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  1. i agree with this idea, have spent plenty of time trying to help a tribe mate find their dead body and just flying blind hoping they see their green light. would be great if there was a body tracker you could craft.
  2. i had this happen with a frog, tossed it out of the cryo at the same time the server lagged and had the cryo cool down and everything but no dino came out and then the cryo was empty. nothing in tribe log just gone! would like to bring some awareness to this issue too.
  3. having a hard time understanding what you wrote but from what i can gather you have a dino stuck under the map? if that is the case that and bring another dino over to it and while on the dino whistle follow to the one under the map and then leave the render area with both dinos still there and come back in a few minutes and sometimes they will pop back out. good luck to you!
  4. you should probably say what kind of server you play on like pve pvp or small tribes so people know
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