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  1. seems the hover skiff is broken wont take the element sadly
  2. Tactician

    Tek skiff

    how did you turn it on and fuel it?
  3. tek hover skiff how to fuel and turn on the tek hover skiff? im on Ragnarok atm and its not taking the element as fuel.
  4. The Beast (part 1) Day three, year 12 Rangers tribe settlement Its been a long time since ive heard anything from Mike and Jat since they went off racing with their Raptors i tamed for them few years back, im getting worried. People here in this tribe see me as their leader but i often wonder myself if i could lead them out of this place, from what i could discover, where in some sort of large dome 5km's in all directions surrounded by water, nothing but this one large island and these three weird colored floating pillars. I wonder if anyone knows my real name, I just told them to call me Ren for now, but i dont remember anything about myself, where i come from, my name, nothing. Later that evening... "Her Ren have you seen Mike and Jat yet, they still haven't come back"?, Lisa said getting worried about them. "No, im going to go out and look for them, going to take Tinny with me too just in case", Ren said getting worried and he hopes on Tinny witch was a gray T-Rex he tamed 3 years ago. As he sets off out of the front gate of the Ranger tribe base dressed in his ranger uniform holding a crossbow loaded with poison tip arrows, he sets into the forest thinking where they would have gone. Two more hours pass and no sign of Mike and Jat with their Raptors, Ren started to get the sense something is very wrong, since they where on apart of the island that was considered "safe" by all means. Ren turned his T-Rex to the left after spotting a light, it was getting dark and it would be mostly impossible to find them at this rate. Ren heads towards the light source and finds Jat huddled next to his Raptor, witch wasent moving. Ren got off his Rex and rushed over to Jat, "Jat, is that you"!? barley able to make out it was him do to his face being all bloody and beaten, Ren grabs him and stands him up, "Jat, what the hell happened, and where's Mike"!? Ren shocked that Jat was still alive, he was missing his left ear and arm, and his leg was messed up as well, looked like a large creature used him as a chew toy, witch Ren then new Mikes fate. "It...it was huge, ...came out of know where..."! Jat replied as he lost conciseness in Rens arms from bleeding out. The ground shook... Ren hurried back on his Rex and lit up a flair in the sky, illuminating the entire area, then he saw it, two times bigger then his Rex, stomping over trees in front of it, large red eyes glaring at Ren, the Rex rawrs, it rawrs back and Ren fears the worst, if this was to get back to camp it would be a blood bath! Ren had no choice but to kill it, or die trying. Ren getting a better look at it, it was known as a Giga! Ren knew this was going to be a fight to the death and he most likely was on the loosing end. Ren whistles his Rex to charge and with Tinny rawring he charges forward ramming into the Giga with a headbutt, knocking the Giga back. The Giga regains his balance as it goes for Ren it opens its large mouth trying to chomp at Ren when the Rex bites the nose of the Giga enraging it even more! In the struggle Ren falls off his Rex and falls on the ground and struggles to get his crossbow. As Tinny gets overpowered by the Giga Ren gets back up on his feet and grabs his crossbow and fires it at the Giga hitting his left eye, blinding him. the Giga rawrs out a cry and knocks over the Rex charging at Ren! Ren runs into the forest trying to get into the deep thick of it so the Giga cant follow. Will Ren get out of this alive? Stay tuned!
  5. cant wait for this, going to be epic! hopefully a trailer comes out too!
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