loose driftwood and fiber like material. As I pick them up, I get messages that I have added wood and thatch. Checking the Crafting, I find that I can now make a primitive pick. I select Craft Item. A pick soon appears which I can now use. A message is displayed that I now have a Level Up. Going back into my display, I find a flashing icon to the right of each of the stats except for Torpidity. I select Health and watch it jump up to 110%. A second display appears with a selection of items that I can craft. Each one has what are called engram points. It looks like a purchase list of survival items. I find that I have eight engrams that I can spend for now. Thinking about that I will need to get food and shelter, I select a hatchet and spear for now. On the next level up, I will go for a campfire and some clothes. For the hatchet, torch, and spear, I will need flint but there is none laying on the beach. On a hunch, I take the pick and hit a boulder on the beach. It gives me flint and stone. I pick up some more sticks on the beach and soon have enough material to craft the hatchet and torch. They get placed in what is called my hot bar where I place the pick in slot 1, the hatchet in slot 2 and the torch in slot 6. (Gameplay note. One can pick up loose wood and thatch from the beach on some mod maps. Otherwise, you have to hit a tree or driftwood log with your fist to gather those materials.) The spear is giving me a challenge. I will need it for fishing. It requires fiber. Looking inland among the palm trees, I find some bushes, (pitcher plants on this mod map,) and pick them. To my surprise, I gather an assortment of berries as well as the required fiber. A spear is soon made. I find that the berries that I have gathered have an assortment of uses. The red, yellow, and blue ones are listed as tasty. I eat a bunch of them as I am starting to get hungry. The purple ones are listed as special. The white ones will give me energy but are dehydrating. The black ones will make me sleepy. I continue picking at the bushes adding more fiber and berries. I get a second level up and place it into weight. I now purchase the fire pit, shirt and pants. While gathering more berries, I now notice there are some other creatures nearby and in the distance. Wow, is this the Land of the Lost. I see Dodo Birds, a Trike nearby, a Brontosaurus in the distance, and some lizard like creatures some distance away. I watch one attack and kill a Dodo on the beach, then eat it. “Oh, oh, this place may not be the paradise it appears to be.” I look for a place to place the fire pit where my back will be sheltered, then, I craft up some clothes and put them on. While gathering wood and stone for the fire pit, I am interrupted by a loud chirp. Grabbing my spear, I find myself face to face with one of those human sized lizards. It does not look friendly. I see it flare its hood as I instinctively jump to one side just being missed by its green spit. I charge it with the spear catching it full on into its body. The spear breaks without warning. Grabbing my hatchet, I hack at its head. It is soon killed. Examining this lizard creature, I get a holographic message, “Dilophosaurs, Level 4, Dead. Decomposes in 4.58 minutes.” I use the hatchet to harvest it. It gives me several pieces of raw meat and a bunch of hide. “Excellent,” I think. I can cook up the raw meat for food. I better get some more spears made before I build the fire. Another level up appears which I apply to building material for a shelter. It starts raining as I prepare to light the fire. “Interesting,” I think. “I was going to look for fresh water, but, now, the rain has satisfied my need to find any.” I find that the fire pit has an inventory through the use of the Specimen Implant. It has three slots in which I place wood and the raw meat. Selecting Light Fire, it roars into life. I soon find cooked meat and charcoal being added as the raw meat starts being used up. I head back to the palm trees to harvest more wood, thatch and fiber. I find that I can craft up the components for the hut as I gather the materials. The finished parts surprisingly weigh far less then the raw materials needed. I take them back to the campsite and build the shelter. Another level up. I select a storage box. It becomes useful for storing the extra berries that I have been collecting while gathering thatch. There are wild Dodos nearby. I find some eggs lying on the beach from them and gather them up. They also go into the storage box. Evening is approaching as I finish construction and prepare to spend the night in the thatch hut by the fire pit. “Hey, you little thieves,” I yell as two pegomaxes, harry lizard like creatures the size of medium dogs, take a nip out of me and run off. One has snatched my torch and runs off into the palms. The other turns around, walks up to face me, and just stares at me. My specimen implant tells me that it has been tamed. “How is that possible?” I think. “Oh, you took my mejoberries becoming a passive tame.” I name her Peggy as she follows me around while I make another torch. I find her quite friendly as I can access her inventory, level her up, and use her to carry small items for me. She will even ride on my shoulder. Most important of all, the wild Pegomaxes now stay away. “Good, as long as Peggy is with me, I won't have to worry about the wild ones snatching stuff from me.” (This may not be a game mechanic.) With another level up, I craft up a slingshot. This will give me a ranged weapon should I have to deal with any more of those spitting creatures. Some standing torches allow me to light up my camp site for the night. They will serve as a beacon for the others as well as allowing me to see any approaching predators. I get settled in for a restless night as darkness approaches quickly and the night noises get occasionally interrupted by the screams and roars of something being attacked in the distance. Peggy snuggles me closely seeking my assurance that I can protect her from what is out there. “Definitely dangerous out there at night,” I think as I grab my spear tightly. “I'll need to have better weapons to defend us and soon. That will be my goal in the morning.”