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  1. Why do you think this has only 3 creatues? plus its 2 DLCS as it's a season pass. 2 maps, and many creatures to come. What is your problem? i don't see it
  2. Flyer nerf was needed. and fopr 90% of those other nerfs, never even heard of them.
  3. It's because the game was NEVER intended to be a pve game ever, and it shouldn't be IMO. Pretty sure more people play PvP than PvE.
  4. on the G site? yeah it says Verifying Simulation Stability
  5. Just looks like several different hazards. I don't think that one is sky but it's rather water. The symbol that apears, looks like some water dripping into more water. Also the picture that shows in the top of the tunnel looks like the sun shining through water as you look up. I'm honestly clueless now as to what this even is at this point. It all started with what looked like to be errors coming up with all the red etc, but now i have no idea
  6. Not really sure, but I'm just guessing here. Maybe it's to do with with rockwell, because the aberration ARK didn't land successfully like all the others. This can be seen in the extinction cut scene
  7. it isn't, abberation at the end of extinction cut scene can be seen, however it's crashed and likely is spreading more corrupted element everywhere. rockwell may still be alive as well as you can MAYBE hear him do some sort of growl, atleast you hear something.
  8. i spent ages on the rotating ones around the beam, it's way too blurry even with the shading for me, but i got close to Specimen Guardian Subsytem,. I managed to get Specimen Guar Subsy
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